Receiving Me

Ptuj, Slovenia, 13-15 October, 2023

It is with deep honor that Romana Aniya Ercegović and I warmly welcome you to to a deep and transformative three-day experience of opening to your soul and receiving all that you are. I feel that this event is going to take us to magical places we haven’t even imagined yet, and in allowing our souls to lead it, Romana and I will be on that journey with you. We hope you can join us!

This is about you receiving you

Your essence. Your divinity. Your soul.
Your feminine. Your masculine. Your wholeness.

Your experience. Your wisdom.
Your darkness. Your light.
Your love.

This is about understanding and resolving the original wounds of Feminine and Masculine.

This is about understanding and resolving the original wound of you.

This is about connecting and communing with your soul.

This is about receiving all that you are!

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Event Details

  • Location: Our home, 3 km north of Ptuj, Slovenia.
  • When: Friday-Sunday, 13-15 October 2023, 9:30 AM to 5 PM
  • Cost: €500 (includes lunch and snacks on workshop days)
  • Lodging: There are a number of hotels and rooms nearby.
  • Group size: We have space for up to 12 participants.

We will provide more detailed information after you have registered.

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Nearby International Airports

(with approximate driving time to Ptuj)

  • Graz, Austria (1:05)
  • Zagreb, Croatia (1:20)
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia (1:50)
  • Vienna, Austria (3:05)
  • Venice, Italy (3:45)

Shuttle services we’ve used:

  • iGOline – Excellent service from Austria (Graz and Vienna) and Ljubljana to Maribor, where you can catch a local bus to Ptuj (28 km).
  • GoOpti – Service from all airports to Ptuj

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I have been following your work for a very long time. Your writings open my heart and reveal layers of my soul. Over and over again the wisdom you bring helps me see my own.” —Metka

Romana’s retreat was a masterclass. I say masterclass because it was the first time I took such a big step in the micro-time of a weekend. Integration happened very quickly. This time not only a layer came off, but the whole building collapsed. So many insights came flooding in, wonderfully healing. I cleaned up my inner sanctuary and aired out the rooms, a wonderful lightness settled within me.” —Maja Raja

I have read and listened to this series of sessions twice already. I’m calmly astonished at the quality and efficiency of this class. My mind is quiet since an insomnia yesterday. It simply shared, during the night, these ‘words’ from my Soul: “I carry the rising sun within me.“ These channels vibrate with the clarity, the purity—pure awareness—of the reasons for being. Deep and joyous thanks, John. It’s changing my life!” —Marie-Louise

Romana, the peace I feel within myself, even one week after the retreat, is noticed and felt also by others.” —Mojca

Staying after the realization is very challenging, indescribable. And reading this materials is helping me a lot. The mind seems to be giving in little by little, more and more at its own pace so as not to collapse without coming back like a boomerang again, as so often happens during this journey of illusions and strong resistances.” —Sonia

What happens on Romana’s retreats? There are no prescriptions with her. She lives with her whole being the wisdom of her soul, and awakens mine. She dives in the science of the soul—grounding divinity into real life through feeling. There is no esotericism here. There is a pure union of body, mind and divine.” —Špela

Dear John, thank you so much for bringing this information through. It is a masterclass in refinement… I think I sat with each session 2 or 3 times before moving on because there is so much to absorb (and remember). I really hope many people benefit from this deep wisdom and mastery being shared.” —Chris

The week at Dragonja was one of the most beautiful in my life, and certainly the most magical and transformative… The knowledge that I theoretically already knew, now I experienced in reality, in practice, tasting, living, seeing… Romana’s subtle guidance, openness and acceptance allowed everyone to be both free and safe.” —Lea

Your materials are unique, John: You are actually experiencing all of this yourself, as human & Divine, not holding back, being so candid, even about the challenges your human goes through. I’ve not encountered anything quite like it, in other channels / channelers. It resonates at a deep level, feels so “close to home”, to me. It actually feels / is my Soul talking to me.” —Judy

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