The Grand Integration

Have you been feeling tired and depressed, even hopeless, lately? Are your emotions all over the place, and you feel at times that you are losing your grip on reality? Is your body going through all kinds of strange stuff?

Almost everyone I know who is on this path, and many who are not (or don’t realize they are), can say yes to those questions lately.

Well, this message was unexpected. I woke up on Wednesday morning thinking about Session 2 of A Headbander’s Guide to Opening Your Intuition, which was happening that afternoon. But as I entered my office and turned on my computer, I found myself turning on my video lights and preparing my space for a channel. I felt inside and found no clue as to what my soul wanted to talk about, but the feeling was clear that I needed to let something come out. And of course, that’s always when the most beautiful messages come out!

After the channel I was totally stunned, partly because of the beauty and clarity of the experience, and partly because Master John talked about some things I had never thought of before and gave me a whole new perspective on what the masters have been telling us all along: “It is not yours.” And now, as I finally have all the processing done and prepare to post it, I am still blown away.

And of course, it fit right in with the beautiful and amazing class that afternoon, the title of which turned out to be, A Safe Space for Intuition.


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