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Living As Soul: From Mind to Wisdom

Living As Soul: From Mind to Wisdom

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Have you ever wondered:

  • Why do I feel so trapped in my mind and emotions?
  • Why is it so hard to control my mind?
  • Why can’t I ever seem to think the right thoughts to create the life I want?
  • Why is my body getting worse instead of better?
  • How can I open to more of my soul’s knowing and wisdom?

These, perhaps more than any other, are the questions that haunted me for much of my life. Even now I see so many people, even deeply spiritual and very enlightened people, struggling with these questions and still going through life as though their minds are who they are. Which, of course, keeps them stuck within the limitations of their mind.

So, after creating our amazing class on Understanding the True Nature of Reality and Creating, I asked my soul (a.k.a. Master John) to talk specifically about the mind and these questions. The result is this class, and it truly went beyond what I was expecting. Master John took me through some interesting experiences to help illustrate his points, and the result is a class that I truly feel proud of.

The first session is our gift to you. Enjoy!

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Class Contents

Session 1: Mind — In this session we take a deep look at what the mind is and how it came to be, at the job we gave it when we first came to Earth, and at how beautifully it has served us. And we look at how the mind keeps us stuck and how that confusion is affecting our bodies, and at how we can allow the mind to begin to let go. Go to this session…

Session 2: Emotions — When most people hear the word “feelings” they think of emotions. But while emotions cause feelings, they are from the mind and they are false and dramatic, and they keep us stuck. In this session we take a deep look at what emotions are, how they keep us stuck and how they have served us, and how to get in touch with our real feelings. Enroll to access this session…

Session 3: Knowing — Beyond the mind and beyond any form of “common sense” or logic, is knowing. Knowing does not come from the mind, or with emotions or drama of any kind, so the mind tends to overlook it. Knowing comes from the wisdom of the soul, that golden nectar distilled from every experience you have ever had or ever will have, and it is available to you when the mind lets go of control. Enroll to access this session…

Session 4: Presence — In this session we look at how all of this affects your body and your life, and then we bring it all together in a beautiful experience of your Presence and a look at how to help your mind release the job that you gave it so very long ago, of keeping you locked into the human experience. Enroll to access this session…

Comments From Attendees

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4 thoughts on “Living As Soul: From Mind to Wisdom”

  1. Thank you Master John for your free channelings and for this class, a beautiful addition for me to the Crimson Circle materials, the Adamus channelings. In different words, different approaches, making things more clear for me. Understanding and experiencing it more deeply. For example the ‘simply allowing’ and ‘just breathing’ (Adamus) is more concrete for me now.
    Be in my presence.
    In your messages I experience love and acceptance. And wisdom of course.

  2. I’m in awe, how simply and profoundly this audio-class opens new perspectives on things I heard and knew before. It gently opens a space for a deep dive into the undefined realms of knowing of the soul, an actually very scary place of total surrender of control of mind. It beautifully brings new perspectives on mind, emotions and feelings.

    Many times we hear we need to get out of the mind and get rid of emotions, but is not at all what we want to do. It’s about how to restore the mind back to its rightful place, where it can truly serve us going forward. It’s about how to restore your soul to its rightful place, as the real you. And discover real passion.

    “It’s not about getting rid of emotions, but how to move beyond them. As your emotions are gradually neutralized, oh, you discover something that is so much deeper. So much more beautiful. So much more passionate.”

    What I discovered listening this is that confirmation that it’s ok to not know, to be in a place of confusion sometimes (many times), it’s actually a place of a doorway to mystery. When human allows not knowingness it opens a crack and space for knowingness of soul to come in. This creates a magnificent living, where human and soul together are discovering new ways of beingness, of coexisting and thriving in the reality that is being created by us, in the moment as we speak. Totally exciting! And in the same time so comforting. Amazing new times in front of us!

    In so many ways I have been living that way already, it’s not really new for me, it’s just that John articulates things in a way that it clicks and brings A-ha moments, that I can feel deep in the body. It assists me in seeing a bigger picture diving even deeper. And also, some things resonate more, some less. After all, wisdom of my own soul is the ultimate and best for me. (As should be for all of us)

    So, this new class is just another gem from John’s website Discovering freedom, where you can find also lots of free materials.

    And who is John McCurdy? He is a pearl of wisdom.
    Of course he is, otherwise he wouldn’t be my partner and my husband ❤ 😃
    And I’m so proud of him 🙂

  3. Even though “we know it all”, I find these channels so supportive, especially for my human mind. And even though it will never fully understand the grandness of the Divine it is part of, it helps to relax, to trust, and to let it all unfold, without too much resistance (and what would the human experience be without some of that ;-)).
    The compassion for, the acceptance of all the human “peculiarities” alone (mind, emotions and body), which shine out of these channels, are worth all of the money I paid for this class. And there is so much more…
    Your being so candid about your own challenges, John, deepened my experience and made me feel “right at home”. Thank you! And keep up the good work.


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