Personal Channels

I channel Soul.

By “soul” I mean all that I am, and especially the part of me that is beyond the perception of the physical human senses. Soul is my essence, my source, my divinity.

My soul is the wholeness and fullness of ME, and your soul is the wholeness and fullness of YOU.

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When I do a personal channel for someone, I first connect with my own soul. Then, after requesting a spoken invitation from the client, my soul connects me with their soul, I feel the energies shift, and I find myself speaking with the client “as” their own soul. Then it becomes a conversation between the client and their soul, and I am simply the translator between the language of the soul (feelings) and the language of the human (words).

For me these sessions are among the most profound and beautiful experiences of my life. To feel, and try to put into words, the incredible love that a soul has for its human is simply …. beyond. And such an incredible honor!

I am by no means a perfect translator, but with the help of my soul I do my best. The feedback I have received is that these sessions help the client to feel and trust their own soul more, and that makes me very happy. For that is the whole point of everything I do.

Some people are afraid to meet with their soul. They are afraid their soul is disappointed in them and will judge them and tell them all the things they are doing wrong, but nothing could be further from the truth. Only humans do that, and in more than three years of doing these sessions no soul has ever expressed anything but the deepest love and unconditional acceptance, and the greatest of honor, for their human.

The energy flow for a personal channel is €150.00, and the session usually lasts about an hour.

You may bring a list of questions, or not, as you feel. This will be a natural and free flowing conversation between you and your soul, and from Soul’s perspective there are no rules and no questions that are too foolish, silly, or mental to ask. There is just you and your soul getting to know each other again, after a very long journey.

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What Others Have Said

I had the wonderful opportunity to experience a channeling with my soul vie John. And it was so natural and “unspectaculous” and at the same time — awesome and beyond words. I was touched so deeply. Especially the very unique form of energy I could feel during the session and the soft, warm and enveloping voice of John let me feel at home! I literally could feel how the veil was lifted which separated me from Soul for such a long time — and then this amazing, love filled feeling of being whole again and so blissful. ☀️This was pure grace and love. Thank you John that you make such blessings possible. You are gifted and you are an enrichment, and since our call I feel animated!

—Claudia, Germany

My personal session with John in which he channeled my soul was a deeply moving experience. John’s calm, soothing nature made it easy for me to relax into the process. Once I did, I quickly felt the energy of my soul close to me, drawing me in, and communicating with me as a loving, supportive guide. Insights my soul delivered to me through John were invaluable. Some buzz words came through that hit me profoundly, helping me advance in the process of surrendering to and trusting my soul, and feel more empowered to live in the NOW and release questions about the future.

—Lisa, New York, USA

I feel immensely grateful and love in my heart again.

—Grace, Netherlands

I had the most incredible experience with a soul channeling by John McCurdy. I can’t recommend the experience enough. John’s integrity and the quality of the channeling was soul-inspiring and life-changing. It genuinely brought me to tears. Highly Recommended!

I absolutely have no words. Possibly the best experience I’ve had in a session just because it was talking to my own essence so directly. What a true gift you have – I can’t thank you enough. If I knew how phenomenal it would be, I would have done it earlier!

—Liberté , Australia

Dearest John, I just listened again to your channeling and I want to thank you so much, because through your beautiful voice I heard my soul speaking to me again. It was an incredible experience and I’m grateful to you for this!! It was such an amazing and transformational session we had together, and I felt my soul through your feelings and your voice!! Thank you so much again!!

—Maria, Greece

I was in what felt like a very dark place in my life, and I felt very close to wanting to release this human experience and go back home. In my heart I knew I was going through my own transformation, but mostly my human was feeling hopeless.  A long-standing and worsening physical condition was the catalyst that led me to John’s website.  Or, rather my soul led me there.

After listening to his channeled messages I felt an immediate comfort and familiarity.  I felt a deep wisdom. I sensed the next step was to book a private session. In that session John brought forth my own soul essence and through John I felt her more closely than ever before.  I felt her unconditional love, compassion, and her wisdom. She reassured me that surrendering to her will transform my body and my life.  There was so much love and inspiration in that session, and it hasn’t left me.  It just continues to get better and better.

John’s own soul, and mine, addressed all of my questions and concerns with clarity, love and compassion. I wanted to wait awhile before writing this testimonial because I wanted the session to endure the test of time, and it has. There is no better gift to ourself than to open up and trust our own soul.  And to facilitate that I highly recommend gifting yourself a session with John.

—Maria, Florida, USA

Thank you John for have giving me this opportunity to connect verbally with my soul.

After the channel, I realized I can really ask my soul everything I want and all I have to do is imagining the answer like she would give it to me. No words..just feeling into it for myself and translate it in words.

I had prepared some questions before the channel, but I already had the answers before we started. So I went in like..ok..we will see…

I just really wanted to feel my soul and that is what happened. It was a little weird to have my soul talk to me in a mans voice and also to realize, my soul does not have all the answers for everything..or at least not how I had wanted it to 😉

She just wants me to be happy and enjoy the trip.

So I am very happy I listened to the nudge I did get for asking for a personal channel, because I feel much more confident now in the contact with my soul. I feel her very close now.

It is not a outside feeling anymore, more real, inside and very personal.

Thank you.

—Ellen, Spain

Thank you so much, once again, for the beautiful channel! I’m still left speechless by what came through. I feel my soul more than ever and I really have to listen again, but the love and strength, which I didn’t realize was in me, is still here. Thanks for doing such an amazing job at bringing the message through, and for all the encouragement! It is beyond words.

—Jocie, Canada

My soul session experience with John was beautiful, I felt seen, aknowledged, touched, invited by my soul, by myself. John is in no way ‘colouring’ or injecting his own agenda, which makes the experience so true and clear. I could feel the hugs, the appreciation, the love of my soul and was grateful for the ‘translation’ in this. ‘Ah, so that’s what this feeling signifies’ The appointment itself was easily made, the timing perfect and for me the flow was so graceful. So, a great thank you to John for facilitating this experience and for the heartfelt honoring of me in all that I am during the session and after.

—Marie-José, Netherlands

Beyond words!” —Dorota, Poland

I recently had the incredible pleasure and honor of a channeling session with John. I found that during the session, a lot of what I had heard so often before, suddenly actually sunk in as we were speaking, and I didn’t realize it had not sunk in until then. I came to recognize the utter simplicity of some things. Right from the beginning of the channel, I started to feel my soul merge into me, and this continued to gain momentum as the session continued. I was thinking afterwards that this was a little like a Monty Python skit, because there is the thing that is going on in the foreground, plus the thing in the background, as well as things going on to the sides. This session was immensely healing, it helped me to have a real awareness of the connection with my soul, and it showed me just how much goes on beneath the surface, under the words that are spoken and the appearances of things.

It has only been a couple of days since my session and I am finding that life is changing, as my perspective is changing. I have continued to feel the healing energy that began with this session. My passion is becoming clearer and I understand, as John and Johannes [John’s soul] both said to me, what an honor it is to be of service. I realize now, in the things I do, what an honor it is to be in service to an incredible being who is just waking up and discovering their own magnificence. I never truly understood this until today.

These are timeless sessions as they are about the energy exchanged as much as the words exchanged. They are a true gift from your soul to you, the human. I thoroughly recommend John’s sessions.

—Sue, Australia

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