Preparing for the Apocalypse

The original meaning of the word “apocalypse” was not destruction, but “to reveal.” But great revelations often come with the chaos of great change, and the greatest revelation of all is the revelation of you to you, of human and divine to each other. And the time is now.

For many of us the revelation has been coming gradually over the past several years, but on March 22, 2023, the doorways between the realms will be thrown wide open for all of humanity. That infamous “veil” between human and soul, between human and divine, will be forever removed, and you will finally be able to know, as a human, the fullness of you. And that changes everything!

Of course many people, in the beginning probably most, will hide their eyes and try to go on as before. And that’s okay. Even we are stepping into the other realms gradually, gently, so as not to be too overwhelmed. But nevertheless, everything now begins to change. And eventually, the light will be too bright for anyone to ignore.

In this simple and profound message Master John, my soul/divinity, talks about what all this means and how you can make the process easier for you.

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Preparing for the Apocalypse – by John McCurdy
Channeled on February 16, 2023

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible. Note that Hmm, Mmm, and lines with just a dot signify places to pause, and to feel into yourself and what is being said.

I am that I am!

Master John of Divine Service, here to show you, if you are willing, a little bit of your own divinity.


Ah, what a time this is! What an incredible time!

The time of the apocalypse.


The time of Heaven coming to Earth.


The time of your own divinity.

You see, that’s what the apocalypse was always about: the revelation of who you truly are.


Oh, it’s not the end of the world, though it is the end of the world as you have known it. For you see, as people all over the world begin to recognize their own divinity, oh, that changes things. That changes everything!

It’ll take some time and there will be a lot of chaos along the way, but that’s what is happening, dear friend. Because you, those of you here listening to this message, so many of you have been part of this project. This project that began in Atlantis long, long ago and that you’ve been working on in the other realms. Or that you could say your divinity has been working on, your soul has been working on, for so long. This project to take down the veil between human and soul, or between human and divinity, however you want to call it.

Someone asked us recently, “How do you define ‘soul’?”

John replied, “It’s all of me that is outside of my mind’s comprehension.”

Oh, there are many different definitions that people have, but we like to keep it really, really simple. It is all of you. ALL of you! Oh, and not just the part that’s outside of human comprehension. It includes the human. It is everything that you are.

You can call it soul, you can call it divinity, or whatever you want. It doesn’t matter. It is all of you, and there is so much of you that your mind simply cannot comprehend.

So this thing you call the veil, that keeps you as the human from knowing your own divinity, you created it long ago. Oh, we’ve talked about it before. We’ve talked about how the mind was given the job of distracting you, of blocking your perception of your soul, so that you could focus here on Earth. So that you could truly dive into the experiences that you came here to experience.

Oh, it had an unfortunate side effect, in that when you forgot who you were and why you were here, all those experiences went from incredible adventures to, in many cases, very, very difficult experiences, because you didn’t know what they were about. You the human just thought you got everything wrong. You hurt. You went through these difficult things, and oh, it hurt so much!

So we, you, have been working so hard in the other realms. Your soul, you could say the non-human parts of you, has been working so hard to find a way to open that perception back up and to take away that veil. To take off those headbands you used in Atlantis to create the veil, and to force the human into the mind so it couldn’t remember who it is.

Well, now the time has come!


Adamus Saint-Germain, the ascended master, calls it Heaven’s Cross, because it is the bridge between the heavens, between the realms. But it is also the apocalypse.

It is the second coming.

Oh, that’s a loaded term for Christians, and for so many in the world!

You see, you created this being called Jeshua, and had him birthed onto the earth two thousand years ago to plant the seed, to begin the process, of showing you your divinity.

Oh, very, very few beings understood at the time, so a lot of stories got started about how Jesus, which is what the church called him, came to pay for your sins so that God wouldn’t have to destroy you.

Ha! What an incredible story! Something only a human could come up with, because there is no god who would ever want to destroy you. Oh, there were certainly some pretend gods who took on power and tried to destroy you, but it didn’t work. It can’t work, because you are God also and you cannot be destroyed. Oh, the human body can be destroyed, but you cannot.

So, the church created this whole story about—well, let’s say that a little different.

The people of Jesus time, oh, they expected someone to come and save Israel from the rest of the world. Well, that wasn’t his job either. And then some of his disciples, some of the people around him, began to see a little more deeply. And they said, “Oh, he’s come to save us from our sins so that God won’t have to destroy us! He came to pay the price, somehow, for the sins of Adam and Eve and everyone who’s come since, so that his father, the great God, will feel that justice was served.”

Oh, what a convoluted and strange story! It makes God into something that’s worse than all the human tyrants of Earth.

No, there is no God like that, other than in human imagination. Which is very, very real, in a sense. There is a being up in the sky somewhere called God, who walks around feeling grumpy most of the time. But he’s a construct of human imagination, and that’s all. He has no power other than what people believe that he has, and he certainly doesn’t have the power to destroy humanity.

The true divinity is something so far beyond any concept of God. It is you. It is your source. It is all that you are.

What Jeshua came to show you, what he came to do, was not to pay for your sins.

Even the concept of sin is a human imagination. There is no paying for anything you’ve done, for there is no need. No need at all! And that is what Jeshua came to show you. He came to show you that divinity is within. He came to show you that you have never done anything wrong.

Oh, you’ve done lots of things that you look at and you regret, but your soul does not regret to them. Any of them!

Perhaps in another lifetime you killed someone, or even tortured them or raped them. Your soul, your divinity, has no regrets for that!

Perhaps you put yourself in situations where those things happened to you. Your soul, your divinity, has no regrets for those either, because they were experiences that brought you, your soul, so much wisdom!

You see you, at your core, cannot be hurt. You cannot be killed. You can’t even take on emotional wounds. Those belong to the human, not to the soul. And you see, you only carry those because you forgot who you are.

That’s what Jesus, or Jeshua, came to show you.


Yes, those wounds, oh, you worry so much about them. You feel that you have to work so hard to release them.

No, you don’t.

All you have to do is see the truth: they don’t belong to you, and they never did. They are just memories. They are stories from the past.

Oh, but in your forgetting of who you are, the stories go into your mind and your mind spins them and replays them like old records. And every time you play a story in your mind, your brain creates all these chemicals that it sends out into your body. And then you feel all these sensations in your body.

Oh, we’re going to say something a little shocking to some of you here. You see, there’s this idea that your bodies carry those old wounds. Even we have talked about it in the past, because we hadn’t quite recognized the truth yet.

No, your body is pure and simple. It doesn’t carry anything like that. It doesn’t carry anything, except to be a place for your consciousness. But every time you, the being that lives in that body, remembers one of those stories, you turn it into an emotion.

An emotion is simply the feelings in your body that come from those chemicals that are created, in the moment, by your brain, in response to that story. And so you have aches and pains in your body. Your heart hurts. Your body trembles in fear, and all these other things you feel in your body. Because of the story playing in your mind.

And that’s all it is: a story in your memory. And an incredibly inaccurate memory, too.

You only remember a little bit of it. You only remember the drama. You don’t remember all the other things that were going on in that situation.

Oh, you couldn’t even see most of what was going on when you were in it. You couldn’t see the energies. You couldn’t see the dynamics playing out with all the people involved, and with you. You couldn’t see the wisdom that was coming from the experience.

All you remember is the human pain, and the helplessness.

You don’t even remember most of the beautiful experiences in that other time. Even in this lifetime you remember a lot more of the painful experiences than you do of the beautiful experiences. You don’t allow yourself to remember the beauty of it all.

But even those difficult experiences, when you see them from your soul’s perspective and see everything that was happening in that experience, oh, there is so much beauty there!


But your mind, well, you gave it this job of blocking all that out, of keeping you focused here in the drama, of keeping you stuck here, and so those are the things you remember. The drama, the pain, the injustice, the powerlessness.

But there is so much more! And when you open up—oh, you try so hard to get rid of those old memories, but you can’t. It is not possible from the human perspective.

What you can do is open up to the beauty. You can allow yourself to begin to see the beauty.

Oh, but so often the mind turns even that into a silly game that doesn’t go anywhere. So, then you just step back. You observe. You make a choice not to take on that pain anymore, but simply to observe from a neutral place.

And then, because you’re not focused on the drama anymore, because you are not reacting to the drama anymore, well, it opens you up. It opens you up to the perspective of your soul, and then you start to see all the rest of what was happening.

Oh, it’s probably not going to be in a mental story, or even in new memories that the human can describe. You’re just going to start to feel something new. You’re going to feel a different perspective. You’re going to feel lighter.


You’re going to find fewer of those old stories running through your mind and triggering all these difficult emotions and feelings in your body. And in the coming weeks, you are going to find that you have much more access to your soul’s perspective.

That’s what this “apocalypse” is about. It is the revelation of you, to you.


It is the reunion of human and soul, of human and divinity.

As that reunion happens, you are going to find your soul’s perspective to be much, much more available to you.

But you have to be willing!

You have to be willing to let go of the drama.

You have to be willing to let go of your righteous indignation, of that part of you that wants so much to be recognized for the pain you went through, that wants so much to punish those who hurt you, or who you perceive as having hurt you.

You have to be willing to let go of all of that, because as you reunite with your soul—oh, you were never really separated, but it sure felt like it! And as that veil comes down and you begin to see through your soul’s eyes, you are going to see that nobody ever hurt you. Ever.

It was all you. It was all experiences chosen by you and your divinity.

It was all your perception, your limited human perception that couldn’t see everything else that was happening.


It was all avatars, created by you from your own energy to reflect something back to you, and to play out an experience in order to gain the wisdom from it.

Oh, hmm… All of this doesn’t fit in the mind very well, so don’t pick it all apart in your mind.

Just take a breath.

Allow your soul’s perspective to come in.

It’s not going to come in with a lot of new stories, and certainly not with a lot of old memories. That’s your mind. It’s not your soul.

When your soul comes in, when your soul’s perspective comes in, it shows you the beauty.


It soothes the mind.

It releases the stories.

It shows you something far beyond those mental stories.

You’re not going to have stories to replace them.

You are going to have a feeling of peace.

No matter what’s going on in your life, you are going to have a feeling of peace. A knowing that all is well and that everything works out.

Because that is your soul’s knowing. That is your soul’s perspective.

And that is what you, dear human, can allow into your life.

You don’t need to work on releasing all those old things. Just open up to your soul.

Just allow the anger, the indignation, to fade away.

You hold onto it so tightly because, oh, the human wants so much for someone to pay for those awful experiences!

You will come to see that you chose them. Nobody else ever inflicted those things on you. It seemed like they did, because that’s how you set up the experience, and because you were disconnected from your soul.

You didn’t know that you had set up those experiences. All you could feel was the human perspective, and from that perspective it seemed like the others had imposed them upon you. But dear friend, that is simply not possible.

As a sovereign being, no one has access to you unless you allow it.


So, let go of the blame.

Going forward, there is no place in your life for blame, of any kind, upon anyone. And especially, there is no place for blaming yourself.

No, the solution is to allow the love, starting with yourself. Starting with each one of these aspects of you, these stories.

That’s what aspects are. They are just stories. They are emotional stories. They are not little beings running around trying to mess up your life. They are emotional stories, stories that play in your mind and that trigger all these emotions and all these drugs that your brain floods your body with.

It makes it feel like they are real, and they are not. They are just a story, and you no longer have to live out their lives.

That’s all you are really doing. You feel that memory and you take it on, and you start living it, and then you feel—in your body—all the sensations that go with it.


Come back, dear friend.

You fight so hard with those parts of you. You fight so hard to get rid of them, to get rid of the story, and it only intensifies it.

No, it is a part of you that is hurting, and it needs a hug. It needs your love.

Oh, don’t focus on that story, or that aspect, and start saying how much you love it. That’s the mind, and it totally misses the point.

No, love you.

Recognize this as a part of you. A lost and confused part certainly, but a part of you, and it needs to come home. But it can only come home if you can love yourself so much that it’s welcome there.

Self-love begins with allowing all those parts of you that you feel so ashamed of, that hurt so much. Self-love begins with allowing them, even allowing the shame and the hurt, and then giving yourself a big hug no matter how bad it hurts.

As you do that, as you stop fighting with yourself—oh, that’s all you have ever fought! Yourself!

You thought you were fighting the world. You thought you were fighting to protect something.

No, all you were ever fighting was yourself.

As you begin to let that battle go, to wrap your arms around yourself and hug you, just the way you are, you are going to find a new perception coming in. A new perspective. Because then your divinity can come in.

You’ve been fighting your own divinity. You missed it so badly and you wanted it so much, but all of these things in your life that you fight, they are part of your divinity. They are part of your soul, so you have been fighting with yourself and pushing it all away.

Put down your sword.

Wrap your arms around yourself.

Give yourself a big hug just the way you are.

And keep doing that over and over again, for as long as it takes.

When you find yourself caught up in some emotional pain or drama, just stop. Take a deep breath, and wrap your arms around yourself.

You are beautiful.

You are divine.

You have never, ever done anything wrong.

You have only lived through some incredible experiences. Oh, difficult from the human perspective, yes. But incredible nonetheless, because of the wisdom that came from them.

And dear friend, it is because of those experiences, and because of everything you have done and experienced, that we are now here at the end of the world, at the end of time, opening up to the heavens.

To the new world.

To the New Earth.

To all that you are, and to the full consciousness of all that you are.


You don’t have to do anything about that, except to lay down your sword.

When you feel the anger and the pain, and the stories are screaming in your mind, just take a deep breath.

Wrap your arms around yourself and remind yourself that it’s okay. That it’s all going to be okay, because your soul is here now.

Even if you don’t yet know how to recognize it, your soul is here now and it is holding you.

When you wrap your arms around yourself, your soul wraps its arms around you too. And it’s holding you, and it’s telling you how much it loves you and how grateful it is for everything that you have experienced. And it is reminding you that you can let go of all that pain now.

Just allow yourself to come home, and to be held by your soul.


And keep coming back.

Oh, you’ll forget, for a while. But then you’ll begin to find a deep peace within yourself, a new kind of joy, a knowing that everything is okay and that everything works out in the end. And that you are so much more than any of those stories.

You are divinity itself.




Hug yourself.

And allow yourself to feel your soul hugging you.

That’s all there is to do right now.

That’s all!

Everything else is happening just as it needs to happen, so keep coming back to that.

Wrap your arms around yourself.

Give yourself a hug, and do it often.


And so it is.

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Canalizado el DAY de MONTH de 2021

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