The Return of Divinity

No introduction I can think of feels right for this message, so I will let it speak for itself.


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The Return of Divinity – by John McCurdy
Channeled on January 22, 2023

I am that I am!

Master John of Magical Service, here to do some magic with you today!


What an incredible time to be here on Earth!

Oh, I am joined in this message by the energies and consciousness of our dear friend Jeshua. Most people know of him as Jesus of Nazareth, from that lifetime two thousand years ago. We are also joined by the energies and consciousness of his mother in that lifetime, a grand master in her own right, the one people refer to as Mother Mary. Oh, and of course, dear Mary of Magdala, as she was known then (or as she has been known since), the dear, dear partner of Jeshua. They join us here along with many other masters, many other beings from our side of the veil, who were there along with so many of you in that time two thousand years ago, when we together planted a seed.

Oh, we’d been working on it for a long time before that, from the times of Atlantis, and we planted a seed two thousand years ago. Dear Jeshua was the focal point, but so many of you were involved. And now, dear friend, that seed is coming to fruition.

You’ve felt it for the past couple of decades on Earth, and even before. You’ve felt it growing, coming up out of the ground where we planted it, the ground of consciousness. Human consciousness. You’ve felt it growing.

So many of you have been nurturing this beautiful new plant, you could say, as it has grown. You’ve been watering it, feeding it, protecting it, helping it to grow within your own hearts. And now the time has come, in just a few short weeks, for the flower to bloom.

Oh, you can already see the bud. You feel the bud. You feel it preparing to open.


If you follow the Crimson Circle you’ve heard Adamus Saint-Germain talk about it. He calls it Heaven’s Cross, and it’s as good a name as any. He calls it the apocalypse, and indeed it is. The opening, the revealing, of who you truly are. The second coming of the Christ.

Oh, this Christos energy, this crystal energy, however you want to call it, this beautiful consciousness of divinity, you brought it to Earth first within Jeshua. He came, and he allowed it to grow within him and to open, so that people could see—could catch a glimpse of—who they really are.

You could say the flower opened. It gave its seeds, and you planted those seeds. And you’ve been nurturing them for two thousand years, waiting for the right time. Oh, it wasn’t time then. It took two thousand years of human time to get here, to get to the right point, and here you are.


Oh, there’s been so much confusion along the way. You thought the man Jeshua would come back as a man, coming down from heaven, and take all the good people back to heaven with him. Oh, so many stories you came up with to try to understand! Religions began, the Christian churches, for you were trying to understand what happened. And it was a beautiful thing, because it kept the seed alive. And now the time has come!


So many of you spent lifetimes nurturing this seed. For you see it was a seed, not in the ground of the earth, but within your heart, within your consciousness. It was your own divinity. Your own divinity, which had been—oh, it was like it had been separated from you, from the human. It wasn’t really, but a mechanism was put in place by you to create what you call the veil between you and your soul, between you and your divinity.

We’ve talked before about the mind, and this grand job you gave the mind of keeping you distracted from your divinity, from your soul, so that you could be fully present in your human experience. It worked really, really well, maybe too well, and we realized that the time would come when that job would be over and we would have to find a way to release the veil. To release the mind from its job and allow divinity and human to meld together again.


Oh, it happened once in a while. After many difficult lifetimes and experiences, somehow someone would break down the veil. They would open up, and they would recognize their own soul. Their own divinity. Most of them left the planet immediately, because it was too difficult to stay and they didn’t need to anymore. You call them ascended masters, but they’re just people like you who finally allowed their divinity. And now, here we are.

Humanity became so separated from itself, from its source. So, a whole group of us, a large group, began work, back in Atlantis, to open that door up again. To prepare for the time when we could bring the divinity back to all of humanity, not just to the few who had been working so hard to find it. And now that time has come.

As you may already know, there will be a grand celebration on March 22, 2023 (7 and 7 in numerology), a grand celebration of the return of divinity, the opening of this flower within each and every one of you.


Most of humanity will not be aware of what is happening. And that’s fine, because it will begin to affect them. They will begin to feel the effect. They will begin slowly, gradually, to feel their own divinity, because there will no longer be a barrier.

Some will open to it right away. They’ll be confused, and they’ll be looking for people like you who know what is happening and can explain it to them. Others will fight it. They’ll wonder what’s wrong with them. Some of them will open up to you and allow you to explain it to them, and many won’t. Many will do everything they can to just go on with their lives as they always have, and they’ll find that it doesn’t work so well anymore. But it will for a time.

Over the next couple of decades everything on this planet is going to change, in beautiful new ways. Some of them you might not think are so beautiful, mostly because of your attachment to the past. And that’s okay too, because you are going to discover that the beauty is within you.

The divinity is not out there in the world. It is within you, and you are going to discover that it has, within you, everything you need.


This is it, dear friends.

This is the apocalypse, the revealing of your light.

The world is not coming to an end. Oh, it is, in a way. The world as you have known it is most definitely coming to an end. It is making way for the New Earth, the new world, the world of human and divine combined. The world of your light, the light of consciousness.


Some of you are feeling absolutely incredible right now! You are grounding these energies here on Earth, and you are feeling them and how amazing they are. You are feeling the joy and the incredible wonder of what is happening.

Some of you have left. They have come home in order to help ground the energies on our side, and they are having a blast!

And, as Adamus Saint-Germain said recently, there are some of you who are having a very challenging time. You find yourselves confused and disoriented, even as you have more clarity than ever before in your life or in any of your lifetimes. Your bodies are struggling and you feel like you are barely holding on.

Dear friend, for many of you, that is because you are working on both sides of the veil. You are bridging the realms. You are bridging the heavens. And oh, that is very, very difficult for the human!

The mind has a difficult time understanding that, but you need to understand that that is what is happening. You need to relax into it.

Oh, it’s so tempting to feel all the things happening in your body, the aches and the pains and the tiredness and sleeping a lot [or not enough], and yes John, even the flu that still hangs on weeks later. It is all part of this. It is all part of your body rewiring itself and trying to hold on while you bridge the realms.

Oh, it is a beautiful thing you are doing! And yes, someone has to do it.

So, those of you who are feeling so good through this, don’t judge the ones who are struggling. Because, well, they’ve taken on a very difficult job, and a very necessary job.

And those of you who find yourself in this place, do not think there is anything wrong with you. Yes, your bodies are hurting. They are reacting. They are confused. They are disoriented. But there is nothing wrong with you! Don’t go trying to fix them. Don’t go trying to stuff them with medicine or vitamins or whatever. Oh, if your body asks for something, give it. But don’t push things on it because you think it needs to be fixed. It doesn’t. It needs to be nurtured.

You are doing a very difficult job, and you need to nurture your body.

Take time. Take as much time as you can. Don’t push yourself to do all the things you think need to get done. They’ll get done when it is time, when it is necessary.

Take time.

Take time to be with you.

Take time to have some fun.

Take time to read a book or watch a movie, or whatever, to distract your mind, because your mind needs to rest.

Your mind cannot fathom what you are doing right now, and it needs to rest.

It is letting go, and that is one of the reasons you feel so confused and disoriented at times. Your mind is finally letting go. It is allowing you to feel your divinity. It is allowing you to feel the changes, the physical changes at the core of your reality as the very gravity shifts and loosens.


Nurture your bodies.

Don’t fight them, don’t try to fix them.

Nurture them.

Hold them.

Take warm baths, or walks in nature.

Whatever feels nurturing to you, give it to yourself.

Trust this process.

Trust Self!

You are not leaving, unless you choose to, because it is your choice now. So trust yourself.

Trust your body. It’s working hard to hang in there while you do this, and this isn’t going to last forever.

A few more weeks and you’ll be through the worst of it. Oh, there will still be challenging times, but you’ll be through the worst of it.

Coming out the other side, you will be so much more in touch with your divinity. You’ll feel it, you’ll know it, in a whole new way, and everything will begin to get easier for you.

Oh, don’t look at the world for validation, for it won’t be there for a while. The chaos is going to increase for a time, because people don’t know what divinity is. They don’t know what to do with it. There are many who are afraid of it. After all, that mean God that so many people believe in is what they think of for divinity. You know it isn’t anything like that, but they don’t. They are going to, in time. They’ll know. They’ll come to understand that that is not divinity, but human imagination. That God is human fear personified.

Divinity is the essence of you. It is your soul. It is your source. It is your consciousness.

Oh, none of the words are adequate, but you know what we mean. And going forward, you are going to be helping other people understand what it is they are feeling. You are going to be helping other people discover their own divinity, their own souls, because you have opened the door.

Never before has divinity been available to humans like this!

Oh, it has always been there. There have always been hints of it. And, there has always been this veil hiding it away. There has always been this mind of yours, programmed to distract you from it, to hide the divinity away so that you wouldn’t miss out on the experience of human.

Now you have accomplished your purpose on Earth, and it is time to take down the veil. Not just for you—you’ve been working on that for a while—but in taking down your own veil you are also taking it down for all of humanity.

Oh, many will hold on to it, and you’ve built that option into the process so that people don’t destroy themselves in shock. But you have opened the door, and sooner or later they’re going to feel it and they are going to begin discovering their own divinity. And when that happens, the world changes.

Oh, it’s already changing so fast, because of you discovering your divinity! And now it all goes deeper.

So dear friends, hang in there. In the next few weeks you are going through—well, you are going through Armageddon. Yes indeed, you are! And that is not a bad thing.

It is not about destruction. Well, it is destroying the old. It is destroying the world as you have known it. But it is also rebuilding it in a whole new and beautiful way.

But it’s intense. It’s challenging. Especially for those of you right in the middle of the action and actually bridging the realms together.


Hang in there, dear friends.

Nurture yourselves.

Nurture your bodies.

And nurture each other, where you can.

And trust you.

Trust this process.

It is not being controlled from your mind. It can’t be controlled from your mind, so let go.

Trust your soul. Trust your divinity, for that is the part of you that is managing this process.

Just let it happen, for you cannot get it wrong!

Just let it happen, and watch.

Sit on your park bench, or on your living room couch or wherever you’re comfortable, wherever you can nurture yourself, and watch the world go by.

Watch the changes that are already happening.

And smile, because it is an incredible time!

And in that smile is your light, the brightest light that has ever, ever, ever shown on this planet!

Let it shine.

Mostly let it shine on you and within you, and nurture yourself.

And so it is.

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Canalizado el DAY de MONTH de 2021

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  1. So much gratitude for this post Dearest John. So needed it today! These past weeks such a sheer exhaustion, wondering am I going to make it? At the last few steps of the Marathon ASG talked about. This is the push I needed to cross the finish line. Yet I know it is truly just the start of all the beauty & wonder that I have dreamt about for eons! Thank you! 😍🙏😇

  2. Caro John, grazie, grazie, grazie. I tuoi messaggi sono così puri, semplici e pieni di Amore e sono di grande sostegno. Sono veramente tempi magici ed incredibili questi che stiamo vivendo e dobbiamo esseri fieri di noi stessi di essere arrivati fin qui e di esserci.

  3. Thank you so much dear John! 🙏❤️. I started crying from relief, because i’m the struggler and it has been hell for a while now. I can barely manage normal tasks and it’s scary sometimes. This message came just the right time, Thank you! 🥰


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