Living As Soul: From Mind to Wisdom

Living As Soul: From Mind to Wisdom


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Living As Soul: From Mind to Wisdom


Channeled by John McCurdy on May 16, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.

I am that I am!

Master John of Magical Service, here to do some magic with you today!


Welcome, dear friends, to our newest class: From Mind to Wisdom

Oh, what an appropriate title! You see, we didn’t know at the beginning. Oh, we tried to put a title on this class during the first channel, and it just wouldn’t come out. And then, after we completed all four lessons and John went through and transcribed them, and then he went back and proofread the transcriptions, and as he was proofreading the final lesson he realized what the title is.

Ha! Oh, in the beginning we were going to call it something boring like “Mind, Emotions, Knowing and…” and we didn’t quite know the rest. And we knew that was a little boring.

So, as John was proofreading the final transcription he suddenly realized—we together, I, Master John, his soul, and he the human—together we suddenly realized: Ahh… This is about going from the mind and its intelligence to the wisdom of your soul, the wisdom collected and distilled by your soul from every single experience you have ever had.

Oh, the mind… The mind has thought for so long that it was you. Ha! That it was me, even. That it was the seat of your consciousness. Well, you have been realizing for some time now that that is not true. For some of you, your mind is coming to understand that. And for many of you, it hasn’t really got that yet. It doesn’t quite know what to do with that. Well, that is what this class is about.

In this class we talk about the mind, where it came from and what its purpose is. Its beautiful, beautiful purpose! We talk about how it has served you so, so beautifully and with so much dedication, and how it has become such a habit. It came to believe its own story—the story you gave it, actually, you and your soul—that it was you, so now it is having a bit of a hard time letting go of the job you gave it. So we talk about that.

We talk about, oh, not how to get out of the mind, for that is not at all what you want to do. But how to restore the mind back to its rightful place, where it can truly serve you going forward.


We talk about how to restore your soul to its rightful place, as the real you.

Oh, and then we talk about emotions.


Emotions bring so much color and beauty and—ha!—lots of other things to your life. Ah, and they are a trap. A big, big trap that keeps you stuck here.

[a dog begins barking nearby]

Oh, the dog you hear in the background—ha! Emotions are not just a human thing. They are a fact of life on Earth, and that dog is caught in its emotions.

Hmm… [dog continues barking]

John is out in the woods in Slovenia. He is—oh, listening to all the sounds of life! The birds, beautiful birds! Some other hikers on the trail not far away. Oh, perhaps the dog hears our voice. It’s barking away, because its little mind has a story that it hears something funny, and it needs to bark and warn its people. It is an emotion.

So, we talk about emotions. We talk about how emotions keep you stuck here, how they keep you trapped in this body, in this Earth existence, and how to go beyond them.


You see, the human is a little afraid of that. The human imagines what it might be like without emotions, and it gets a little confused. It sounds kind of boring. Well, dear friend, as your emotions are gradually neutralized oh, you discover something that is so much deeper. So much more beautiful. So much more passionate.

Oh, you have wondered where your passion is. Well, the way you set it up as you have come to the end of your game, your passion simply does not come from your emotions anymore. That is what it used to come from, but not anymore.

So, we talk about emotions and how to move beyond them. Not to get rid of them—that will happen naturally—but how to move beyond them.

And then we talk about the knowing. Ha!

Ahh… That was a tough channel for John to do! Because, well, we had to take him through some experiences to understand more about the knowing and how to access it.

Oh, we are not going to spoil the message for you here! It’s in the third channel of this class, and the key to opening to your knowing is something John hadn’t even realized before, and he has gotten pretty good at it. But we will let you discover that as you go through the class.

Oh, and John knew there was going to be a fourth lesson, but he couldn’t figure out what it was going to be. Ha! So as we started out we said, “We are going to talk about the body,” and that is what he ended up naming that lesson. But it is about so much more than the body, and it brings it all together.


We went some more places that John didn’t expect, and hadn’t even thought about before. Ha! He can’t quite remember in this moment, because, well, we want to be sure he doesn’t spoil the surprise for you. Ha! Or the discovery.

Oh, it’s not such a big surprise. You already know everything in this class, but perhaps it will put the pieces together for you in a new way that will help you to relax a little bit in your journey, and allow it to happen with less pain, less suffering, and less trauma in your human life.


So, our new class. Human and Soul collaborating, combined together and creating together. Creating this new class for you.

Do you need it?

Ha! If you are here, if you are resonating with this, you don’t need it. Of course you don’t! You already know.

But, the human, oh, it doubts. It questions. And we promise you, this class will put some pieces together for the human that will help it to relax, that will help it to allow Soul to carry it through these final steps of your sojourn on Earth.

Oh, what a beautiful journey it has been! And yes, Human, we understand that it has also been ugly from your perspective. Ahh, but so amazing! So much wisdom has come from it! And that wisdom is here now, for you.

The human looks for the wisdom, it hears the word “wisdom” and it thinks—that’s the problem: it’s the mind, and the mind thinks—and it thinks of wisdom in terms of being a smart human. And that is not how it is at all.

As you go through this class, you will begin to understand your soul’s wisdom in a whole new way.


So, here it is. This message is free, this lesson, this introduction. The rest, you will have to pay for.

Why? Because when you—oh, humans are so attached to their money! And when you spend your money on you, on something for you, it sends a message to your whole being that says, “I’m here! I’m real! I mean this! I am doing this! I am allowing my soul to come home to me, and I am doing whatever it takes along the way to help my mind and my body to relax!”

And, oh yes, as you go through this class you will come to a deeper understanding of what is going on in your body and why it hurts so much sometimes.

Ahh… So, are you ready for some magic?

Oh, not magic like power. Not magic in the form of manipulating your reality. No, that’s not magic. That’s sorcery. That is a power game.

Are you ready for some real magic in your life?

Then sign up for this class, if you dare. Ha!

And we will welcome you there.

And so it is.

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  1. Aaaahhh, here I am, ready to dive deeper into my own Wisdom, to find words here, for what I could not express! It sure helps to be in presence with all the challenges, and I’m very grateful for that.


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