Living As Soul

The veil between human and divine is coming down, and realization is dawning within the human that it and soul are one and the same. It can be confusing, disorienting and even painful at first, but now comes the time to consciously walk the earth AS soul, AS divinity.


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Living As Soul – by John McCurdy
Channeled on October 31, 2021

I Am that I Am!


Finally! After oh, more than two months, here we are making a new message.


I am Master John, of Magical Service!

Also known as Johannes, John’s soul. Or Anna, John’s soul.

Oh, we’ve gone by many, many other names. John has been calling us Johannes, or Anna, because it felt like he needed a handle for his soul, but it’s time to take the next step.

You see, so many people come to us because they want to connect with their own soul. They say, “I used to be able to feel my soul and connect with it, and now I can’t find it. I don’t feel it. Where did it go? What happened?”

So we open up and bring in the consciousness of their soul, so that they can hear and feel their own soul, and the answer is always the same. No matter who it is, the answer that comes from their own soul is, “You can’t find me, because you are looking for me out there somewhere. We had this illusion—you call it a veil, and it was there for very good reasons—that made it seem like I was another being separate from you, somewhere out there, and that’s where you found me in the past. But now, we’ve taken down that illusion. We don’t need it anymore, and you can’t find your soul because you forgot that your soul is you! It is not some other being. There is no separation. It is you! It is your essence, your divinity, your creation. Everything around you is your energy, and your energy is your soul.”


Oh, many people have different ways of describing it, of describing who you actually are, but we just call it soul. Ultimately, you are pure consciousness. And there is this energy. It was created by you and it interacts with you.


John is getting lost in the words, and that’s okay.


So, it’s time for the next step, even in our communications here: I am John’s soul. I am John, and there is no difference!

Oh, perhaps there is a difference in perspective, kind of like the perspective of your finger is a little different than the perspective of your mind, or your eyes, or that part of you that thinks it is who you are.


Indeed, your finger is just as much who you are as any other part of you, and human you is just as much your soul as any other part of you. Human John is just as much a part of his soul as any other aspect or facet of him.

So, instead of taking a name like Johannes at this point, I am simply going to call myself, for now, Master John. Because I am speaking from the master place, the master perspective, the master facet.

I am not some separate being from John. I am simply a perspective.

There is John the human, with a very human perspective that gets caught up in the details of human life, and in the challenges and the problems—oh, thankfully, not so much anymore—that has a very human perspective. But that’s as much me as what we call the soul, or the master, or anything else, or any other facet.

Then there is the Master self. Some call it the Merlin self, the one who brings in the magical perspective, the full perspective. There aren’t any words that adequately describe it, but we think you can feel what we mean.

The point is, there is no difference between soul and human, between divine and human, between master and human or merlin and human, other than perspective.

So, if you want to connect with your soul, connect with you.


The next time you’re in front of a mirror, look in your own eyes. And then look AS soul.

Don’t look in the reflection to see soul—it is a reflection of the human—but look at that reflection as soul.


The mind thinks about doing that and says, “I don’t see anything different.”

Be still, mind. You don’t have the ability to see in the way that we are starting to see, in the way that you, your soul, sees.

Oh, let’s start over again. John is trying to find the right words, and it’s confusing.

You see, Mind, you had a specific function to fulfill. Two functions, as we’ve discussed before. You had the function of being the interface mechanism between spirit and biology. As that interface mechanism, it wasn’t your job to figure anything out, to accomplish anything, or to protect your human, or any of that. Your job was simply to be the interface, like a computer interfaces between human and the internet.

The computer doesn’t decide what to do or where to go. It’s the people that do that. Well, that is actually starting to change, but you get the point. The mind, the brain, was originally simply an interface. It never had any concept of being you, or of being the manager of your life.

Ah, but we ran into a little problem. Every time you came into biology on Earth it was so hard to stay, because it was so intense, so dense. And things would get a little extra dense in a particular moment, or intense, and you would feel your soul. You would remember how good it felt to just be your soul, and you would pop right out of this body.

So, we gave the mind a new job. Oh, it took a great long period of time on Earth to figure it all out. You’ve heard stories of headbands and various other things that that we used, soul and human together, to try to figure out how to stay on Earth, how to live more efficiently, without popping out so easily.


It took a long time. We tried some things that were controversial, and still are controversial, but here we are. Ultimately, you can boil it down to this: we gave the mind the job of distracting you from your soul. We created the veil, so that it was harder to get out of your body. That meant it was easier to stay on Earth until the body wasn’t usable anymore. We set it up, in a way, so that the only way out was to destroy the body, and we also set up a mechanism in the body to be sure that, after a certain amount of time, it would fall apart so you wouldn’t be stuck there. That was what the mind was for.

Oh, the humans at the time didn’t know it, but that was the purpose of the headbands and of all the other experiments that were done in what you call Atlantis, in that era. The purpose was to make it easier to stay in the body.

Oh, turned out to be a big deal. It brought in a whole lot of issues. Suddenly you weren’t so connected with soul, and your mind, because it was its job, started thinking of itself as you. In that, it started wanting to prove itself. It started wanting power, and that led to all kinds of problems.

Oh, what you call corruption, and greed, and battles, and disagreement. Grand disagreements. And shame, oh, so much shame. As you saw what had been a very beautiful society falling apart, you felt so much sadness and grief. You started to see that it was falling apart because of this mind, because of this disconnection from soul. You didn’t understand how it had happened, or even why, and even now, when you hear about what was done there is a part of you—a part of so many of you—who reacts in horror. “Why did we ever do that? Surely I was not one of the ones who promoted that!”


Well, none of that really matters now, and you go into shame: “How could I have been part of that? How could we have done that?” You feel the beauty of your society before that happened, and you feel so much shame. You felt so much shame then, and that just fed into the corruption and the battles, until Atlantis literally fell apart and you went into a time when Earth was barely livable.


But you see, there was a reason for it all. You came to Earth for a specific reason that was coded into you.

You came here to learn about energy and its interaction with consciousness. You came here to learn who you are, and to experience yourself in every way possible. And so you found a way to set that up, and then to reset the game. Much like you would reprogram one of your video games in your computer, and then reset it to start the new version. And here you are. It worked. It worked better than anybody ever expected! But it was painful. It was intense, and you completely forgot about your soul.

Oh, there was always just enough, just enough of a hint of it within you, that you always knew there was something more, and it forced you to keep searching. It kept you from giving up. But always, your mind did its job. It distracted you from who you really were. It kept you focused on the physical, on the illusion. It kept you here, on Earth. Until now.

Now, you have completed your journey. You have discovered who you are, even though you are not so sure about that in your mind, yet.


Your mind is still trying to do its job. Both because it’s a really strong habit, but also because it wants to be sure that it is really time.

You see, your mind has served you so well, and with so much responsibility. It has worked so hard to do its job, to keep you from rediscovering your soul, and it wants to be sure that it really is okay to let go of that job now.

So, I invite you to talk to your mind. It might seem strange, it might feel like it’s just your mind talking to itself, but speak to your mind AS your soul: Dear mind, you have served me so well, and now it is time to let go. We have completed our journey. We don’t need you to hold up that illusion anymore, to hold up that veil. It is time to let it down. It is time to rest, for you. We are not leaving you behind and we are not going to let you go crazy, because you have such a place of honor. You have served so well, and now it is time to come home. Finally.


For now, for most of you, that doesn’t mean you have to pop out of the body. You finally have enough self-awareness that you can stay for as long as you choose. Your mind can go back to simply being the interface between you and your biology. And in that, as your mind lets go and allows the reunion of human and soul—ah, that’s not the right word, because we were never separate—as the mind allows, once again, the awareness of soul within the human, we can blend together again.

You see, you keep looking for the light body. “Where is my light body? Why does my physical body hurt so bad?”

Well, your light body is simply another perspective of your soul. It’s a pattern of energy.


It is right here. It has always been here. It has always been a part of you. But once again, it couldn’t come in because the mind had this job of hiding it away from you, and of hiding you away from it.


That’s all. And now that job is over. Now you are blending back together. Your body hurts because the light body is integrating, and like the caterpillar turning to mush within the cocoon, the old human body is no longer viable the way it is. It has to change, and sometimes that hurts. We are getting through it as best we can, but oh, there is so much leftover shame and guilt stored within the body!

You may think you don’t have any shame and guilt left. Well, feel your body. Feel what is happening within it. All that pain? That is shame and guilt! That’s all it is, along with resistance and fear.

So, what do you do?

You allow it. You breathe it in.

You experience it as soul.


You see, soul has a whole different perspective. Human is afraid it is falling apart or dying, while Soul knows that this is just a transition and an amazing experience.


So here you are. We talked before, in a recent message about emergence, we talked about why everything feels so strange to you right now. You see, you were a caterpillar. A metaphorical caterpillar, for you are so much more than any caterpillar, but in our metaphor you lived like a caterpillar: Crawling along, all your little legs carrying you along the branches and the bushes and from leaf to leaf. It was a very linear existence. You moved from one point to another and to another, from one leaf to another. You would eat on a leaf for a while, and then you would move on to another leaf. One step at a time, eating your way along.

Oh, that was very satisfying! For so long, it was so satisfying! And that’s all you did: Eat a leaf, move to the next one, eat it, or part of it, move on to another one, and try to not get picked off by a bird or stepped on by a human. Just living your life, one moment to another. It was fulfilling. It was satisfying. It was what you were here for.

And then one day, something stirred inside of you. You felt something. You started looking around. You started seeing how many different kinds of leaves there were, and you started feeling bored with your life. You tried out some of those other leaves and some of them made you sick, and some of them were delicious. And pretty soon, even that got boring.

You started seeing how many birds there were and how dangerous your life was, and your mind started to freak out. It started to feel so afraid, and finally you just came to stop. You said, “I can’t go on anymore. I can’t live like this anymore. I’ve experienced every kind of leaf there is and I’ve seen everything there is to see, and I can’t do this anymore!”

Then some intelligence inside of you took over and you started to spin a cocoon, or form a chrysalis, and you went to sleep.


Except you the human, you couldn’t really go to sleep during this process. But as the human, your life started to fall apart around you. You may have lost your job. You may have lost your lover. You may have lost your money. Everything in your life started to fall apart, even your body.

Within the cocoon the caterpillar’s body dissolves into a puddle of goo, and then it begins to reshape itself, to reform into something new.

Well, as the human, it’s not just your body. It is everything about you. Everything you ever knew yourself to be, everything that ever gave you a sense of identity, it all breaks down. It all becomes meaningless.


Yes, dear John, we ask you to post that channel. It’s one we did a couple months ago, and John has been so busy, having so much fun traveling with Romana, that he hasn’t had time to transcribe it yet. But he will, and by the time you hear or read this it will be on the website. We encourage you to listen to it, or at least to read it, because it is so important.

Everything in your life lost its meaning, or is losing its meaning, because there is no ultimate meaning. There is only existence and experience. There is only you.

So here you are, in the metaphorical cocoon where everything you thought was important has failed, fallen away, or lost its meaning. And you look around at your body and you feel something new, but it’s different. You see a leaf and you try to eat it, but suddenly you find out your teeth are all gone! You’ve got this big long pointy tongue of a mouth, and it can’t do anything with the leaf.


You look around and find you’ve got these big things on your back, and you can’t figure out what they are. Your body hurts, because it’s like it has been squeezing itself out through a little tiny hole in the cocoon, because that’s what happens when the caterpillar finally reforms into the butterfly. It squeezes itself out through this little hole in the cocoon. Well, that’s very much like what you have been going through in your human body.

Your body feels so tired. Nothing feels right. Things hurt that you never imagined hurting before. You’re sitting here looking around, and there’s a leaf right in front of you, just like the ones you are used to. You try to eat it, to get some strength back, and it doesn’t work.


Someone came to us the other day for a private channel. We brought in their soul and this person said, “I lost my job and I keep having these interviews, and they keep going really well. It looks like I’m going to get the job, and then at the last minute it falls apart. I get turned down over and over. What do I do? What am I doing wrong?”

This person’s soul said, “Well, you’re not a caterpillar anymore, and caterpillar things don’t work. That job would kill you. You don’t have the teeth for it anymore! But you do have something else.”

Coming back to our metaphor, you have this thing called—well, it’s like a long tongue, and you don’t have any idea what to do with it. For you the human, well, it’s your imagination. It’s your soul. It’s—we don’t even have words for it yet. But one of these moments those things on your back are going to move and you’re going to discover they are wings, and you are going to find yourself flying. Some of you already are.

Oh, that’s a little scary though! The caterpillar is used to solid ground, or at least solid branches and solid leaves, and suddenly you’re flitting through the air wondering what’s happening!


John and Romana have been traveling for the last two months. Oh, from one place to another. They didn’t know what they were going to do, other than they needed to go to America and they needed to travel in the Northwest for time and introduce Romana to some of John’s relatives. Well, they ended up discovering so much of themselves, introducing themselves to much more than just physical relatives, remembering past lifetimes and collecting parts of themselves.


And then, they felt that journey coming to a close. It was getting too cold to camp in the northwestern states of America. They we’re getting tired, and they said, “We need a place to stop for a few weeks and just be.”

And their souls said, “It’s time to go to Hawaii.”

And the humans said, “Really? We hear it’s expensive. We hear it’s difficult to get there. They have all these requirements for COVID testing.” Ah, but the feeling was clear.

You see, as a butterfly you don’t just follow along from one branch or leaf to another. You flit. To this place and that place and the other place, and you usually don’t know when you start where you are going.

So, they booked their flights to Hawaii. Ha! The flights were cheap, but getting the right COVID test was—oh, the price made their eyes water!

They got to Hawaii and started looking for a place to rent for a while. Oh, but then the prices really made their eyes water! But they did it. They said, “We don’t have any choice anymore. We have the money, and we know now that there will always be more money when we need it, so let’s just do it. And the adventure continues, and that is why it’s been a while since John posted a channel. He’s been too busy acting like a butterfly!

Ah, but here we are. Here you are, looking around and trying to figure out what is happening!

What’s happening is, the veil is gone.


You thought that meant you’d be able to see your soul. All it really means is, now all you see in front of you is a big high cliff and you’re at the top of it. There are a lot of jagged sharp rocks at the bottom, and you look behind you and you know that if you go back that way—oh, it’s not even possible, and if you did you would just die. But the only thing in front of you is this cliff!

Well, it’s because you are up in the air being a butterfly! And you don’t even know what that means yet. It’s not even a cliff. It’s the void, the void of creation. You are panicking because you think you are going to fall and hit those rocks, but you are actually flying.

You are already flying! And when you realize that the fear will go away, because you’ll realize that it is your own wings carrying you.

You’ll realize that you don’t have to learn how to fly. All you have to do is let go of that leaf, and it happens naturally. And then a point will come—oh, you do have to let go of that leaf first! You feel like you are starving for food and you’re still trying to eat that leaf, still trying to get that job, still trying to make everything in your life work like it did for the caterpillar, and it doesn’t. It won’t.

So, all there is for you to do right now is let go.

Those wings, they know what to do. You don’t have to go to flight school. Those wings know exactly what to do!

It’s completely natural: you let go, and you will find yourself flying.

And then a point comes, and you see something amazing in front of you. Bright colors, and something so beautiful that you are just dumbstruck. You are in awe because it is so beautiful, and you find yourself landing on it. That’s not something you knew how to do, or had to learn how to do. You just find it happening, because it’s natural. It’s built into you, just like flying.

And you find that big long tongue that you were trying to figure out what was wrong with you, you find it extending deep into this beautiful flower and sinking into the amazing sweet nectar that is down inside that flower. It’s something you have never tasted before, and it is amazing.

You start to drink the nectar, and it fills your body. It fulfills your body in a way you’ve never known before. It’s gentle and clear. It’s not heavy in your digestion like that leaf was. It just flows into your body and into your bloodstream, and into all that you are. And then, pretty soon you are flying again, and there are other flowers, each with their own flavor.

Soon you look back at that leaf, and you wonder how you ever managed to spend so much time eating that hard, tough, awful leaf! Or in your case, enslaving yourself to that awful job that you had to go to every single day, working for somebody else on somebody else’s schedule, for just enough money to get by.


Now it’s not even a concern anymore, because who needs money when you have nectar and wings?


Oh, of course there are still things that you need money for in the moment, but you find it’s just there. It comes in normal and natural ways most of the time, but it comes to you. You don’t have to enslave yourself to get it. You don’t have to chew on a hard, tough leaf to get it. It just comes.

But, it can’t come, because you can’t fly, until you let go of that leaf.


In the case of your bodies, for those of you who are experiencing body issues in this, like John—well, the human mind turns this metaphor into a linear thing, and it isn’t.

You see, there are so many ways in which you have already lifted off and you are already drinking that amazing nectar. And there are other ways, other parts of you, that are still holding onto that leaf.

That pain in your body is one of the last things. But it represents the guilt, the shame, the old fear, the feelings of failure when you thought you got things wrong over so many lifetimes. Your body is so dense because it holds so many of those old energies. You buried them there, and those old energies keep the body dense. Those old shames and fears and feelings of failure, they are in your body and they keep it dense.

The light body is already here, but you’ve buried away so much shame. So much shame for failing. So much shame for doing things you think were bad or wrong. You’ve buried away so much of it! And that is what keeps your body dense and feeling stuck, and feeling tired.


It keeps that facet of you, that aspect of you, stuck to that leaf that you can’t eat anymore.

Oh, you keep trying. Some days you can’t get enough food. You eat and eat and eat, and then you feel horrible because of that. Some days you can’t even stomach food and you barely eat at all, and then you feel bad because of that, and you keep trying to figure out what you are doing wrong.

Ha! Well, maybe you can see now, how the shame of that, of thinking you’re doing something wrong and trying to figure out how to do something better, how that actually keeps you stuck. It keeps all those energies stuck.

You see, it is not your job as the human to release all those energies. It is your soul’s job. It is your soul’s job to bring them home, to integrate them, to distill the wisdom from them. You think they are old, stinky crap, but to your soul they are amazing treasures, because it distills the wisdom from them.

About that shame you feel that hurts so bad for the human, your soul says, Let me take it. Let me take that from you. Let me distill the wisdom from it and bring it back to you as nectar, as nectar that is sweeter and tastier than anything any butterfly ever experienced! A nectar of your own wisdom.

So you see, there is nothing to fix. It is simply about letting go.

I invite you now, to consciously let go.

Open up your hands.

Spread out your arms and your legs, if you can.

Open up.

Let go.

Feel these dark energies that are hidden deep in your body, everywhere you feel pain.

Just observe them.

That’s all. Don’t try to fix them, don’t try to figure out what’s wrong or what disease you have, or what you should eat different. None of that.

Just observe.

Feel the pain, and feel the darkness underneath it, within it.

Observe it as your soul.

Your mind goes, what does that mean?

Just be still, mind.

You, dear human, you know what it means.

You are your soul.

Allow that concept, that knowing, into you, and observe these dark places in you as your soul.

If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it. Just make the choice, and observe them.

It will happen.

Assume that it is happening, even if you the human don’t have any concept or sensation of how it is happening.

Just make the choice and observe. Nothing more.

As your soul, you will begin to see the transformation happening in those places.

As you see those places within you, take a deep breath and breathe them in.

That’s right, breathe them into your heart.

For the human that’s a scary thing, because the human has been trying to hold them away for so long. But that’s how you hold onto that old leaf and keep yourself stuck.

Oh, open up!

Let go.

Breathe in that darkness, and that pain.

Imagine yourself breathing it in, drawing it in through your breath into your heart.

That’s all! Don’t do anything with it. Just breathe it in.

Open up.

Oh, it may turn into a small part of you in your perception, like a little child. You may start to see how scared it is, how sad it is, how angry and afraid it is, and you may feel me, your soul, as I wrap your arms around it.


It’s a natural process, dear friend. This isn’t about fixing anything. It is not about healing the pain or anything in the body. It is not about getting rid of the darkness, oh no, not at all!

As you know, as you have heard before—or if you haven’t, I want you to hear this very, very clearly: The darkness is where you find your divinity. It is the part of you that loved you so much that it took all those things that you couldn’t understand, that you couldn’t cope with; it took them and held them. All those fears, all those pains, all the guilt and shame, the darkness held them. It kept them safe for you so that you could go on with your life, your many lives. So that you could go on with the experience.

Now the time has come, dear friend. That darkness keeps you stuck to that leaf. It makes you too heavy to fly.

Oh, parts of you are flying. Don’t make this into a human linearly defined thing, it isn’t. Parts of you are already flying, already drinking the nectar.

But this body is still stuck to that leaf, because that darkness is heavy. It’s sticky, and you can’t fully lift off while it’s there. But you can’t get rid of it, because it is part of you. So you breathe it in. You allow your soul to bring it home.

You see, breathing it in isn’t about fixing it. It is about letting go.

It comes home naturally.


This is a process that is happening gently, for the most part. It is happening as quickly as—well, as quickly as you let go.

But oh, the mind. It turns even letting go into a process, into something to do. Dear friend, this is where you open your hands once again. Come back to your park bench. Come back to the sunshine, and simply bask.

This isn’t about doing anything. It is about watching it happen, and not interfering.

The mind wants so much to get it right. It wants to interfere, it wants to fix things. But that job is over. It doesn’t work anymore. It no longer has the tools. It no longer has the teeth to eat that leaf. The mind no longer has the tools to do what needs to be done right now, but soul does.

So open up. Bask. Observe.


We used to talk about enjoying life, and we knew there was something that wasn’t quite right about that expression. Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s part of it. But we like this word, observe. Observe your life, as soul.


That means, observe your life—oh, you’re going to notice how your mind starts judging everything. We ask you there, to let go again. That is your mind trying to hold on, trying to fix everything. Take another deep breath. Step back.

Think of how Soul sees this. Soul has no judgments. For soul, it is ALL an incredible experience!

So step back into that, and observe your life. Sit still. Sit on your park bench, whether it is metaphorical or real. Just sit there and observe. Watch the people going past. Watch the animals and birds going past. Watch the energies going past, coming in and going out. Just watch them, from the perspective of Soul.

Keep your hands open. Or if you want to do anything with your hands, wrap them around yourself. Give yourself a hug, as Soul.

Allow your soul to hug you through your arms, through your human arms, because your soul is you!

When you wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug, it IS your soul hugging you. You don’t have to think any particular thoughts or do any particular things or do any ceremonies or anything else. Just wrap your arms around yourself and know that it is your soul hugging you.


As you observe your life and the energies within your life, observe it as soul, and watch how your perspective begins to expand.


Once again, I am Master John.

Hm. We’ll just say it is the facet of John that can be called the Master, the Master self. It is not master over anything. It is master in the sense of the expert, the Merlin.

I am Master John of Magical Service, because my life is full of magic, and full of what the human John thinks are mistakes and really aren’t mistakes at all.

I want you to feel how there is no more separation between human and soul.

You are one and the same, so stop looking outside of yourself for your soul. It is not there.

Oh, in another sense, everything that appears to be outside of yourself is a part of your soul. But even that is inside of you. It is inside of your consciousness, inside of your imagination.

So if you want to touch your soul, touch something. Anything. The chair you are sitting on. Touch your lover. Oh what a beautiful way to touch your own soul! To touch another person.

Even better, touch yourself. Run your hands over your body, as your soul.

Feel yourself, as soul, touching this incredible, amazing body!

Allow your body to feel your soul touching you through your fingers.


Now that, dear friend, is self-love!


No matter what you touch or who you touch, do the touching AS your soul.

And discover a whole new life of magic and grace.


The veil is gone. Oh, the mind doesn’t think so, because the mind still doesn’t understand everything, but that’s okay.

The veil is gone, unless you choose to hold onto it.

I invite you to let go. To BE your soul.

It is time to stop talking with your soul as someone else.

Talk with yourself.

BE your soul!

Oh, you won’t, perhaps, even need to talk in words with your soul, or with yourself, because when you start simply being your soul, oh, your awareness is going to open up more and more every day.


Life on Earth as a master is so amazing, so beautiful.

Many of you have been hearing about this master self. You still hold it outside of you. You sit on your park bench and you invite your master to sit beside you and talk with you, and that’s okay. But at some point, the time comes to sit on the park bench AS the master, AS the one who has no more questions, who knows everything, who has the wisdom of everything you are or have ever been, to sit there on the park bench AS that being. Because that is who you are.

It is a lie to say that you are just human.

It is a lie to say that you are limited to what the human feels and perceives.

At this point in your journey it is a lie to go through life as anything other than soul, master self, the expert, the sovereign creator being.


So let go of the lie.

Sit on your bench and observe life as the master, from the point of view, the perspective, of the master. Because that is who you are.

No more excuses.

No more trying to fix anything, because that is the human trying to hold on to that leaf and keeping itself stuck in the shame and the guilt.

No, observe as the master, as the master with the wisdom to see the perfection of it all.

Oh, the mind will question how everything could be perfect, but let it. The master has no questions. And as the mind lets go and allows the master’s wisdom, the mind will understand.

So just open up.

BE soul, because that is who you are. Anything else is a lie, at this point.

Oh, it’s been a beautiful lie! We’ve come so far, we’ve learned so much, but now it is a lie. And it was just an illusion we used to create some experience, but that’s over now. We’re done. We are complete.

So, going forward from here as anything less than Divinity Itself, as anything less than the Merlin, and the Master, is a lie.

BE divinity. Own it. Claim it.

Observe life AS divinity.


And watch the magic that flows into your life, and the grace.

Oh, life will not look anything like it did in the past. And thank goodness, because you no longer have the tools or the teeth to deal with life from the past!

Allow yourself to float away from this leaf, to float off the edge of the cliff, which is also an illusion.

Allow yourself to float up into life, into the most amazing life you have ever experienced!

Don’t try to do it. Don’t try to learn how.

Just let go.

Let it happen. It is entirely natural.

Those wings don’t work according to the mind. You don’t have to learn how to flap them right or hold them right or anything else. It just happens, when you stop trying to eat that old leaf.

Just let go.


And so it is.

* Note: Conscious channeling is an act of translating incoming feelings into human words the mind can understand. It is an imprecise process and sometimes the wrong words come out of my mouth. In the recording it is usually quite obvious what the intended meaning was, but it’s not so obvious in the transcript, so they must be corrected. Those words or phrases, if any, are marked with an asterisk (*) since they are different from the recording.

Also, since spoken word is very different from properly written word, along with my soul I have edited the text slightly. My (our) focus here is not on good grammar, but on clarity and readability without making it too confusing for those who choose to read along while listening to the audio recording. Changes that do not impact the meaning are not marked.

In transcribing these messages I have chosen to include many of the various ahhs, hmms, and other non-word sounds that come out of my mouth while channeling, because they indicate a moment to pause, take a breath, and reflect upon what has just been said. —John

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TRANSLATED_TITLE – por John McCurdy (Traducido por Liliana Audet)
Canalizado el DAY de MONTH de 2021

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* Nota: La canalización consciente es un acto de traducción de los sentimientos que llegan en palabras humanas para que la mente pueda entenderlos. Es un proceso impreciso y a veces salen de mi boca palabras equivocadas. En la grabación generalmente es bastante obvio cuál era el significado deseado, pero no es tan obvio en la transcripción, por lo que deben ser corregidas. Estas palabras o frases, si las hubiera, están marcadas con un asterisco (*), ya que son diferentes a las de la grabación.

Además, como la palabra hablada es muy diferente de la palabra correctamente escrita, junto con mi alma he editado ligeramente el texto. Mi (nuestra) atención no se centra en la buena gramática, sino en la claridad y la legibilidad sin que resulte demasiado confuso para aquellos que decidan leer mientras escuchan la grabación de audio. Los cambios que no afectan al significado no están marcados.

Al transcribir estos mensajes he decidido incluir muchos de los diversos ahhs, hmms y otros sonidos sin palabras que salen de mi boca mientras canalizo, porque indican un momento para hacer una pausa, tomar un respiro y reflexionar sobre lo que se acaba de decir. —John

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