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How to Change Your Life

How to Change Your Life

It’s the number one question among humans. It might even be the root of almost every question there is:

  • How can I change my life?
  • How can I change/heal/fix my body, my relationships, my finances, or something else in my life?
  • How can I create what I want in my life?
  • How can I become wiser or more enlightened?

Most people spend their whole lives battling with those questions and working so hard to get enough power (money, influence, knowledge, etc.) to change their lives. And sometimes, if they are passionate and focused enough, it seems to work for a time. But at what cost?

Most people don’t realize that when you push (use power) on something, there is always a push back. You send out that power energy and it tries to do what you want, but then it keeps on going until it finds its way back to you, its creator. And then it hits you with a force equal to the force you sent out, and some other part of your life blows up. Perhaps you have an accident, or a relationship blows up, or you discover a disease in your body. It could be anything, so you never make the connection between that and the power you used in some other part of your life.

So, what to do? Life on Earth seems to be almost entirely about power. So do we simply give up, roll over like a cowering dog and allow ourselves to be the victims of other people’s power? No, that’s just another power game.

There is another way. A way that requires no power at all, and that allows real transformation into your life. It may not fulfill all your human agendas (those are power games too), but it will bring joy and fulfilment into your life without the repercussions of power. And that is what this class is about.

When Master John (my soul/master self) first started talking to me about this class, I thought it was a dumb idea. “That name is a cliché!” my mind said, “And everybody is going to think it’s just another class on how to power our way through life.”

But it kept coming back, and no matter how hard I tried to come up with another name, it kept coming back to How to Change Your Life. When I finally opened up and let it come out, it wasn’t at all what I expected. And channeling these messages brought a great deal of new clarity and understanding to me.

In addition to my own soul (Master John), I was joined in these messages by Jeshua ben Joseph (a.k.a. Jesus), Mother Mary, and several Ascended Master friends. Jeshua came through directly for a beautiful message of his own, and Mother Mary brought her own message and a beautiful experience to wrap everything up.

What struck me in creating this class was how much energy there was behind it. Usually when I channel a message I turn on my recorder, then breathe for a few minutes to settle my mind and feel the greeting, and as soon as I speak it there is a rush of energies as the message starts coming. But for each of these messages, that rush happened as soon as I turned on the recorder!

There are eight channels in this class, including two that were recently posted on the website but are so relevant that my soul asked me to include them here. Each session includes an audio recording and a text transcript. Right now it is only in English, but you can always use Google to translate the text.

For me this class was a very special experience, and I hope you find it that way for you.


John McCurdy

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Comments From Attendees

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2 thoughts on “How to Change Your Life”

  1. Dear John,

    Thank you so much for bringing this information through. It is a masterclass in refinement… I think I sat with each session 2 or 3 times before moving on because there is so much to absorb (and remember). I really hope many people benefit from this deep wisdom and mastery being shared.
    I cried a touch at Mary’s message when I realised how harsh my agendas actually are, they feel so justified yet I am actually being unloving to myself by playing an endless list of games. A lifetime of very subtle self abuse running in the background, to always want something else.

    I laughed a lot at the mayonnaise example because I’ve experienced so many of those little shifts throughout this process too.

    With Love,


  2. I am in awe! This class is so much more than its title might suggest. Such profoundness, such clarity! And infused with the comfort of truly understanding the challenges we go through, on this last bit of the human adventure.

    Thank you, John! You know, I’d gladly pay much more than the modest 😉 $100.


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