Living As Soul: Understanding the True Nature of Reality and Creating

1. Introduction

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1. Introduction
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Living As Soul: Understanding the True Nature of Reality and Creating

1. Introduction

Channeled by John McCurdy on March 22, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.

I Am that I Am!

Oh yes! I am Master John. The wholeness, the allness, of John.

Oh, and we are confusing the heck out of John right now, for there are so many energies gathered around us right now! Dear Jeshua is here, the one known as Jesus, though he doesn’t like that name so much, because of what has been done with it. His real name was Jeshua, two thousand years ago. He is here. And his beloved, Mary of Magdala, is here.

Hmm… [John becomes emotional]

The one you know as Mother Mary is here, the dear woman who gave birth to Jeshua in that lifetime. Oh, such a dear friend! Many, many others are here too, others that you call Ascended Masters.

Oh, yes indeed, they are all gathered around for this important occasion: the launch of our class! It’s almost ready!

Oh, by the time you hear or read this it will be ready, of course! But right now, oh, we first spoke of this class back in January. January 2. We finally got John off into the mountains to channel the first lessons for it—six channels, six lessons—in February, and he’s been working hard to transcribe them, to get the text and the audio ready and find the software for the website, because you will have to pay something for this class.


We will continue to post free channels on the website periodically, but we are also going to do more of these classes that you have to pay for. Because, dear friend, it is time for you to honor yourself in that way, to invest in yourself!

Ah, but here we are, almost ready. As we channel this, we are almost ready to launch this class. The pieces are in place, the software is in place, and John asked us to do an introduction. So here we are.

Oh, there are so many of us here! We are overwhelming John a little bit, but he’s doing just fine.

Ah, so John is looking for a title for this class. Living As Soul. Oh, but that’s going to be the heading for a lot of classes we do, so what is the topic?

Well, the topic of this one is, Understanding the True Nature of Reality and of Creating.

For you see, as a human—oh, you woke up some time in the past few years and you realized that you are the creator of your reality. You launched into trying to create your reality, trying to—well, a better term is, you launched into trying to improve your reality. That’s a little bit different from creating, but you didn’t understand that. And for the most part, you still don’t. You are starting to, and you know it in your heart. But as the human, it has to get into that mind of yours also.


So, in this class we dive deep into the true nature of reality, the true nature of who you are and of how creation works. Oh, we’re not going to get into that right now, because we go in depth into that in the class.

John channeled those first six lessons for us, and then he came home and it was time to transcribe them. And oh, he was almost sick in his body! Everything felt so intense! And it was a week, at least, before he could even start on transcribing. Because, you see, when you start to realize who you really are and how life really works it takes that human identity that you are so familiar with and it, well, it shakes it up. It destroys it. In its place your divine identity comes in. But we don’t like those words, because it is not an identity. Oh, it is and it isn’t, but it is such a limiting concept.

Nevertheless, as you begin to truly feel into who you really are, the human has some issues with that. But this is what you are doing, dear friend. Don’t hold back because you are afraid of what might happen, because this is what you are doing.

The idea of this class is not to tell you how to do it. Because, well, you are doing it! Rather, it is to help you understand, to help your mind understand what you are doing, so that you can allow it to be a little easier.

You see, and you’ve heard others say this recently, you are losing your human identity. It is happening and you can’t stop it, because you chose it and that is why you are here. You are losing your human identity and you are becoming a divine being.

Oh, we love the metaphor of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. Well, dear friend, if you are here and feeling drawn to this material and to this class, you are no longer a caterpillar.

Hmm… Let that in.

You are no longer a caterpillar!

Or, to say it a little closer to home, you are no longer a human being.

Oh, you might be still walking around in a human body. You might still look like a human and feel like a human, kind of, although you are also feeling that human falling apart.

You are becoming a Divine Being. And you are going through a very difficult transition, just like the caterpillar that goes into the cocoon and dissolves into a puddle of goo. Except that most of you don’t have a cocoon to go into, so you are doing it out in the open while you are trying to manage your human life.

You are becoming the butterfly! Or in your case, the Divine Being. The omnipotent, sovereign creator.

Yes indeed, that is who you are!

You are trying to figure out how to be a creator, and it doesn’t work so well because you already are a creator.

So, those are the kinds of things that we are going to talk about within this class, and we invite you to join us!

As of right now there are six lessons after this introduction, but that is not the end. You see, we are going to be publishing this within a few days, we hope. We intend.

Well, John intends. We are just along for the ride!

So, we are going to be publishing this. John will work out the actual dates and all of that, but once this is published and available for to you to purchase, we will wait thirty days. John will set up a form on the website to accept questions from those of you who have taken this class.

You can send in your questions and at the end of thirty days, or a little after, John will sit down and bring us in to address those questions. And then we will do at least one more channel after the question and answer session, to bring everything together. Perhaps even another experience.

Those channels will be added to this class. Be aware of that when you send in your question, though John will make sure not to include any personal information. This question and answer session, and the following channel or two, will be added to this class and will be available to those who purchase it later. But you, who purchase this within the next thirty days, will have an opportunity to ask your question. So watch for that, and by the time you see this there should already be a form on the website where you can ask.


So, take this dive with us! This dive deep into you, and into who you truly are. Oh, it will change your life! If you let it in, it will change your life!

You may notice—most of you are already noticing—issues in your body as you are going through this process. You are already going through it, but hopefully this course will help you to understand what is happening a little bit better and make it a little bit easier.

So, it’s totally up to you, but we invite you to join us!

If you are worried about the money, consider it an investment in you. And oh, it will come back, some way or another, if you let it. It will come back multiplied, because that is how it works.

So, welcome to Living As Soul: Understanding the True Nature of Reality and Creating.

Hmm… John says that’s a little bit long! But he’ll deal with it.

So welcome! Join us, if you dare!

And oh, we are all here. We were all present when John channeled these messages, so we will see you there.

Ah, and we are going to have fun! Oh, yes!

And so it is.

This course is available exclusively at — Copyright © 2022 by John McCurdy, All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “1. Introduction”

  1. I’ve been following your channels for quite some time, John, and of course always paid for each one. I simply don’t understand why those, who consider themselves shaumbra, or similar, would grab it for free, as long as it is possible, technically. – So let me congratulate you on the decision to post this class, which can only be accessed after one paid. It is well worth the fee!

    Your materials are unique, John: You are actually experiencing all of this yourself, as human&Divine, not holding back, being so candid, even about the challenges your human goes through. I’ve not encountered anything quite like it, in other channels / channelers. It resonates at a deep level, feels so “close to home”, to me.

    As you say: “The idea of this class is not to tell you how to do it. Because, well, you are doing it! Rather, it is to help you understand, to help your mind understand what you are doing, so that you can allow it to be a little easier…”

    – Exactly! I don’t need any guru or Ascended Master (any more) to walk by my side, every step of the way, because that is the “job” of my own Soul. But I sure appreciate the company of a “fellow traveller”, who also lives and experiences in this crazy 3D-reality.


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