Opening to the Nectar

Caterpillars eat leaves. Butterflies drink nectar. So many of us are in this process of transformation, and we wonder why our bodies seem to be falling apart instead of getting better. Here Johannes talks about why, and about what to do—or not do—about it.

Note: The channel mentioned later in the message is The Song of You.


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Opening to the Nectar – by John McCurdy
Channeled on March 24, 2021

I am that I am.

I am Johan of Magical Service, also known as John’s soul.


I invite you to take a moment to breathe in your own soul, to give permission, if you are willing, for your own soul to join into this discussion, this message.

Oh, it doesn’t matter when you are listening to this or when you are reading it. Just give permission, and so it is. You see, your soul exists outside of time, and so with your permission, its voice is included in this message.


So many of you are going through this process of embodying your divinity, of embodying your own soul.


You have come to the completion of your long, long journey on Earth. Through many, many incarnations you have come to the realization of Self, of your divinity, of your sovereignty.


It’s been a long journey, with many, many adventures. Hm, Human feels that’s much too kind of a word for what you’ve been through.

Indeed, many, many experiences, and many of them were difficult and painful. Physically, emotionally and every way a human can imagine, you’ve been through it. Many of those experiences were also beautiful, amazing and full of joy and pleasure.

Mmm… Many, many adventures.

Meanwhile, your soul—oh, your soul is you. It is the whole you, the divine you if you care to speak of it that way. It is the part of you that lives outside of time, that is eternal, that never dies, that never had a beginning and will never end. Ahh, don’t try to figure that one out in your mind, but you know it’s true.


You the human, oh, for so long you thought you were separate, this little being walking around on Earth. You wondered how you got here. You wondered what you did wrong to deserve this kind of punishment. Oh, and nothing could be further from the truth! You are here because you chose to be, because your soul said, “I want to have an experience. I want to know myself better.”

So, it sent a part of itself, a part of its own consciousness, into one of these human bodies on Earth. And it said, “Go, walk around, interact with the others, have some experiences. Here are some possibilities, but I have no agenda for you. Go and experience!”

Oh, Soul didn’t say, “Go and have fun.” It said, “Go and experience.” Some of those experiences were a lot of fun, some of them not so much. And yet they were experiences. And your soul created a veil, an illusion of separation, so that it wouldn’t distract you from these experiences.

You could say that your soul went to sleep. It sent you out and settled back in its chair, and it closed its eyes and it felt into you. And every experience you had, the energies of that experience came back to your soul. Your soul took them in, and it distilled them. It distilled them down to their essence, and it gathered the wisdom from those experiences.

Oh, you have I have no idea, dear human. You have no idea what that wisdom looks like, what it feels like, how it tastes. The most amazing honey on your planet pales in comparison!


And it’s all yours.

Because, you see, your soul is you. There is no difference between you and your soul. There is only the illusion of difference, and that illusion—if you are here, if you are resonating with these messages—that illusion is disappearing. It is fading away. Your soul and you are coming back to One.


Right now there is still a feeling of difference, because the mind was designed to interface between Soul and Human, between Soul and the physical Earth environment, and so it doesn’t really understand what Soul is. The human thinks in words, and there simply aren’t any words that can adequately describe divinity.


People have many different definitions of Soul. None of them are entirely accurate, because it doesn’t fit in words. It doesn’t fit within a definition. For our purposes here, we simply use that word as a handle for divinity, for that bigger part of you, the part of you that sent you to this planet and then settled back to receive the energies of the experiences—of your experiences—and to distill the wisdom.


But you see, dear friend, your soul’s nap has come to an end. Your soul has woken up.

Oh, you the human thought it was you that woke up, sometime in the past several years. You thought it was you, but it was actually your soul that woke up.

As your soul was feeling these experiences, it felt you come to a certain place and suddenly it understood that the journey was over. You see, you wanted to know yourself. You wanted to know what sovereignty is, what being a creator is. You wanted to understand how creation works and how energies work.

At some point, the nature of your human experiences began to change. You began to see through them in a new way, and as you did, your soul felt that and it woke up and said, “The time has come. The journey is over. We have reached our destination.”

Your soul said, “But oh, what a grand journey this has been!” It said, “I want to come and join my human in full consciousness. It’s time to take away this veil. It’s time for Human to realize Me, to know what I have realized, to experience life the way I experience it, to see life the way I see it. And more than that, I want to come in to this beautiful, amazing human of mine, and I want to see life the way human sees life. I want to feel life the way human does. I want to experience life the way my human does, and to allow my human to experience it all the way I do.”

And so, here are you are. You, dear Human, and you, dear Soul, blending together. Oh, it has never happened before in all of creation, this total blending of human and soul!


Oh, it brings up issues. You see, as you walked through these human experiences through lifetime after lifetime, you’ve had a lot of experiences that were difficult and painful, a lot of experiences that you had a difficult time handling, so you pushed them down into the depths of self. You buried them deep.


More specifically, you took the shame that you felt, the guilt, and buried those down deep.

You see, there were many experiences where you got hurt, and oh, that was painful. There were many experiences where you were betrayed, where your friends let you down and turned on you. So many experiences where you were hurt.


You felt those. You didn’t understand why it happened. You thought maybe those others were right that something was wrong with you. You felt ashamed, and you buried that shame and that guilt way down deep.

Then there were other experiences, where you hurt someone else. Sometimes you were angry. Sometimes you were simply defending yourself and you had no choice. Sometimes you were doing your job. Sometimes you were serving your God, or your king. It doesn’t really matter. You hurt someone else, and you felt ashamed. You felt the hurt and the guilt within yourself, and you buried it down deep so that you could go on with your life. So that it wouldn’t destroy you.


Now your soul is here, and your soul wants to come in. Your soul wants to come into your house, so to speak, and be with you.

Oh, but your soul is pure. Pure and innocent. It is the most precious part of you, so how can you… How can you…

(a pause as John chokes up with the intense feeling he’s receiving here)

This emotion is not just from John. You see I, John’s soul, and I, your soul if you have allowed it, we understand. How can the human allow something so pure, so precious, so valuable as your soul, to come into this house that is so full of shame and guilt?

How can you allow the essence of you to come into this body that has been defiled in so many ways, by others and even by you?

Oh, human feels like it has failed so many times. It feels like it has done so many bad things, evil things, wrong things. It feels like it has let down its soul so many times. So, even though the human—as its body and its mind—even though it wants this reunion more than anything else, it feels afraid. It feels terrified.

It’s afraid the soul is going to judge it. It’s afraid the soul is going to see the mess and think less of it. It is afraid that somehow, as it comes into the house of the human, this pure, precious soul is going to be corrupted or damaged.


And so this fear plays out. It plays out in the body as aches and pains. It plays out in the mind as feelings of insecurity and shame and even depression. Some people can’t handle it, and they lose their minds.

But you, dear friend, if you are here you have already come through the worst of it. Your soul is already blending with you. It is taking away the veil, this illusion of separation. It’s happening gently, carefully, for if it was just ripped away you would lose your mind, and probably your body too. So we are doing a gently.

And what you are beginning to understand, as your soul gently comes in more and more and allows you to feel more and more through its senses, and to see through its eyes, what you are coming to understand is that you have never, ever, ever done anything wrong.


Take that in, dear human.

Part of you doesn’t want to. Part of you still feels like you need to pay for all those bad things.

It is time to let that go.

It is time to let in the message, the knowing of your soul, the wisdom of all of your experiences, that you have never, ever, ever let your soul down!

You have never actually hurt anybody.



Oh, the human thinks it has been hurt so many times. It thinks it has hurt others so many times. But it was all a game. It was all an experience, just an experience, and the only lasting effect that any of it has, is the wisdom that your soul has distilled.

That incredible nectar! Oh, that is the only real result of all those experiences!


Some of you are going, “Well, I’m glad my soul liked it, but it sure hurt!”

Yes, indeed. But this nectar isn’t just for your soul. It is for you. And going forward now, you get to partake of it. You get to drink that nectar, and as you drink it, it never goes away.

You get the live that nectar, that beautiful, sweet nectar of wisdom. It’s all yours now. It’s all yours, and there is nothing like it.

As you go forward, you are a master of creation! A master of the universe, of the cosmos, of the many, many universes, and it is all because of those experiences.

No one was ever truly hurt.

Oh, there were moments of pain, indeed, and some of those moments you’ve carried with you. And it’s time to let them go. It’s time to turn your attention away from those, and to turn your attention to this wisdom that came from them.

Oh, that’s one of the ways that you hold on to these things. You feel them, and you think something is wrong. You have these memories of bad things that happened to you, of bad things that you did, and then all your attention goes there. It pushes the pain back down. It locks it in. It buries it deep in your body, and it holds it there as long as that’s where your attention is.

Oh, it’s good to become aware of these things. But then it’s time to ask your soul to show you its wisdom, to ask your soul to show you the wisdom that came from these experiences.


It won’t usually come in words. It won’t usually come in concepts that your mind understands, but you’ll find yourself coming to peace.

It isn’t your job to release these things. That is Soul’s job. Your only job is to let go of them.

Turn your attention to the wisdom. More importantly, more specifically, turn your attention to the life you are experiencing right now.


Your soul takes care of the rest.

Just let go. Open up. Open up to this experience of life, right here, right now.

In this moment you may be listening to John’s voice as I speak through it. You might be reading these words. It is an experience.

You might be having thoughts go through your mind about what you’re hearing or reading. You might find memories coming up. Whatever it is, it is just an experience.

Allow yourself to have this experience. To just have it!

You don’t have to figure it out. You don’t have to analyze it. You don’t have to do anything with it. Just let yourself have it. Let yourself be in the experience of this moment, and allow that to continue as the moment continuous.

That is where you’ll begin to become aware of your soul. That is where you’ll begin to see and feel, to see through your souls eyes and to see, to feel, through your soul’s many, many, many senses.


Just be in this experience.


So, you’ve been through so many experiences. You never got any of them wrong, but you thought you did, and you took that shame and you buried it deep in your body. Now your soul is coming in and that shame is like—hm, we’ll be bold here—it’s like sewage running around on the floors of your house. So how can you let your soul in?

Well, that’s a choice that was already made, so here is your soul. That sewage is running around in your house because you the human didn’t know what to do with it, and now you’re ashamed of it, which is just more sewage in the house. But here is the cool part, the amazing part: Your soul knows exactly what to do with it.

It knows how to take that sewage, that stinky, smelly, ugly sewage, and transform it into wisdom, into the most fragrant, delicious, amazing nectar you can’t even imagine! And that’s what your soul is doing right now.


Human is still trying to hide the sludge. It’s still feeling ashamed of being caught with all this ugly stuff in its house.

Soul is smiling. Soul is saying, “Let go. Please let go! All this stinky stuff is just the result of all these amazing experiences you’ve had. In a sense it is the dredge, the sludge, that we’ve cooked off of these experiences in order to make the nectar. But the amazing thing is that I, your soul, know how to take this yucky stuff and transform even it into nectar. See, we don’t waste anything!”

So, dear human, take a deep breath. Let me clean your house. The shame and guilt, especially the shame and guilt that you feel about me seeing your shame and guilt, is creating pain in your body and slowing down the process.

So take a deep breath. Come. Come up here where the air is a little cleaner. Stop trying to hide it all from me. Let me take it, please. Let me transform it.

You’re going to be amazed when your house gets clean. You won’t even recognize it!

You were ashamed because you thought it was your job to clean it, but it never was. It’s my job.

Let me do my job.

There isn’t anything that you, dear human, need to do anymore, except to allow me, your soul, your divinity, to do my job.


You won’t have to go through this again. In the past, sometimes I was able to collect that sludge at the end of a lifetime and transform it then. Sometimes we had to let it carry on into another lifetime, and another, so there’s sludge within you from many, many lifetimes. It’s part of what kept you coming back, what kept me coming back to Earth.

As one of my incarnations would come home there would be so much of this residue that even I didn’t know what to do with it yet, so I would send you back. I would send a part of me back, carrying some of that sludge from the other lifetime, and that would affect the experiences you had. And it would continue until finally, finally in this lifetime, it has all come together. In this lifetime we finally brought it all together, and now we are clearing out the very last of the sludge.


Let it happen, dear human. Don’t try to do it yourself.

Oh, you worry about the things you’re feeling in your body. So many of you are feeling so much in your body, so many strange sensations, so many aches and pains, so many systems that seem to be breaking down in your body, and you get scared and you worry. You wonder why this is happening. You wonder what you’re doing wrong or what you should be doing for your body.

Dear human, at this stage of things—and this only applies if you are truly resonating with this message, if you know in your heart that this is true for you. John wants us to be clear that this is not medical advice. This is advice to the master who knows that he or she is the master of their life, the master whose human and soul is becoming one.

But you see, you feel these things going on in your body, and your mind does what it has always done. It served you well in the past, but it doesn’t work anymore. Your mind takes this feeling, this pain—just this morning, John had a very sharp pain show up in the area of his teeth. For a minute he wondered, “Is my tooth going bad? Am I going to have to see a dentist?”

And I reminded him, “You do not know what this pain is about, so let it be. Let me take care of it.”

You see, dear friend, you are no longer a caterpillar.

You know the beautiful metaphor of the caterpillar: It spends its life eating its way from leaf to leaf, eating and pooping, eating and pooping, until one day it loses its mind and it does something crazy like spinning a cocoon or creating a chrysalis. And it goes inside and turns into—it dissolves, the body dissolves into a puddle of goo. And then something magical happens: that puddle of goo begins to take shape again. It becomes a completely new and different creature. There is still the consciousness of the being that was a caterpillar, but now it is something completely different. It’s a butterfly, a beautiful, amazing butterfly.

So dear friend, you are not a caterpillar anymore. Not if you are here. Not if you are resonating with anything in this message.

More specifically—and hear this carefully: More specifically, you are not a human anymore. So when you feel that pain in your body, how would you know what it is about or what its cause is?

Oh, your mind tries to figure it out. Your mind feels the pain and it reaches into the past like it always has, and it finds the things that felt like that and it says, “Oh, that pain means this. Well, I better hurry up and get that taken care of.”

Dear friend, you are not that person anymore. You are not that human anymore. You simply aren’t! So how do you know what that pain is really about?

That pain this morning wasn’t about John’s tooth. It was about some old stuck energy being released from his body.

Oh, John could have made it about his tooth. He could have said, “Oh my god, my tooth is going bad, I need to go see a dentist!” And, well, those things have a funny way of manifesting when you lock them in like that.

Instead John said, “Ouch! But I’m not going to worry about it, because this is just part of the process. I might as well be a pile of goo right now, a puddle of goo, and how would I possibly know what a pain in some particular part of that goo is really about?”

Now, your physical body isn’t turning into goo like the caterpillar does, but there is a way in which the metaphor still applies. Your body does not work the way that it used to work.

You’ve heard of the anayatron, the communications network between the cells. It’s not there anymore! It has gone away, making space for something that we can’t even describe in words.

The cells in your body are transforming. There has been an empty place in every cell in your body. It’s been there for eons and eons. It’s been there ever since the human body came to be. An empty place in your cells just waiting to be filled with divinity, and that’s what is happening right now.

But those cells are scared. They are so used to having that empty place in them, and it feels strange to have it filled up. Some of them are resisting it. They are afraid to let it happen because they are going to lose their identity. For indeed, when that divinity comes in and it fills that place in your cells, it does more than just fill some little empty spot in your cells. It transforms the whole cell, and the cell loses its identity and becomes something entirely new.


But they are afraid of that. Your body, as much as it wants—more than anything else, it wants this transformation, but—as much as it wants it, it is terrified. It is terrified that it will lose itself. It is terrified that it will get it wrong, that somehow it’ll mess up the process, that somehow it will block the process and be disappointed yet again.

But dear friend, this process is happening. You cannot get it wrong. You can slow it down a little bit by fighting it, and you can slow it down quite a bit by trying to stop it, by trying to fix those aches and pains and by thinking that they mean there’s something wrong.


That just sets them in place, and then there will be something wrong and you’ll have to go through all of that. Instead, take a breath and let the pain be there.

If it’s too strong and it’s making you crazy, it’s okay to take a pill, some pain medicine. But let it be. Have the experience. Don’t analyze it. Don’t think about what it could be, because it’s not that anymore. And even if it is, I’m taking care of it! Your soul!

You see, you’ve always longed for the day when your body could simply heal without needing a doctor, without needing anything. Well, that day is here. It’s here now, but you have to let it.

It doesn’t work the same way it used to, and when you treat those aches and pains the way that you used to, the way that your mind thinks it needs to treat them, you just lock them in place. Instead, just be with them. Invite your soul to be with them, with you.

Don’t put an agenda on that of fixing it. Simply invite your soul to be with you in this pain, in this experience.

Don’t expect some dramatic sensation of your soul joining you, because your soul is you. It is already here.

Just invite it. The invitation isn’t for your soul, it is for you. It is a way, an act, of opening up, of turning this over to your soul. It is an act of saying, “I am ready for this transformation. I understand now that I do not understand what any of these aches and pains are about anymore. I can’t, because my body is not what it was before, even though it looks similar. So I turn this over to my soul, to that beautiful nectar of wisdom that knows exactly what to do with all of these things, and I am going to trust my soul and let it handle these things.”

Dear friend, there is another layer to this. We’ve addressed this a bit in some of our recent messages.

You wonder, what is your soul? You try to find your soul, you try to touch it, you try to feel it. Well, it’s actually really easy:

Touch your body. Just touch it anywhere.

You are touching your soul.

Touch something else. Touch the chair, or the sofa, or whatever you are sitting or lying on. Touch it.

That is your soul.

Look around at the things in your life. The furniture in your room. Your home. The city or country around you.

Everything you see is your soul!


If you don’t understand that, go back and listen to our recent channel entitled, The Song of You.


It is all your soul.

We won’t try to explain all that right now because, well, it’s not really explainable. We already did in that other channel, but we just want to come back to this amazing, transformative concept.

Touch your body and know that you are touching your soul.

Touch another person. You are still touching your soul!

Because what you perceive as the human of that other person, is only a reflection created by your own soul, out of itself.

Everything in your experience, everything in your life, is created by your soul, out of itself.

When you touch yourself, you are touching your soul. It is that close to you. And maybe, that will give you a new perspective on making love to yourself.

Every person you come in contact with, the part of them that the human perceives is your soul.

The world that you see, and everything in it, is your soul.

Maybe that will give you a little bit different perspective on why we ask you to let go of the battles, to step back. Because you are only battling yourself.

You see, the chaos in the world is only a reflection of the template of mass consciousness, and when you battle it, when you try to change it and try to fix it, it only feeds those things that you are battling. Because it brings your attention there and your soul always gives you more of whatever has your attention.

So, you are just battling yourself. You have never actually battled anything but yourself, and now you know that. Now I know that. Your soul knows that. So now we can let all the battles go, and watch what happens in your life then, and in the world around you. You will be amazed!


In particular, right now, as you go through this intense process of transformation, I would like you to touch your body. Touch your body as though it is your own soul, because it is. Touch your body as though it were this being that you’ve longed for so long, because it is.

This amazing body, this amazing home for your consciousness within which you’ve lived for so many lifetimes, it is me, your soul!


What a beautiful illusion we created, to hide that from our self! Ahh, but here it is.

I am this close, dear friend. Your very essence.

I am your body. I am everything about you.

And if you, dear human mind, if you can simply allow what you feel, in the coming days and weeks and months in particular, your life will transform. Your body will transform.

The butterfly is emerging, and you have never seen a butterfly like this one!

Trust me, dear friend. Trust your own self!


And as you touch me through your body, feel me touching you. And let in my love.

Oh, my love and my gratitude for everything, everything that you have ever experienced in this incredible journey!

Oh, I love you. I, your soul, love you so, so very much!

My dear human, my dear self, open up. Join me in this incredible finale of experience.

Taste, with me, this indescribable nectar of wisdom, of knowing. It is here for you. It belongs to you.

You and I, we are one. We always have been, but now we both know it.


And so it is.

* Note: Conscious channeling is an act of translating incoming feelings into human words the mind can understand. It is an imprecise process and sometimes the wrong words come out of my mouth. In the recording it is usually quite obvious what the intended meaning was, but it’s not so obvious in the transcript, so they must be corrected. Those words or phrases, if any, are marked with an asterisk (*) since they are different from the recording.

Also, since spoken word is very different from properly written word, along with my soul I have edited the text slightly. My (our) focus here is not on good grammar, but on clarity and readability without making it too confusing for those who choose to read along while listening to the audio recording. Changes that do not impact the meaning are not marked.

In transcribing these messages I have chosen to include many of the various ahhs, hmms, and other non-word sounds that come out of my mouth while channeling, because they indicate a moment to pause, take a breath, and reflect upon what has just been said. —John

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* Nota: La canalización consciente es un acto de traducción de los sentimientos que llegan en palabras humanas para que la mente pueda entenderlos. Es un proceso impreciso y a veces salen de mi boca palabras equivocadas. En la grabación generalmente es bastante obvio cuál era el significado deseado, pero no es tan obvio en la transcripción, por lo que deben ser corregidas. Estas palabras o frases, si las hubiera, están marcadas con un asterisco (*), ya que son diferentes a las de la grabación.

Además, como la palabra hablada es muy diferente de la palabra correctamente escrita, junto con mi alma he editado ligeramente el texto. Mi (nuestra) atención no se centra en la buena gramática, sino en la claridad y la legibilidad sin que resulte demasiado confuso para aquellos que decidan leer mientras escuchan la grabación de audio. Los cambios que no afectan al significado no están marcados.

Al transcribir estos mensajes he decidido incluir muchos de los diversos ahhs, hmms y otros sonidos sin palabras que salen de mi boca mientras canalizo, porque indican un momento para hacer una pausa, tomar un respiro y reflexionar sobre lo que se acaba de decir. —John

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