Living As Soul: From Mind to Wisdom

Living As Soul: From Mind to Wisdom

Session 1: Mind

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Living As Soul: From Mind to Wisdom

Session 1: Mind

Channeled by John McCurdy on April 30, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.

I am that I am!

Master John of Magical Service.

Oh, John is having a little trouble getting out of his mind today! And there is a very good reason for that. For you see, this message is all about the mind.

This is the beginning of a four-part series entitled, “Mind…”

[pause as John spaces out for a moment]

Oh, we’ll let John figure out the title later. He’s too much in his mind right now!


So, this is a class, a premium class you might say, one you have to pay for, and it is all about understanding the mind, understanding emotions, and understanding—or should we say, experiencing—your knowing.


You see, you are knowing. Your very essence is knowing.

Oh, we call it consciousness. We call it awareness. And we can also call it knowing.

We can call it wisdom. Oh, not the wisdom of the mind—that is a teeny tiny little part of it somewhere—but the real wisdom, collected by your soul from every single experience you have ever had. That includes the experiences before you came to Earth, before Earth even existed and before your universe existed. And it includes every experience you ever will have. For you see, there is no time. There is just now. There is just…

Hmm. Yes, even that phrase, “There is just now,” isn’t really accurate because it implies a time.

There is just you, and your creation. Or perhaps we should say, your imagination.


That’s all there is, dear friend. Just you.

Oh, you look around and you see all these others. And indeed, they exist also, in their own unique dimensions.

Yes, difficult concepts for the mind to understand. Because, well, the mind is a creation. It is not you. You are way beyond the mind, and way beyond the mind’s understanding or comprehension.

Oh, but you always thought your mind was you. You thought your mind was the seat of your consciousness, if not somehow your very consciousness itself, but nothing could be further from the truth!

The mind is a computer, created by you. It acts as the interface mechanism between your spirit—your YOU—and your biology, in this illusion of reality that you have created around you.

It is all in your imagination, but it is a very real experience.

Your mind is the creation that you made, it is the computer that you made, to manage the details of biology so that you could experience this playground that you call Earth. That you call your universe.

Oh, you have played in many places in this universe and in other universes, and they are all your creation.

Not your mind’s creation, but your creation.

Oh, we go much more into the details of this creation in our course on understanding the true nature of reality and of creation. You might want to check it out.

Ha! And no, John, we have no problem at all with shamelessly plugging our classes! There are going to be many more, so get over being embarrassed about it.

So, you created your mind. You had some very good reasons for creating it, and it didn’t all happen overnight, at least in terms of your illusion of time. It developed over a long period of experience. It began long before Earth was even a thought.

Oh yes, there was a point where Earth was just a thought that somebody imagined. Then the imagination expanded. It went out in that being’s song, in their communication, and other beings began to pick it up, and they began to create a little bit of what you call ‘reality.’ Then it expanded, and as it did your mind expanded, because you needed a way to experience what you were imagining.

And that is all any of this is, dear friend. It is your imagination.


You needed a way to experience it, so you created this—well, we’ll call it a computer for now. It’s a limited metaphor, but it will help you to understand

Computers store and process data. They store and process the details of life, and that is all they do. They store the memories—well, certain parts of the memories—and then they process those memories in all these different ways. And that gives you many, many different perspectives on your experience. It gives you different ways of seeing it, different ways of evaluating it, different ways of deciding what you would like to experience next, different ways of remembering, different ways of seeing things, all so that you can know yourself better.

For you see, that is what started this whole game. You, simple pure awareness, asked yourself, Who am I?

Well, this is the answer. Or, this is how you have come to the answer: by experiencing yourself in every different way imaginable.

The mind goes, “Well, I can think of a lot of ways of experiencing myself that I haven’t done yet. Does that mean I’m stuck in this experience for eternity?”

Well, no. There are many experiences that you do not need to have as a physical experience to understand them. You have an imagination right here within your human perception, and for most of those other experiences, it doesn’t take very much imagination to feel them out, to feel what they would be like, so you don’t need to act of them all out. Oh, but you have acted out so much over your many hundreds of lifetimes here on Earth and in many, many other experiences throughout your existence!


[rustling sounds as John pauses to put on his jacket]

John is sitting by a creek in the woods in Slovenia. It’s a beautiful spring day and you can hear the birds in the background. You might hear the trickle of the water, the breeze and all the other sounds of life; airplanes flying over, tractors and cars in the distance. Ahh, a beautiful experience of life on Earth!


So, you developed this mind of yours, this computer, over eons of what you call time. And we’ll just go with that metaphor for the moment. Eventually, and for various reasons, you hit upon this idea of Earth, of a place where you could come and slow down your creations.

You see, as an angel, your creation happened so fast, and you didn’t really understand what was happening. Something would come into your awareness, and instantly it would be there, fully formed! Because you were aware of it, so it had to be there.

Well, that led to some very unexpected and strange experiences!

Then you started interacting with others. Oh, you didn’t even realize at first that you were interacting with avatars of those others, because you can’t really interact with another being. They live in their own private dimension. But they send out a song, a communication, and your computer generated an avatar within your own reality to represent them, based upon their song and their energy.

Oh, that avatar is quite accurate, and very beautiful! And it is an opportunity for you to play together in so many different ways.

But it started to become very, very intense, because your creations happened so quickly and you didn’t even understand how you were creating. So you finally stopped. You got together with the others and you said, “What do we do about this? This is getting out of hand!”

Somebody said, “Let’s create a planet. Let’s create a place where we can slow everything down, where creation takes a little time, and maybe we can come to understand how it works.”

And so you created Earth. You watched it for a while, and one of you, who goes by the name of Gaia in your languages right now, embodied herself into this ball of rock and brought it to life. Oh, with the help and support so many of you, she brought it to life. She expressed herself in the trees and the plants and the animals and all the life on this planet, and the life of the planet itself. And you watched in fascination. It took a great deal of what you call time, though it was just a breath from your spirit perspective.

Gradually the life matured on this planet, and then you dove in. You designed some of these animals so that they could hold your spirit, so that you could dive into them and experience life as them. Eventually you settled on what you call the Homo Sapiens species, and you went through many, many experiences.

Well, the first thing you needed was an interface mechanism, so that you and this animal that you were entering could cohabitate. So you expanded your mind. You expanded this computer, and you created a physical counterpart called the brain.

That’s all the brain is. It is an interface mechanism. It is a part of the computer that you call your mind. Scientists keep looking for the memories and the consciousness inside your brain, and they will never find it. They find hints of it here and there, but they will never find it, because it is not there. Who you are is so much more than that! The brain is just the interface mechanism. It’s what manages the processes in your body. It’s what makes your body do what you want your body to do. It keeps it going for you.


So, you dove into some of your first incarnations. You dove into a body.

Well, then you found out, very quickly, how intense life on Earth can be! Oh, it was lots of fun. But it was also intense, and it was scary. And one day a bird flew up right in front of you, and it scared you, and poof! You were gone. You popped right out of that body and you were back to your soul, back in the awareness of your soul. And you said, “Wow, that was quite an experience! I want some more!”

You went back in, and the same thing happened. You popped out almost immediately.

So you said, “We have to do something about this!” And working with your soul, you expanded this mind again. You realized that your soul was too present. It was too easy to come back to your soul and lose your connection with the body, so you gave the mind a new job. You gave the mind the job of hiding your soul from you.

Well, it worked. The next time you got scared you panicked. But you didn’t jump out of the body, because you had forgotten that there was any place to jump to.

So you panicked, and you ran. Maybe something was chasing you—ha! Maybe it caught you and ate you!—and as the body died, well, suddenly you popped out.

Okay. Now you were back with your soul but you said, “That was such an incredible experience! I have to go back! So back you went, for lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. Your soul stayed in the background.

This veil works both ways. You couldn’t feel your soul anymore, and your soul, well, it could feel you out there, but it couldn’t directly experience what you were experiencing. And yet, every time you would come back, after something happened to your body, after it got killed or died of old age or whatever happened, you would come back and your soul would collect your experiences and distill the wisdom from them.

By this time, oh, you were addicted to this experience on Earth. It was so incredible!

Oh, when you were there, some of the experiences seemed horrible to the human. But you would come back to your soul’s perspective and you would go, “Wow, I’m learning so much about myself! I have to go back and have some more of that!”


But the moment you were back you forgot who you were, because of this—you call it a veil, but it is just your mind creating a block between you and your soul.

So, you went through lifetime after lifetime after lifetime learning and growing, and every time at the end of your life, your soul would gather your experiences and distill the wisdom from them. And this incredible nectar has been getting sweeter and sweeter and sweeter through every experience you have ever had.

But now this journey on Earth has served its purpose. Over a long, long time, it seems to you, but only a breath from your soul’s perspective, but in your terms it was over a long, long time that you finally began to understand. Oh, and just in the last few lifetimes, you have finally come to understand how creation works and how the energies work.

Oh, your human mind doesn’t really get it yet, but your soul does. In the last few lifetimes, as it collected the wisdom, it came to its realization. And then your soul said, “It’s time for one more incarnation, and this will be the culmination of it all.” So you came back, and you the human began to become aware.

Oh, you were starting to become aware in some of your other incarnations, but together with your soul you chose, “This is it. This is when I become aware at the human level of who I really am.”

But you see, along the way, every time you came in, you forgot who you were. Until that forgetting—oh, it even carried through to the other side a lot of the time. Occasionally you would come far enough back to your soul that you would catch a glimpse of who you were, but you kept coming back in, because that’s how you set it up here. You said, “I’m going to have this experience until I get it, until I finally understand how it works.”

So you kept coming back in, and forgetting. Your soul kept staying in the background, so that you could be free to have this experience. Along the way, your human mind—it is so strong, so beautiful! And because it couldn’t remember Soul, it began to think that it is who you are. It forgot that it itself is just a creation. And since it couldn’t remember that, it assumed that since it was the one thinking, it must be who you are.

Well, now here you are in your final lifetime, your final incarnation, because you have gotten what you came here for. Your soul has gotten what it came here for, so now, you could say, the game is over. You have reached the highest level. You’ve won. You have your answer.

The mind isn’t sure what that is yet, or what that even means, but you do. If you are here, you have your answer and you are in your final lifetime.

Well, let’s say that if you are here and resonating with anything that we are saying, then you are in your final lifetime and you have your answer. Ha! And it isn’t what anybody ever told you before! But you have it.

And now you think you have a problem, because you have become aware that you are something more than your mind, but you keep struggling with this mind. It keeps arguing with you. It keeps trying to distract you from anything outside of the human. Now you know that there is more to you than this mind, but that mind is so strong! How do you get out of it? How do you get beyond it?

Some of you have come to this place of realization. You know you are complete and you also know that you have chosen to stay here on Earth for one final step, because, well, your soul has been watching from the background all this time, and now it wants to come in and have the full experience. And you the human, oh, you are so eager to have the experience of your soul being fully present!

Ha! You think it’s going to bring you power. So many times you think, “Oh, if only I had my soul, I could create whatever I want! I’d have all this power over my life!”

Well, it doesn’t quite work that way, but it doesn’t matter. You are learning, you are finding out, that that is really just the mind trying to stay in charge, trying to do the job that you gave it.


So, you are in this place. You know you are coming through the final experiences of your Earth journey, and you keep hearing about this light-body that is supposed to make your human body all better, or so they say. And what you are finding is that your human body, it’s like it is falling apart and it is hurting worse and worse.

Well, the main reason that your body hurts, is because of your mind.

Your mind is so strong, and it is working so hard to do the job that you gave it, the job of pretending to be you and of keeping you distracted from anything, anything, beyond the human experience. Including your own soul.

And your body is caught in the middle. There is this incredible light-body coming in, and it doesn’t just make the human body healthy. It takes the place of the human body. It takes its best attributes and let’s all the rest go.


What some call the anayatron, the communications network within your body that keeps all the cells in sync and communicating, is going away. It doesn’t work anymore. And oh, your body is freaking out! Your cells are freaking out: “What do we do now? And what do we do with all this bright light that’s coming in? We’re not sure it’s safe!”

Your body is freaking out, and your body sends all these signals to your brain. They are like pain signals, for they say, “Something is going on here and I don’t understand it!” The brain takes those in as pain signals, and so you hurt.

Oh, the pain is entirely in the mind. It is the mind’s response to those signals, and you could say that pain is one of the most misunderstood and powerful emotions.

So your body hurts. It feels like it is falling apart. And oh, indeed it is! Parts of it are going away so that the light-body can be here, your true body. Your body that is not dependent upon this mass-consciousness creation of Earth. The body that can be whatever you need it to be in the moment. A body that doesn’t even know what a disease is, that can heal itself in an instant, that can dissolve away and leave you free to travel the dimensions and the universes, and then re-form itself in an instant so you can be here on Earth and have fun with your friends.


But you see, in order for that body to be fully here, in order for you to have the experience of that body—it is here, but in order for you to experience it—your old human body has to dissolve away, and that is freaking you out. It is freaking it out.

The cells cry out, “Oh my God, what is happening? Oh, dear mind, what is happening?”

The mind responds by panicking, by hurting, and by trying to hold on and trying to pull everything back together.

Ha! Your mind is working really, really hard right now, trying to put all the pieces of your body back together as fast as they fall apart. It’s saying, “Go get some vitamins! Get some medicine! Get some something or other! Go see the doctor! Go do this or that, because I’m falling apart! This body is falling apart and I am losing control!”

Well, John has learned something about enlightenment in the last few years, and one of those things is, enlightenment is about going out of control, because the mind has to let go.

Before you can have the full experience of your light body, the mind has to let go. And that is a scary thought.

This is not necessarily a scientific fact, John is saying, but we will tell you that from our perspective, those of you who are having the most trouble with your body, the most pain in your body, are the ones with the strongest minds. So, it is time to let go.

But how do you do that? You have been trying to let go of your mind for so long. Ever since you started realizing that there is more to you than this mind, you have been trying to figure out how to get out of the mind, how to get it to let go of you. And how to get it to let go of your body, because part of you already knows that you have to let this body go.

That doesn’t mean you have to die. Oh, it is a death. It is a very real death, in a way, and it feels like dying.

The other day, John’s body was hurting so bad that he didn’t know if he could survive much longer. Around that time someone he knew passed away and went to the other side, someone whom he had done some private channels for, and he started to feel what it would be like to go home.

Oh, and that is certainly an option at this point. You do not need to stay on Earth any longer, if you are here. Certainly John does not need to stay on Earth any longer, but he wants to have this experience!

So the other day, he was feeling how good it would feel to go home and he started to realize, “I have to go home!” By ‘going home’ he means, coming back into the full awareness of his soul, of his I Am, of his Divinity, of who he really is. He said, “I have to go home, and I have to do it soon! But there is so much more that I still want to experience here on Earth. I love my relationship, I love being here, and I want to see this process of embodiment through!”

At that point I said to him, Dear John, yes, it is time for you to come home. But that does not mean you have to leave Earth! This is when, if you allow it, home can truly come to you. And you can truly be in the full awareness of your soul, and still be on Earth.

And John took a deep breath, and he let go once again. He said, “Okay Soul, you make it happen. I don’t know how, but I know you do, so you make it happen. I’m here. I’ll show up, no matter how bad it hurts, no matter how confusing it gets. I’m here, and I am going to see this through. But it’s up to you, dear Soul, to make that happen.”


Well, now we can go places!

It’s still a challenge, because, oh, like so many of you, before he came into this life John said, “I need to bring a really, really strong and clear mind into this lifetime because, well, it is the only way it will work. It is the only way we can truly complete, because when that strong, clear mind sees through reality and finally let’s go, oh, then I will truly be free! Truly, truly free!”

So, that is what we are doing. It takes time, in your terms, because we could very easily go so fast that it would just blow the mind out, and that isn’t what you want. That doesn’t serve the purpose that we have chosen.

So here you are, so many of you, in the same place. You have this strong mind, this incredibly strong and clear mind, and it is keeping you stuck. It is what is creating the pain that you feel in your body, every bit of it.

It is not your body. Your body is just freaking out because of all the change, but your mind takes those signals and it turns it into pain.

And more than that, it keeps trying to put it all back together! I keep taking John’s body apart, in a sense. I keep shining my light into John’s body, dissolving away what isn’t needed and integrating what is into the light body, and his mind keeps grabbing the pieces back and trying to put them all back together again. Ha!

Well, now he says, “Well, stop it self, me! How do I stop? How do I let this transformation happen?”

And I say, dear John, just let go. Let me handle it. But be aware that it is your mind, your strong mind.

And, this is not the time to punish your mind. It is doing the job we gave it. It is just trying to hold on. It sees the body coming apart, and it keeps trying to do its job of putting it back together and of keeping you alive on Earth. So just let go. Don’t fight your mind.

If you fight anything, it makes it stronger. You already know that. And if you are fighting a part of yourself, it is even more so.

It is my job, your soul’s job. Your mind is coming along. It wants this more than anything. It is tired. It is exhausted. It wants to let go, but it needs to know that it is safe now, that it can let go without failing at its job. It is so dedicated! It can’t let go until it knows that it truly is okay. So don’t fight it. Just be aware.

Be aware that it is your mind doing its job, and the job is over, and I am handling it.

You the human, it was never your job to manage your mind. That is my job. And I, as your master self, your soul, your divinity, whatever you want to call me, I am taking care of it.

It’s taking some time. It’s a confusing process, indeed. So just be aware.

This change is happening. It is a natural process, and at this point you cannot get it wrong. But you can make it easier, by simply understanding that the pain comes from your mind holding on. It is not your mind’s fault. It is not anyone’s fault. It is just the process.

You are going to feel crazy at times. Be with it!

Be with it, and let it happen.


We’ll have a couple more sessions in this class. We’ll dive deeper into all of this. We’ll talk about emotions and the trap that they are, how they have served you and also the trap that they are for you right now. It is all part of the same process.

And then we will talk about your knowing, about how to recognize your knowing, and that is a hard one for the mind. We’ll dive deep into the knowing, and then we will bring it all together.

For now, be with all of this. Take some time. Don’t just dive into the next message, the next lesson. Take at least a few hours, preferably a day, and just be with this. Be with the feelings that it has brought up.

You don’t have to figure it out, and that is part of the key. Stop trying to figure it out! Just be with it.

Feel the feelings.

Feel the thoughts swirling.

Just be with it.

And then come back to the next lesson, and we will take it deeper.


Keep breathing.

Nurture yourself.

A warm bath is always a good thing, or a walk in nature.

Whatever feels nurturing to you, do that.

This is a deep and intense process, so don’t rush it.

Just be with it, and nurture yourself along the way.

Have some food that you like. Not too much of it, but have some food that you truly like.

Nurture yourself.

And so it is.

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