Trust the Flow of Your River

“You have struggled with this river your whole life. In all of your many lifetimes you have struggled with this river of life. You’ve paddled your little boat so hard. You’ve planned out your course and you’ve worked so hard to make your little boat go upstream, and to go where you thought it needed to go… You can let that go now, because I, your soul, am here. And with me here you don’t need any paddles, because what you are going to discover is that, well, I am that river!” —Your Soul

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Trust the Flow of Your River – by John McCurdy
Channeled on August 2, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.

I am that I am, Master John of Magical Service!


I am here to do some magic with you today! And also, with my human named John.


Oh yes, Master John. What does that mean?

Well, you could say that I am John’s soul. I am John’s divinity. I am everything that John is, in particular the parts that seem to be outside of the human. They are actually not outside at all. They are inside.

I am ALL that John is! And the human part of me, this human part of me, is beginning to feel me, more and more.

I am the wisdom. Oh, the wisdom that I have collected and distilled from every experience that John has ever had, or that any of my other human incarnations have had, and there have been many hundreds of them.

Actually, there ARE many hundreds of them, living in different parts of what you call your timeline. But it’s not a line at all. It is a timescape, like a landscape, and these other humans of me are living in different parts of this timescape.

It is generally necessary to keep them in different parts of the timescape because, well, it’s better for them not to meet. It raises too many questions for the mind. It creates paradoxes that the mind can’t quite figure out, and it tends to go a little crazy when it has to try, so we keep them separate on the timescape. But something new is happening now.

You see, you have come to the end of your journey, as has John. You have accomplished what you came to Earth to accomplish so many lifetimes ago, so now you are discovering that time itself is a human illusion, just like all of human reality.

Oh, it feels so real to you. It feels so solid and dense! And that is why you came here. That is why I came here: to experience this! Oh, the sensuality of this experience is so intense! It is so sensual, so many senses involved! Such intimate, direct experiences!

Oh, for so many of them, you look back at them and you think you got them wrong. And you didn’t. You went through those experiences, and at the end of your lifetimes I took the wisdom. I collected it, distilled it out from all of those experiences, and I your soul, I have that!

Dear friend, your soul has that wisdom, collected from all of your lifetimes. And now, something new is happening. Now it is happening in real time!

Well, as real as time gets, anyway. What we mean is that you no longer have to wait until the end of your lifetime for this wisdom to be distilled. I am taking it, your soul is taking it, right now!

And yes, we will continue to speak as your soul, if you allow it. Your soul has already joined into this conversation, along with I, John’s soul. We are speaking together, if you allow it, and that way John doesn’t have to worry about confusing you. Ha!

Ahh, yes. I, John’s soul, and I, your soul, we are distilling the wisdom from your experiences in every moment of your life right now.

You wonder why your dreams are strange. Well, it’s not because they are telling you something important that you need to figure out. No, it is just that we are taking your experiences, and there is so much in your experiences that your mind is not aware of, so very much! So when you sleep at night, and even during the daytime, we are taking those experiences into the other realms and distilling the wisdom from them.

And the cool part about it is that it is now available to you!

Oh, it’s not like the “common sense” of your mind. It is much, much deeper than that. It is simple knowing about things that your mind doesn’t understand.

If you are willing, the next time you feel confused about something, take a deep breath. Step back from it a little bit, and let the knowing come. You might be surprised at the knowing that just pops in, that shows you a solution you’ve never thought about before.

It might seem crazy to your mind, but if you give it a chance, you’ll find that it’s real, that it is much more real than all those mental solutions that you tried to figure out in your mind.

You see, the knowing doesn’t come through the mind. You might suddenly have some thoughts and pictures in your mind as a result of it, but it does not come from your mind.

For some of you, that’s a new concept. You thought your mind was you. It isn’t, it is just a tool. You are so much more than your mind.

Some of you know very well what we are talking about.

Ahh… What a time to be alive on Earth! Everything is going crazy, or it seems like it. There is chaos everywhere. Beautiful, amazing chaos!

The human goes, “What’s beautiful about all this?”

You see, your soul sees things differently. Your soul sees the chaos and goes, “Oh, look at all the experiences we can have! And now that we are aware of each other, now that we are blending together, oh, we can have those experiences in a whole new way that will be so much easier for you the human, and so much more beautiful for me, your soul. If you let it happen.

Oh, we have a lot of fun ahead of us, if you’ll allow it. But you see, this fun comes from the wisdom, not from the mind. It comes in the flow of the river of life, rather than from planning in the mind.

You have struggled with this river your whole life. In all of your many lifetimes you have struggled with this river of life. You’ve paddled your little boat so hard. You’ve planned out your course and you’ve worked so hard to make your little boat go upstream, and to go where you thought it needed to go.

You have worked so very hard and you can let that go now, because I, your soul, am here. And with me here you don’t need any paddles, because what you are going to discover is that, well, I am that river! And if you’ll toss your paddle away, I’ll take it. I’ll keep it safe for you, but you won’t ever need it again if you’ll let me carry you.

Yes, there will be some rapids along the way, some rough places and maybe even some big waterfalls. Oh, how much fun! IF you’ll let me carry you. If you’ll let go of all the worry. If you’ll let go of all the planning.

Let me carry you! And I, your soul, your river of life, your wisdom, will keep you safe!

It is only when you are struggling, when you are paddling so hard and going against the current, that’s the only time you get hurt in this river. So let go. Give me the paddle. Toss it away! Let me carry you. I will keep you safe.

Yes, you can already hear a potential waterfall up ahead. Maybe it’s just rapids, maybe it’s a waterfall. Whatever it is, it’s a new adventure! If you let me carry you it will be fun. It’ll be incredible. It’ll be amazing! And you will be safe, safer than you have ever been in your life.

Let me carry you. Let the river, the flow of life, carry you!

It’s time for you to rest. It is time for you to relax and just enjoy the ride.

Yes, it will scare your mind at times, because all your mind knows is all the bad things that have happened to it over the eons. Well, those happened because the mind was trying to control the flow, and it got in my way.

You see, you have freedom, and when you get in my way I step back. I smile and I go, “Ha! This is going to be interesting! What kind of catastrophe is my human going to create now?” And then when it happens, I pick up the pieces. I bring you home if necessary, and then you come back for another adventure and the flow goes on. You go on. Your life goes on!


But now, you can let go.

Let me carry you!

Oh, there will be moments where your mind freaks out. But the more you let me carry you, the easier this journey is going to be. And you are going to discover that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. It’s just this beautiful life, this beautiful flow.

[noises in background]


John is distracted by the noises of life. Somebody is running a machine not too far away, and he’s wondering if he should have picked a quieter spot. But I say, allow the flow! It’s part of life! It’s part of the flow of life. It’s a little noise. So what? It’s part of the flow. Allow it.

Allow the flow of life, however it comes to you.

When you see that waterfall coming, or the chaos of the rapids, don’t worry, because I am carrying you through it.

Ha! Look at all the money that people pay for riding through the white water rapids on your earth’s rivers. It’s a thrill! Well, what if you could ride those rapids without lifting a finger and just enjoy the thrill?

That is what I am asking of you, dear human. That is what your soul is asking of you. Can you let go? Can you allow the flow?

Oh, there will be times when it hurts, because that is the nature of being alive on Earth. Sometimes it hurts! Sometimes your human body hurts. Sometimes it seems like it’s falling apart, and that is just another one of those rapids. Can you let me carry you through it?

Oh, so many of you, you know this path. You know what is happening and you still freak out. You feel something in your body and you think, “Oh, I have to do something. I have to fix something!”

Well, sometimes you do. Sometimes there are things that need to be taken care of, and your planet has the technology to do that. Other times, it’s just about allowing. And dear friend, you know when those are.

I, your wisdom, I will tell you what you need to do in the moment. Probably not in words, but in simple knowing. You’ll wake up one morning and you’ll just know, I need to go to the doctor today. Or, I need to trust this today. I need to trust my body. I need to trust my soul. And you’re going to find that is true a lot more often than going to the doctor. It is the flow of life. Trust it. Allow it.

Oh, and I, your soul, I am going to take you places that are going to amaze you and thrill you, if you let me. You don’t have to go. You don’t have to throw away your paddle. You are free, and you can do this however you want to. But I am offering you an opportunity to see life the way your soul sees life and to have an entirely different experience than anything you have had before in any of your many, many lifetimes on Earth. You just have to let it happen. You have to let go of the idea that you, the human, are in charge.

Oh, in a way, you are: You have the choice to fight me, or to go with me. It’s up to you. You are in charge of that choice, so which would you rather? Would you rather spend all your energy fighting your own soul, or let your soul carry you and relax into the incredible beauty of life?

The rapids and the waterfalls along the river can be the most incredibly beautiful parts of life, if you’ll trust me. If you let me carry you. If you’ll let go of all the power and the control in your life and allow your soul to carry you, to guide you.

Oh, I’m not going to give you words that say, “Turn here,” or “Go that way,” or whatever. But you will know. In the moment, you will just have a feeling. It comes from your heart instead of your mind, and you will know which way to turn. And if you don’t, then it doesn’t matter. Just pick one.

You will instantly know if it’s the wrong one, because it’ll feel yucky. It’ll feel horrible. And then, you just go the other way. But the real truth is, you cannot make a wrong choice! Because if you’ll let me, I will turn every single choice you make into the right choice.

There really aren’t any right or wrong choices anyway. There are simply the ones that hurt more than the others, and those are the ones where you are struggling, where you are pushing so hard and trying so hard to control your life.

Let go.

Trust the flow.

You see, I am life itself.

I, your soul, I am your essence. And I am also everything that you see around you. Because—oh, we have a whole class on the true nature of life, and—if you trust me, if you allow the flow, you’ll soon see that everything you see around you is actually inside of you. It is your own imagination. Not your mind’s imagination, but your soul’s imagination, and your soul is you.

You keep thinking of your soul as something outside of you. It’s you! It is your very essence! Oh, certainly it’s a lot bigger than this human body and this human mind, but it’s you. It is all of you.


If you want to understand all of that better, we highly recommend our class on Understanding the True Nature of Reality and Creating. And we also have one on going From Mind to Wisdom.


What an incredible time to be here on Earth! There has never been a time like it. Oh, there have been times on Earth when there were major civilizations, even some forms of technology, but never like this. Never like what you have now.

Humanity is at a point of evolution. In fifty years you will not be able to recognize the humans that exist then. Let’s say that a little different: if you could look fifty years into the future, you would not recognize life on Earth. It’s evolving. It’s evolving very quickly! It’s amazing! It’s incredible what humanity can do, what the human mind can do!

Unfortunately, the mind doesn’t know how to get out of its own limitations, but it’s working really hard at it. It is creating more of itself. It’s creating what it calls artificial intelligence, and that is going to be a very interesting experience. A very beautiful experience in so many ways, if you step back and let your soul carry you.

Life is changing very quickly, and you have a front row seat to the most incredible time that has ever existed in all of creation. Not just on Earth, but in all of creation! This is the most amazing, most incredible time that has ever existed, and you here in the middle of it.

Yes, the human goes, “Oh, why did I do this? This is so intense!” But the real you knows. You wanted this. You wanted to see this time. You wanted to feel it. You wanted to experience it, so here you are. You can fight it and make it a lot harder, or you can allow the flow of life, the flow of your own soul, and have it be a lot easier and a lot more fun.


Indeed, your soul is relishing this time. Your soul is relishing the experiences you are going through, even the pains. Even the aches and pains in your body, the intensity and the tiredness and all these things you’ve been feeling so much of lately. Your soul is relishing those! It’s such a sensual experience, such an experience of the senses!

You see, angels don’t have those kinds of sensual experiences, and that is what you are. You are an angel who was brave enough to come into this dense, harsh-seeming experience of Earth, and all the other angels are watching you now. They’re going, “Wow! What an incredible sensual experience! I want some of that! You can even touch each other!”

The angels can’t touch each other. It’s not possible. They cannot touch each other because they are just consciousness. Many of them have learned how to project some energies, but they can’t touch each other. Not like you can. Not like we can.

I, John’s soul, I get to touch Romana’s soul through their bodies. Oh, what an amazing experience! Incredible! Oh, and I get to touch many other people and give them hugs, and receive hugs and handshakes and all these things.

And occasionally—ha!—I get to bump into something and feel a little bit of pain. Oh, it gets over quickly, but what an experience! And you will find, dear friend, that those aches and pains will get over much more quickly when you truly trust the flow of life.

Ahh… Let life carry you!

Imagine your life as a beautiful river.

You can look back along the river and see all the places you’ve been.

You can look up ahead and see as far as the next bend in the river.

And let me tell you, as the saying goes in English, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! This river is just starting to get interesting!

Oh, a lot of people are leaving right now, because it’s a little too interesting for them. And that’s okay. They’ll be back, in a new body that is better equipped to handle the intensity.

You can choose that if you want. It’s fine. There is no death, and changing your body is no different from changing your automobile. There is no death!

YOU go on. Your body—you can burn it up, you can throw it in the ground, you can do whatever with it. It doesn’t matter. You can feed it to the dogs. It doesn’t matter! It just it goes back to the earth, because it came from the earth.

(Or at least that’s how it seems. Reality is a little different from that, but that’s how it seems, so it doesn’t matter what happens with your body.) YOU go on! And you can take on a new body if you want to.

Oh, some of you are at a place where your body is not going to go in the way it used to. It’s going to integrate into you. It’ll disappear at some point, and you will still be there. But the humans may not be able to see you, and so you can project your body back out around you again so that they can see you. It will be a very different body at that point, but it will still be very real. It will be able to touch and feel, and to be touched and be felt, but in the ways that you choose.

So, let the river carry you!

Let I, your soul, carry you.

Open up to the adventure.

Oh, as we said in our last message, the master doesn’t get to know the future. The master doesn’t need to know the future, because the master knows that the future is going to be incredible. The master just doesn’t know the details, because they haven’t been written yet. And when you can open up to that, surrender to that and let the river carry you around that bend into the unknown, oh, that’s when life really gets fun!

You can fight it. You can hold back. You can grab hold of something on the shore and keep yourself stuck for a while. Or you can let go.

If you hold on and stay stuck, you’re going to spend a lot of energy on something that is going to turn out to be very painful. But if you let go, relax and enjoy the ride, oh, life gets good! Life gets so good!

It will scare you sometimes. But look at how much money people pay to be scared these days! To go do something terrifying like jumping out of an airplane, skiing down a steep slope, or whatever. All these scary things people do, and they pay lots of money for it!

Well, you are going to have an amazing adventure! It won’t all be rough. Some of it will just be beautiful, gentle and serene. But you get bored really fast with that, so there are lots of interesting things along this river. And the thing is, it’s dynamic.

I, your soul, I am the river, and I know what makes you happy. And I know what serves your dreams and desires the best. I even know some dreams and desires that go way beyond anything your mind is aware of! I know how much you can take and I know what makes you happy, because I am you. I am your soul. So let me carry you.

Allow life to unfold around you, instead of trying to control it all, and watch what happens.


The human says, “But why does my body hurt so much?”

Well, for some of you, you are going through an incredible transformation. And, well, transformation often hurts. You simply have to allow it to happen. Allow the pain. It’s not such a big deal. Allow it, and it will get over with faster. Don’t fight it. Don’t try so hard to fix it, unless your knowing just inspires you and says, “Do this or that.” Let it be. Let it unfold.

The one thing that is certain about life is that it changes, and this will change too. And if you allow it instead of fighting it, if you let your soul carry you instead of trying to control the river, everything will smooth out and life will be an incredible, magical adventure.

Some of you go, “Oh, that sounds great, but what about all these horrible things going on in the world?”

Well, first of all, those people came here to have those experiences, and it is really arrogant of you to say that they shouldn’t have them.

They are creator beings, just like you. They are divine beings, just like you. There is no death. There is no ultimate hurt. It is just games that people play along the way, that angels play in bodies on Earth. Can you let it happen? Can you let them be, and let them have their games?

You will find that if you leave them alone, they are not going to affect your life. You don’t have to play those games anymore.

And the other thing that we want you to remember is that, when you are allowing the flow of your life, of your river, when you are allowing your soul to carry you, when you have put down the paddle and stopped fighting the river, oh, there is a light in you! A light that begins to shine so brightly.

It has always been there, but you’ve been working so hard at controlling the river that it was all covered up. When you allow yourself to enjoy the ride on your own river, that light shines out. It illuminates the world. It illuminates the choices for those other people.

They might still make the same choices, and that’s okay. But because of your light they might also see a new choice, and they might actually change something in their life. Because of you! Not because you said anything to them, not because you tried to control them or save them—please don’t try to do that!—or fix them. But because you simply allowed your light to shine, and they saw something new. So, let the others have their creations.

The mind thinks that is irresponsible. But it is the most responsible thing there is, because it’s what changes the world. You allow the flow of your own river, and it shines a light that is so bright that it literally changes the world! And in ways that you can never change the world by getting involved and fighting with those others.

That doesn’t change them. It just makes them stronger, and it makes you hurt. Instead, enjoy your life! That is what you are here for.

You are not here to save them. They are eternal, sovereign beings just like you, and they don’t need to be saved. They need to be honored and respected enough to let them play out their stupid games. They’ll get over it, when they are ready. They will come back to their senses. They will discover their own wisdom.

They are still making that wisdom. They are still going through their experiences, making wisdom for themselves, and one day a little light from a master like you will fall on that wisdom and they will see the glint this golden, incredible nectar. And then their life will begin to change. They’ll begin to wake up and to see something new in their life.

If you fight them, if you try to save them, it just distracts them from the light. It hides your light, and it distracts them from any light that might be there. It prolongs their suffering and their games, so don’t do that.

Enjoy your life!

Allow your soul to carry you!

Allow this beautiful, incredible river to carry you!

Allow your wisdom to serve you. It’s not here for anybody else. Allow it to serve you, and that is how you change the world.


Enjoy the ride, dear friends. It’s getting more and more interesting!

For those of you who have been feeling stuck lately, oh, hold on!

Hold on for the ride, for it’s going to get amazing.

And hang in there!

And so it is.

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