I Am Divinity

I Am Divinity

Session 12 — 13 March 2024

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Session 12
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Text Transcript

I Am Divinity

Session 12

Channeled by John McCurdy during a live Zoom session on 13 March 2024

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible. Note that Hmm, Mmm, and lines with just a dot signify places to pause, and to feel into what is being said.

John: Hello everybody!

[lots of hellos and laughter from the others]

Chris is not here today. He’s sick with the flu, and I’m still trying to get everything ready…

So Romana is going to try to help where needed, and we’ll just have to ‘wing it’ without Chris. He was taking care of a number of things for me.

Ok, let’s get started.

So, welcome everybody!

Welcome Maja! She’s a guest here today. And welcome Monika and Sylvia and my beloved Romana!

So, let’s just take a couple of minutes and just breathe a little bit.

[music plays]

Master Anna: I am that I am!

And I am Divinity.

And so are you!

Greetings, dear friends! I am John’s Soul, John’s Divinity. You can call me Master Anna, or Master John, or whatever you like. Or just John. It’s all the same! Because Divinity is here, in a way that hasn’t ever been possible before.


Divinity is here, as the human.

Oh, the human is a little part of it, but Divinity is able to come in and truly be in the human now.

Ha! The human has a lot of ideas about what that means. Oh, ideas about divinity coming in and fixing everything, making everything better, creating this beautiful fantasy life the human has always dreamed of.

Well, there’s some truth to that, but there is also the human life. It was never meant to be all ‘peaches and cream,’ to be all perfect and smooth and nice and easy. And indeed, it will become easier, but right now you are going through this transition. You are actually moving into an entirely different reality, and that is making things a little crazy.

Your world is feeling it.

You might have noticed humanity going a little crazy lately. “Or a lot crazy!” John says. And that is because of this incredible transformation. It’s huge change, and every change brings chaos during the change.


It brings chaos in your own lives, and John has been feeling a lot of that lately. He’s feeling it right now. He’s feeling me in a new place, a closer place, and he’s feeling a lot of chaos around that shift.


So, how about you? How have been the last couple of weeks for you? How are you feeling this transition right now?

[Silvia is the first to raise her hand]


Silvia: Oh, hello again! I am Sylvia.

Master Anna: Welcome again!

Silvia: I am having a lot of transitions right now. I am in Mexico having my vacation that I desperately wanted. But also, I had broken my leg, so I had to go to surgery. I had to go to surgery, and so I’m just in recovery.

And also, yesterday, I get out of the hospital the day before yesterday, and yesterday I went to see my mom. That’s my reason why I came here to Mexico, to see my mom, my parents, and yesterday my mom transitioned. So she left the body.

So, I am in a lot of transitions too. But I’m ok.

Master Anna: Big changes!

Silvia: But I’m ok.

Master Anna: Indeed.

Silvia: My intuition knew that she was leaving, so that’s why I went to see her and that’s why I came here to see her.

Now my vacation is like, more like… It’s kind of relaxed. It’s another point of view. It’s not a vacation like going here, going there. No, it’s more like enjoying people, enjoying places, just be in the moment. But I’m ok.

Master Anna: Good. We know you are.

Thank you!

Who else?


Monika: I don’t know, really, where to start. I’m feeling, um, human is feeling super tired. When I have no clients I’m not liking to get up in the morning from the bed, just laying until ten o’clock [garbled] used to this. I just let it happen, what the body needs, and have experiences of synchronicity, quite a bit in the last two weeks.

But also, I have decided not to do anything on my teeth, and this decision was… I did not feel, “Oh, super, I don’t have to do it,” and also not the opposite. I was just quiet.

Now my partner wants to move out from my place. This feels sad for the human.

Master Anna: Mmm…

Monika: Also this [garbled] change in the next few weeks or months, but I’m ok.  Thank you.

Master Anna: Can you say that last part again? It cut out.

Monika: Ok. On a human level there is sadness today, but I am ok.

Master Anna: Indeed.

We are going to change the internet connection here a little bit, and see if it will be better.

[John switches to his phone’s hotspot connection because the house WiFi is not working well]

Romana: Can I share?

Master Anna: Yes, Romana.

Romana: So, first I would just like to honor these big transitions that you both are going through. It feels like a very deep time, and really lots of human… It’s not easy for the human, so…

For me, I can say that it’s also kind of a very, very intense time. It demands lots of trust. Sometimes I feel like the floor under my knee, under my feet, is just crashing, and there is lots of insecurity.

On the other hand, on some levels, some things are really going so smooth and so nice! So it’s, yeah, it’s sometimes I just feel like I need to breathe deeply and just let things be as they are, and accept and trust. And that’s maybe all I have to say for today.

Master Anna: Mmm… Thank you!

Maja, would you like to add something? You don’t have to, but…

Maja: If I can I will, yes.

Um, I must say that… You do hear me?

Master Anna: Yes.

Maja: You hear me. Thank you for today, for this coincidence!

[Note: Maja received a copy of the reminder email by mistake, since she is not registered in this class, and thought it was an invitation. And somehow it felt so right for her to be here today that I invited her to stay for the session. —John]

I chose to go to the woods today. As you see, I’m in the woods now. I chose this place because it gives me so much energy these days. These days and in the past.

As Romana said, the same is with me. I learned trust, that everything is ok. The times are, yeah, transitional, and I learned to let go. I learned to let go. And, as I think you are, Monika, you said that you just lay down until 10 o’clock, I had few days now when I just felt—that I was till 10 o’clock in pajamas and working for myself. Not sleeping, but just mothering myself, I think. Yeah. And if I do that, then I feel the energy for the whole day. As a human, of course, so that I have the energy to do what I have to do. But I don’t force myself anymore. I try not to force myself. I just try to just let it be, and if something gets stuck then I take it as a sign that it’s not meant to be.

So, I’m ok. Thank you.

Master Anna: Thank you!

And John is not quite sure how it came to be that you got the invitation to be here. But I can tell you that there was no accident, so welcome!

Maja: Thank you, John. I got it by email. It was a reminder, so thank you. Thank you, John.

Master Anna: Ahh…

So, intense times!

So much happening right now, on so many levels!

What you see in your physical world is, oh, it’s just the bare surface.

So much change is happening! Beautiful change, but change, and the human doesn’t like change. The human doesn’t understand change. It gets confused by the change, because it finds itself in a new place where it doesn’t know how to be. Things don’t work the way they did before. You have to learn how to live in a whole new way.

And yes indeed, TRUST is so important right now. Trusting you. Trusting your own flow, your own divinity. Trusting that it’s here, and that no matter what life around you looks like, you are ok.


There is going to be more change, for a while. But this is… Hm, you could say that this is the time you have lived for, for every single lifetime that you’ve been on Earth. It is the time you have longed for. It is the time you have dreamed of, and it is here.

But to get through it, oh, you have to trust. You have to trust yourself. Not some God up in the sky, not some other being that’s like an over-soul. That’s one way to call it, but it is you. Your soul. Your divinity. It’s you!

You felt separated for so long. And now…

Well, let’s just come back to that place. Oh, it’s not a place, but we have to use human words.

Feel back…

It feels like back to the human, but feel this moment when, in a sense, it all began.

You were just consciousness. Awareness. Pure awareness.

You became aware of yourself.

You asked, who am I?

Well, in answer to that question you suddenly found yourself looking at this being. It seemed like another being, but it was actually you. A part of you. And this being said, “I am going to go and have all these experiences and discover who I am, who we are together.

So this being went out and had many experiences as what you call an angel, which is just a being that doesn’t have a human body.

You went out and you had all these experiences, and eventually you found yourself interacting with all these other beings that were doing the same thing, and you created this framework that you call mass-consciousness. It’s just a framework, a template, for your creations. It allowed you to create similar things so you could have a shared experience.


And there was so much about it you didn’t understand, and at some point there was a lot of confusion. There were a lot of questions about, “How does this work? How does energy work?”

You got together with the others and you decided to create this place called Earth, where you could slow everything down and dive deep into these experiences and feel them at such a deep level, until you could finally understand how it works and who you are and why you are here.

Many, many lifetimes. Many, many, many thousands of years on Earth, in human time, and here you are.

The answer is here. The solution has been found.

Oh, the human doesn’t really understand that yet, but that’s ok. It’s where the trust comes in.

Your soul does understand. It has the answer, and you the human are the one who brought it.

So now, imagine yourself as the human coming back home.

You are bringing all of this experience, and you are coming back to this being that is your soul, that is your divinity.

You are bringing all of this experience.


You could say it was long ago that you left, but in another sense it was just a moment, because time is something you created within this field of experience, within yourself, so that you could spread it out and feel each and every part.

And now, here you are again.

You have completed your journey.

You, as the human, as the ultimate expression of experience, you come back now to your soul.

Oh, and your soul comes now to you.

Feel her arms as they open and embrace you.


Feel her love.


You brought that understanding of love.


Feel the melding and blending together that is happening, you and divinity blending together.

You are home, home with your soul.

And your soul is home here, with you.

Feel the love.

Feel your soul’s absolute acceptance, and joy, of every experience you have ever had.

From your perspective you thought you got so many of them wrong.

From her perspective they are so beautiful, and they bring so much wisdom!


Feel as she distills that wisdom from all of your experiences and makes it available to you, even while you are still walking around as a human.


Oh, you could have… Each of you here, you could have…


In a recent lifetime, you could have come home.

They call it ascending. That’s what the ascended masters are. It’s just beings who completed their journey and came home to their soul.

And you looked at the potential in that lifetime and you saw this time, and you said, “I want to wait for this time when I can bring my soul here, to walk around with me, as me, on Earth as a human!


It has never been done before. Always before, in order to be human you had to maintain this veil, this illusion of separation between you and your soul, between you and the other realms. And now it is no longer needed.


As the human we are opening that veil carefully, because if we opened it too quickly it would just… Well, the human couldn’t take it. It would evaporate.

We are moving into this new time, this new era, this new reality, where we can still be in the human game AND outside of it at the same time. Where we can be in the other realms as soul, and on Earth as human.

Ah, but it’s changing things. It’s changing the human. It’s changing the whole planet.

Most people don’t have any idea what’s going on, so they are going a little crazy. They are scared.

But you know. You feel it. It is changing you.

You are transforming into a new kind of being that has never existed before. In a certain sense you are going beyond where the ascended masters have gone, at least in your experience.


But they will have their own experiences when and if they choose.

But you, you are here. You are doing it.

But you wonder why it seems like so many things just aren’t working in your lives.

It is because you are changing. You are… As we have said here before, you are no longer human.

You look like a human. You feel like a human so much of the time, but you know that you are more than the human, and that changes you.

You are… Well, as quickly as you and your soul can manage it, you are changing into, oh, we’ll call it a Human Divine. You are changing into a being where, ultimately, there is no difference between divine and human, except that as you project the human the others can see you and interact with you. And you can be that whenever you want to, and you can also roam the universes and the realms.

Oh, this vast-seeming universe that your human lives within is just a tiny little place in your consciousness. There is so much more! And as soul, you are already there.

You are already present in all of these other realms. They are all your creations. They are all inside of you. And as the human you are still on Earth, still having these experiences.


John says he’s running out of words for all of this, but he’s doing fine.


We can’t explain at all in a way that makes very much sense to the human mind, and we ask you to trust yourself.

Trust your knowing, even when it doesn’t make any sense at all, because that is all you have now.

That knowing, that wisdom, is available to you now. It doesn’t come in the mind, like what the mind thinks of as wisdom, or as mental understanding.

No, the wisdom comes as the knowing, the deep, deep knowing within your being.


It comes softly, and gently. It is not an emotion.

It’s just a little knowing, a little nudge, and when you trust that, oh, it changes everything!

It’s challenging, because when the human thinks of feelings it thinks of emotions. Emotions are like bright neon lights compared to that gentle, soft feeling in your heart. And the emotions are mental reactions, in a way, to the stories in your mind.

So if you are feeling angry, or even happy, or fear, or all of these intense feelings… Oh, they are not bad, but just realize that they are mostly coming from your mind.

So take a breath. Breathe them in, and then feel for that still small voice that is underneath them all. That comes from your heart, you could say, but don’t take that too literal.


So many people complain because they want to hear their soul talking to them, but soul doesn’t speak. It doesn’t have words.

Oh, I can speak through John because he translates the feelings into words, as best he can. But there is so much more in the communication. Some of it you can feel.

You feel underneath the words, and that is how your own soul comes to you. It comes in these feelings, in the knowing, in the soft, gentle feeling that says, “You are ok.”

It doesn’t say it in words. It’s just a knowing that comes to you.


Every now and then John looks at the clock and it’s three or four numbers all together. A little while ago he noticed it was 2:22, and he understands that those numbers by themselves don’t mean anything other than what you make them mean. And for him, they are a message from his soul, just reminding him that, All is well! Trust!


Trust you.

Trust your divinity.


We use that word because, oh, people have gotten so hung up on this word ‘God,’ and they see God, or Goddess even, as this being outside of themselves that somehow has all the power. But that is not what divinity is, at all. That is a creation of the human, of human thought, really. The gods, the goddesses.

So we just call it ‘divinity,’ because it is you. It is your essence. And that is who we ask you to trust, that part of you.

Oh, it’s not my divinity! It’s yours. Every one of us is unique, individual, sovereign, divine beings. You have your divinity and I am my own divinity.

So trust YOU.

You and your divinity are not separate anymore. You are blended together.

In our last class, two weeks ago, we talked about how your integration is done. All of these aspects are home. It is done!

You are still getting used to that. Oh, you developed a lot of habits of dealing with all those aspects, and all those memories are still there. You will always have those, but the aspects have integrated back into you.

John wanted to say, “and back into your soul,” but it is all you!

All of these lifetimes, all of these experiences outside of or before Earth was created, it is all you!

It is all here now.

It is all home.

You are home with you, and you can trust that.

Oh, things are not going to flow the way the human expects them to, or anything like they have ever flowed in the past. But there is this flow, like a river, that is you, that is your life, and it is carrying you. It is carrying you to new places, and we ask you to trust that.

It’s going to be…

Well, to the human it is going to seem wild and crazy for a while now. It is going to be completely unpredictable. Things are going to come seemingly out of nowhere. Some of them will seem like disasters at first. Others will be beautiful experiences, and at some point you will see that even those disasters weren’t really disasters at all. But they might seem like it in the moment, so can you just be with that?

Can you trust that?

Can you trust that it is all in divine order?

And that means it is all in the highest order for you.

It is all being managed by your soul now, or your divinity, however you want to call it. But that includes you, the human. It is all together now.


So often the human looks at these things happening and it goes, “Oh, what am I going to do? How do I protect myself from this disaster or that crisis?”

That’s when you stop. You take a breath. You listen to your soul when she says, “It’s ok. It’s going to be ok. You are with me now, and nothing can ever, ever separate us again. And if you let it, everything is going to work out.

“But the world needs you right now, and because of that you are going to go through some experiences that seem difficult at first, for the human, because you are moving these energies for so many other beings! And as you do, you are bringing peace to these memories from so much in the past.


The world, right now, needs to see people who can trust themselves even when everything seems crazy and it seems like everything is crashing down around you.

So many things are changing.

That doesn’t mean you are not a master. It simply means that you are a master in service.


So, feel yourself Home. Complete. Whole.

No matter how you perceive the human life around you, it’s true. You are home. You are whole. You are complete.

You actually always have been, but now you have so much more experience. And now it is all coming together.

It already is together, if you let it be.

You already have the wisdom.

And no matter what happens in the next days and weeks and months and years… No matter what happens, you are home. You are the master in service.

Oh, don’t let that ‘service’ part scare you. We are not asking you to give up yourself.

We are asking you to trust yourself.

We are not asking you to lay down and roll over, or to give in to other people’s demands and expectations.

On the contrary, we are asking you to trust the knowing inside yourself that will give you exactly the words you need, and exactly the actions you need, to be strong. To be a light. To be clear with the others. To not take their abuse, but at the same time to not fight them. To see them for who they are.

They are other beings just like you, finding their way through some very difficult experiences that they don’t understand yet.

They haven’t come home to themselves yet, but you have, so you can be clear with them and take care of yourself without being in a big battle. Without having to throw it all back at them.

Just be clear.

Trust you.

Sometimes, trusting yourself means saying words that might seem kind of harsh in the moment. But if you feel them coming from inside of you, can you trust that that is what needs to happen?

You can feel if they’re coming from your own fear and your own emotions, and even then sometimes they need to be expressed. Can you trust that?

Can you trust you so much that you stop questioning so much if you are doing or saying the right thing or not?

Just be you!

You have the wisdom, and that will not let you get too far off track. So can you trust it?

Can you trust it, however it comes out?

Because it’s not just you the human talking anymore. It is divinity talking, because you and divinity are one. One whole being.

You are no longer separate, so can you trust that?

Can you trust you to be you?


So, that is your assignment for the next two weeks.

In our next class we will ask you to share about trusting yourself, and what that has been like for you.


And we will look forward to hearing from you then.

And so it is.


Romana: Thank you John, that was beautiful!

Silvia: Indeed, very beautiful. Thank you John!

Monika: Thank you very much, John. It was super intense and wonderful. Thank you.

John: You’re welcome. It’s an intense time for all of us.

Silvia: It helped me connect back to myself. That’s good.

John: Good.

Monika: Thank you very much!

John: Thank you!

Best wishes to all of you and to everybody who will join in, and to Chris. I hope he feels better soon.

Monika: Yeah. To Chris, and you Sylvia, your leg. Get well soon!

[laughter as Silvia shows us the cast on her leg]

John: All right.

[mumbling in the background]

John: I’m sorry?

Silvia: No, that was my son waking up. [laughter]

John: All right.

Well, have a great two weeks, and we’ll see you then!

Take care.

[bye bye’s from everyone]

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