A Whole New World!

Happy New Year to all of you! And a special thank you to all who have supported my work through financial contributions and appreciative comments on my website, by signing up for a Private Channel, or by providing translations into other languages. (I will get caught up on posting those soon!)

It’s 2022. Can you believe it? It’s hard for me to believe it, but I can already feel a shift in the energies.

And, as I look around at the world right now, at all the craziness and chaos, at the growing injustice and loss of basic human rights, at the power mongering and fear, it’s so easy to fall into despair: Where is the beautiful New Earth we’ve been promised? Isn’t it supposed to be forming right now? Isn’t that why so many of us are here now, to help bring it in? But this looks like the opposite. What is happening? Why am I even here?

Oh, indeed, the past year (and more) has been truly magical for Romana and I, truly filled with beauty, grace and amazing adventures! But the old world seems to be closing in. Fear is increasing everywhere, and is turning into ever more power and control over people. “WTF?” asks my human.

And my soul just laughs. “Dear John,” it says, “the New Earth is already here, but you are looking for it in the wrong place. It is time to recognize it for what it is and allow yourself to live there. You are already the butterfly. You already have your light body. But as long as you keep trying to fix that old Earth, and that old body, you are going to hurt!

In this New Year’s message my soul/master-self, joined by Jeshua and others, talks about what that means and how to let it in.


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A Whole New World – by John McCurdy
Channeled on January 1, 2022

I Am that I Am!

Hm. Ah yes, finally, once again!

Oh, John thinks he’s been too busy to stop and let his soul speak. And indeed, he’s been busy and distracted and going through so much in his life, in this amazing transformation, this amazing journey of completion.

Ah yes, I am—oh, I am Johannes. That’s what John calls me. And I am Anna. That’s also what he calls me, depending on the flavor coming through. I am John’s soul, John’s divinity, John’s everything! And so I simply call us Master John. Or Merlin John. Or perhaps, John the Merlin.


It doesn’t matter—the names, the handles. What matters is that I am all that John is. I am all that John experiences. I am everything in John’s reality.

Oh, that’s a little difficult for the human to comprehend, but you are beginning to. In your own life you are feeling your soul and its perspective. You are starting to realize how grand you are! Oh, and I don’t mean grand just in the sense of fancy or rich or any of those things. I mean grand in the sense of—well, it includes those—but I mean grand in the sense of expansive.

You see, everything you look at—you look around at your world, you look around at the other people in your world, or that appear to be in your world, and you think it’s something else; something out there, something you have no control over and that often has control over you.

Ha! It’s all you, dear friend. It is all your soul, your own energy.


Oh, indeed, those other people out there have souls too, and we’re not going to get into trying to explain all that here. We’ve done that in other messages. It’s not something that the mind can fully comprehend right now, but it is beginning to. Suffice it to say that you are everything that you perceive.

Or rather, everything that you perceive is you.

You are so much more than that, but everything and everyone that you perceive is you.

Oh, a lot of you go, “Yes, yes, we’ve heard, we know, we are all one. We are all one and the same being.” And nothing could be further from the truth!

No, you are not all the same being.


Now you’re scratching your heads going, “What do you mean? You just said two different, opposite things!”

Ha! And that is simply the limitation of your mind.

No, you are not one and the same with all the other beings. Each one is a sovereign, individual, unique creator. Each one has their own energy, their own consciousness, their own reality. You cannot touch that reality, and they cannot touch yours. And yet, you can hear their song and they can hear your song, and based on those songs you create an avatar within your own energy that reflects them and their song. Oh, it’s a beautiful, beautiful way for sovereign creators to interact with each other!

You even figured out how to join your songs together and to create this thing you call mass-consciousness, so that you could have a playground where all of you could get together and interact, even though you each have your own sovereign reality. You interact with each other through your songs. [For more about this check out The Song of You.]

Now, ha! You look around and you think that these other people, some of them, have power over you. And you try to get power over some of them. But the thing you forget is, there is no power in a song! None whatsoever. It’s just a song. It’s just music.

Oh, but you allow yourself to be influenced by that music. You allow it to blend into your own song. Oh, and sometimes that’s a wonderful, amazing thing!

When a couple of people come together, with each sharing their beautiful songs in a way that is compatible with each other, it’s amazing. It’s beautiful. It’s wonderful. And you call it love.


Oh, but then someone else comes along and they have a song you don’t like, or they have a song that is strong and hard and powerful seeming, and you hear it and you cower in fear. You give power to that avatar that is nothing but you and your own energy, but since it is based on their song you give it power, because you forgot it was just a song. And then you feel like they are controlling you.


Oh, and in this beautiful playground of mass consciousness, of Earth, you have allowed them—you have given them—so much power that they could destroy you.

Well, no, they couldn’t. They could destroy your body, your own avatar of yourself, but they could never hurt you. Never, never, never! They can’t touch you, and you can’t touch them.

Oh, you’ve destroyed their avatar, their body, many times. It has been an amazing game, but that is all it has ever been! A game!

There is no reality to it, no meaning to it. Not from Soul perspective, not from who you really are. It is just a game.

Oh, it’s been a wonderful and amazing game! It has brought us to this point of beginning to understand our own sovereignty. It has brought us so much experience, and from that experience we have distilled so much wisdom. From that experience you, your soul, has distilled so much wisdom!


So here we are. We are coming to the conclusion of this game. You feel like you’ve failed. So many times you felt like you failed, but you actually never failed at all. You’ve won the game.

Take that in, dear friend. You have won the game!

Now, that doesn’t mean you’ve beat anyone else. Ultimately everyone wins at this game, because everyone has gained so much experience, and from that experience so much wisdom.


So here you are, celebrating this long journey.


Here you are at the end, at the completion. Oh, but it’s been such an amazing experience! You don’t want to just walk away from it, and so you’ve chosen to come to the completion and stay in the game a little longer. Oh, now we’re looking for words, because they’re not working.


Here we are at the end of the game. Here we are, and you are becoming aware of your own reality. Your own creation. Your own soul.


As we speak these words, this is the first day of your year 2022.

Ahh… New Year’s Day! Our first channel of the new year.

Can you feel, dear friends, the difference in the energy of twenty two versus twenty one?

Just feel it for a moment: Twenty one. Three, the number of the Christ.

And indeed, our dear friend Jeshua, the one known in history as Jesus, is right here with us today. He’s right here, helping to bring through this message. Oh, John felt him, and thought maybe he would be the one speaking today. But he says, “No. You, dear Master John, are the master on Earth now. You, and those you are speaking to. They don’t need to hear from someone who lived two thousand years ago. They need to hear from you. I am here, joining in,” Jeshua says, “but this is your voice, your message. And oh, it is so needed at the beginning of this beautiful new year!”

Three. Twenty one. Three, the number of the Christ. And also, oh, humans have made it into the number of suffering.


Twenty two, on the other hand. Four, a master number. The number of the divine human. The number of the master. The number of duality transcended.

Two is duality. Two and two is four, and is the transcending of duality. The opening up of a whole new reality.

Oh, you’ve been feeling it coming for some time. You’ve been feeling the beginnings of it. Now you’re looking around at the world as it goes into its own awakening, and to the chaos involved in its own awakening, and you go, “I don’t see a new reality here yet. Where is it?”

Dear friend, you are looking in the wrong place.

You are not going to see the new reality in the external world anytime soon. Oh, it’s coming. It is indeed coming! But as you well know, any meaningful change comes with a lot of chaos, a lot of struggle, a lot of pain and suffering and craziness. That’s what you are seeing in the mass-consciousness world around you, and that’s what you will see for some time to come.

But the new reality is here. It is right here! It is so close to you that you don’t see it, because it is yours, and yours alone.

You see, the New Earth is here, and it is yours. Yours alone.

We are going to title this message A Whole New World, because that is what you have right now.

But here’s the thing: this new world, in your version of reality it occupies the same space as the mass-consciousness world.

Ah, the words fail us here. It’s difficult to explain, but let’s get past that. You can feel what we are talking about.

This New Earth is here.

Some weeks ago John and Romana were at a party, a tourist party, in Hawaii. A whole crowd of people sitting in the room eating dinner, every group at their own little table, hundreds and hundreds of people.

[a pause as a loud motorcycle goes past]


So, John and Romana were feeling the intensity of this crowd of people. Romana said something about it, and John said, “Yes, but I see it as if we’re in our own little bubble. They can’t really see us. We’re in our own space, in our own world. And all these people around us, we see them, but they don’t really see us except where it is necessary for the interaction. We are in our own little world.” And they both felt better right away, because they were able to disconnect from all that messy human energy from all those people.

But oh, so many of you, you are so sensitive now. You are so sensitive to that mass-consciousness energy, that intense and chaotic song of mass-consciousness. Oh, it feels so discordant to you! And indeed, in a way it is.

But here, if you are listening to this message, you have already created your own world. In fact, you created it at the very beginning, but you just forgot it was there. Now you are coming to feel it, to know it, and you can be in your own New Earth anytime you want to be.

But there’s a catch.

You see, for the most part, it occupies the same space as the Old Earth. It doesn’t have to, but if it didn’t, well, that would be the same as dying and going on to the other realms and ending your human existence. Which is fine. You are so much more than this human and you have completed your journey, and you are welcome home anytime. But you wanted to stay in the game a little longer. You wanted to play in the game. You wanted to help the others come to their completion. And you simply wanted to enjoy the experience a little bit longer, but from the perspective of Soul, of the master. So, here you are.


You have become aware of your own world. You’re not quite sure what to do with it yet, and you keep getting sucked into that old world, because it’s right here. You see it, and you see everything happening in it. Oh, it doesn’t see you so much, because you are at an entirely different level of vibration—we don’t care so much for that word, simply because it is misused so often, but—literally, your world is in a different dimension. Like in a one way mirror you see the old world, but it doesn’t see you or your world.

It leads to some interesting experiences here and there. It leads to—hmm—it leads to quite a bit of suffering in your life as you come to terms with this. Because, you see, the old world can’t touch your world, but you can touch it. You can participate in the old world however much you want to. But the catch is, however much you participate in it, it participates with you.


So you see, you look at the chaos in the old world, and you worry that it’s going to affect you. You look at the COVID restrictions and all the power grabs that are going on around that, at all the freedoms being taken away and all of the ugliness going on right now, and you become afraid that it’s going to affect you. You also feel sad and dismayed because you thought we were going beyond all of that.

Well, dear friend, WE are going beyond all of that, but those people are not ready to go beyond it yet. They are just in the beginning throes of their awakening, of that incredibly chaotic and difficult time that you went through some time ago, years and years ago. Some of them, many of them, aren’t even there yet. They are still going through their human experiences, their human dramas. They are still looking for their own sovereignty. They are still trying to understand the relationship between their consciousness and their energy. They don’t have any idea of the New Earth, of their own New Earth.

So, you look at them and you want to help them. Some of them are close to you, some of them you love very much and you want to help them. You want to open their eyes so they can see, and so you get caught up in their world. You try to join your song into theirs, and it sucks you into their world. And then you feel it. You feel the power, you feel the chaos, and you suffer with it. With them.


So, what do you do? How do you live in your New Earth, while still staying in touch with the old?

Well, there could be a whole series of messages on this. And indeed, perhaps we will do a whole series on Living As Soul in Your Own New Earth. Indeed, it will be a special series and you will have to pay something for it. It won’t be free.


John is wondering if he can manage that, but indeed, WE can. Master John will manage it just fine, and Jeshua and many other masterful friends will be part of it.


But for now, how to navigate this whole new world?

John is reminded of the song from the movie Aladdin, with the magic carpet and the heroes of the movie riding on this magic carpet and singing, “A whole new world… Let me show you this whole new world!” For Indeed, it is magical. It is amazing. It is beautiful beyond your wildest dreams, and it is here for you, dear friend!

If you are listening to or reading this message, if you are resonating with anything that we are saying, then it is here for you: this whole new, incredible world!


But it is not available to the human by itself.


No, the human simply does not have the senses to comprehend it. But you, dear friend, you are no longer human! Oh, you have a human body, sort of, but you are no longer human. And through your soul you do have the senses to comprehend this New Earth, this new world, this new reality.


This is why, in our last message, we talked about living as soul. Because it is time, dear friend, and going forward from here there is no place for the human trying to do it by itself or for the human to think that Soul is something or someone “out there” somewhere. Going forward from here there is no place to think that anything going on around you is anything other than YOU.

It isn’t. Oh, it reflects the songs of others, but that’s all. That is all!

You hear the songs of others. You create avatars in your own perception of those others, based on those songs. It’s a beautiful, beautiful experience, if you let it be. But the minute you forget that it’s just a song, that it’s just an avatar, suddenly you give it power in your reality. And suddenly, it sucks you into its reality.


It is challenging. You see the people you love, and it’s hard to see them as avatars created by you. They seem so real to you and you want to help them. You want to fix them. And when you do it backfires. It doesn’t work, because those are individual, sovereign creators. They have their own reality, their own world, and you can’t touch that world. But you can sing your song, and they can hear it if they choose.

In fact, as you come into this realization that everything around you is your own energy, your own song, oh, you can begin to sing in a whole new way and everyone around you will begin to feel that song. It’s like a light that illuminates their own potential, their own choices. And that, dear friend, does more for them than anything you can do from the human perspective.

So, when you see someone that you love struggling, remember: you are only seeing an avatar. You are seeing—oh, you’re really just seeing a movie of what is going on with them. When you dive in and try to fix it for them, try to help them or try to alleviate their suffering, it creates a beautiful experience in a reality that is no longer true for you, and it sucks you into theirs and makes you suffer. And you can’t go forward from here in suffering. It just won’t work.

When you watch with compassion, compassion for their journey and their choices, oh, then you can be there for them.

Just shine your light. Sing your song to them.

A song has no power. But it carries so much compassion, so much beauty, so much joy, so much comfort. Sing your song to them!

Sing your song for you. That will do more for them than anything else, and it won’t suck you in.

[loud motorcycle returns]


Oh, the old world will still be around you. There will still be things like motorcycles going past when you’re trying to do a channel!


And you see, this is the challenge of living in your New World. You’ve chosen to create this new world in the same space as the old world, because, well, you’re not quite ready to let go of the game. It’s been such an amazing experience and you want to see it and experience it from a new perspective. Indeed, your soul wants to come in and have the full experience, but from a place of full consciousness.

So, you created your new reality in the same space as the old. That means you can see it, you can hear it, you can feel it, but it has no power in your reality unless you engage with it.

Oh, motorcycles will drive past. You’ll hear the sounds. You’ll feel the energies. You’ll feel the chaos. You’ll see the suffering and the misery of the people. But you will also see their beauty.


You see, in order to enter into this new reality you have to recognize Soul as YOU. You have to see through your soul’s eyes and feel through your soul’s senses.

At first, that’s kind of overwhelming. Especially right now, because, well, you are going through this transition. It’s like you’ve been living in this old mass-consciousness world and now you are entering into yours. But you’re still half and half, half in one and half in the other, and that is wreaking havoc with your body, with your senses and with your mind.

Oh, and you wonder why your body hurts! It is because you are still half in that old world, in the two, and they don’t mix so well. They are ripping you apart, in a sense. But it’s okay, because your soul is managing this process.

The key is letting go of the Old Earth. Letting go of its dramas, letting go of its chaos. Oh, you’re still going to see it. You’re still going to feel it, but you don’t have to take it on. And that’s the key—something that is still very hard for so many of you to do, or to even comprehend.

You can feel all those things but not take them on, and then they don’t affect you.

You are aware of them—John and Romana were in Hawaii recently, living in a house close to the beach, and they could hear the surf of the ocean. When they first got there it was really loud, very intense. But very quickly—hmm, John wanted to say they tuned it out, but that’s the wrong expression. It was still there, still in their awareness. They didn’t focus on it so much and they stopped taking it on as loud noise, and so it faded into the background. They get used to it. They found that it actually soothed them.

Well, you can do exactly the same thing with the chaotic energies of mass-consciousness.

Oh, the more aware you become, the more sensitive you become and the more you integrate your soul and your light body, the more you are going to feel the chaos of mass-consciousness and the discord of all those songs singing at each other, interacting with each other and trying to push each other around. It’s like an orchestra tuning up: absolute chaos to the ears!

Well, it’s absolute chaos to all of your senses, but you don’t have to take it on. And when you don’t, you will find that it’s just energy in the background and has no effect on you. You can even draw on it, because it’s actually your energy. You’re can draw on it and allow it to be beautiful, pure energy, available for whatever you want it to do.

Oh, the human. The human tries to get away from it. The human freaks out about it. It panics. “How can I deal with all this intensity?”

Well, then the human suffers. The body suffers.

The key is to let it in.

You see, when you visit the ocean you don’t get rid of the sound of the surf. You don’t get away from it. At some point you let it in, and then it becomes a beautiful, soothing energy.

It’s the same way with mass-consciousness. It’s the same way with the chaos of your world. The human freaks out and then it suffers. And then it begins to learn to bring it in, to breathe it in, and then it no longer overwhelms them. They begin to feel their own energy, and it begins to serve them in beautiful ways.


So, you see, this new world is already here. Don’t look for it in the old world. It’s not there, and it’s not going to be anytime soon. Look for it within your own heart. Look for it in the song of your own soul. Look for it in the—aw, how to say it?

Simply allow it. Allow the chaos. Allow the craziness. Don’t engage with it.

That’s why we’ve talked in the past about the importance of putting down the sword, of not engaging in the battles and the causes of humanity. No, that advice is not for everyone, but it is for those of you who understand this message.

You see, it’s a habit. You see the craziness in the world, you see the injustice in the world, and you want to go fix it! Or at the very least you take it on and you feel sad or angry about it. You engage with it.


There was a time when that was really important, but that’s not where you are anymore. You’ve been there and done that and got all of the wisdom you could from that. They are still going at it, and they will for a while, but you have come to a new place.

You have come into your own world. You ARE the butterfly now. You live in an entirely different reality than they do. You can still engage with that reality if you want to, but it will hurt. It will always hurt. It will hurt you, and it will hurt the ones that you try to help.

So, step back. Stand back and become the observer of that world.

Come into your own world.

Imagine your own world. You are in it. Your own bubble of reality is real. It is absolutely real!

It is magical. It is beautiful. It is amazing! IF you can not get sucked into that old one.

It is there. You can’t—ah, looking for the right words again—you can’t hide from it. But that’s not exactly accurate either.

It can’t see you. They can’t see you, unless you engage. They can’t affect you.

John and Romana traveled all over the world in the last year and were hardly affected at all by the whole Coronavirus thing, with all the lockdowns and all the craziness around it. Oh, they had to get a test here and there, just so that they could—because, you see, you’re going to want to engage with the old world for a while, in different ways.


Now they are back in Slovenia, and now they have to get a test just to buy gas at the gas station or buy food at the grocery store, or all these things. Well, so what?

They want to engage in that way. They don’t have to anymore, but that would mean leaving the game. And they don’t want to fully leave it yet, so they get their tests. They do what it takes to engage in minimal ways and to enjoy life.

But they don’t engage in the causes, in the injustices and in all the craziness. They simply live their life, and they find that all those things have very little effect on them.

But the minute—oh, it’s so tempting, for both of them, to look at the craziness going on in the governments, to look at the unfairness of all the restrictions, to look at the fear behind it all. It brings up old memories of injustices from so many lifetimes, and they want to engage and they want to tell people how crazy they are and they want to fix all these stupid things!


And then they start hurting. Their bodies start hurting. Their hearts start hurting. And they have to come back to themselves and to their own worlds and let go of that one, and of all those causes and all those injustices. They are not theirs anymore.

They’re not yours, either. They only belong to the ones who still choose them.

So come back, dear friend, to yourself. To your own energy. To your own New Earth.

Stop looking for it out there. You’re not going to find it in the mass-consciousness world! It’s simply not there, and it’s not going to be there anytime soon. But it is here, right now, within you. Within your own energies.

That’s something John became aware of many years ago. He looked out at the world and he realized that everything that he sees out there is reflecting something within himself.

Oh, he didn’t fully understand that for a long time, but he could feel it. Now he understands that everything he sees around him is his own energy, his own creation, his own soul. And it is all serving him.


John and Romana recently attended the Crimson Circle’s Kasama workshop in Hawaii. Kasama is “the destiny of the soul.”

For John, perhaps the most important words in the whole workshop were when someone asked Adamus, “How do my energies served me? How does that work? How do I change how my energies serve me?”

And Adamus said, “Your energies serve you according to your perception of yourself.”


Your energies serve you according to your perception of yourself.

They don’t serve you according to—this is us speaking here again, not quoting, but it’s the same message—your energies do not serve you according to the desires of the human. They don’t serve you according to what you think about. They don’t serve you according to what is fair or just or any of those things. They don’t even serve you according to what you deserve. They serve you according to how you perceive yourself.


This is something we will be covering in much more depth in the future. For now, just take that in: Everything in life is all you. It is all your energy, and it all serves you according to how you perceive yourself.

Do you perceive yourself as a loser? Well, then your energies are going to show you a loser. They are going to make you feel like a loser and act like a loser.

Do you see yourself as a grand, amazing being?

Well, then your energies are going to reflect that. They are going to show you your grandness.

In the Kasama workshop everybody had to get up in front and say the words “I am grand!” until the other people believed them. Oh, most of them found that to be quite difficult! Even John. He did pretty well with the exercise, but he could tell there was still some part of him holding back from truly claiming his grandness. And, well, since that workshop he’s had to face those things in himself. In that exercise he opened the door to the dragon, to root out a bunch more things that were keeping him from seeing and feeling his grandness.

Ah, we won’t go into the details here, as that’s not important. But feel inside yourself. Speak the words, “I am grand!”

Look in the mirror or find somebody, and say those words until you feel them.


Be aware that anything that doesn’t match that is going to start coming up in your life, but that’s what you want. Don’t worry about it. Let it come up.

Breathe in those things instead of fighting them.


We will speak much more of this in the future. For now, we want to say:

The New Earth is here. Welcome to 2022, and to your own New Earth! It is here!

But don’t look for it in the old world. It’s not there, and it’s not going to be there. Look for it within your own energy.

Allow the things that come up. Allow the chaos and the noise and the discord that you sense. Know that it isn’t yours, and when you let it in it won’t affect you anymore. You’ll be able to see it, perceive it, but it won’t affect you unless you engage with it. Unless you try to get away from it or try to fix it.

Know that the chaos you see in the old world is there for a reason. It is creating the change that everyone has asked for, and it is bringing them into their own completion, into their own wisdom and sovereignty. But that’s a journey that they haven’t completed yet, and don’t try to take it away from them. Don’t try to make it better for them, because that—oh, it hurts you and it hurts them. Mostly it hurts you.

So, allow your own world. Allow that one to coexist, for it has no power over you except where you try to take power over it. So stop that!

Come back to your own reality, your own world.

A whole new world! A magical world of magic carpets and all kinds of incredible, new, amazing, magical things! That is your world.

Enjoy it! Sing it! Sing it to yourself! Sing it to the universe!

It’s amazing. And you, dear friend, will be amazed!


You are still going to feel sucked in every now and then, and that’s okay. This is a process. But more and more, you ae getting it. You are allowing it.

And you are the butterfly, flying through your reality and feasting on the incredible nectar of your own soul and your own wisdom.

Be that!

Sing that!


And you will shine a light into the world that will make everything easier for everyone else, when they are ready to choose that.

And so it is.

* Note: Conscious channeling is an act of translating incoming feelings into human words the mind can understand. It is an imprecise process and sometimes the wrong words come out of my mouth. In the recording it is usually quite obvious what the intended meaning was, but it’s not so obvious in the transcript, so they must be corrected. Those words or phrases, if any, are marked with an asterisk (*) since they are different from the recording.

Also, since spoken word is very different from properly written word, along with my soul I have edited the text slightly. My (our) focus here is not on good grammar, but on clarity and readability without making it too confusing for those who choose to read along while listening to the audio recording. Changes that do not impact the meaning are not marked.

In transcribing these messages I have chosen to include many of the various ahhs, hmms, and other non-word sounds that come out of my mouth while channeling, because they indicate a moment to pause, take a breath, and reflect upon what has just been said. —John

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* Nota: La canalización consciente es un acto de traducción de los sentimientos que llegan en palabras humanas para que la mente pueda entenderlos. Es un proceso impreciso y a veces salen de mi boca palabras equivocadas. En la grabación generalmente es bastante obvio cuál era el significado deseado, pero no es tan obvio en la transcripción, por lo que deben ser corregidas. Estas palabras o frases, si las hubiera, están marcadas con un asterisco (*), ya que son diferentes a las de la grabación.

Además, como la palabra hablada es muy diferente de la palabra correctamente escrita, junto con mi alma he editado ligeramente el texto. Mi (nuestra) atención no se centra en la buena gramática, sino en la claridad y la legibilidad sin que resulte demasiado confuso para aquellos que decidan leer mientras escuchan la grabación de audio. Los cambios que no afectan al significado no están marcados.

Al transcribir estos mensajes he decidido incluir muchos de los diversos ahhs, hmms y otros sonidos sin palabras que salen de mi boca mientras canalizo, porque indican un momento para hacer una pausa, tomar un respiro y reflexionar sobre lo que se acaba de decir. —John

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