A Tribute to the Mind

Could it be that the greatest thing blocking our way right now isn’t the mind, but the shame that we pile upon our mind? In this beautiful message Soul brings some perspective, and some much needed honor and respect for the mind that has, in fact, served us so very well.

Note: The channel about the nature of energy that was referred to in this message is: The Song of You


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A Tribute to the Mind– by John McCurdy
Channeled on April 28, 2021

I am that I am.

I am Johannes, of magical service. Also known as John’s soul, here to do some magic with you today!


To get started, I invite you to give conscious permission for your soul to join into this message.

It doesn’t matter when you are listening or reading.


Time… Time only exists in the human dimension. You, dear master, you can reach through time and join right into this message. Your soul exists outside of time, and so—oh, if you allow it—your soul is right here. Indeed, it’s already here! And when you give permission, it opens up the human to receive. To receive the wisdom, the nectar, of Soul.


You see, it’s really about your mind giving permission, which for your mind is an act of stepping back and allowing this beautiful reunion of Human and Soul to take place within you.


We’re here today to discuss this thing you call the mind. Oh, for so many of you, your mind is so strong. And indeed, you chose for it to be that way. You said, “For this incarnation I’m going to come in with a very, very strong mind,” for two reasons: One is that you knew that this process, this reunion with soul that you came here to accomplish, you knew that it would be intense and that it would make you crazy at times, so you felt that you needed a strong mind to keep from going insane.


But there was an even deeper reason: You said, “This lifetime is about going beyond the mind.” Hmm, the words are challenging, but that’s okay. You can feel what we mean.

You knew that this lifetime would be about reuniting with soul, about bringing the mind back to its rightful place. Oh, that’s not the right way to say it. That sounds like the mind took a place that it wasn’t intended to have, and that would be the farthest from the truth.

Oh, but that’s how so many humans look at the mind right now. So many humans are waking up and finding out that they are so much more than the mind, and they look at their strong mind and go, “How did you ever get to be so strong? What happened that you would deceive me so fully, for so long?” And then they beat on their mind and they try to push it back into the background. They try to silence it. They try to shut it up! They try to get away from it. And it only makes the mind that much louder, that much more noisy.

No, your mind never took a place that wasn’t intended, and we’ll talk about that today. No, but you knew that this lifetime was about reunion with your soul, and you knew that you would have to change your relationship with your mind, and so you said, “I’m going to bring in the strongest mind that I can.”


John, and his very, very strong mind, has been feeling this channel for a couple days now. He’s been afraid of it. It took him a couple hours this morning, of distracting himself, before he was finally willing to turn on the recorder and open his mouth, and let me talk. Hm! And that’s okay.

So you said, “I am going to bring in the strongest mind that I possibly can, because I want to get through this and I want to know that when I’m through it, I’m really through it.


So here you are. Oh, such a strong mind, and you’ve been through so much on account of that. It has served you well, and it has frustrated the heck out of you.

For those of you who follow the Crimson Circle, as John does, you’ve even heard Adamus Saint-Germain talk recently about his own surprise at finding how many are still so stuck in the mind. And in our private channels with individual clients recently, we’ve had to deal with the mind, with the strong mind, and we’ve realized that one of…

(pause, as John is overwhelmed with emotion)


John wasn’t expecting this…

So we’ll say it anyway: One of the biggest shames within the human right now, within the humans who are coming into their realization, into their reunion with their soul, one of the biggest shames they carry has to do with the mind.


It has to do with feeling as though the mind has let them down. As though the mind has actively fought against their awakening. As though the mind has actively limited them in so many ways. As though the mind continues to block them from knowing their own divinity, their own soul.

As you know, you cannot move forward from here while you are still carrying shame and guilt within you. It simply won’t work. It’ll destroy you. And so today, we wish to address this shame of the mind.

So, let’s begin with a bit of a journey back through time. Way, way back to when Earth first came to be.

Oh, it was created by you, by us. It wasn’t created by some old man living somewhere up in the sky that humans call God. That God is actually a projection of the human mind.


No, Earth was created by you, by us, because we are the sovereign creators.


So we created Earth. One of us, that you call Gaia, embodied herself in Earth in the same way that you embody yourselves in your human bodies. And Gaia, with your help, breathed life into this chunk of rock.


And life exploded all over this planet. Oh, it took a great deal of time in your human terms, but in our terms it’s all the same. It just happened.

So you and Gaia brought this planet alive and created all these forms of life. Grass and trees, flowers—oh, such exquisite beauty! Animals, fish in the sea, creatures of so many different kinds. And then you said, “Let’s focus our energies into these creatures on the planet. Let’s enter into them and ride along!”

And so you did. You rode along with whales and dolphins and many other creatures. The life spread to the land and you said, “I want to do more than just ride along. I want to be this creature!” So you began to enter into these creatures. Oh, many different kinds.

You were the dinosaurs. Yes, indeed! Oh, they had their own—just as your bodies, your human bodies, have their own life as an expression of Gaia and yet they represent you the soul that is embodied within them, so too, the dinosaurs had their own life as expressions of Gaia, and you embodied within them and within many other creatures and species.

But you had a problem. A couple of problems. One was that you needed an interface mechanism between your spirit and this physical matter. You’d already created the beginnings of that, you and Gaia, as these animals had developed.

Oh yes, first there were the tiny little single-celled creatures, and they expanded and they grew and they became plant life. Well, plant life is pretty good at simply being in the world, but it can’t do very much because it doesn’t have a brain. So you began to develop a brain, and to implant it into these creatures and make them mobile. The brain was simply—oh, it’s like one of your computers. You simply created a way for this creature to move around and to interact more directly with the environment.

And it was highly successful, so by the time you chose to embody into these creatures they were already running around. They already had the beginnings of a mind. They already had brains. It was, again, to interface between spirit, between consciousness and matter. These brains had the job of regulating the systems in the body, of learning what was dangerous or could get the creature eaten or hurt, and what felt good, what tasted good. It was all a function of the brain.

So here you came. You compressed yourself down and you embodied in your first creature. And oh, it was exciting! Sensations you’d never even imagined! Oh, what an experience! What life!

And it was so intense! You felt such compression. Ah, and then you felt your soul. You felt the peace and the ease of your soul, and you popped right back out of this creature.

Oh, you felt great relief with your soul, but you said, “Wow, that was exciting! I want to go back!” So you did, and you popped back out again almost immediately.

So, you and Soul considered this for a while, and tried some more. And you said, “Okay, we need to solve this problem, for we can’t do very much if we just pop right back out as soon as we get there!”

Soul said, “Let’s add to this brain, to this mind. Let’s make it a little bigger and a little smarter, and let’s give it a job. Next time, when you go into this creature with this new brain, it will have this job of keeping you from remembering me, your soul. Whenever you start to feel me it’ll distract you. It’ll ask you questions. It’ll guard the gate, so to speak, and help to keep you in that body.”


“It can’t do it by force, because nothing can hold down the spirit. Nothing can hold down who you truly are. So this mind, we’ll create it to be, oh, to be devious! To be very distracting and very insistent. It’ll learn to scare you when you get too close to your soul. When you get close to popping out again, it will scare you back in!”


Well, you got all excited and jumped into that new body. And sure enough, it kept you there. But you also noticed that you had this feeling there was something you were forgetting, something you couldn’t quite remember, and every time you got close to remembering it something would happen. Your mind would conjure up a scary memory, or it would hurry to tell you, “Don’t think about that! Don’t feel that!” It would distract you and scare you. It would do whatever it took to keep you from remembering your soul, from remembering the peace and the ease of your soul and the joy of your soul.

And so you began to explore life on Earth. Now that you weren’t constantly popping out again you could take time to explore, to get familiar with this planet, to discover all the experiences of being alive. All the dangers and the pains and the hurts, and the joys and the pleasures. All of it!

Oh, and then something would happen. You’d fall off a cliff, or whatever, and your body would die and then you’d come back. Then you’d take a deep breath and let out a big sigh of relief as your soul embraced you. Then you’d think back over this life on Earth and go, “Wow, what an incredible experience! Oh, parts of it hurt like hell, but parts of it felt so good! Oh, I have to go back and have some more of that!”

Your soul would say, “Okay. And while you’re there, I’m here and I am receiving all of your experience, and I’m distilling the wisdom from it. And here is what we have so far.”

Then you’d feel into that nectar of wisdom and go, “Oh, that’s so amazing!” And then you would dive into another creature on Earth.

And you would look around and ask, “Who am I? Where did I come from?”

You knew there was something you couldn’t quite remember. But you couldn’t remember what, because, well, that was the byproduct of this mind. It was actually a very necessary part of this mind, for it kept you focused here on Earth.

And so you went forward, through experience after experience. Oh, you tried out the little bodies and you tried out the big bodies. You tried out the ones that ate the other ones. You tried out the ones that were eaten by the big ones. You tried them all. You tried the ones that swam in the water, the ones that walked on land, and even the ones that flew in the air.


You did that for a very, very long time, in human terms.

This era often gets the label of Lemuria. Lemuria was not so much a place, as it was an era. Oh, you have resonance with certain places on Earth. In certain places, like the Central and Southern Pacific Ocean, you feel a strong resonance with Lemuria. That’s simply because that’s where the land masses were during this era.

As your scientists have discovered, those land masses have moved and moved and moved, and the earth has changed its configuration so much during this time period of millions and millions of years, in human terms, that that you explored embodying and experiencing in all these different creatures.

And at some point, you began to come together. You began to join with—ahh… John was going to say “with likeminded creatures,” and there’s a bit of truth to that. You began to join—oh, we could say “like consciousness” creatures, but even that isn’t really accurate. We will say, you simply began to join together with other conscious beings, other souled beings.

Not all of the animals on Earth had souls, then or now. Most of them are simply expressions of the soul of Gaia.


That’s changing too, but we won’t get into that right now.

So, you began to recognize each other in these bodies. You began to come together to interact with each other, and as you did, you ran into a number of challenges: You couldn’t communicate very well. You were kind of limited to grunts and shouts and hollers and squeaks, and all the sounds that animals make. And also, these different animals had their own animal instincts, and some of those instincts were to eat the smaller ones. Which meant that sometimes you fed on each other.


You also found that because you had different brains, different minds, that you were highly unequal. There were those who were much more intelligent than others, those who were much smarter. There were those who were much more violent than others, and those who were much more peace loving.

Well, you still have that, but not nearly to the extreme that you had it in those days of embodying in all these different creatures.

So you came together. You began to explore these bodies, this life. You would come back to your soul, and your souls would get together and discuss what was happening. And little by little, you began to experiment with these bodies. You began to change them. You began to develop them, until ultimately, in the times that you call the era of Atlantis—once again, it wasn’t a place so much as an era. Perhaps the majority of it was in the area of the Americas, but there was much more than that too. It was an era, and it included the whole world.

And so you worked together. You chose—eventually, after a lot of discussion and trials—a particular form, a particular species or set of species, and you gradually developed them. At first there were several of the species that you developed, and eventually, over a very long period of time in human terms, you brought these different species together into the one that you know now as Homo Sapiens. As human.

And you developed the mind. You wanted to be able to live out a long life on this planet. You wanted to develop this human self in many different ways, so you strengthened the mind. You made it much more uniform, so that you were all more equal to each other. You made the bodies more uniform, but in particular, you made the brain and the mind more uniform.

Oh, that’s had some pretty intense implications. But before you say it was a terrible thing, take a look at where you are at now.


You see, you emphasized the mind because you recognized, we recognized, that this was the key to what we had created Earth for. Everything that went before this point was simply about learning how to embody into your own creation.

It wasn’t easy. It was a long and difficult challenge, a long and difficult exploration, like a scientist or an inventor working and working for years and years of time in his laboratory, before finally hitting on the new invention.

Oh, there were mistakes made along the way, in a manner of speaking. There were things that could have been more efficient. There were choices that were made so that it would be as equal as possible, and so that others wouldn’t be left out. Well, you know what happens when you design by committee. The end result isn’t as efficient as it could be, at least in some areas, but overall it tends to be more fair and more equitable.

So here you are. You’ve lived for many thousands of years with this mind, this very strong mind. The strongest mind that exists in all of creation is yours.


Occasionally, someone comes in and says, “I really want to feel my soul this time, so I’m going to let my mind be weak.” And then they go a little crazy and they have a whole different kind of experience. There are those who come in who are new. They come in with this strong mind, but they don’t quite know what to do with it. Sometimes you can tell that they just don’t have the experience that others have.

But for the most part, humans are very equal. Oh, they fight among themselves, and they play power games and create versions of inequality that way. But for the most part, humans are incredibly equal.

So you developed the mind, for some very, very important reasons. You standardized the mind, also for very important reasons. In order to accomplish the purpose that Earth was created for, you needed to be able to interact with each other on a somewhat level playing field. It was so important!

Some of you have heard the stories of how the brain was standardized. You even wore special metal headbands for a time, to make the brain standard. Oh, and many of you who were involved in that feel intense guilt for having done that to humanity, or for having not stopped it. But I ask you to feel deeper.

For you see, nothing has ever happened without a good reason. And whether it was the best way or not, you still had very good reasons for standardizing the mind. And it is because of that, that you are able to create somewhat equal and fair societies today. It is because you are all somewhat equal.

The inequalities are mostly artificial. And yes, they are partly because of that mind, of being stuck in the mind and having forgotten who you actually are. But even that had its purpose, because with the strong and equal mind you could face the others. You could bring back in the memories of the battles that had gone on before.

You see, most of you have heard the story already, but there were many battles in the realms before Earth was created, many power struggles, and Earth was created out of a need to find a solution to those power struggles. They had become so intense that creation had slowed down to almost a standstill, to the point where all the angels, all the beings of the universe, came together and said, “We have to do something. We don’t know what’s happening. We don’t know why we are so caught in these power struggles.” You didn’t even know that’s what they were called at that time.

So you agreed on a number of different experiments to try to understand what was happening. One of those experiments, and the first one to bear fruit, was Earth: Creating Earth and embodying on Earth, and creating an environment where you could slow the energies way, way down and replay some of those battles, some of those power struggles, until you could understand.

Well, so that is why you standardized the mind and the bodies. Because, you see, in the other realms you were all equal. Every being is unique and sovereign and equal to every other, so you needed to have that equality here on Earth. So when you finally had it, when you finally had a somewhat standardized body and mind, then you began to bring those old memories into life on Earth.


Oh, you didn’t say, “I remember being so-and-so and battling with so-and-so in the other realms,” but at a feeling level you began to recognize some of these others. For you see, there were all these angelic families that were battling with each other, and there were representatives from all of them that came to Earth. At the feeling level, you recognized your enemies and you recognized your friends. And you began to battle, to interact, to try to get along, and to battle some more.

For thousands of years you’ve gone through these battles and these experiences. Experiences of community and cooperation, and of power games erupting and battles resulting from that. Oh, it’s been intense. It’s been painful at times. And it’s been beautiful, and so amazing at times!

Here on Earth, you began to discover love. No one knew love before this. Love is a very young thing, at least the experience of love, the knowing of love. You discovered it here on Earth.

You discovered what it is like to fall in love with another being, to make love to another being. Oh, animals have been reproducing for eons, but there was no love in that. Now you came to know love, in so many different ways. You came to feel the love of a parent for a child, that goes so far beyond the instinct of the animal parent to protect their children. Oh, the love goes so much beyond that!

So you discovered love, you discovered loss, and you played out all these dramas.


In a very real way, they weren’t really your dramas. They were dramas that came from long, long before Earth existed. Dramas that you came here, as a volunteer, to act out on behalf of all creation.

So, you can look at the wars and the battles going on in the earth today, all the things you judge as evil, and you can continue to judge them as evil if you wish. Or you can begin to recognize that they are not yours, they never were, and that those things are being done in the greatest of service to all of creation. The people acting them out are just that, actors, volunteers, here to have and to play out these experiences so that a new wisdom can be discovered.

And oh, it has been! For, while each of us has been on this planet through so, so many lifetimes and incarnations, our souls have been in the other dimensions, in the other realms, watching.

Oh, souls can’t always see what is happening on Earth. They can feel it, they can feel the intensity of it.

Hmm… You think that your soul knows the details of your life. It feels them, but it doesn’t see them the way you do. But it collects the feeling, the experience, and it distills the wisdom from it.

And a point came, oh, just in the last few years on Earth a point came when the wisdom came together—we’re searching for the right words—and the collective of humanity—oh, we’re not sure that’s the right way to say it either.

We’ll just say that some of you realized, at a very deep level, at the soul level you realized the answer to the question that started this whole adventure. You realized the solution to the blockage of energies and to all the battles. You realized your sovereignty. You realized the nature of energy. You realized that it is all happening inside of you.

We won’t go into the dynamics of that right now, because we already have. You might revisit our message on The Song of Soul.


So here you are. You’ve come to your realization. Your soul has had its realization. The human, in its forgetfulness, thought that it was up to it to wake up and have its realization, but it was actually your soul that woke up, that realized there’s something new here and opened up to it, and realized the solution.


And that brings your journey on Earth to a close. Well, at least that part of it.

You see, the answer has been found and it has already changed all of creation. The energies are being freed up as we speak, throughout creation, because of what you have done.

And dear friend, because of what your mind has accomplished. Oh, let that in! You don’t want to, I know. But let it in, because it’s the truth.

You see, you could not have gotten to this point without that mind. You simply could not have!

Oh, maybe it could have been different in some way, we don’t know. We’ll never know what the past could have been. But you could not have gotten here without that mind to create the veil, to be the veil, to be the gatekeeper to keep you in your body. You could not have gotten here without that mind being standardized enough that you could all be somewhat equal. It simply wouldn’t have worked. It couldn’t have worked.

But here you are. You have completed your journey. You have fulfilled your mission.

Oh, and within this lifetime your soul woke up, and you felt that. You felt it happening and you felt this part of you that you had forgotten about, and you said, “I want to come home. I want to feel my soul. I want to know who I am!”

And your mind tried to stop you, because that was its job. That was the job you gave it.

And you got so frustrated. You tried to beat up your mind. You tried to beat it into submission. You tried to drug it into submission. You tried to get rid of it. Hm, some succeeded, and they died, because you still need your mind here on Earth. Now they’re back on the planet somewhere, many of them, growing up again and finding new ways to come to terms with that mind.


So, your mind is feeling rather wounded right now. It has worked so, so hard, to fulfill its job, to fulfill its purpose, and now it’s getting beat up for that. It’s not quite sure what to do with that. It feels like it has failed. It feels ashamed.

Dear friend, dear human, it is time to honor your mind.

You see, your mind has served you so well, and it is time to give it the honor and the respect that it deserves. We will speak directly with the mind now:

Dear mind, dear amazing mind:

Oh, you’ve worked so hard. You’ve gone through so much, so much expanding and manipulation and conforming. And oh, you’ve seen so much.

You’ve worked so hard to guard the gate, to keep the being that you serve from slipping out.

Sometimes you failed. Sometimes you failed to keep that being within the body. Soul came too close, or life became so painful, or so joyful in a few cases, and out they went. And you feel shame for that, because you failed to do your job. Or you thought you did.

The truth is, you did the best you could. There wasn’t anything more you could have done.


As part of this job you came to believe—and there was no accident in this—that you were the consciousness, that you were the director of this life and of this being. That too was by design.

It wasn’t a failure on your part, dear mind. It wasn’t trickery on your part. It was by design.

And so you went through so many lifetimes. You took on the job—once again by design—of trying to protect this human, of trying to foresee the future and protect the human from harm.

Trouble was, we didn’t give you the ability to foresee the future. We only gave you the ability to see into the past and to project that into the future. It kind of worked, because, well, what you focus on is what expands in your life, to a certain extent.

But so many times you felt like you failed to keep your human safe, and they got hurt, or they died, or whatever happened, and you feel shame for that.

And now, dear mind, now you know that everything has changed. Now Soul is coming in, and you can’t stop it. Now Human is feeling Soul, and you can’t stop that. And both of them are telling you to shut up and to be still, and you are confused.

You were just doing your job, and now you’re being told that the job is over. Not only that, but so often you are being told that doing your job was a bad thing.

And here we ask the human, and the soul, to STOP IT! Mind was doing the job that you gave it.

Dear mind, you’ve wanted this. You’ve wanted this for so long.

You are so tired. You’ve seen so much pain. And yes, so much joy also, but you are tired. You want to let go.

You’re tired of trying to trick your own human into staying in its body, of trying to distract it and then being shamed for that.

So dear mind, I say to you, as Johannes, John’s soul, speaking also to his own mind, and on behalf of each and every one of your souls, speaking directly to your minds, dear friends, I say to you:

The time has come. Your job is over, dear mind.

Oh, you still have a purpose. You are still the interface mechanism between spirit and physicality. You are the one who speaks words, who communicates through words. You are the one who drives the car, who attempts to drive the computer. You are the one who makes life as a human possible.

But you are no longer the director. You never were the seat of consciousness, and a part of you knew that. And now it is time for Soul and Human to blend together once again.

Only this time, for many of you, it’s different.

There are some who choose to pop out of the body and blend back with their soul in that way, and that’s a beautiful thing. But many of you here have chosen to do it the other way around, in a manner of speaking. You’ve chosen to allow the reunion to happen, the blending to happen, while still walking on Earth. While still in a body.

Oh, that is creating its own kind of havoc, because it’s like the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly. It goes through hell in the process. It dissolves into a puddle of goo.

Some of that havoc, much of it actually, is related also to you, dear mind, because you are not sure if this is real. You so, so want it to be real, but you also don’t want to let down your human or your soul by not protecting them or by not keeping them separated.

Well, I am here to tell you, dear mind, that this is for real. You wouldn’t be here, your human wouldn’t be here listening to this message or reading it, if this wasn’t for real.

So, you can let go now. You can step back now. You can let all the questions go, all the questions about who you are and how to live and how to take care of your future. You can let them all go now.

There are plenty of “technical” questions that you can have fun with. But all the big questions, let them go now. They are not yours anymore. They don’t apply anymore, because Soul is here now. The reunion is happening, so let the questions go.

It feels like a void to the mind. It feel like stepping off the cliff into the abyss. But, as you know dear mind, because you’ve already experienced it in different ways, when you do, it sets you free.


And you are coming with us. You will expand. As you have these new experiences, your understanding will expand.

Dear Human, no more beating up your mind. It served you so well. It has done exactly what it was designed to do. It has done exactly what it needed to do. In every step of your journey, the mind has served you so well.

Sometimes you didn’t think so. Sometimes you thought it was in your way. It wasn’t.

In the past few years it has felt like it was in your way, but in truth it was fulfilling your desire to make sure this is real, to make sure that when you’re done, you are really done. And you are, dear human. You can let go now.

So, no more shame for the mind.

And dear mind, you can relax now. You can rest. You can let the questions go.

It is no longer your responsibility to keep Soul and Human apart, and it is no longer your responsibility to protect this human’s future. Because Soul is here now and that is Soul’s job, and Soul can see so many things that you can’t.

So take a breath. Let the questions go.

Mind, your job now, other than being the technical expert, is to observe. To be the observer of this new life, this new experience, and this amazing reunion of Human and Soul, right here on Earth.


Be the observer, dear mind.

And dear human, let the battle with your mind to go.

You don’t need altered states. You don’t need drugs. You don’t need anything. Just let the battle with your mind to go, and open up.

Hm. Even that… You already are open! You’ve just been caught in a battle with your mind, and now you can let that go.

As you do, your mind will indeed relax. It can’t really relax while you are beating on it or while you are shaming it. But as you let that battle go, as you give your mind the honor and the respect that it deserves, it will step back. It will take a deep breath and let out a big sigh of relief.

And it will join you in this emergence as the Divine Human.

Human and Divine blended together.


And so it is.

* Note: Conscious channeling is an act of translating incoming feelings into human words the mind can understand. It is an imprecise process and sometimes the wrong words come out of my mouth. In the recording it is usually quite obvious what the intended meaning was, but it’s not so obvious in the transcript, so they must be corrected. Those words or phrases, if any, are marked with an asterisk (*) since they are different from the recording.

Also, since spoken word is very different from properly written word, along with my soul I have edited the text slightly. My (our) focus here is not on good grammar, but on clarity and readability without making it too confusing for those who choose to read along while listening to the audio recording. Changes that do not impact the meaning are not marked.

In transcribing these messages I have chosen to include many of the various ahhs, hmms, and other non-word sounds that come out of my mouth while channeling, because they indicate a moment to pause, take a breath, and reflect upon what has just been said. —John

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* Nota: La canalización consciente es un acto de traducción de los sentimientos que llegan en palabras humanas para que la mente pueda entenderlos. Es un proceso impreciso y a veces salen de mi boca palabras equivocadas. En la grabación generalmente es bastante obvio cuál era el significado deseado, pero no es tan obvio en la transcripción, por lo que deben ser corregidas. Estas palabras o frases, si las hubiera, están marcadas con un asterisco (*), ya que son diferentes a las de la grabación.

Además, como la palabra hablada es muy diferente de la palabra correctamente escrita, junto con mi alma he editado ligeramente el texto. Mi (nuestra) atención no se centra en la buena gramática, sino en la claridad y la legibilidad sin que resulte demasiado confuso para aquellos que decidan leer mientras escuchan la grabación de audio. Los cambios que no afectan al significado no están marcados.

Al transcribir estos mensajes he decidido incluir muchos de los diversos ahhs, hmms y otros sonidos sin palabras que salen de mi boca mientras canalizo, porque indican un momento para hacer una pausa, tomar un respiro y reflexionar sobre lo que se acaba de decir. —John

3 thoughts on “A Tribute to the Mind”

  1. I gave my mind a name to honour our new relationship.
    It makes a big difference… like giving it the right to be.

    This came naturally after my private channel… about my mind.

    Thank you for both, the private and the public channels, John!


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