I Am Divinity

I Am Divinity

Session 14 — 10 April 2024

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Session 14
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Text Transcript

I Am Divinity

Session 14

Channeled by John McCurdy during a live Zoom session on 10 April 2024

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible. Note that Hmm, Mmm, and lines with just a dot signify places to pause, and to feel into what is being said.

Thank you to Chris Vandermeer for managing Zoom during the session, and for helping to prepare this transcript.

John: Welcome everybody, and let’s get started!

So, let’s just take a couple of minutes to just breathe and center ourselves, and we’ll see where we go today.

[music plays]

Master Anna: I am that I am!

And I Am Divinity.

You can call me Master Anna, Master John, or just John. It’s all the same, just as you are divinity.

You are your own soul, your own divinity. It’s all you now! There is no more separation.

Oh, the human still has a habit of feeling separated, but we are all quickly getting past that.

Divinity, soul, human, I Am, consciousness… It’s all together now. It’s all the same.

You can still play with each part separately if you want to, or you can bring it all together and be in your wholeness, anytime you want to.


So, what have the last two weeks been like for you?

For John they’ve been a bit rough, and we think for you too. But it is all part of this transformation.

So, what has it been like for you?


Monika:  So, in a way it was rough for me too. I had a lot of physical pain. back pain and belly pain and eye pain and ear pain, all kinds of pains!

And emotionally, I became a bit more quiet, more calm. I have the idea because I was daring to tell it last time in the session, it was like accepting a part of me. And that was a gift I gifted myself by daring to speak it out loud.

I had some realizations about trusting myself. I tried to remember today, and I forgot it! But it’s here. It’s realized.

And yes, human life is crumbling. It’s upside down. In some parts I have the idea it’s not moving forward, it feels like stuck up, not moving. That’s the perception of the human mind. Yeah…

And some questions came up, if I may ask you at this point, about this solar eclipse, what happened on Monday.

I received a video from a Shaumbra friend, a Keahak friend, and it was from a channeler, a woman, and she was speaking about how important it is now to shine the light. But it was more about how that it is so important because the dark energies are trying to bring us away from the path, from our path, and that’s why it’s so important that we shine our light.

And my question is, if everything is me, if all energy is mine, is there really a dark energy?

Also, after 25 years Crimson Circle, I still have such a question. Is not everything just me, and there is no darkness? It’s not possible if I’m with me?

Master Anna: Indeed!

Monika: But still I hear that from clients. I heard it again, and this friend wrote me, “Yeah, it’s very important, Monika, how you have to be in your light!” and blah, blah.

And I thought, yes, I am in my light all the time!

I would be very happy if you could say something to this.

Master Anna: Indeed.

And we would say, yes, there is dark energy. But it’s all you! It’s all you.

And that is not why we shine our light.

In fact, it’s worth going back and listening to that message we gave ourselves almost 20 years ago through Tobias: The Darkness is Your Divinity. (Available at https://www.crimsoncircle.com/Library/The-Channel-Library/New-Energy-Series)

You could say it is your light, because darkness is a perception, anyway. It’s the place where we put everything that we don’t like. It’s all the uncomfortable energies in life, and it is just a perception.

So from our perspective, that is not the reason to shine your light. No, you shine your light because that is who you are. It is your expression. It is what you are.

And the darkness, yes, of course, there are energies out there playing all kinds of games. That’s what this place was created for. But the sooner we stop playing the game of trying to protect ourselves from the darkness, the sooner we get free.

So we don’t need to protect ourselves or the world from the darkness. We just need to be ourselves, and then the darkness will play somewhere else. Or whatever it does.

Does that answer your question?

Monika: Yes.

What about the saying that the souls who left the body are hanging around, sticking on you or on somebody? What about this then?

Master Anna: [waving John’s arms around like shooing away insects]

Just tell them to leave! Or ignore them.


Monika: Yeah, for me it’s now… But I hear it often.

Master Anna: Yes, we do too.

Monika: I ask myself then, sometimes, if this is really true? If this is really happening?

Master Anna: No soul can touch you.

Monika: Yeah.

Master Anna: You can create an avatar of that soul out of your own energy that can touch you, but that is you.

Monika: Is this with everybody the same, or only with us?

Master Anna: It is with everybody. It’s just that others are deeper in the game, so they don’t know that.

Monika: Yeah. Okay.

Master Anna: But it’s all you. The only other entities that can really affect us are our own aspects, and sometimes they play that game of taking on somebody else’s aspects and messing with our lives. But we are all going past that.

Monika: Thank you.

Master Anna: So it’s up to you now. You don’t have to…

Lots of people believe that they are victims of dark energies, but it’s just a belief. You don’t have to be a victim, ever.

Monika: I told that already to a client who asked me, and I lost her as a client. She didn’t like that I said it’s hers.

Master Anna: Yes, most people don’t. They want somebody besides themselves to blame.

But we can go beyond even the blame and just realize, it’s just energies. It’s just our own self, playing a game. Then it has no more power over us.

Monika: Thank you very much.

Master Anna: Indeed!



Romana: So I would connect with this conversation now…

But it’s funny, I think, that just before we started I talked with John about the same question, because I am feeling these days such a pressure in my body. It’s almost like this dark wave that is pushing on me.

And specifically, I do feel it somehow started with this eclipse, because I was feeling so good before. I took almost a week for myself last week, and I didn’t have lots of work. I was just finally having kind of a vacation and I went to the mountain house/cottage and be in nature, and I was reading a book which I really liked.

So I was feeling really kind of opening to a new level of my multi-dimensional nature, of realizing, remembering again, how I am much more than just human. Because I was having lots of human work and all that in the previous weeks, so was kind of jumping out and in and expanding and contracting, but now I was really having time for me and freedom.

So I was really feeling this, how divine I am, and with lots of light also. I could feel, if I allow my light, how my body gets filled with light and how my body is starting to really dissolve these tensions.

So now, these last few days, exactly starting with this night when this eclipse was, I feel such a tension on my body. Like literally, kind of… And I feel like it’s, yeah, it’s my fear that is still there.

You know, like I’m preparing tomorrow to have a public meeting where I’m probably going to be very much exposed to my vulnerability. Because this woman, this interviewer, is very much talking… She would like to know more about you and your life and all these things, and the troubles you had in your life and how you came here to this point of consciousness.

And so I’m terrified, in a way. So I feel like it is a kind of darkness. But it’s also this darkness, these fears, that I’ve been going through for many centuries of being afraid to expose myself and to speak my truth, especially in front of people that know me and in front of people in the town where I grew up. So it’s almost like, you know, you’re talking to just those people who were… That I felt very suppressed by in this environment.

So yeah, I feel like it is lots of heaviness and darkness these days. But yeah, I also believe that this is… I wouldn’t say it’s me attacking me, but it’s an opportunity for me to face even deeper what I’m afraid of and what is, um… And even if this is what people believe, that there are these gravity forces, these mass-consciousness forces, these dark forces, it is still something that I know I am beyond.

My consciousness is beyond that, when I’m aware of it. But there are also times when I need to feel it, because it’s just the way to walk through them is to embrace all the fear and shame and all that I have. Yeah, so that’s my experience of this.

So I would say it is inside of me, and it’s outside. So it’s kind of, for me, there’s lot’s of fear in the mass-consciousness right now, and of course we feel it. And it’s not all me, but I know I am beyond that. That’s my understanding.

Master Anna: You are embracing your darkness.

It is the same as embracing your divinity, but that’s just part of it.

Romana: I would say I’m embracing my greatness, because fear is, kind of, also because we are so big, so huge, and we try to hide ourselves, and to be invisible, to not have… You know, sometimes it’s like it’s easier to be small, playing small, than to be the god that we are. And this is… I feel like the fear is many times just this blanket that tries to keep us quiet.

Master Anna: Yes.

Romana: Ah, Chris is coming!

Monika: Thank you for sharing, Romana.

I had this feeling more before the eclipse. Since the eclipse, I’m more calm. And for me, it means just when I feel that open up more and more and more, allowing to open up for what I’m feeling, if it is pressure or darkness. To let it flow through me.

Master Anna: Yes.

Welcome, Chris!

Chris: Hey, sorry I’m late. Is it not… Oh my god! I completely missed the time! I’m so sorry!

That’s embarrassing. Do we normally start at 9 am my time, Silvia? Is it normally 9 am our time?

John: The time changed here in Europe last Sunday, and I should have said something in my email.


Chris: No, you have a link there. I’m sorry. Far out!

Okay, cool. At least at least I’m here!

Romana: I think it’s all John’s fault, of course! [laughter]

Chris: No no, it’s my responsibility to read the emails. I obviously didn’t do it properly, but yeah, I’m just not looking out for time changes. There you go.

Sorry guys, I apologize. That’s rude of me.


Master Anna: No problem, here you are!

We are just talking about darkness.

Chris: Yeah, I’ve had plenty of that come up!

Romana: Do you want a warm-up first, or do you want to start talking?

Chris: Oh, me? You want me to share?

No, I mean, I don’t have too much to share except for the darkness thing, the shadow stuff… Because, like, the way I got out of that website thing with the woman I was helping, my friend… Because she really annoyed me, you know. I was really hurt by the way that she was operating throughout the whole thing.

Like, I didn’t really see her as such a kind, genuinely kind, person, like, if you’re only kind when you’re getting your way, that’s not real kindness. And so there was a few, yeah, a few ways that she talked to me…

But honestly, my biggest shadow, and I was feeling into it and… I just realized that I had a dream just before I woke up, where we were sitting in a meeting with John speaking, talking, about doing shadow work. So here we are, it’s in the physical! [laughter]

I had a had a big pattern in romantic relationships where I was like a nice guy, and I just wouldn’t have conflict and I wouldn’t speak my mind. And I realized that that’s why I was creating this situation, because I still have it in other relationships, in other friendships, and it affects me. You know, I’m not authentic, and it means that I create these sort of situations for myself.

So she’s really pissed off, and I’m getting constant nudges that I have to talk to her. So that’ll happen. That’ll be a nice, awkward, fun conversation, but everything will work out.

But again, no, it was definitely like that was really my darkness. I went right into it. I pretty much completely ruined this relationship.

I don’t care too much, but it’s still not ideal, you know. And then, yeah, I just got to see, and I was sitting there with myself and I was like, why did I let it get to that point? Like, I really created something where this person’s in pain. I didn’t communicate. There was a lot of misperceptions. Why did I create that?

And then as I was sitting there… I could feel the angelics around me as I was walking, and I was talking to my girlfriend and I was like, “Oh, that’s the pattern. That’s what I do.”

So yeah, beautiful realization, to take it to that level, you know, where you have to see it. It’s right in front of your face!

And that’s something that I’m going to be aware of. But most of it, for me, it comes down to speaking up and being myself, you know. Allowing my actual presence in life. I’m still not doing that in all areas.

So yeah, that’s me! Sorry again for being late!

Master Anna: Ahh…

Silvia, you raised your hand a while ago.

Silvia: Yeah, we realized that it was because of the change of our schedule that you were not here, Chris. Okay, actually Romana realized it.

Okay, so for me, the last past two weeks, the first week, it was smooth. But when I came here, it’s like readaptation.

It’s like readaptation. Here I’m going to be moving in a house with two floors and my one foot. But it just was the human thinking what to do. But as soon as I realized it, I was just up and down, up and down. As a human, I didn’t care.

I was up and down the stairs on my knees. Up and down, up and down. I’d even drive on the street. So I didn’t care that I was with a broken bone. I felt my energy back since I’m home. I felt my whole energy back, and I was just doing stuff as a human.

Oh, now, the first week, I did also feel the darkness in me. But it was beautiful, because this human  was able to feel that it was herself. Part of herself that she hid when she was little. Two years old, little kid that she was, she felt that very, very small.

Because at that time she lost a brother, a loving brother, and she felt alone, lonely, small. And those feelings, from time to time Silvia felt them, but she didn’t know that it was because of that time. So I had a big realization, a big integration, with that aspect of myself.

And another one. So right now, this human is aware of why she cannot connect to myself: because there is a layer of feelings that she needs to integrate. And then when she integrates those feelings, she can open easily to me. It’s a work that we’ve been doing with another Shambra, and the good part is that she is aware of that energy and she’s not rejecting it. She’s welcoming. She’s opening the arm for these energies. The dark, as you mentioned, that is your divinity, so it’s me. It’s me. It’s her. It’s her feelings that she hides.

And it’s so beautiful! It’s so beautiful because she’s opening up to myself.

Master Anna: Yes.

Silvia: And the eclipse, no I didn’t feel anything. The human didn’t feel anything, nothing at all. It was a normal day. During the eclipse she was outside on the street driving with one foot, and having a good day. That’s it, but I didn’t feel anything.

Go ahead.

Master Anna: Ahh…

We see the eclipse as this wonderful metaphor. It doesn’t really have any meaning in itself, it’s simply that the moon went between the sun and the earth for a few moments. But metaphorically, it was a gateway. A gateway from one reality to another.


We did a session this morning with someone. They were feeling so disoriented, and this person’s soul said, “That is because you are halfway in between two different realities, two totally different realities. You are halfway in between, so of course it’s disorienting.”

So many of you, so many of the Shaumbra that we know, are in this place. Oh, so often John feels disoriented. Sometimes it even makes him dizzy. Occasionally he almost falls down because he has this wave of disorientation.

It’s not something wrong. It’s just two different realities, and he’s trying to be in both of them at once.


As we’ve said before, you are not a human anymore. You are something else. You still have a lot of human attributes, but you are also blending those together with a lot of divine attributes, angelic attributes, you could say. Soul attributes. And it makes everything feel pretty weird, pretty crazy.

But it is also such a beautiful thing that you are going through!


John has been having some new realizations lately. The last couple of Crimson Circle shouds raised awareness in him, and then the recent channel that he did with Yeshua, about resurrection, was so profound for him! A completely unexpected perspective, and so beautiful to him. And then all of a sudden he found his mind going, “Ah, maybe I understand a little bit better! Maybe I can make it work now! Maybe I can get through all this crap and get my life together now!”


Of course, it didn’t work very well. And then he remembered…


The Crimson Circle recently released a video of a group of Masters talking about their experiences, and one thing they said, that they all talked about, reminded John that the first thing he realized in his realization is that, at least from the human perspective, enlightenment is almost entirely about being out of control.


It is about how the master doesn’t control anything. The master simply has the experience.

Oh, and John and I have had so many experiences about that! So many times John has felt himself come up to a point in his life where it felt like he was standing on the top of a cliff, looking out across the void and looking down at all those rocks way down below.

He looked around to see if there was another path, and there wasn’t. And he knew that if he went back the way he had come he would die, and so there was nothing to do but step off the edge of the cliff.

It was terrifying! And each time he did that, he discovered that it wasn’t a void at all, that he had wings, so to speak, and that life carried him.

We’ve talked about this river of life, of you and your soul, and how it carries you if you let it.

Oh, the human panics. It sees the rapids up ahead, the big rocks in the river, even the waterfalls, and it panics. It says, “What am I going to do? How am I going to fix this?”

Well, from the human perspective, you can’t. You can try, but that’s just going to make it hurt a lot worse.

Or you can let go, and let the river carry you.

Let it carry you through the rapids and over the waterfalls!

And each time you go over a waterfall you will find that your reality changes.

Your experiences get better and better, because you are no longer fighting them. Because the river, your divinity, is in charge, and it is carrying you.

Oh, sometimes you find yourself in a little eddy along the edge, where the water spins around and goes backwards for a little ways. You feel stuck and you cry out, “What’s wrong? What did I do? Why am I going backwards?”

It’s just a pause in the river.

It’s just an eddy.

It’s a natural part of the flow.

And, shortly after that you’re screaming to your soul, “Oh my God, look at those rapids! Where am I going?”


You see the human looks at those rapids, those waterfalls, the unknown places, and it sees all of that as darkness. Darkness that needs to be overcome, to be somehow managed and somehow controlled. But every time you do it just gets bigger and rougher and harsher, because you are just trying to get away from yourself.

Can you stop and take a breath?

Throw that paddle away.

Surrender to this river.

Let it carry you.


The river is still going to be what it is.

It is still going to have rough places and waterfalls.

But when you are not fighting them, it carries you through them and they are just beautiful experiences.


Not too long after John’s and my realization years ago, John was starting to have this new realization of how enlightenment is really about going out of control. That’s from the human perspective, but I say it’s the soul perspective also. I don’t control anything!

And because of that, I can create anything.

At that point I realized that John was going to need a touchstone for the things that were coming in his life, so I got together with Kuthumi and Adamus and we put together a little experience.

John had been in Colorado and he was living in this camper van, and he was going to Oregon. He was going to take care of his kitty cat for a couple of weeks while his ex was away on business, and he was looking forward to the visit.

He was about two hours away, coming down through the mountains in Oregon along the McKenzie River, and he was cruising along at about 60 miles per hour (100 or so kilometers per hour) in this heavy van with a small but heavy trailer behind it.

And all of a sudden he came up to a little bridge across the river, and in the middle of that bridge was this brightly colored umbrella. It was open, and it was just laying in the middle of the road, in the middle of the oncoming traffic lane, and there was nobody else around.

And he was so confused by that! He was like, “How did that get there? What’s it doing there?”

The cars coming the other way were having to stop to get it out of their way, and it was such an incongruous sight! It totally confused him!

And I was smiling, because I’d watched Kuthumi put it there.

So John was going down the road, looking in his mirror trying to figure out how that could happen, and when he looked up he was about 30 yards from the back end of a pickup truck that had stopped and was waiting for traffic so it could make a left turn. [it was closer to 15 yards/meters -John]

Well, he slammed on his brakes, but at that speed and that close there was no way he was even going to slow down very much. The wheels were skidding, and when he looked there were trees along the side of the road and a very narrow shoulder. There was nowhere to go!

There was no room to get around that pickup truck, and no time to stop.

And something inside of him went, “Huh? This is not my reality. This is not what I’m supposed to be doing!” But something surrendered, because there was nothing else he could do. And at that point, the master took over.

John felt his leg come off the brake pedal. He didn’t consciously do it, but he felt it happen.

He felt the van swerve.

He heard something fall over in the kitchen in the back.

And the next thing he knew his foot was on the gas pedal and he was accelerating back onto the road.

He looked in his mirror and the pickup truck wasn’t there, but there was a big cloud of dust, and he knew he hadn’t run into anything.

He shook his head and asked himself, “What happened?

He went on down the road and got where he was going, and something inside of him changed. And he realized that that’s how life is now. There was no way that the human could have avoided crashing, and it would have been a bad crash. He probably wouldn’t have survived.

There was no way that the human could have avoided that. But the master said, “Ah, but I am not bound to time! So we just shift time a little bit and take a little swerve here,” and everything was fine.

John went back to that place a couple weeks later and stopped to look, because he could hardly believe what happened. And sure enough, there was no place he could have gone! There was no room to get past a vehicle stopped on the road there. There just wasn’t room!

But he did.


It was a few weeks later that a point came where his diabetes medication was making him sick, and he thought about going to the doctor and getting something else. But he started realizing that it was so much about control. Everything about managing diabetes is about control. Controlling the blood sugar, controlling the body, and he just couldn’t do it anymore! So, with my encouragement, he threw his medicine away and hasn’t taken it since.

Over the years there have been so many times when he’s felt things happening in his body and he’s thought, “Oh, am I going to die?”

And then I would remind him of that experience of staring at the back of the pickup truck and knowing, from the human perspective, that he was about to die. And also knowing that this simply wasn’t his reality, that it wasn’t his time, and then it all shifted. Not because the human did anything. The human used its arms and legs, or made them available for the master to use, for me to use, in a way the mind couldn’t even comprehend.

So each time we’ve come to a place like that, whether it’s the health or the finances or whatever it is, I remind John of that experience. And he takes a breath and surrenders, yet again, to himself.

Not to some deity or some outside power, but to himself. To me, his soul. To me, his divinity.

And even that is saying it with too much separation. He just surrendered to himself, knowing that there was a part of him that would get him through this experience without the human having to figure it out.

And every time, it worked out.


So now, oh, John was thinking about this resurrection metaphor. It feels so true, so real, and he has to remember: it is not up to the human to do it.

It is only up to the human to allow it, to trust himself so much that he can allow it to happen in whatever way it needs to happen.


We were talking with this person this morning, or her soul was talking with her while John and I translated, and she was saying, “But I’m so afraid!” And we said, there is only one way through that fear. You will get beyond it, but there is only one way:

That’s to look at it and acknowledge it. Don’t try to deny it, don’t try to get rid of it, for that makes it bigger. Acknowledge it, and then walk through it.

That means, trust that gentle, subtle knowing that you have in your heart, in your body, that says, “It’s time to do this.” And you do it, even though the mind is screaming that it doesn’t make any sense and it might even be dangerous. You do it anyway.

Then you get to the other side and you see how it works out when you trust that knowing…

Sometimes it’s not so much a choice to actually do something, as it is an allowing of yourself to do what is happening. Just like it wasn’t a mental choice for John to take his foot off the brake, but it was still an allowing of that to happen.

And then you just watch what happens.

Then you come through to the other side, and maybe you can’t even figure out how you got there. But you did, and suddenly that particular fear isn’t going to be there anymore.

Oh, there will be others that pop up, but that is how you get through them.

Somebody published a book one time that was called, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, and nothing could be more true.

Don’t deny it.

Feel it, and then YOU CHOOSE how you are going to live your life. And you walk through it.

That’s when the magic comes into your life.

That’s when the problems begin to resolve themselves, and life starts to become an adventure.

Oh, sometimes a wild and crazy adventure! But at least an adventure that’s fun, that’s beautiful.


So I ask you, how much can you trust yourself in these places in life?

Oh, they seem so dark at times.

Well, that’s you, coming home.

That darkness is all the things you didn’t like about yourself.

It’s all coming home now, and it needs your hug.


It does not need you to shine your light on it. It needs you to allow it to come into your light.

Your light is there. It is shining. It is so bright. It is changing the world. Whether you realize it at the human level or not, it is. And the only one that needs your light now, is you.

And all of this darkness that you feel, is you.

So let it come in.

Let it into the light.

It is not going to bring you down.

Oh, it might bring your emotions down a little bit here and there. But you are going to see through that right away, because you can’t really go down anymore.

You can’t lose yourself anymore.

And as you allow this darkness to come in, it changes. And you change.

And it is all happening naturally.

It doesn’t need you to figure it out.

It doesn’t need you to do it better.

It doesn’t need you to do anything, except be you in the moment, and trust you in the moment.

That’s all.


Can you trust yourself so much that you can truly, literally, breathe in that darkness that you feel?

Maybe even wrap your arms (metaphorical arms) around it, and simply let it be there?

You don’t have to do anything more than that.

You don’t have to figure out how to integrate it, or even how to breathe it in.

Just let it happen.

It’s you.

It doesn’t need fixed.

It doesn’t need enlightened.

It just needs your love.

It needs to be allowed home.

Oh, and even these words are too much. John feels like he’s getting tangled up in the words.

Just feel.

You know what we are talking about.

How much are you willing to trust you?

To trust the part of you that is that is indeed beyond the comprehension of the human mind?

Let that part of you carry you. Because it is, and it will.


We’ll open this back up, if there are any further questions or discussion. There doesn’t have to be, but…


Silvia: I saw right now as you are speaking, I am feeling in my stomach emotions that I cannot, that as a human I don’t want to engage. I’m afraid of them.

But the reality is that they are here. I’m feeling them!

I’m afraid! I’m afraid! I’m afraid! As a human I’m afraid of letting go of control of the money and the financial situations. I’m afraid of being poor, afraid of being without money, afraid of managing the money, afraid of paying credit cards even if I have the money. I’m afraid of that. I don’t want to do it.

Master Anna: Indeed, John can relate to that. He’s been there.

Silvia: Once there was a class with Crimson Circle about channeling. They did an example. They asked the people present that they can find an object, put it in their hands, and then pass it along to other people. What I did, since I didn’t have anything, no jewelry, no anything, I had only one dollar. So I grabbed the dollar and I put it on my hand. And they said, let it pass.

So the objects were passing from hand to hand to hand to hand, and when they say stop, that dollar came back to me! And my soul says, “Let go the money. Everything will come back.”

Master Anna: Yes.

Silvia: I didn’t understand that then. I’ve been fighting with that.

It’s just trust. I need to trust myself.

Master Anna: Yes.

Silvia: And I feel it was emotions that I need to overcome.

Master Anna: Don’t overcome them, just feel through them.

Silvia: It’s like a big monster, a huge monster that I don’t want to face. Financial situation. That’s how this human sees that.

But thank you for bringing that up.

Master Anna: How does Soul see that? How does your soul see that?

Silvia: It’s just energy, stuck energy. That’s it.

I was just holding that stuck energy. I don’t want to let go of the energy. I just want to keep it for myself.

Master Anna: Yes.

Silvia: Go ahead.

Master Anna: Energy needs to flow.


We don’t feel like we need to add anything more. You have your answers.

Anybody else?


How much are you willing to trust you?

That’s the question for the coming two weeks.

Hold in your heart, in your mind:

How much are you willing to trust you?

How much can you let yourself flow?

All these energies are you.

When you let them flow, it brings flow into your life.


And so it is.


John: Mmm…

Silvia: Thank you, John.

John: Thank you!

Silvia: This is what happens always when I am listening to your videos. Big realizations! Now I know what to do.

John: Ahh…

Thank you all for being here

Romana: I would just like to say that it was exactly what I needed to hear in this moment. This huge fear that I just allowed while you were talking, and something shifted in my body while I was really just allowing it to be present. Thank you.

John: Thank you!

Monika: Thank you very much, John!

John: Thank you, each of you, very much! We’ll see you in two weeks.

Chris: Thanks guys, talk soon!

Monika: Bye bye, thank you very much to everybody!

[bye byes from everyone]

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