I Am Divinity

I Am Divinity

Session 17 — 22 May 2024

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Session 17
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Text Transcript

I Am Divinity

Session 17

Channeled by John McCurdy during a live Zoom session on 22 May 2024

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible. Note that Hmm, Mmm, and lines with just a dot signify places to pause, and to feel into what is being said.

Thank you to Chris Vandermeer for managing Zoom during the session, and for helping to prepare this transcript.

John: Ah, okay.

We don’t have Chris here to play the music and I haven’t figured that part out yet, so let’s just take a minute or two and breathe.

Romana: I can sing, if you want!

John: Feel free!

Sylvia: Go ahead!

Romana: Yeah? You’re sure? Okay.


[Romana sings a Native American song]

[pause to breathe]

Master Anna: I am that I am!


And I am divinity, and so are you.

John calls me Master Anna, and I love that. But I’m really just the wholeness of John, blended together.


Greetings, dear ones!

Thank you, Romana. That was beautiful!

Romana: You’re welcome.

Master Anna: And indeed, we’re all a little emotional about this being the last session. But it’s only a pause. We’ll be doing more.


So, here we are.

Oh, we are joined by so many friends and masters. Yeshua, dear Yeshua, and Mother Mary also, are right here, joining in.


So, let’s begin with you. How are you today? How have been the last two weeks for you?

How are you feeling your divinity as it blends with your human?


Silvia: So, I am nervous. I’m excited at the same time! And these two past weeks I was listening to your videos about wounds, one, first, second, third and fourth, and it made me cry a lot. I released a lot,

Let’s say that I understand it in another level, because this is not the first time that I listen to them. And that helps me to understand and align into my divinity. Letting go. Letting go all the wounds that are from our cousins.

I am understanding more my feelings. I’m paying more attention on myself. I am listening more.

Those videos are very beautiful. Thank you.

Master Anna: You’re welcome. Thank you!


Monika: I’m feeling more touched than I have expected from myself!

When you said the word “wholeness,” that you speak from your wholeness, I had almost pain in my heart. It was like exploding, in that moment. I could feel, I can feel a shift in myself since the last session. It’s like the seeds we have planted are starting to grow and bloom. It’s like a deeper understanding.

And in the same moment, I have listened also to a workshop from you, to a course, A Course in Magic and Grace, and it’s wonderful. I’m just super grateful for this course, and for everything.

I’m so touched at the moment.

Thank you!

Master Anna: You’re welcome. Thank you!

Silvia, something else?

Silvia: Yes, I did forgot to mention that the reason that I chose to listen all day once, is because I had a big wound on my heart too. I just remembered that my dad passed away also.

Master Anna: Ahh…

So I was having a deep pain inside of me. But it was kind of a combination of recent feelings from my dad, and at the same time part of me died, letting go of all those wounds.

So that’s why I chose to listen to all those videos about wounds, to understand and feel more deeply, and that happened.

Yeah, go ahead Romana.

Master Anna: Mmm…

You’re muted, Romana. Let’s see if I can unmute you…

Romana: Yes, it’s okay.

For me, it’s also… A big hug for your loss of your father, Silvia.

Yeah, for me it’s… I must say I’m quite emotional today. It just feels that we completed so much. It was such a big journey that we did. For me it was… I’m just feeling how much changed within me during this time.

And yeah, it’s difficult to say in words, but it just feels like somehow I changed a lot in this time.

And of course, lots of things are happening this last month, but also because of this class, because of this safe and beautiful circle of masters that we are. And to have this opportunity to just be who I am and explore and feel with you, it just feels like, yeah, we created something very beautiful, very soulful. Lots of presence of divinity, and my soul, to enter even more my reality.

And I feel like this is happening also these last two weeks, like almost the process of dying, in a way, of my human and my soul taking place.

It’s still a lot of times when I feel very much in human place, but I can see now that’s just something I don’t identify myself so much, but more like I can notice and accept and embrace and honor my emotions, and my mind and my body.

But in the same time I feel something much bigger is entering my reality. This love that I feel is more and more here, and this consciousness that I am more than that, and being in this consciousness.

So yeah, I’m really grateful so much for each of you, that we could go this journey together.

And yes, John, thank you so much for being so courageous to create this vulnerable and subtle, very subtle, place for us all. I’m very proud of you!

Master Anna: Ahh…

Thank you for all your support and assistance and beauty you’ve brought to it!

And each of you, thank you so much for being part of this. It’s been such a journey for each of us.


Including me, John’s soul! I’ve been expanding also.

Are you complete, Romana?

Romana: Yes.

I would just like to give special honor to Silvia and Monica, who were always here. And of course Chris! And also greetings and hugs to those who were not physically with us.

Master Anna: Yes, indeed!


Oh, indeed, what a beautiful journey!

And there will be more, but for every good thing it’s important to pause sometimes and let the energies shift, and let the new levels come in.

Oh, indeed, each one of you has come so far! It’s time to pause a little bit and let that integrate, and let these shifts happen. And we will be back, when it’s the right time.


So, welcome home, once again!

Welcome to your wholeness.

Can you feel that?

Can you feel your own wholeness?

You and your soul, your divinity, all blended together!


You can claim that now.

It’s not in the future anymore. You can pretend that it is, but it’s not.

It’s here now, and you can claim it.

Whenever you feel a doubt, whenever you wonder if you’re doing something wrong, or if you’re getting it fast enough, or whatever, just stop and take a breath: I am divinity. I am whole. I am blended. I am my soul and my aspects.

They are not aspects anymore. They are just facets. They are blended.

Oh, you have memories of them, but you can go beyond those memories now. You can say to yourself, “Yes, I remember that, but that is not me. That is not me anymore. It is a facet of me, but it is not who I am, any more than my finger is who I am. It is part of me, but it does not define me. It does not control me.

And that is how these aspects and memories are now. You remember them. They were great experiences! Some of them the human doesn’t think were so great, but they were, and so much wisdom came from them!

Now they are done. They are over. They are not controlling you anymore. You can still have habits here and there of forgetting that and feeling like they are, but they are not.

And you can go beyond that and say, “Ah yes, dear facet of me, I remember that. And truly it was a beautiful experience, even though it might have hurt, because we gained so much wisdom from it. And now it is time to walk forward in that wisdom.

Let the limitations go.

Let the fears go. It is not going to happen again.

You can let the fears go now, and simply walk forward as a whole, conscious, enlightened, realized being!


Oh, you feel how that is changing things. It’s changing things in your body. It’s changing things in the world around you. But it’s still true.

It’s confusing to your human sometimes, because it’s new. It’s unknown.

Just let it be.

You are whole.

Whatever challenges you see in your life, take a breath and let them go.

That doesn’t mean drive them away or fix them. It just means, let them go.

You are whole now. You are a master now, and those challenges are not yours. They are like the weather, they come and go.

Ha! We’ll tell a little story here about the weather.

A few years ago, it was shortly after what John considers his ‘realization moment,’ and life had changed for him.

Everything was going along, and oh, all these challenges were popping up. And being resolved, just in the moment, without him having to do anything.

Well, he was living in his van at the time, and he went to Santa Fe, New Mexico, because he had some clients there that needed him to work on their computers.

It was the month of July, the beginning of what they call the ‘monsoon season’ there, where it gets very stormy. Every afternoon almost, all these big thunderstorms come through with lots of rain and lots of beauty.

Well, John was living in his camper van, and he had a little motorcycle to run around on and go visit his clients. And he looked at the weather and he thought, “This is going to be interesting, because I have to go to my clients’ offices and work on their computers, but it’s going to be raining a lot.”

But it was too much trouble to unhook the van and get it out every day, so he just put his rain gear in the saddlebag on the motorcycle and said, “I’m just going to do the best I can.”

And he went around, and for two whole weeks… Oh, the weather came through, and some moments it was so stormy and rainy! But never once during those whole two weeks did he need to put on that rain gear.

There were times when he could feel the rain falling just a couple hundred meters away, but it wasn’t in his path. There were times when… Oh, one time in particular, he was 20 kilometers away from home, and there were all these thunderstorms all around the area. And as he rode his motorcycle back home after taking care of his client, he could see the rain pouring down on both sides of him. But it wasn’t where he was. It wasn’t on his path. He got home and got inside, and almost immediately the rain hit, and it was pouring down!

After two weeks of that he was kind of in awe, because he hadn’t controlled the weather.

Masters don’t control anything, and he hadn’t asked the weather to be different. He just said, “I’m going to do what I need to do and do the best I can,” and the weather cooperated with everything he needed to do. It didn’t change. it just cooperated with him.

It avoided his routes that he needed to travel on his motorcycle, and he never once got wet.


That’s how life is for a blended master, if you let it.

Oh, John could have changed everything. He could have worried. He could have put on his rain gear every time he got on the motorcycle and been hot and sweaty because it was hot weather, and he probably would have gotten wet then. But he just let it be.

He assumed that he was going to be okay, and that if he needed to, he could put on his rain gear. And he never needed to.

And that’s how life is!

So often he’s been short of money, and he wondered what he was going to do when the next payments hit his bank account. And somehow, money always showed up just in time. And so many other things in his life have been that way.


And each of you knows what that feels like. You’ve had it happen also, when things just work out.

The problems that you thought were problems, you can take them on and make them problems and stress yourself out over them. Or, you can just see them and say, “Hello, I see you! And I’m going to go about my life anyway.” And then the problems take care of themselves.

Oh, sometimes things change. Sometimes the money for the rent doesn’t show up, because it’s time to move.

Other times things don’t work out the way you expected, because it’s time for something new.

Sometimes the body hurts, because indeed, it’s going through a very real death and transformation. But in this transformation the old has to die away, and sometimes that hurts.


But you are transforming. You are not leaving, like you’ve always done before. You are transforming.

Oh, it’s a kind of leaving. You are definitely leaving the old human Earth and the old human reality. And, at the same time, you are creating a new human reality, a new Earth, right here.

If you remember, years ago Adamus talked about how there are currently at least seven different Earths all existing in the same space. Well, we would say there are many more than that, because each one of you are creating your own. But they are created according to these templates, these patterns, so that you can interact with others in this mass consciousness.

But what’s happening is that there are now several different patterns. There is the old pattern, where the people live who still need to go through those old battles, through those old lessons and experiences and traumas and difficulties. There are actually two or three different versions of that, and that’s where people are.

And then there are other versions that are higher consciousness, and there are the new versions that you are creating right now.

Now, from this higher consciousness, this higher plain you could call it—we’ll just call it a higher consciousness Earth—you can still see all of those others, but they cannot see you so well unless you choose to interact with them.

So, you look around at the world and you see all this crazy stuff going on at those other levels, and you take it personally. You think it affects you. It doesn’t, unless you choose to interact with it.


Oh, you’re still getting used to that. You’re learning how to navigate that, how to be in your own Earth, where you can see all of that but you don’t have to take it on anymore. It doesn’t have to be your reality anymore, even though it still is for others.

You worry that they are going to come after you like they did in other times. But they can’t, because they can’t even see you. Unless you interact with them, and then all they can see is what you show them. And only some of that.


So, you have longed for this New Earth. Well, it’s here.

You are in the process of creating it. Or, better said, it is already created a you are just getting used to it.

And you are learning. This is a bit of a challenge for you right now, but you are learning to step back from all of those older realities, and to not make them yours. Because you don’t need to.

Oh, your light still goes there. You can still see what’s happening over there, but you don’t need to focus on it anymore. And you certainly don’t need to fear it anymore.

You have your own reality.

When you bring your attention here, to this new Earth, this new reality, oh, it can become whatever you can imagine!


But be careful of the mind’s imagination, because so often it’s in response to that old reality. It kind of keeps you hooked into it.

So, focus on the discovery. Allow your soul to do the imagining, and discover your creation.

Discover your New Earth, and keep bringing your attention back to that.


It’s a beautiful place!

There aren’t very many people on this New Earth, but there are some.

It is a new structure in mass consciousness, you could say, but it is not a binding structure like the old ones. It doesn’t limit you, but it does give you a place to interact with other people like you without having to plug into those old realities all the time.

You are still getting used to how that works. But it is happening, because you are whole. You are complete.

This grand New Earth, you live here because you deserve it.

It’s a beautiful place to rest and to celebrate this long journey, and to simply enjoy the beauty of being physical. But you are no longer limited to the physical, or to any particular form of this Earth.

So, feel into your soul’s imagination.

Oh, you are your soul, so it combines you the human and you the soul. It all plays into this imagination, and this discovery of this new wholeness.

Now, you are going to start discovering that you are not limited to Earth anymore. You can travel the realms. You can go anywhere you want to, because, well, it’s all part of your imagination. You are already there!

If you want to go hang out on the moon, or on Mars, or on some planet clear across the galaxy or the universe, all you have to do is be there.

Because you already are there and it’s just a matter of bringing your attention there.

You can be on the other side of this planet, because you already are there. It’s just a matter of bringing your attention there.


Right now the human can only conceive of having its attention where it is, but you are learning. Because you are whole, and it’s just a shift in perspective. It is only a habit to be limited to what your eyes can see and your hands can touch.

There is so much more, and you are already there. You always have been, and now you know it. And at some point, you will be able to see and touch in those other places too. Because that is the transformation your body is going through.


There is a story of Kuthumi, Madam Blavatsky, and their friend. John can’t think of his name now [El Morya], this other master, but he and Kuthumi loved to float while they were visiting Madame Blavatsky. They’d sit in the air, and she wanted to do that, to levitate, and they joked about how she needed to ‘lose some weight’ first.

And indeed, that is what is happening. You are losing your ‘weight.’

You could say that you are losing your gravity that holds you down, and soon you will be able to go beyond that.

But it’s a process, because you are coming from human. And you don’t want to let go of all the attributes of being human, only the ones that you don’t need anymore, so it’s a bit of a painful process.

Let it happen.

Don’t panic when something hurts. It’s not something wrong, it’s just something being released. It’s a bit of weight, and it is falling away. Trust that.


So much is transforming for you. Let it happen.

Don’t get sucked into the dramas on those other Earths. Because they are indeed other Earths, and those things do not need to affect you.

Indeed, it’s still difficult to perceive the difference, but you are learning. Trust the process.

Keep coming back to you. To your knowing that says, “That doesn’t really matter to me. That’s a different planet!”

Oh, you might still go there to buy groceries. But, oh, you are bringing those energies to your planet, also! And you can walk around in the same grocery store, and those people can barely even see you. They barely know you are there, and a lot of them don’t. They don’t see you. Unless you interact with them, and then they see what they need to see of you.

But you still are not limited by them, or their ideas, or their limitations, or their laws and rules, or their battles and wars and causes. None of those are yours anymore!

It’s like discovering a planet on the other side of the galaxy, with another bunch of people on it that are living their own way and going through their own processes, and thinking that somehow you have to take responsibility for that. You don’t. That’s their planet, not yours.

Well, the same thing is true here, of Earth. Most of the people you see live on a different planet, a different reality, and they are no longer your responsibility. And they can no longer limit you, unless you let them. And you don’t need to let them anymore.

That doesn’t mean fighting with them. It means coming back to the beauty of your own creation, of your own Earth, and allowing it to serve you.

Oh, sometimes it will show you places where you are still holding on to those old realities, and that will often hurt.

But it is not to fight those old realities, or even try to get away from them. It is simply to take a breath, and to come back to the beauty of your own reality. They cannot take that away from you!

Oh, they have in the past, but now they cannot. They cannot take you away from your beauty!

Some will try. They’ll try to distract you, and if you buy into their distractions and their causes and their fears and judgments, oh, it’ll take you right to their level. Right into their reality.

Then you take a breath, and come back to the beauty of your own creation, where they can’t touch you. They literally cannot touch you, unless you touch them. But even then, they can only touch you to the extent that you allow them to, that you buy into their limitations.


So you can give them a hug, if they are somebody you love. You can give them a hug, and then walk back into your own reality.

You can receive their hug, but you don’t have to receive all of the strings and the hooks and the agendas that they might send along with that hug. Just take the love and come back to your own beauty, and all of those other things will just, well, they won’t find anything to stick to or to hook on to.


So, welcome home!

Not just to the reunion with your own soul, your own feminine and masculine, and all the different aspects.

But welcome home also to your Earth, and to the mass consciousness framework of Earths for people at your level of consciousness.


So that you can play with them, to a certain extent.

Oh, more and more you sometimes even find that tiring, because, well, everyone has their own Earth and it is different from yours.

And that is the beauty of it. Now yours can truly be whatever you want. You can interact, and then come back to your own and rest, or enjoy the beauty however you like.


So, be home!

Be in the beauty! If you are feeling the beauty, that means it’s your home. If you are not, it means you are still hooked into somebody else’s home. And that’s okay. Just take a breath and come back to the beauty, because that is your home.


So, welcome home!

Welcome to the conclusion of this series. It’s not the end. We’ll be doing more in the future, but John and I need a pause. You need a pause to integrate all of this.

And oh, you are going to be finding it integrating and… Oh, we don’t even like that word.

You are going to be discovering, more and more, what all this means to you as you go forward.


And when the time is right we will take another journey, and see where we go then.

Until then, it has been such an honor and a pleasure!

We are so grateful for each of you who have participated, whether physically or energetically. We have truly expanded consciousness, and expanded our light.


And for now, enjoy the journey.

Enjoy the beauty.


Perhaps we should say, enjoy your new home!

Forget the journey, that’s over. Just enjoy the discovery of your new home within you!


And so it is.

[a pause, with lots of emotions and tears]


Romana: Thank you so much John, that was beautiful!

Silvia: Thank you! Thank you, Master Anna and Master John.

So, you also cry, huh?

John: Yeah.

Silvia: Yeah, we all are emotional!


Monika: Thank you so much, John!

And to everybody else in the group, thank you very much!

John: Yes, and thank you, each one of you, so much!


Silvia: And Chris, thank you. You’re going to listen to this later.

John: Yes, he’ll hear it later.

Romana: Yeah, thank you Chris!

Silvia: And the other three that we don’t see.

Monika: Yeah, thank you!

Romana: So, I’d like to thank you all again, and goodbye for now.

John: Okay, I look forward to hearing from you this evening. [Romana was on the road.]

And the rest of you, until next time. Until we see each other again!

Monika: Have a wonderful time John, thank you, and Ramona, for everything!


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