An I Am Divinity Class

Divinity In Experience

Divinity In Experience

For the first time ever, divinity is fully available to the human. But, what does that mean? What does it mean to my human life?

This will be a three month exploration of that, and more. Beginning in early July and running through September 2023 we will have at least two interactive Zoom sessions per month, facilitated by my soul/divinity, whom I call Master John. There may also be other sessions, or channels by Master John, depending on how things go.

All sessions will be recorded and transcribed, and you will have access to those for at least three months after the class ends.

The requested energy flow for this class is USD $300 if you register by 15 June, and USD $350 thereafter. Registration will close when the class begins.

I do not yet know other details about this class, besides what Master John has said in recent messages. But I have a feeling it is going to be a very special experience!

If you would like a preview, or simply to be better prepared for our experience, Master John and I strongly recommend that you consider our new class, A Headbander’s Guide to Opening Your Intuition, which we will be doing in the month of June. It is not required, but it is the true beginning of our Divinity In Experience journey. Click here for more information.

Save $50 when you register by 15 June!

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Class content will appear here as we create it.