Welcome to the Year of Mastery

Happy New Year!

In this follow-up to last week’s Christmas message, Master Anna (my soul) talks about the energies of 2024, and about how to navigate the intense changes and chaos that are sweeping through Earth and through our own lives.


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Welcome to the Year of Mastery
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Welcome to the Year of Mastery

By John McCurdy, 28 December 2023

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible. Note that Hmm, Mmm, Ahh, and lines with just a dot signify places to pause, and to feel into yourself and what is being said.

I am that I am!

Master Anna, of Magical Service. Or you can call me Master John.


I am, indeed, John’s Soul. But I like to be called by a feminine name, because, you see, Soul—it’s all relative, but in relation to the human, Soul is much more feminine than the human is, no matter what kind of body you are in. So, John calls me Master Anna, to signify that he and I are one unified being.


Happy New Year, dear friend!

We are recording this on December 28, and it will be released on January 1, 2024.

So, Happy New Year!

2024 boils down to eight, if you add them all together. It is an eight year, a year of mastery.

Oh, lots of people have lots of different ways of explaining the numbers, and it doesn’t matter. But for us, this is the year of mastery.

2023, as we said in our last message, was a seven year, a year of divinity. 2023 was the year that the divine and the human were finally joined back together.


There was never a real separation between them, but there was an illusion created of separation, for very good reasons. It wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t an accident.

So, let’s begin at the end of this message.


Welcome home!

Welcome home, dear friend!


And now let’s take a little journey, to understand why that means so much.

So, we ask you to feel within you.

Oh, the human wants to feel back in time, but no.

Feel deep within, to that point in your experience where you became aware of yourself and asked yourself that question: Who am I?

You, at that point, were pure awareness. Consciousness, you call it.

That is all you were. There was no thing, there was no space, there was no time. There was just you, just your awareness. There was no energy. There was no body, even a light body or an energy body. There was just awareness, because that is what you are at your core. Pure, simple awareness.


Well, right now you feel like so much more, but at this point… We are deliberate in using the words ‘this point,’ because it was not in the past. It is NOW.

At this point you asked yourself, Who am I?

And in that instant, because the very nature of a sovereign creator is that a question cannot exist without an answer, so in that very instant the answer popped up in front of you.


Even ‘popped up’ is not accurate. But we have to speak this in human words, which are all about human illusions, so we’ll go with it.

The answer popped up in front of you. Actually, it popped up within you, in the form of a mirror image, you could say. Again, we are so limited by human words and concepts.

The answer popped up, and you found yourself looking at you.

You could say that was the first duality, the first split. In a sense you could say, the first experience of masculine and feminine.

And this seemingly other part of you, the masculine part, you could say, looked in your eyes and said, “I am going to go out and find out who I am, who we are together!” and he went out.

Actually he went in, because all of this happened… You didn’t know it then, you didn’t know it along the way, but now we know that all of this happened within your own imagination.


This part of you went out and it created, because you are a sovereign creator. It went out and it created universes and galaxies, and it had all of these experiences.

You became aware of others. You couldn’t directly interact with them, but you could hear their song. And so, within your own energies you created an avatar that reflected them, and they created an avatar that reflected you, so that you could interact.

It was much like your modern computer games. The game runs on your own computer, but it has avatars in it that reflect those other players from all around the world.


So you went out, and you had all of these experiences. You fought battles and you created universes, until everything began to slow down. And you stepped back a little, you and the others.

Oh, by then you had this very complex thing that you call mass-consciousness. It’s like your human internet. It’s a communications network, where you could play this game with each other, and it became so intense that it began to slow down. And you stepped back and said, “We need to go deeper. We need to find out how all this works!”

And so you created this planet you call Earth, way off in a far corner of a small universe. And yes, it is one of many universes you have created, and that you are active within. Not as human, but as what you call an angel.


So you created this planet, and you infused it with life. One of you, whom you call Gaia, embodied herself in it and became the steward of that life, and then you came to Earth. And you compressed yourself down, and down, and down, and down, until you could finally embody yourself in these creatures that you call animals.

You gradually learned how to exist in that difficult, dense environment, but it was oh, so real!


Eventually you settled on a particular kind of body, and you dove into playing your game with the others here in this slowed down environment, this visceral environment that felt so real, and where you could come and play a particular game.

Oh, you replayed so many games from the past that you didn’t understand. You fought battles with each other. You made love. You discovered love, here on Earth. You had all these experiences. Many, many lifetimes you have been here!

And now, here you are.

If you are resonating with these messages, then you have come full circle. You have discovered the answer to that grand question. You might not understand it yet in the human mind, but you, your soul, does understand it. You feel it, even if you can’t articulate it yet, and here you are at the end of this journey.


I am that I am!

In the English language that sentence doesn’t quite work, and yet it’s the closest we have.

I am all that I am. I am even all that I am not. I simply am.

And here you are.


So, come back now to this moment of asking that question.

In front of you, you see this facet of you going off to discover yourself.


And now, shift your perspective slightly.

You, the one who went off, are coming back, and you see this grand being in front of you.

It’s your soul. It’s your divinity, your very essence.


Oh, she’s so beautiful!

She is not grander than you. She is you!


And she is opening her arms to you, inviting you to approach.


Part of you is afraid.

You have been through so much, and you felt like you got so much of it wrong. Like you failed so many times.


But look in her eyes now.

Feel her welcome.

Feel the gift of experience that you bring to her.

Feel, as she welcomes you home.

Feel, as you allow her to embrace you.


Allow yourself to embrace her.



This is the being you have always longed for, that you have always searched for.

Oh, you thought it was a soulmate you were searching for.

It was actually your own soul.

Feel her.


Now, feel as she welcomes you.

Feel, as you begin to blend back together.


Oh, feel as she receives the gifts that you bring.

So, so many gifts! Gifts of experience, gifts of knowledge, gifts, indeed, of love!

You taught her love. And there was a point where you couldn’t feel her for a while, because she had to take that love and go deep inside with it, and learn how to make it her own.

Your own.

Oh, you call it self-love, and you thought it was the human’s responsibility.

But no. The human’s responsibility was simply to open up to it.

It is your soul that turned love into self-love.


And now, feel that love as she welcomes you home, as you and she blend back together and become one once again.

One being.

One sovereign, glorious being, so in love with all of its creations, with all of its experiences, with all of its knowing.


That is you, now, dear friend.

And that is why we say, welcome home!


You see, you brought this possibility to Earth. Because as you come home to your soul, and your soul comes home to you right here in what you call this human reality, it is still you. It is your imagination, every bit of it, and as you blend together you are not going to disappear from this reality.

No. She comes here to join you, even as you join her in all those other realms. And even beyond the realms, back in this moment of pure consciousness. You exist here now.

Oh, you always have, but now you know it.


Now you are one blended being.

The human may not feel that immediately. But we know you’ve been feeling some of it, and as you go forward into this year of mastery you are going to be feeling more and more of it.

You are home!

Let that in.

Be home!


Feel your soul looking through your eyes and experiencing this life with you.


Allow yourself to look through your soul’s eyes, and see from your soul’s perspective.



As you are already finding, this is actually a rather confusing experience for the human, because nothing works the way it used to.

The other day John was making the fire in the morning. The house they live in is heated with a wood stove, so he got up in the morning and laid the fire, the kindling and the wood and everything, and lit it up. He was sitting there watching through the glass door and the fire was becoming quite vigorous, and he was starting to slowly close down the air vent to keep it from all burning up at once, when suddenly, POOF! The fire was gone. All the flames were just gone!

What was left of the kindling and the bottom of the wood were still glowing and there was still lots of heat, but the flames were just gone. In an instant. Like some big blast of wind had blown them out. But there was no physical reason! There was no physical way that so much air could have gotten in there. It didn’t make any sense!

John looked at it, and he shook his head and asked, “What happened?” He didn’t understand it at all. It seemed impossible for the flames to just go out like that, in an instant!

After a minute or two he shook his head again, and he took his lighter and stuck it in through the air vent and snapped it. And instantly the flames were back, just as vigorous as before!

And he just shook his head and said, “I don’t understand!”

Well, John has a very intuitive understanding of physical things, of how things work and blend and flow, and it just didn’t make any sense to him. So he went about his day, and he thought about it several times and asked, “What could have caused that?”

The next morning he made the fire again. He lit it up and was sitting there watching it through the glass door, and he was thinking, “What could have made that happen?”

And I said to him, “Do you remember that in that same instant, you coughed?”

And he was like, “Uh, yeah, kind of, but it was just a little cough and there is no way it could have pushed that much air into the fire! There’s just no way!”

And I said, “Indeed, that is true. But how many coughs do you suppose are triggered by energy, or are simply movements of energy?”

And he thought about that and said, “Oh, an energy blast from me put out that fire?”

And I said, “Indeed so! Now, you keep wondering if you are learning how to create. Well, look how powerful you are! You put out that fire with just a little energy cough!”


And John realized that, indeed, reality is changing.

You are no longer bound by the laws of physics. You can change them. They are your creation, and you can change them.

But the other thing John realized is, you can’t do that from your head. It simply doesn’t work. You could think about coughing energy into the fire all day long, and it’s not going to do anything. But in the right moment, when I am there, you can put a big fire out!


This is the kind of thing you are going to be discovering in the new year. Because as a master, the laws simply do not apply to you.

Oh, you the human, you try to figure that out and you go, “How do I make it work? I should be able to just reach in my pocket and take out some money, or I should be able to heal the tooth that hurts, or whatever other issues are going on in my body!” But it doesn’t quite work that way.

Yes indeed, you can, and you will. Those are the things you are going to be discovering this year, but it doesn’t work the way the human mind wants it to. And that is for your own safety, as much as anything else.

But you and your soul are blended together now, and together, in the full consciousness of all that you are, you are going to be discovering an entirely new experience of reality.

No, let’s say that the first way, John: You are going to be discovering an entirely new reality.

Oh, you can still interact with the old reality, and play with it, but more and more you are already finding that it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. And you are going to discover that more and more this year, until you come back home.

Oh, you are home, but the human forgets. It goes and runs off and tries to do it all itself, and then it remembers and comes back. And each time it happens a little faster. The human comes back and says, “Okay Soul, let’s do this together. Show me.” And then you move forward into the discovery of creation, instead of the manipulation of creation.


Oh, it’s going to be an exciting year!


It is also going to be a chaotic year, especially for those who don’t understand what is happening.


I ask you, as you feel the chaos, to come back home.

Feel this moment, this moment of home. This moment which contains every other moment you have ever experienced.

Feel it.

Come back to it.


Feel this incredible being that is your soul.

Allow her to hold you, to love you, and to experience life with you.


She hasn’t been able to do that before, because there had to be this veil between you. There had to be something to keep you feeling separate from your soul, so that you could have these experiences.

She was always there. She was able to take those experiences and distill the wisdom from them, but she was never able to be present in them. And now she can, and she is so excited about that! Your soul is so thrilled and excited to be in this life with you now!

So remember her. Remember that she is here.

She is you.

You are her.


You can still play the human game and look through those human eyes at all the things they don’t see.


Actually, your eyes see all kinds of things that you don’t see. Those impulses come in on the optic nerves to your brain and your mind goes, “I’m not ready to see that!” and it tunes it out.

There is so much more to your reality than you know, and even that is changing now. Because you are changing it.


So your job right now, in this year of mastery; if you are willing, your job is to build that relationship with your soul.

Talk to her.

Talk to yourself, as her.


Oh, the human goes, “I don’t know how to do that!”

Yes, actually, you do.

You just imagine it, and trust what you imagine.

Oh, you know when you are talking nonsense, or imagining nonsense. You know.

So, feel your soul.

When your mind is worrying and getting a little crazy, like human minds do, and distracting you, stop. Feel your soul, and then speak to your mind: Dear mind, thank you for everything you have done for me. You’ve done such an incredible—and incredibly difficult—job, all this time. Now you can rest. Soul is here, and you can rest, dear mind.


Don’t fight your mind. Give it a hug.

It is so tired. It has worked so hard to make this whole journey, this whole experience, possible. Now it can rest, and you can talk to it as Soul and say, Mind, rest now. You are safe. I am safe. Soul is here, and this year it is not your job to figure it out. It is your job to allow the discovery, as we discover together what it means to be a Human Divine.



Welcome home, dear friend.

And welcome to the year of mastery!



Oh, don’t worry, you cannot get it wrong!

It is not your job to get it right. It is not a competition. It is not a test. It is a discovery!

If it doesn’t happen instantly, if you don’t feel all these magical things happening instantly, that doesn’t mean you are getting it wrong. It takes time, because you created time so that you could spread the experience out into manageable pieces.

You could simply leave the planet, and become another dead ascended master.

Oh, they are watching!

They are watching, and they are amazed at what is happening right now, for we have gone way beyond where they went. And they are watching in amazement.


So, welcome home.

Be home!

There are no challenges at home, in your real home.

There are no challenges!

There are no problems, because everything takes care of itself.

But there is love.

At home within you, there is so much love now!

Let the human feel it.


Be home.

When you see the problems in your life smile, and simply be home. And watch how they solve themselves.


Many will solve themselves in ways that are different from what the human thinks they should, because, well, it’s all different now.

Now you are ready for solutions, rather than just problem solving, and so often the solution is something entirely different than what you saw in the problem.

So, be home.


Rest, dear human. You’ve earned it. You deserve it. Allow yourself to rest!

Nurture yourself.

Give yourself warm baths, if that feels nurturing to you.

Give yourself food that you like.

Take time to rest.

Your soul is there now.


And it was all your imagination to start with, including those problems, so now you can allow the imagination to change.

Now you can allow the discovery of your own mastery, of your own real magic, of your own love.



So, Happy New Year!

Welcome home!

And so it is.

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