Being the Master in the Storms of Life

Earth is in chaos. Storms are raging everywhere.

So often it seems like we are getting everything wrong. How can we cope?

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Being the Master in the Storms of Life – by John McCurdy
Channeled on July 24, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.

Oh, yes! I am that I am!

Master John of Magical Service, here to do some magic with you today!


Oh yes, I am here.

I am here!

Dear friend, invite your soul to be here too.

Oh, indeed it already is. But when you invite it in, it creates an opening in you, in your perception, that allows you to feel the presence of your soul a little bit more.

I am indeed John’s soul, John’s divinity. Oh, people use these words in many different ways, and we don’t care. For us right now, I am all that John is.

Ha ha! And yes indeed, John, I am also all that John is not!


And dear friend, when you let that in for yourself, it will open your mind to some of the secrets of life that you find so confusing. It is all you, every bit of it! And because you can’t have one without the other, it is also every bit of what you are not. Or at least what you think you are not, for that is you too.

Ha! Let that in.

Ahh, so here we are. We are sitting by a creek in Slovenia to record this message. It’s a beautiful summer day! John says it’s a little hot, but here we are.


Sounds of life in the background. Human life. Human machinery. Oh, what a beautiful time to be alive on your planet!

The human looks around right now and goes, “Oh, I’m not sure this is such a beautiful time. It looks pretty chaotic to me!”

Well dear friend, look through your soul’s eyes!

Oh, that chaos! To us that chaos is so beautiful, because it means change is underway. Incredible change!


It’s underway. It’s happening.

You look around and you think, “Oh, this change doesn’t look so good. I thought we were going to create Heaven on Earth!

Well dear friend, what do you think heaven is?

You think it’s all peaches and cream, that old Christian picture—at least from John’s background—of people all dressed up nicely and standing in front of God’s throne, singing Hosanna and feasting on good food and—oh, that’s not heaven! Dear friend, it would take about five minutes and you would be calling that hell, it would be so boring!

Oh, from the human perspective it has been so intense lately that you could take a little bit of boring. Well, it’s time to let that in. It’s time to let your life be a little bit less intense!

But you see, the problem is that you are waiting for the intensity to stop on the outside, and that is not going to happen. On the outside it’s going to get more and more and more intense and chaotic, oh, for the next decade at least, and then we will see. So you have to find that peace, the rest that you need, inside of you. No matter what is going on around you, you have to learn how to tune it out, how to be in the peace and the joy inside of you.

Oh, so many of you have touched that. You know what we are talking about. All of you know what we are talking about, if you feel inside you. It’s time to let that in. It’s time to realize that it doesn’t matter what’s happening in what seems like the outside. It truly does not matter, and you can tune it out.

You can’t get away from it. You can never get away from life, from experience. It’s not going to happen. It’s not what you came here for. You came here for the experience!

You cannot get away from it, but you can recognize that everything you need, everything you want, is inside of you.

You can tune out the outside world and tune in to your own soul, which will give you a different perspective of the outside world. It will make it a lot easier.

So many of you work so hard at creating a peaceful place for yourself, at creating a quiet place, a place where there’s no noise, no lights bothering you at night, no news coming in from the outside world to disturb you. You work so hard at that! You drive yourselves crazy, and usually you end up with more tension, more anxiety, and less peace.

Oh, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a quieter place over a noisier place, but you don’t have to go to so much trouble! Because all the quiet you need, all the peace you need, is inside of you. And you, dear friend, you have the ability to tune in to that and let all the rest go.

Then you will be at peace. Then you’ll start to see how life flows around you and through you in beautiful ways.

It will all still be there. The chaos in the world is there for a reason. Oh, it is bringing so much consciousness to the people of Earth! So much! The chaos is here to bring the change, eventually, but it does not have to affect you.

You see all the trouble in the world, and you wonder what’s going to happen to you. Well, you are a master, and it is not going to touch you. At least not in any real way.

Oh, it might touch you in many ways. It might change your life, and you are going to find that those changes bring you so much closer to your dreams. You are going to find that those changes, no matter how crazy or difficult they might seem in the moment, bring you closer to yourself. They bring more joy into your life, more understanding, more wisdom. So stop fighting them. Stop worrying about them.


We’ve talked about doing a class on how to change your life. And indeed, we are likely to do that one of these days. Right now we are going through the process with John, but oh, John already has so much experience.

There was a time a few years ago, soon after a big change in his life. He hardly even realized it yet, but his life had taken a dramatic change. Some call it “realization,” but it was really just, well, that he realized how life works. He realized that he didn’t have any problems, unless he took them on and tried to fix them. Otherwise, they fixed themselves.


He was in Colorado at the time, and he went to Santa Fe, New Mexico, because he still had a lot of computer clients there. He’d lived there for a long time and had a computer repair business, and he still had a bunch of clients that were waiting for him to come and solve their problems for them.

When he got there, it was the middle of July and the monsoons had just started. In monsoon season in New Mexico, almost every afternoon you get intense thunderstorms and lots of rain, as in downpours of rain. John was living in his camper at the time. He’d parked it in a friend’s driveway and was running around to his clients on his little motorcycle, and he thought, “I’m not sure how this is going to work, going to my client’s homes and offices and carrying their computers around. How is this going to work with all these storms coming in every day?”

Then he thought, “Well I’m not going to worry about it.” And as he put some rain gear in the saddlebag on his motorcycle he thought, “Yeah, that will work, but it will be really, really cumbersome!”

He went to work, and the storms came. And every single day, for two weeks, the storms came. And whenever he needed to go somewhere, the storms were somewhere else! Oh, sometimes they were so close that he could hear the raindrops hitting the ground. Sometimes he could see the rain falling a hundred meters away or less, and a few stray drops might hit him as he rode his motorcycle. But only a few!

For two weeks he watched this happen. The road was always clear and dry ahead of him and he never once had to put on his rain gear!

Ha! He did a couple of times, because it looked like he couldn’t avoid the rain, and then he got out on the road and found out his path was clear. Then he had to stop and take the rain gear off, because the sun was cooking him even as the rain fell just meters away! For two weeks, without fail, the road was clear where he needed to go!

After two weeks it was feeling almost spooky to him. And he thought to himself, “What happened? I didn’t try to control the weather. I just went about my work and the weather cooperated with me!”

And you see, dear friend, that is the key: you choose your life.

John chose to be there and to take care of his clients. He chose to do his work and not worry about how it was going to work out, and it always worked out! And that’s how life is, when you let it.

That’s how you change your life: you choose.

You don’t choose what the weather is going to do. You don’t choose where your money is going to come from. You don’t choose how you are going to do things in the future. You simply choose how you are going to spend this moment, with no other thought for anything other than, “This is what I want to do right now!” And then all of life conspires to support that.

Oh, you have to be clear. If John had been unclear, if he was like, “I’m not sure I really even want to be doing this,” well, it wouldn’t have worked. But he was clear. He wanted to take care of these clients. They had taken good care of him over the years, people that always were happy to pay him because he did good work for them. He wanted to take care of them, and he wanted to do it well, so he went about his work happily. Many of them were old friends. He had fun, and he just didn’t think about the weather.

Oh, he put the rain gear in his bag so that he knew he could take care of himself if he needed to. But he never needed to, because life took care of him.

Dear friend, that is how life works!


Choose how you want to spend today. Not for tomorrow, for that will suck you in every time and bring the chaos right into your life.

No. You choose what you want to do now, because right now it feels good.

That is the only criteria. It is the only criteria that works. It is just because, in this moment it feels good.

The mind says that is irresponsible. But we tell you, it is the only criteria that works! It is the only criteria that brings the energies of life rushing in to support you!

You do things because you want to, in this moment, simply for the sake of doing them.

Oh, sometimes you just want to work at a job, because it is fun. Or you just want to clean your house because, well, today is the day to do it and that’s what you feel.

Ha! Feeling good doesn’t always mean that it’s easy, or that you just love doing it. But it is what you want to do! And you know in your heart, it’s just time to do it right now. So you do that.

And then, when that’s over, you look inside yourself and feel, what do I want to do right now? What do I want to do right now? And you do that. And the energies of life, because they are your energies, come rushing in to support you.

Ha! The minute you say, “Well, I have to do this because tomorrow I need to pay the rent—or next week or month or whenever—I need to pay the rent, so I have to do this to make money.”

Well, the energies of life sit back and say, “Okay more of the same. We’ll just sit here. We’ll sit here until the master shows up. We’ll keep bringing more of the same.” And then you wonder why you feel so stuck.

It is because you have not chosen the change yet. You are afraid of what might happen, of what your mind says might happen.

Well, your mind does not know.

And so you keep creating the same thing over and over again.

So come back to now. What do you want to do with this moment in your life?

Do it for the joy of the moment, not for tomorrow. Not for what it might bring you.

Oh sure, that job you hate is going to keep bringing you just enough money to survive and get by, maybe even to put a little bit in savings. And that’s okay, if you are happy with that.

But if you are ready to live, to live as the master, then you have to change something. You have to actually live!

And that means, in this moment, what do you feel like doing? And then you trust and honor yourself enough to do that.

You see, the energies of your life don’t respond to your thoughts or your words or your wants or your desires. They don’t see any of those. They don’t hear any of those. They do not respond to them, no matter what anybody ever told you!

The energies of your life respond to who and what you are being.

And usually, that shows up in how you are acting.

You see, everything in life is nothing more than an act. You think it’s real, so you act like it’s real, and so of course it has to be real. And you feel stuck.

Well, why not change your act, and act out something that’s fun in its own right? That’s just fun? That just feels good?

Act it out! Do it!

The mind goes, “Oh, but I have to go to work instead.”

Well, okay. Have your same-old, same-old life for as long as you want it.

If you want joy, if you want change, if you want a life that will thrill you, it’s time to let that old shit go. You don’t have to go to work, you just think you do. But what you need to do is to start living. Living for now, not for the future.

Almost every human on this planet is living for an imaginary future and running from a terrifying past. So that is what they keep living: terror in their life and dreams that never come true, because they won’t ever stop and actually let the dream in.

That is the difference between a human and a creator.

Oh, there are a whole lot of humans right now who are realizing that they are creators and trying to make it work. Trouble is, they are still not living. They are waiting for something to change. They are trying to think the right thoughts, instead of actually acting out a dream.

They think, “I can’t have that dream right now, because I have all these problems I have to deal with.” So that is what they keep acting out.

If you want that dream, then you have to start acting it out.

Oh, you don’t do that by going and spending a bunch of money you don’t have on a new house or car or whatever it is. No. You feel in to, how would it feel to have that? What would you do in this moment if you had that new home or car or whatever? How would it feel? What would you do?

Would you relax and enjoy the new home? Well, then relax and enjoy the home you have right now.

Would you go for a ride in the new car? Well, then go for a ride in the old car. If you don’t have a car, go for a walk.

Go have some fun, instead of working so hard for a living!

The biggest lie that was ever told to humans is that you have to work for a living. You don’t!

You simply have to live, and then the living takes care of itself.


Most people say that’s a fantasy. Well, John has been living it for a long time now. A lot of other people have been living it for a long time now. It’s not a fantasy. It is simply an alternative.

It is an alternative that happens when you choose to act it out instead of working for a living.


So if you want your new life, start acting it out.

It will scare the crap out of you at first, because you won’t know how things are going to work out. Most people, they give it a try for a minute or two, even a day or a week, and they see the money running out and the rent coming up, or the mortgage, or whatever, all these expenses they think they have to pay, and they panic. And they jump back into the old life. The new life comes, but there’s nobody home to receive it, so it passes them by and moves on to somebody else who is more receptive.

You have to mean it. You have to come to the place where, oh, where John came to many years ago. Twenty some years ago. He felt like he came to the edge of the cliff, and he had two choices. He could turn around and go back, continue down that same path that he’d been on, or he could step off the edge into the unknown.

He had no idea at that point how he was going to pay his bills, but he knew that he couldn’t live that old life anymore. He simply couldn’t. So it came down to the choice of step off the edge of the cliff, or lay down and die. That was the choice he had, and he knew it. And he said, “Well, I’m going to step off. I can’t see anything but those jagged rocks at the bottom, but I’ve heard there might be some magic in this chasm.”

So he stepped off the edge of the cliff. And sure enough, there was magic that supported him.

The money came from very unexpected sources. He had a choice of getting a job or continuing to—well, at the moment he was writing email on a discussion list. He was quite engrossed in writing email on a discussion list about how to be a creator, and he found himself spending all his time on that. And he realized that he had to spend his time on that, and he knew that if he went and got a job instead, he would die. Maybe not immediately, but he knew it was death for him.

So, he continued spending his time on this discussion group and wondering how he was going to pay the bills. Well, the day before the rent was due, two envelopes came in the mail, from two different people, and inside was enough money to pay the bills—within eleven cents of the exact amount he needed! It was shocking how close it was!

The next month similar things happened and, well, that’s how John’s life has gone ever since then. Sometimes it’s a little bit more predictable, but not often. But always the money is there!

It’s not charity. It’s not somebody handing out money because they feel sorry for him. It has never been that. It always comes from something, whether he fixed their computer or did a channel for them or simply was a friend in a time of need, and they appreciated that. So many different ways money has come. But it always, always, always comes! Whatever he needs, the money is there for it. Always!


The last few years have been really amazing for John, as he has surrendered more and more to his soul. As he has let go, more and more. As he has chosen more and more to do what he feels to do, what he feels like doing instead of what he thinks he should do.

Oh, these days—and this is true for so many of you—these days there have been so many times when the only thing he feels like doing is laying in bed. But he can’t, because even that hurts! All he can do is rest, disappear into a silly book or whatever, and that is okay. He lets himself do that.

For the past few weeks, the past couple of months in particular, oh, he’s had a hard time opening up to channel. Because oh, so much doubt! It feels like everything is stuck, like his life is stuck.

It’s not, really. For oh, he has been moving so fast!

So many of you are moving so fast that your minds can’t keep up, and so you feel stuck. Ha! You feel so much doubt, but the truth is that you are moving so fast!

Oh, things are about to shift again. Many of you are going to find a new passion. You’re going to find new things to do. Things will feel like they are moving again in amazing ways, because you allowed yourself to go through this time of rest. And of intensive, inner—oh, we don’t want to call it work—inner transformation.

That is what you have been doing over the past weeks. Ha! These past weeks that have been so confusing, that have hurt so much. That is what you’ve been doing: intensive inner transformation.

Oh, the mind doesn’t understand. It can’t, and so it freaks out.

It is so important in these times to simply allow the nothing. Allow yourself to do nothing, because as we said in our last message, you cannot get it wrong. Because there is no such thing.

You, every single one of you, without exception, are in exactly the right place for you!

Oh, the mind thinks, “Shouldn’t I be doing something? Shouldn’t I be working harder? Shouldn’t I be getting somewhere? Shouldn’t this be getting easier? What am I doing wrong?”

You are not doing anything wrong! You are simply going through an intensive process of transformation.


And when you let that in, it is going to be a lot easier for you.

Trust that. Spend your time doing what you feel like doing, just for now, even if that is lying in bed all day. Whatever it is, do it. Trust what you feel, because that is the only way forward from here.

The mind wants to see the future. It wants to see how things are going to work out. Well, the butterfly doesn’t get to know the future. It simply doesn’t!

The master does not know the future, and the master accepts that.

Oh, the mind doesn’t. The mind tries so hard to project what it learned in the past into the future. It imagines the future. It doesn’t know the future, because nobody does.

The Master accepts and relishes the unknown. The master seldom knows how the bills are going to get paid, but they do. And the more the Master trusts that—oh, John knows. At this point he knows how the rent will get paid at the end of this month. He doesn’t know how it will get paid three months from now, but whatever. He doesn’t even know where he will live in three months!

Right now they are renting a house on a month-to-month basis, thankfully from a friend who understands that the master lives in the unknown.

The master relishes the unknown, because what the master does know about the future is that it is going to unfold in absolute perfection!

Not human perfection, but soul perfection. That means there might be some interesting experiences for the human. But if the human will trust, and will walk into those experiences instead of running away, oh, they’ll be the most incredible, most amazing experiences you’ve ever had! They’ll be beautiful. They’ll be easy. They’ll be amazing!


That’s how John has been living, for years now. And that is how you can live too, dear friend.

Ha! But you have to step off of that cliff. You have to step off into the unknown. You have to allow the unknown, and then discover your creation within that unknown.

You don’t create by deciding “I want this” or “I want that.” You can tell your soul, “Dear soul, I need support in this. I need to have money. I need to have…” whatever you choose. You can ask it of your soul, tell your soul what you need, and then let it go and live life now. Trust that your soul is going to take care of it, because it already is. Your energies are going to support it, if you let them. If you trust them too, if you act like they are going to, then they will, because that is creation. It is an act of consciousness.

You choose your act and the energies of life support that act, whatever it is, however painful it is, however beautiful it is. You choose it, you step into it, you act it out, and the energies of life support that, whatever it is.

Oh, don’t try to figure that out. Don’t try to conjure up the right act to create something you want in the future. It won’t work!

No. Feel into yourself in this moment: What do I want to act out in this moment? What do I want to do in this moment?

Not what should I do. Not what will create what I want.

What do I feel like doing in this moment? And then act that out.

If you feel like going for a walk, take the action and go for a walk. If you feel like going back to sleep for the next hour, do that. Act that out. If you feel like calling a friend, act it out. Take the action. Trust those little nudges, because they are coming from your soul, and act them out whether they make any sense or not.

In fact, the less sense they make the more you need to act them out, because that is how you learn to trust your soul. That is how you learn to trust your own energies of life. And that is how you change your life.


All of life is an act, an act of consciousness. No matter how beautiful, no matter how ugly, it is an act of consciousness. And how it affects you, is your act of consciousness.

So stop fighting it, for that just makes it bigger. That itself is an act of consciousness that amplifies whatever it is you are fighting.

Instead, come back into you. What do you choose, right now, as your act of consciousness? Act it out, and watch what happens.


There will be a lot of surprises. There will be nights you can’t sleep. There will be days you can’t really stay awake. Trust that! Don’t fight it, trust it!

Feel in to, in this moment, given what I feel right now, what act do I feel like right now? And trust that. Not some grand act of some imaginary creation. A little act.

John created a class years and years and years ago, called Creatorship 101. There’s a link to it on our website if you want to check it out. But one of the most profound lessons in that class, one of the most profound realizations, was that it’s not the big choices in your life that change your life. It’s the little ones, the moment-to-moment little choices.

It doesn’t matter what house you buy, what car you buy, or if you even can or not. It doesn’t matter who you are with. Oh, of course it matters, but it doesn’t change your life nearly as much as you think. What changes your life are the little choices.

How am I going to spend this moment? That is what changes your life. It’s the little things, the little choices.


Oh, whatever you do, trust where you are now. You’ve made the choice to go through this transformation, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t be listening to this message, or reading it. You already made the choice.

You cannot get it wrong, because this is up to your soul. It is up to your totality, not to the human.

The human cannot get this wrong. It thinks it can. It thinks it has gotten so many things wrong, but that is just the mind doubting itself and doubting you. You have not gotten anything wrong. You can’t!

So, when life feels hard and you feel tired, take time to rest.

We ask you to live in the moment. Not because you need to change who you are to get where you want to be, but because it makes it easier for you.

Trust the journey. It is a journey. It is a process you are going through. It is not up to you the human to get it right, for your soul is carrying you through this. Trust that!

It is all happening in absolute divine perfection, even when it hurts. Even when it seems to blow up in your face and you think you’ve gotten everything wrong, you haven’t. It is just the dragon bringing something up and bringing it to wisdom, so let it happen. Don’t judge it. Don’t try to figure it out or fix it. Just let it happen.

Keep coming back to, what do I feel like in this moment? And act that out, whatever it is.

If there is something you think you should do and you don’t feel like it, well, trust yourself enough to give yourself that break. It will happen if it really needs to happen. A moment will come and you’ll find yourself doing it, and it will be the act that just comes out of you in that moment. Trust that!


And hang in there. This is an intense, difficult process, and oh, for every single one of you, the masters that have gone before are watching. They are proud of you. And oh, they are cheering right now! All of them!

They did not go through this. They came to their realization, and they left. You are staying, and that is an intense process. It requires so much transformation, and you are getting through it. Oh, incredibly! Against all odds!

You should be proud of yourself, every one of you, because your soul is. The ascended masters watching you, oh, they are so proud of you! Some of them are even thinking about coming back. Some of them already have, just so that they can go through this like you are.


So, trust yourself. Trust what you feel, not what you what you think. Not your emotions. Trust the knowing.

Oh, you have the knowing. Trust it!

It is not about the future. It is about now.

Your guidance, your knowing about what to do next, is about right now. It’s not about the future. It’s not about accomplishing anything in the future. It’s not about making sure you have money in the future. It is about what to do right now, because right now is all there is. And when you trust that, oh, that is when the magic begins to happen. And what comes to you in the continuing now moment will blow your mind. It will be amazing!

Ha! It will be challenging at times. It’ll be scary, because you don’t know how it is going to work out. But it will. It always will, and you will come to know that.

That is the one thing the master always knows about the future: It is going to work out! Because it always does. Because the master, the wisdom, is in charge.


You, dear friend, you are the master. It’s time to own that. It’s time to be it. And then, you will start to experience it.


Such an incredible time to be here! IF you can allow yourself to be the master. And all that means is, allowing everything that is happening, and choosing, in the moment, to act out whatever feels good for that moment.

That is how the wisdom comes into your life. That is how creation works: You don’t figure it out and decide what to create. You allow it. You allow the wisdom to create it.

As the human, you do that by allowing yourself to act out what feels good in the moment.

Oh, there is so much ahead of you! So much ahead of us, ahead of John. Stay tuned!

The world is full of chaos, but it does not need to affect your life in negative ways or in ways that hurt. You can be in the middle of the storm, in the middle of the most intense storm there ever was, and be at peace and in total calm. Because that is your choice.

Remember that, whenever you are feeling the storms of life all around and even threatening to come into your life. Let them! Because you can be in the middle of it and be in absolute peace and joy and calm.

Because YOU are the master.

And so it is.

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