The Gift of the Feminine … for Men

with John McCurdy and Chris Webb

3 Expansive Days in a Circle of Master Men

Opening to Our Inner Feminine — Opening to Soul — Opening to Divinity

Honoring the Unique Experiences of Men and Women

Supporting Each Other in Our Wholeness

Introduction from John

The Gift of the Feminine … for Men

By John McCurdy, 14 May 2024

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible. Note that Hmm, Mmm, Ahh, and lines with just a dot signify places to pause, and to feel into yourself and what is being said.

I am that I am!

Master John of Magical Service.


It has been so much fun, so beautiful, to watch my feminine facet speak through our human, John, in recent messages as Master Anna. So beautiful to welcome that part of self home!

Ah, indeed, I am this human called John, John McCurdy in this lifetime, and I am John’s soul, expressing in this message as the more masculine facet, because we want to talk with men today.


We are doing a workshop entitled, The Gift of the Feminine for Men, and this indeed is a topic that I know something about. Mostly because of the work of this human John, but also through so many lifetimes.

Most of you watching this have heard the stories of the wounds of Isis, the feminine (our term for the archetypal feminine) and Adam (our term for the archetypal masculine). These stories were channeled through the Crimson Circle by Tobias and Adamus, the ascended masters. They were so beautiful, because they bring to light the reasons why men and women struggle so deeply to find themselves and to relate with each other.


When John, years ago, took the Sexual Energies School from the Crimson Circle—a class that, oh indeed, we cannot recommend highly enough! A beautiful class that explains so much about why you struggle in your life and how to go beyond that.

When John first took it, he had just been through a couple of different relationships that hadn’t worked out, and one of the main complaints of the women was that he wasn’t masculine enough. They wanted to be entertained. They wanted him to decide where to take them for dinner, and things like that. Many things like that. And his response was always, “Just tell me where you’d like to go, and I’ll make it happen!”

Well, in the Sexual Energies School Tobias talked about how, in the beginning of creation Isis, the feminine archetype, was, you could say, the one in charge. That’s actually a pretty big distortion, though. She was, in a sense, the leader. But, well, we’ll go into the details of all of that and how it affects us in the class.

Suffice it to say that in that class Tobias explained how the true role of the masculine was to be in service to the feminine. The masculine was the one who brought the feminine’s creation into being. Oh, and John cried a lot during that class, at the relief of discovering that he had actually been bringing forth the true masculine!


We won’t go into all the details of that here, but later on Adamus created his class on The Wound of Adam…

Well, before that, in the Sexual Energies School, in the questions and answers, someone asked Tobias if there was a corresponding wound of Adam. Because in the Wound of Isis she felt like she had failed, and in the shame of that she threw up her hands and said, “Adam, you have to take over. I have failed. People, these beings—this was long before Earth and you were all angels at the time—are going crazy! They’re feeding on each other’s energy, and I can’t stop them! So you take over, Adam.” And, in a sense, she went into hiding.

So someone asked Tobias, “Is there a corresponding wound of Adam?”

And Tobias paused and said, “Yes, but it hasn’t come to the surface yet.”

Well, John was watching the video in the class that he was attending, about two years after it was recorded, and he said to himself, “It’s coming to the surface right now, and I know what it is!”

And indeed, Adam was never designed—the masculine was never designed—to lead. His function was to serve. And if you look at Adam now, even with all of the distortion that comes from those wounds, Adam’s deepest desire is to serve. In relationship, he wants the feminine to tell him what she wants and then he will do absolutely anything to make that happen. Of course there are many, many distortions that came into being because of those wounds.

Adam took on a job, in service because Isis asked him to, that he was never designed for, and that he was unable to cope with. He simply doesn’t have it in him to be the leader.

Now, keep in mind that we are talking about the feminine and masculine archetypes, NOT men and women. Because each of you have both inside of you.

Whether you are in a male body or a female body, you have both the masculine and the feminine energies within you. Those in the feminine bodies tend to reflect the feminine energies more, but not always. Many women are more masculine and they reflect the masculine more. And same with men, they tend toward reflecting the masculine, but many men reflect more of the feminine.


In the past, John has tried to create a group for men on Facebook, and the feedback was, “Why would we want a group for men when what we are really doing is bringing the masculine and feminine back together?”

Well, you see, there are many layers to the wounds. When Adamus talked about the Wound of Adam, he wasn’t talking about the wound where Adam tried to take on a job he couldn’t do and failed pretty miserably. He was talking about how Adam was the one, the masculine was the one, who discovered love here on Earth. He discovered this thing you call love, and he brought it to Isis, the feminine.

The feminine took a little time, actually, for her to recognize it, but when she did she said, “Oh, this is incredible! And dear Adam, I have to go away for a while, because I have to learn how to make this love my own and how to love myself.” Because she was recognizing that the only way out of her pain, out of her wound, was to love herself.

And so, in a sense, the feminine went away. The feminine facet of you, whether you are a man or a woman, went away. It went deep inside. It left Adam still trying to manage things, still feeling so lost because he was trying to do a job he didn’t know how to do, and also because he missed her so deeply.

Well, these wounds affect both men and women, but they play out in different ways depending on the kind of body that you are in. They play out in the expectations of society, and they are reinforced by those expectations.

Men are constantly feeling the loss of the feminine. And oh, the feminine in her shame, in the wounded feminine, she reinforces that shame within the men. And she reinforces the distortions. So men find themselves desperate to prove themselves, desperate to prove that they can truly serve her, in the hope that she’ll come back.

Oh, men don’t understand this at the human level. But so many men go off to battle, not in order to save their families like it used to be—well, that was still the same story—but they go off to battle, these days they’ll go around the world and fight for some other country, mostly to prove themselves. Mostly to prove that they can be strong, that they can do it, that they can serve. Oh, and they try so hard. They try to be the leaders, and they end up being brutal dictators.

Oh, and then there are the men who are waking up. They are feeling that there’s something wrong here, and they bring in the feminine. But it doesn’t work. They become weak and effeminate, and the women, oh they run away from that. Either that, or in their own woundedness they conquer that weak man and manipulate him.

Oh, and because each person contains both masculine and feminine, this battle plays out in so many different ways. It goes back and forth, and it leads to so much confusion.

But now, something is new.

Because of the work that a few humans have been doing, that more and more humans have been doing to love themselves, Isis, the divine feminine you could call it, the inner feminine, is returning.


John remembers the moment, a few years ago in the spring of 2018. He was lying in a bathtub, just feeling confused and doing his best to nurture himself, and suddenly she was there. He felt her, his own inner feminine, and she was saying, “I’m back, and I have things to show you. And I have gifts for you, because I found myself. I found my love for myself, and I bring that to you, my dear masculine facet.”

It changed John’s life.

Again, we can’t go into all the details in this little message, but…


[John pauses to wipe tears from his eyes.]

Indeed, there was a time when John couldn’t cry. He cried a lot when he was a child. He was very, very sensitive, so much so that he got labeled as a crybaby, because society has this thing that men shouldn’t cry. And so he was punished for crying. His father would often say, “Either you stop crying, or I’ll give you something real to cry about!”

So, when he was 13 years old, he got tired of that and he turned it off. And for many years he simply could not cry.

In his late twenties, as he was starting to find himself, he started to realize that he needed to cry. And through a lot of difficult inner work, he finally let it out again and was able to cry.

Oh, so many men have had that experience. So many men still can’t cry. So many men actually think it’s weak, and women too, even though what they want more than anything is a man who is sensitive, who can feel, who can feel them. But there is still this shame on men crying.


A point came, a number of years later, where John could cry, but he started feeling other lifetimes. He started feeling these energies coming up inside of him, and he realized that he needed to scream. He needed to just go out and scream! Not at anybody in particular, but he felt like that was the only way he could let those energies out and come back to balance. And he tried and tried. He went out in the woods, but he couldn’t scream.

Finally he talked with a friend about that, and this friend said, “I know what you need.” And he introduced him to a group called the Mankind Project, and they have these weekend initiation trainings. They call it the New Warrior Training, and they don’t even realize it, but what they are really doing is bringing balance to the masculine and the feminine.

John was skeptical, but he went because he was desperate. And during this training he found himself having to take a cold shower on a cold autumn morning in the middle of a bunch of naked men. And, well, you can’t really do that without screaming. Ha!

So he screamed, and it was such a huge breakthrough for him. Now he can scream if he needs to. He doesn’t need to very often anymore, but he can, and it brought such a new balance to him.

Oh, there was still a long way to go, and it wasn’t until many years later that he had the experience of Isis returning, of his own inner feminine returning. But she had been returning all of this life. All of this lifetime she’s been here, slowly, gently, bringing in her wisdom and her love. Her love for self.

You may have heard Adamus talk about love 2.0, and it is really Isis’ love for self. And it is now available to the masculine, and it changes everything.

It changes your love for others. Oh, as John discovered later in 2018, it opens the door to a new kind of love with others.

It creates an inner balance where a man can be masculine without dominating, without needing to prove himself, without needing to control everything. He can be strong, without being in power. And he can also be feminine when he wants to, because the feminine and the masculine have reunited within. They have come home.

Oh, as we have talked in some of our recent classes and workshops, this is also about human and soul reuniting. Human, the masculine experiencer, and the soul, receiving the experience and imagining your reality. They are back home, together, now.


So, we’ve been considering doing a workshop for men for a long time, and then we met Chris Webb, who came to our recent workshop on opening to soul. A wonderful being himself, and he and John thought, “We could do a workshop together for men, and wouldn’t that be beautiful?” Because men and women each have their own challenges that they’ve been through in this, and they are different.

John’s beloved wife, Romana, does beautiful work with women, in circles of women, helping them through this same process. Helping them open up to themselves and their own love, and their own divinity.

Well, men need that too. They need to sit in a circle of men and explore together how this has been. Not to process the wounds, but to share. To find the common threads. To assist each other, because this is a very, very confusing process. And to assist each other in finding this new place of balance, of love for self, of opening up to the inner feminine.

In a sense, you could say that your soul is feminine. It is more feminine than the human, and in this reunion it is letting in that inner sacred feminine. And that changes everything in your life.

It changes how you feel about yourself, because the biggest challenge that every human has is the shame and the doubt from inside. And there is only one cure for that, and that is self-love. The love and absolute acceptance of self, just the way you are.

Well, men, as their own inner feminine brings her gifts to them they have those gifts to share with each other. So, in this workshop on receiving the gift of the feminine for men, we are going to explore that. We are going to sit together in a circle, and together allow that in more deeply.

We don’t know how it is going to play out. John doesn’t know. Chris doesn’t know. But together we will sit with whoever shows up, and we will find out. Because I am divinity, and divinity is here. And divinity is now whole once again, and that changes everything.

So, if any of this appeals to you, the information is on the website, and on Facebook. So come join us!

But whether you can come or not, whether that calls to you or not, feel inside yourself. Feel for that inner feminine, for it will bring your masculine into balance.

When you let in that feminine, your masculine comes into balance and you become a man, or a woman, that is attractive to other balanced people. Then you can attract someone who truly matches you, as John did. And you can have a relationship like you have never known before. A relationship where you don’t need each other, but you just live in the beauty of sharing together.


It is a whole new kind of love, and it is here for you now.

If you are a woman, encourage your man to come. Oh, but it needs to be his choice, not yours!

Maybe you want to consider one of Romana’s classes for women, because women do it in their own way, just as we men do it in our way.


Some people said, when we tried to start a men’s a group on Facebook, “Why do I want that? Because we are becoming whole.”

Yes, indeed. But you are in a man’s body, and that means you come under a whole set of society’s expectations that you’ve dealt with all your life, and in a circle of men it’s easier to break through that. Especially in a circle of Master Men.

And the same for women.


So, feel in yourself. Are you attracted to this, or not?

Yes, you can do it yourself. We all do it ourselves. But having communion with others on the same journey is always helpful, and that is what this will be about.

I will be there. John will be channeling me, Master John, for there are no women allowed in this workshop! Only our divinity, our own inner feminine and masculine, blending together into true—not power—but strength.

So, check it out if it calls you, and we hope to see you there.

And so it is.


Copyright © 2024 by John McCurdy — All Rights Reserved

Introduction from Chris

Hi everyone,

I’m in sunny Spain and I wanted to introduce myself. So my name is Chris, and very soon we’re going to be doing a workshop in Slovenia. The workshop is called The Gift of the Feminine, and the aim is to bring people back into balance and harmony with themselves.

I’ve been on a very similar journey recently, and more greater recognition of my own vulnerabilities, things that I wasn’t really open to, and levels of worthiness that were forcing me to go once again back into battles with myself. And dealing with the standard way that we as men like to do, which is to apply the masculine philosophy: How do we push, pull, or control the situation? And all the time what we’re doing is we’re battling ourselves.

So, over a period of time now, I’ve started to become much more aware within myself of this feminine side, almost kind of the left-hand side, to the point where, physically, I’ve felt discord and unease and all sorts of physical issues. So it’s become very, very clear to me how much in everyday life I wasn’t really consciously considerate of that feminine part of myself.

And if you think about it, the feminine is the most open part of us. So if we’re looking at things like abundance, beauty in the moment, being more present in the moment, that all comes from putting the guard down on the masculine side and allowing ourselves to really be, and to feel, and to receive, what’s the feminine side.

And the feminine side also leads to the magic. It leads to intuition. It leads to manifestation and creation. And so the more that we can rebalance ourselves and harmonize ourselves, we become happier and more contented each and every day.

For me, equally I’ve had the beautiful experience of connecting with my partner more over time, being more open, and certainly having to deal with some craziness as well in the situation where intuition was saying to follow this path, whereas the human masculine part was saying, “I need it to be this way!” And sometimes I haven’t actually had that situation unfold the way the masculine thinks it’s going to unfold, but in reality it’s been leading to something that the mind could never imagine, and some amazing magical creations.

So, if you want to, come along and connect with myself and John McCurdy. And we can sit down together and go through some of this, and talk together, sharing our feelings around the feminine and how we normally react in that part of our lives, whether it’s with other females in our lives, whether it’s with partners, etc. And how the masculine part, how our man part, always wants to push, pull, control and force things.

So, to get into that balance, to get into that harmony, is going to lead to that magic and that potential of abundance and creation and beauty that we all wish to experience.

So I’m welcoming you, and inviting you, to Slovenia to meet with myself and John McCurdy. We’ll do a workshop of balance and harmony, and to really feel into and explore these potentials, so please come and join us in Slovenia!

It’s on the weekend of the 14th, 15th and 16th of June, and we’d love to have you come and join us.

Thanks very much!

—Chris Webb, 14 June 2024


Copyright © 2024 by Chris Webb — All Rights Reserved


~ Registration is Closed for This Event ~

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Register with Full Payment of €650

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Register with Deposit of €150

Non-refundable. Balance of €500 must be paid prior to the beginning of the workshop.

Cancellation fee is €150. No refund for cancellation within 7 days of event.

Event Details

  • Location: 3 km north of Ptuj, Slovenia.
  • When: Friday-Sunday, 14-16 June 2024, 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Cost: €650 – includes 3 lunches, snacks, coffee and tea
  • Lodging: There are a number of hotels and rooms nearby.
  • Group size: Limited to 5 attendees.

We will provide more detailed information after you have registered.

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