An I Am Divinity Class

I Am Divinity

I Am Divinity

An ongoing deep dive into what it means to Embody Divinity.

This is the continuation of our three month class entitled Divinity In Experience. We had some beautiful experiences and discoveries in that series of classes, and I need to make some changes for the new series:


  • New name: The declaration I Am Divinity goes right to the core of everything I am about, and this is my core class for those who want to go deep into understanding and embodying their own divinity. So that is what I am calling it.
  • Ongoing: Instead of a three-month series that you pay for upfront, this will be an ongoing monthly subscription that you may join or cancel as you wish.
  • Every other week instead of twice a month, which means that some months will have a bonus session instead of an extra week between.

Class details:

  • Live sessions: We meet via Zoom at 4:00 PM CET every other Wednesday, beginning 11 October 2023. The next session will always be listed on the class home page, along with a countdown timer, time zone conversion and the Zoom link. On rare occasions where I cannot host the session live (such as if I’m travelling) I will pre-record a channel for that session. Attending the live sessions is encouraged, but not required.
  • Each session is lead by my soul, channeled by me, the human called John. For a long time my soul came through as Master John, to signify the mastery of integrated human and divine. Now it usually comes through as Master Anna, to signify also the integrated feminine and masculine.
  • Recordings and transcripts: For those who cannot make it to the live sessions or who want to review the material, the audio and video recordings and the text transcript of each session will be posted on the class page a few days after the session. The text transcript takes a little longer to prepare, but is usually posted within a week.
  • Discussion: There is a private Facebook group for participants, where you can discuss anything relevant to the class. You will receive a link to the group after you register, but joining it is optional.
  • Language: These sessions are conducted in English. However, a number of participants have found these classes valuable enough that they wait for the text transcript and translate it into their own language with Google or Deepl.
  • Access: This is an ongoing class, and you will have access to the class material for as long as your subscription is active.
  • Price: €99 per month.

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