About John McCurdy

John McCurdy


I spent my life searching for freedom, though until recently I didn’t know that’s what I was searching for. I thought I was searching for love. I thought I was searching for salvation, and later for the keys to a magical life. I thought I was searching for success, for wealth and ease, and as my body began to age for health. I spent my life searching for the things that most all humans yearn for, and mostly failed to find them. At least in the ways I expected.

Only in the past few years did I realize that what I was really searching for was freedom. Not liberty, which is the freedom granted to one by others, but real, true freedom that can only come from inside and that transcends all else and makes the concept of liberty irrelevant. And when I realized that, I also realized that I had found it.

Yes, I am a free being. I exist as the human known as John, and I also knowingly exist as the infinite and timeless divine being that is my soul. Not as two separate entities, one divine and powerful and one lowly and limited, but as one free being that is unlimited and eternal.

Oh, it’s been a grand game here on Earth! Creating the illusion of separation and limitation was a stroke of genius, but now the time has come and many beings are seeing through that illusion and becoming free.

It’s a journey, to be sure, and I am still peeling away the filters from my human eyes and perceptions. But John sees, and I know, and we One are free.

Sometimes I (John) forget, and then I’m frightened to write such brazen words. But then my soul pops in and writes them for me, as above, and reminds me that I am indeed truly free.

About Channeling

I channel Divinity. Some call that God, but I’ve come to understand that “God” is such a limited and human concept. It’s all about power, and the very opposite of freedom. Now I know that Divinity is the very essence of who we are. Divinity has no power and seeks no power, and all it ever wants is to know itself through us.

Divinity is always present, always available to anyone who is courageous enough to look inside and feel the presence and wisdom of their own soul. Divinity is, and always will be, unique and sovereign to every being. AND, Divinity is the One Source of all that is.

Channeling, for me, is simply about opening up to that deeper place within and allowing it to speak. Or more accurately, to allow myself to feel it and to give words to what I feel. Divinity has no words, for its communication is far deeper than words can ever go, so in a channel it is my responsibility to translate that communication into human words as best I can. Sometimes it works, and sometimes the words that come out are a mere shadow of what I feel.

Sometimes Divinity chooses a particular voice to speak with, because that voice can better express what needs to be shared than another. Yeshua (Jesus) is always very close to me, as is his mother from that lifetime two thousand years ago, known to many as Mother Mary. They are always so full of compassion and wisdom, and it is always such a special honor to feel them standing right next to me as I do my best to translate the feelings and images they share into human words.

Divinity has many voices. Sometimes it comes in the voice of the archetypal energies of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, known some as Isis and Adam. Sometimes it has come as the voice of Mass Consciousness, in a reminder to me that there is nothing that is not divine.

Sometimes Divinity comes as the dragon, that part of our souls that we tasked with bringing clarity and ensuring that we release all of our shame and guilt before reaching a place where that shame and guilt would destroy us. Sometimes Divinity has come as The Christ, that same consciousness which was first embodied by Yeshua. Most often now it comes simply as my soul, my own Divine Essence, and reminds us that each and every one of us is a divine being and a sovereign creator.

Always when I channel I feel the divinity of the listeners and readers, whether present or future, in the message. Your divinity is there too, if you allow it, and the one and only purpose of every channel I offer is simply to help you feel your own divinity more deeply so that you can connect with it yourself.

About Me

Romana Ercegović and John McCurdy

As for me the human, I was born and raised in the United States of America, and lived there most of my life. On my birthday in May of 2018, at a retreat on the Greek island of Kos, I met the love of my life, Romana Ercegović. Now I live with her and her son in their beautiful homeland of Slovenia, and together we continue to discover the meaning of true freedom.

You can find more of our expressions at LibraryOfTheRose.com, and of Romana’s at RomanaErcegovic.com. Together, we are so thrilled to be able to share this amazing and unprecedented time on Earth!

Real Freedom

It’s been a long, difficult and often confusing journey to get here, but real freedom is the most amazing thing a human can discover. Real freedom isn’t about the rules and restrictions of others, but about the realization that I am the one and only sovereign creator of my life. Real freedom is in the realization that every energy that affects me or my life is my own energy, and that it is always serving me. In that realization I become free to create my life however I choose.

Only in that realization and ultimate freedom could I finally open up to the truest love there is, the love of my own divinity for me, and only in the embrace of that love could I finally allow the greatest human love I’ve ever known into my life, in the form of Romana. Only in the freedom of knowing my own sovereignty and creatorship could I finally allow all the other things that I searched for so long to come into my life.

I can’t teach you how to find your freedom, and anyone who tells you they can is a false teacher. Discovering your true freedom is as natural a process as waking up in the morning, and how could anyone possibly teach you how to do that? Everyone will wake up eventually, each in their own time and in their own unique way.

But there are things I can share from my journey, wisdom that my divinity has collected along the way, that would have made my own journey of awakening so much easier if I had known it then. My hope is that what I share on these pages will ease your way a bit.

More than anything, if within this website you feel even the slightest touch of your own divinity and your own freedom, then my purpose is served.

May your life be filled with the grace, magic and love of real freedom!