An I Am Divinity Class

A Headbander’s Guide to Opening Your Intuition

A Headbander’s Guide to

Opening Your Intuition

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Do you wish you had clearer access to your intuition?

Do you wish you could communicate more deeply with your own soul?

Class Review

“The Headbander’s Guide to Opening Your Intuition class is very intense. You may feel like you are going crazy, like all your shadows and fears may come up. You may get a clear perspective on games that you are playing with yourself. But stay in your trust and knowingness, and after some time you may notice that what was, is no more. And that your perspective about yourself is on a totally new level. You may look back and see how much you have changed.” —Erika

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Class Details

  • This class was recorded on Zoom with live participants during the month of June, 2023.
  • You will have access to the video and audio recordings, and to the full text transcript of each session.
  • This class is for anyone who wishes to deepen their awareness of their intuition, knowing and wisdom.
  • The cost for this class is €129, and your access will not expire for as long as we are able to host the class on this website.
  • This class is in English. However, several of the original participants did not understand English, so they waited for the text transcripts of the sessions and translated them with Google or Deepl. You may do the same, though you won’t have to wait since the transcripts are all complete.

Class Contents

  • Session 1: The Nature of Intuition
  • Session 2: A Safe Place for Intuition
  • Extra: The Grand Integration – Part 1
  • Session 3: Knowing and Self Love
  • Extra: The Grand Integration – Part 2
  • Session 4. Opening

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More Reviews

“This class helped me to trust myself, that I really have a conversation with my divinity. All this time I thought that it’s just the mind, but this helped me realize that I am also Divine. Thank you John, for everything.  With blessings, Sirpa”

“I have been following your work for a very long time. Your writings open my heart and reveal layers of my soul. Over and over again the wisdom you bring helps me see my own, which was hidden under the layers of fear, doubt, and all that we have gathered in the course of our lives. Thank you dear John, for everything you are and share with us.” —Metka

“This class, A Headbander’s Guide to Opening Your Intuition, there are no words to describe it. It helped me a lot in the integration that continues to take place anyway. It was fantastic to join our energies, and still today, after two weeks, if I think about it I feel all the energies. It was a very profound and also very personal experience. I lived moments of total integration, and I had no desire. I didn’t want anything. I had everything I ever wanted. I expected a lot from this class because I’ve known for a while Maestro John, but I must say that we have gone much further. A Big Hug to Maestro John and to everyone in the class.” —Fabio (Translated from Italian by Google)

“This was a very sacred experience for me. I consider myself a person with very good intuition, but this journey brought me to unexpected places. It cleared some ancient stuck mind layers and opened me to the next level of clarity, to even deeper and brighter awareness of the presence of my soul, and of me as Soul.” —Romana

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Introduction to the Class – Text Transcript of Video

Channeled by John McCurdy on August 31, 2023

I am that I am!

Master Anna, of Magical Service.


I am John’s soul.

Oh, I went by the name of Master John for a while, because that was an important part of John’s evolution, of John receiving himself and his grandness. And now I go by Master Anna, in order to bring in a more feminine perspective. Because, oh, you could say that the feminine is the heart of your soul. The feminine is the receiver.

And we are here right now to introduce this class called, A Headbander’s Guide to Opening Your Intuition.

You see, intuition is feminine. Intuition is your soul. And so, part of opening to your intuition is opening to the feminine.

So, here I am, for John asked me to do a short introduction to this beautiful class.

The class happened live over Zoom, on your internet a couple of months ago [June 2023], and it turned into a beautiful class. There were a little over twenty participants. Only a few of them could make to the live sessions, but all the rest were felt too, and it was a beautiful class that went to places even John didn’t expect.

We talked about what intuition is. It’s not what you think it is, and it is much simpler and much deeper.

We talked about the things that block you from your intuition, like fear, because intuition doesn’t fit the normal human reality and has gotten you into trouble in the past. So we talked about creating a safe place for your intuition to open.

We went deep into opening your intuition and into feeling what it is.

We did a couple of other channels that were released publicly, but we included them also in the class because they were so integral to this process.

You see, intuition is so simple. Humans struggle so hard to bring in their intuition, and for good reason. Because, you see, back in the times of Atlantis, many, many, many, many thousands of years ago in human time, the human body and the human mind were standardized. You used things like crystals and metal headbands and all these technologies of that time to shape the mind, and to cause it to conform. You literally gave it the job of distracting you from your soul, of distracting you from your intuition and blocking it out.

It was, perhaps, necessary in order to set up the ‘game board’ of Earth, so that you could have all of these experiences that have helped you to know yourself and that have brought you to this point of coming home to you.

That’s why we call it the Headbander’s Guide, because you were there. If you are resonating with this, you were there. Or at the very least, you feel the effects of what was done there. Oh, you didn’t have to be there and participate to feel the effects, because they were built into the DNA of the human and they are part of every human alive on Earth.

You still feel those headbands, those crystals, and all of the programming that was done at that time. You are still living the result, and now it is time to let all of that go. Now it is time for the grand reunion of you, and of all that you are. Now it is time for Soul and Human to consciously reunite, and to live and experience together.

So, that’s what this class is about. It is about opening your intuition, opening to your soul in fact, in ways that we don’t think have been talked about before.


So, this class is available now as what you call a cloud-class. If you let it, this class will help you take the next step in opening up to you.

It’s a beautiful class and people have said some beautiful things about it, so sign up. What can it hurt?

Oh, John spent so long trying to open his intuition. He had such a hard time with it! And now look at him. He is channeling his own soul!

And he and I are connected at all times, even when he forgets. He knows I am there. He has me. He has his intuition.

It doesn’t always tell him what the human wants to know, because the human is so stuck in the mind. But we address that in this class, because that job you gave the mind so long ago is over. Now is the time to open up.

So, if you have ever wanted to be more in touch with your intuition, do this class.

Sign up. Go through it. It will help you open more to yourself, to your knowing, to your intuition, and to your soul.


And enjoy it!

And so it is.

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