You Are So Worthy!

The Apocalypse, the Second Coming, is here. Can you allow your own worthiness?


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You Are So Worthy! – by John McCurdy
Channeled on March 7, 2023

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible. Note that Hmm, Mmm, and lines with just a dot signify places to pause, and to feel into yourself and what is being said.

I am that I am!


Master John of Magical Service, here to work some magic with you, if you are willing.


What a time. What a time to be alive on Earth!

The time of the apocalypse. The time of the Second Coming of The Christ. Oh, not of some man who lived two thousand years ago, but The Christ Spirit.

Ahh… It is being birthed!

Oh, you’ve been nurturing the seed for so very long. So very long! And in just a couple short weeks from the time of this recording, it blossoms. This beautiful Christ seed, your own divinity, what the man Jeshua—most people know him as Jesus—came to show you: your own divinity.

Oh, it’s been here all along. It is your essence. But there has been this veil, this veil between you and your divinity. The veil has been thinning for several years now, in preparation for this time, and on March 22 it comes down completely.


Oh, most people won’t recognize it yet, because they’re not ready. But it is ready for them, and whenever they choose, they will be able to let go of the remnants of the veil that they are holding on to. They will be able to feel, and to access, their own divinity.

But for those of you who are aware of your divinity, of your divine nature, of your soul, now you will have full access to it.

Oh, even for you it’ll be a bit of a process, but there are no more barriers to taking down that veil. It’s something that so many of us, so many of you, have been working on for so very long.

Back in the times of Atlantis we did so much work to create a common human form, to create a common human mind, so that each person living on Earth would have similar resources and similar abilities. Oh, we worked with the DNA of the human physical body. We worked with the mind. We created metal headbands to help put your energies into the mind. And the truth is, that’s when we created the veil.

We’ve talked about it before, about how we gave the mind the job of distracting you at all costs—even sometimes at the cost of the death of the body—of distracting you from your divinity so that you could stay here and have this experience without the distraction of remembering who you really are.

Oh, it created some amazing experiences! Some difficult and painful experiences, and also beautiful experiences. And it created a lot of misunderstanding.

Because of that veil you forgot who you are, and you lost trust in yourself. You came to trust almost everyone else more than you trusted yourself, because you couldn’t remember who you are. And how could someone with no memory of their own beingness be trustworthy?


Ah, but it wasn’t the truth. Because you, dear friend, you are a grand being!

Oh, this veil hid you away from your soul, and it hid your soul away from you. But there was such a good reason for it. You wanted to dive into the depths of you. You wanted to know who you are. You wanted to know in such a real, visceral and experiential way. You wanted to know all of who you are, and the only way to know that was to forget who you are and to dive into the depths of the darkness, which is simply the unknown, and to discover who you are.

In so many different ways, you have done that. You dove so deep. You felt the darkness. You got lost there, or you thought you were lost. There was always a part of you, you call it your soul or your divinity, whatever you want. There was always this part of you that that held the energy cords for you.

But you, that human part of you, dove so deep into the unknown, and you discovered who you are. Through all of the experiences, all of the pain, all of the trauma, all of the beauty, all of the battles and the wars and the love and the love-making and everything you’ve done on Earth, you discovered new parts of you. And you discovered your sovereignty.

Oh, your mind doesn’t quite know what to do with that yet, and that’s okay. You feel it, and that’s all that matters.

Your mind is finally, finally, realizing that its job is over. It’s realizing that it can relax now, that it can quiet down. It doesn’t have to figure anything out anymore. It doesn’t have to keep you safe anymore.


Because you have been taking this veil down, little by little, and as you come to this grand event on March 22, you are ready. You are ready to know all that you are. To feel it. To know it, even if your mind doesn’t fully understand yet. It will, in time. But you are already beginning to know who you are, and that knowing is going to deepen and increase on an exponential curve, in the next few weeks and months.

Oh, we call it the apocalypse, and indeed it is the apocalypse of prophecy.

Oh, that word got covered up with fear and was interpreted to mean the end of the world, and indeed it is the end of the world as you have known it. Specifically, it is the end of your world as you have known it, and it is the beginning of the New Earth for you, if you choose to stay here.


Not everyone is ready for that change. But it is happening, and it is going to affect the whole planet.

Many will leave on account of it, and will go somewhere else where they can continue playing their games of power, and of self-discovery through pain and trauma. But for those of you here, the apocalypse is indeed the end of the world as you have known it, and the beginning of the New Earth.


It is indeed when Heaven comes to Earth, when the veil between the human and all of the other realms of existence finally disappears.

Oh, what a time! What an incredible time!

This is it. This is the culmination of all those prophecies.

This is the Great Revealing, the Second Coming of The Christ.


When John was a child, growing up in a fundamentalist Christian family, they believed so strongly—they knew—that the Second Coming was very close.

Oh, they didn’t understand what the Second Coming was. They had a lot of ideas, and a lot of creative imaginations went into trying to interpret those prophecies and figure out what was coming in the future. But now we are here and it is not at all like they imagined it to be, but nevertheless they knew—in their hearts they knew—that it was coming in their lifetime.

And oh, little John would go out and sit in the woods. He loved to be in the woods. He would sit in the woods or walk in the woods, and he would agonize over how he could possibly be ready when Jesus came. Because he believed that in order to go to heaven with Jesus he would have to be a good boy, and he could feel all the ways that he didn’t feel like a very good boy.


Because it is impossible for a human to live up to that kind of a standard. It is impossible for a human to not feel shame, to not feel like a failure so often. It is truly impossible!

Even you, you fight with yourself so much about the things you feel, about where you failed, where maybe you could have been nicer to somebody else or not disappointed them. Oh, all the different things that you judge about yourself! And there is a part of you that still judges you, and that you feel makes you unworthy of this grand Second Coming, of this grand opening of Heaven on Earth.

So, I invite you to feel into those places.

And as you do, I invite you to allow your own soul, your own divinity, to feel into them with you and to show you that you never did anything wrong.

They were only mistakes or failures because you forgot who you are and why you are here. In truth, they were grand experiences that helped you to know yourself and that brought so much wisdom to your soul. And that wisdom is here, now, for you.

So, feel into that wisdom.

Bring these parts of you that feel so ashamed, so afraid, to this wisdom of your own divinity.


Wrap your arms around them, your metaphorical arms.

Hold them tight.

Hold them close.

Feel the love of your own soul, your own divinity.

Feel as your soul wraps its arms around you.



Allow these parts of you to know the love of your soul.



Mind, be still. Just let it happen.

You don’t need to analyze it anymore.

You don’t need to figure it out anymore.

Just let it happen.

Don’t try to make sense out of it.

Just be still.

Let it happen.

Let the love come in.

Don’t try to figure out where it’s coming from, or all those human details.

Just be still.

Let it come.

Let it be here.

Let it envelope all these parts of you.

You are so loved!

You are so worthy!


John remembers a beautiful song from his childhood. He used to listen to it over and over again, from Handel’s Messiah: Worthy is the lamb. Worthy is the lamb that was slain.

Dear friend, that lamb is you.

You thought it applied to someone else, to someone called Jesus.


It’s really you.

In a sense, you were slain. You died to yourself so that you could dive so deep into this experience, so that you could make what you thought were mistakes and have that experience, and discover those parts of you.

And oh, now you’ve come to the end of the journey. You are waking back up to yourself. You are coming home to you, and you are so worthy!

Your soul is so grateful for all of those experiences. and even for all of those mistakes!

Every single one, even when you thought you hurt someone.

You never hurt anybody. It was their choice how they responded to what you did. It was their choice to participate, to feel hurt, or whatever it was they felt. It was just a game.

You. Never. Did. Anything. Wrong. Ever. Ever!

And now, at the apocalypse, at the grand revealing, oh, you are the hero coming home from a grand adventure!

Whether you feel like it yet or not, that is who you are!

Let that in, dear friend.

You are the grand hero coming home and bringing so many gifts, bringing this incredible golden nectar of wisdom, to all that you are!

Oh, you are so worthy!

And don’t let anyone, including yourself, tell you anything different, because it’s a lie.

You are so worthy!


And the whole universe is celebrating your return from this grand adventure, so let it in.

Let the opening happen within you.

You don’t need the veil anymore.

You needed it.

In order to have this journey, you needed it!

And now you are home and you don’t need it anymore, so let it fall away.

Let the opening happen for you.


Oh, dear mind, don’t worry about what comes next. Don’t even ask what comes next. Not yet, because it isn’t known. But it is going to be grand! We know that.

Just allow your worthiness.

Allow you.

Let go of figuring it out. That’s just part of the veil, part of the mind’s old job.

Just be.


Right now, so many of you feel strange. Oh, John goes through his days and he can hardly focus on anything. And that’s normal right now, because everything is changing.

Everything is changing!

It is indeed the end of your world as you have known it, and the beginning of something brand new. And you won’t be able to figure out what the new is until you get there, so don’t try. Let it unfold.

Let yourself feel your soul’s love.

Immerse yourself in that.

If you feel like lying in bed all day, do it. If you feel like going for a walk, do it. If you feel like reading a book or watching movies or whatever to fill your time, do it.

It doesn’t matter right now what you are doing.

It doesn’t matter right now if you are accomplishing anything at all.

It simply doesn’t matter, because on another level you are accomplishing so much!

And because in opening this new pathway for yourself, you have also opened it for all of humanity.


And the world will change, starting with your world.

The mass-consciousness world will also begin to change, and it will never be the same. And in a very short time—in terms of human history it’s like the blink of an eye—it is going to be a very, very different place.


But there is nothing right now—from the human standpoint there is nothing—left that needs to be done.

Just nurture yourself.

Wrap your arms around yourself.

Oh, someone teased John the other day and said, “My arms aren’t long enough. How do I wrap them around me? How do I hug myself?”


Well, dear mind, be still.

Be still.

You know what a hug feels like, and you don’t need arms to give yourself that feeling.

Just let it in.

Feel your soul’s arms around you.

Feel your soul’s whole being wrapped around you!

Imagine it however you like, and stop limiting yourself with your mind’s silly ideas of physical limitations.

Even those are not real. They are just what you imagine them to be, so imagine something different and then feel it.

Allow yourself to feel it, and it’s real.

It is real if you allow it to be.

So wrap your arms around yourself. Wrap them around yourself over and over again. Wrap them and wrap them and wrap them! They are long enough. You can wrap them around yourself twenty times if you want to, they are so long. Just imagine it, and it is real!

Feel them!


Most importantly, feel the love. Feel the love of you, of your soul, of your own divinity, and take that in.

Some of you say, “Oh, I don’t feel like it. I feel so unworthy.”

Be still, mind.

Please, be still!

You think you are unworthy. You don’t feel your unworthiness, you think it. And then you create an emotion of it and call that a feeling. It’s not. It’s an emotion. It’s a lie.


It’s a story.

So be still, dear mind.

Be still.

The love of your soul is found in the stillness.

It is known in the stillness of you.

So just stop.

Let the words go.

As we’ve said before, if it’s in words, it is the mind.

So let the words go.


Sit quietly with yourself, and just allow the love. It’s there.

It is indeed there, for each and every one of you!


You think—in your mind, some of you think you’ve been such a bad person.

The love is still there! You just had some experiences that humans judge as bad, but they were part of finding you.

They were part of this grand adventure.

They were part of the wisdom, the gifts, that you bring back to all that you are.


So be still.

Let the words go.

Let the judgments go.

Just know the love of you, of all that you are, for you the human.


Keep coming back to that.

The mind as a creature of habit. It keeps trying to go back to the worry, to the judgment, to the emotions.

Just keep coming back to the stillness, and to the grand, grand love that is here in the stillness for you.


Allow your life to unfold.

Don’t try to figure it out right now.

Don’t try to make plans. How can you plan, when you are in the process of stepping into an entirely new world?

Just allow the unfolding.

You will know.

Because of all that wisdom you’ve brought back to your soul, you will know what to do when you need it.


Allow the unfolding.

And so it is.

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  1. Grazie John, sei sempre di ispirazione con le tue canalizzazioni. Mi sento degna di tutto ciò che sta avvenendo e sono immensamente grata di essere arrivata a viverlo. Lo aspettavamo tutti da tantissimo tempo questo momento ed ora che è arrivato sembra quasi un sogno. Ma niente della mia vita mi è mai sembrato così reale come l’evento di questa apertura.
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