Allowing the Opening

You’ve noticed the chaos in the world and in your own life and body.

Did you know that, far from being the end of the world, it is the direct result of the opening and change that you have been longing for, and working so hard to create, for so long?

In this message Master John (my soul) speaks about what this change is about and how to navigate the process.


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Allowing the Opening – by John McCurdy
Channeled on November 30, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.

I am that I am!

Master John of Magical Service.


Oh, indeed, my human, John, doesn’t feel so magical right now! Oh, he knows that he is, and if he looks from a bigger perspective, he sees it in his life. So magical! But also so intense, in ways that are difficult to define. And that don’t even need to be defined, because dear friend, you know exactly what we are talking about.

So many of you, oh, you’ve come to this place where there’s so much beauty and joy and magic in your life, and at the same time, for the human, it is so intense. It feels so difficult! Although, many of you understand now that that’s not even the right word. It’s not so difficult, as it is, well, intense, and often painful.


What the human is starting to understand, but still doesn’t fully understand, is that this time on your Earth, this time in your life, oh, it is such an incredible time! Such a special time!

Because, you see, you’ve been longing for this change for so long. You’ve been—yes, you—have been working toward it for so long, for so many lifetimes, ever since the times that you call the times of Atlantis.

Oh, you could sense then what was happening with you, in consciousness on your Earth, and you could sense the potentials. And you, dear friend, if you are here, you are one of those who has been working so hard, for so long, to come to this very point.

For you see, your efforts are finally paying off. Right now!

Right now, and in the coming months on your planet, your efforts over so many lifetimes are paying off. All the experiences you’ve had, all the wisdom you have gained, along with so many others—oh, very few in terms of the population of Earth, and even fewer in terms of the population of Creation.

You are what some have called the Family of Teacher, the Consciousness Workers. The ones dedicated to understanding life so that you can teach others. Others here on Earth, and others throughout creation. That has been your passion since long before Earth was even thought of. And here you are!

Here you are at the culmination of that journey, and this is where it finally all begins to come together.


Right now! Right now, dear friend, there are things happening within you, within consciousness. Human consciousness, all consciousness, the consciousness of All That Is, is changing. There are things happening that are changing All That Is, because of you!

The veil that has separated you, or seemed to separate you, from yourself, from your soul, from all that you are, that veil is being opened.

Oh, It was only a few years ago that it was so difficult to access your own soul. Now it’s so much easier. You just have to let it happen, and soon it’s going to be much, much easier.


You may have heard of this opening that is happening in March of 2023. The ascended master Adamus Saint-Germain has spoken of it. He called it “Heaven’s Cross.”

We’ll leave the labels to him, but dear friend, there is an opening that is happening in March of 2023. An opening of the veil. And not just for you, but for all of humanity.

It won’t open in a way that will overwhelm those who aren’t ready. (Oh, it might, some. It’s definitely going to have an impact!) Bit it will make it possible for anyone who chooses, to feel their soul and their own divinity and to access their own wisdom.

Oh, this is going to change things! It already is changing things!

You look around at your planet, and on the surface it looks like it’s all going to hell. But it isn’t. It’s changing, and like any change, oh, it’s difficult. There’s resistance.


You see the violence and the wars, the power games and the power struggles, but power doesn’t work when you have your soul. When you have your divinity, you understand that there is no need for power and you simply don’t tolerate it anymore. And so people—human consciousness—are rejecting the whole notion of power.

But there are still so many who don’t understand that. They feel their power slipping away, and they are panicking. They are grasping for it and they’re fighting for it, and they are sending people to die for it.


On the surface it looks like things are going in a really bad direction. But dear friend, understand that this thing of power is an illusion, and like every illusion it must come to an end. And that’s what is happening right now. It’s intense, because people are trying to hold on to it, but it is still coming to an end.

Oh, there will be those who try to hold on to it for a while to come, for years to come, but very quickly you are going to see people throwing it off and saying, “No more!” And more and more of those people who hold on to power will find it taken away.

So yes, power is falling away, more and more.

You look around at the earth and you see so much chaos. People going crazy and hurting other people, and not even understanding why. It’s all part of the change, dear friend. The change is happening.


For you, if you are here, it’s been happening for a long time. You are, as they say, ahead of the game. You’ve been feeling it for a long time, but now it is coming to a whole new level. Your veil has already become very, very thin, and in the coming months it’s going to become so much thinner.

Oh, a part of you is so happy about that! But it brings up issues for the human, because the body is having to change. It’s having to change in ways that are often scary and very often painful, but it is changing. It’s happening, and the best thing you can do is to trust the process. Just allow it to happen.

Some of you will make the choice to come home, and that’s perfectly fine. You’ve accomplished your mission. You’ve done what you came to do, and it’s perfectly fine. And many of you are staying. You said, “I want to see this through!” and you will.


Oh, it’s an incredible time! This is the time that you will remember through all of your existence with the most pride, the most joy, the most awe. Despite everything the human feels right now, this is the culmination of so much for you. And right now, there is nothing for you to do as the human, except to let it happen.

Take care of yourself. Nurture yourself.

Don’t get caught up in searching out solutions and reasons for all your problems. Just notice them, and let them go.

The solutions are already there. But there is a process that, well, it can’t really be avoided right now. But you don’t help it by trying to avoid it and fix it all. Just let it happen.

Open up to your soul’s perspective.

Allow the love of your soul.

Allow yourself to nurture yourself, however you can.

You may need lots of rest.

Eat what do you feel like eating.

Nurture yourself.

This change, you can’t get it wrong. It’s happening. It’s practically done, and you can’t stop it. All you can do is allow it to happen.

It is happening!

And after it happens, you will feel the shift. You’ll feel things starting to get easier. But for now, for the next few months into 2023, just let it happen.


We just released our beautiful new class on How to Change Your Life. We kept the title short, but another title for it is, How to Change Your Life Without Using Power.

There are some beautiful experiences in that class. If you feel drawn to check it out, it will help you get through this incredible change that is happening right now. You can find it on our website.

It’s about what power does in your life, what it does to you, and what it means to let it go. Because then your life can truly change in all the ways that you’ve dreamed of it changing, and even better. So we encourage you to check it out.


And allow these changes to happen in your life, and in the world. You can’t stop it, so you might as well let it happen!


And so it is.

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TRANSLATED_TITLE – por John McCurdy (Traducido por Liliana Audet)
Canalizado el DAY de MONTH de 2021

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Al transcribir estos mensajes he decidido incluir muchos de los diversos ahhs, hmms y otros sonidos sin palabras que salen de mi boca mientras canalizo, porque indican un momento para hacer una pausa, tomar un respiro y reflexionar sobre lo que se acaba de decir. —John

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  1. Ohhh yes…there is , i agree all that Uuno Karu ( hi,guy!) said…and i prograstinated a bit , because i had that Online first ( How you change your life) f, so now is the 12rd day of 12rd month, 2022 ! Am having fun with it, thanks to me, i got it !
    Thanks John for suggesting it to me when asked if it´s meant for the darling newbies, only!

    By by you Grand Ones! And Im Grand, too, alias Maija

  2. There’s so very warm feeling I get hearing your voice & wisdom, brother.

    A culmination, yes, might just let it happen.

    Best, Uuno


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