Navigating the Intensity, Transcending the Fear

I don’t think I have ever felt such intensity as I’ve felt in the past weeks and months. So many people I know are feeling it too, and along with it intense fear as everything we’ve known in life seems to be falling apart. Today Romana and I sat down together with our souls to ask for some clarity, and this is what came.


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Navigating the Intensity, Transcending the Fear – by John McCurdy and Romana Ercegović
Channeled on January 15, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.


Hello, dear friend.

Welcome to this sacred space, to this safe space of inspiration and rejuvenation and clarity. This is Romana speaking, and today I am adding my voice, my energy, to John’s message.

I’d like to invite you to just feel yourself.

To feel the sacredness of you,

to feel your body,

to stop for a moment.

To take this time just for you,

and open yourself to receive.

Not just the words,

but the energy that is behind these words.

The space of energy, the lightness, the energy of your soul that is part of this message.

I’d like to invite you to truly take time to relax,

and to be in peace.

To make space for your soul.

To make space in your time,

in your body,

for your soul to land and to embody. To come in the body.

To make space for the light, this gracefulness of yours that is waiting for you, to enter your whole being.

In these intense times it is very important that we stop sometimes and receive our own light, feel our own light, allow our body to feel peace and all of the nervous system to find peace.

Can you feel it in the body? This peace, slowly coming into every cell of your body.

Regardless of the noise there is this silence in you, the sacred space of your own temple, of your body.

Just breathe in these joyful energies of peace.

Just feel how this peace and silence fills all your body as you open to the magical message that John is bringing now to us. That you are bringing now to you, through John’s voice.

I invite you to truly honor yourself,

to take this time not just for listening to another message, but to truly open yourself to your own soul, to your own wisdom, to your own energy.

In your heart, in your body, feel the love of your soul that is here with you now.

The beauty of your own essence.

Just breathe it in.

Just be aware of the presence of you.

Thank you.


[dragon roars loudly]


I am that I am!

I am Master John.

Hmm. John is a little frustrated with that name, but we’ll ask him to get over it.

I am indeed all that John is. Oh, I am John’s soul, his divinity. I am a thousand and more other humans also walking the earth, somewhere on your timescape, all gathering together right now for this message.


For so many of them it is so important right now.

I am indeed joined here by Romana and her soul, and also by the energies of, the consciousness of, the one so many of us knew two thousand years ago as Jeshua, also known as Jesus of Nazareth. Such a dear friend! And also, by one known as Mary of Magdala and many other dear friends and masters.

And indeed, by the energy of the dragon!


Welcome to this special message in this very special time!

Ahh, for so many of you it doesn’t feel very special right now. To the human John, it doesn’t feel very special right now. But I know that it is.

You see, there are so many of you who have emerged from your cocoon, who are now the metaphorical butterfly. Oh, you are way beyond any earthly butterfly, but it’s such a beautiful metaphor!

So many of you are having such a hard time right now, and nothing seems to work right. Well, that is because you are not a caterpillar anymore, and you are still trying to act like one.

Another way to say it is, you are not a human anymore.


Oh, you still have a somewhat human body. You still look a little bit like a human, at least to the people around you, to the humans around you. But you are not really a human anymore.

You are used to being a human and you keep trying to navigate your life like a human, but it doesn’t work. And then you hurt. It is time to let go of the human!

Oh, you’re not going to leave right now, most of you. You can if you want to, you are welcome home, but most of you listening to or reading this message have chosen to stay within this human environment as the butterfly.

Hmm… It makes life a little bit interesting, because the butterfly simply—well, it isn’t a caterpillar, and you are not a human.

You see, the caterpillar lives its life in the tree or the bush. It plans its journey out. It feels hungry and it needs to go find a leaf to eat, so it sees one in the distance and it crawls along the branch and does what it needs to do to get from where it was to where that leaf is. Then it eats for a while. It has big sharp teeth and it chews and chews on that leaf until it’s time to move on to the next one, and that is how it lives its life.

You could say that the caterpillar, to some extent, is in control of its life. To some extent it chooses where to go. It’s a very limited control, because at any moment a gust of wind could come along and blow it off the branch, or who knows what else could get in its way. But at least it has this little feeling of security and control.

But you are not a caterpillar anymore, and the butterfly doesn’t have those big sharp teeth!

You have emerged from the cocoon, and you are sitting there, looking at the leaf nearby. You try to eat it, and it doesn’t work. You don’t have teeth anymore, so you can’t chew it!

You look around and you don’t know what to do. And then suddenly, those things on your back start to move. Suddenly you’re in the air, and you look around in terror. You’ve never been in the air before!

Suddenly there’s this big colorful thing in front of you. You’ve never known anything like that before, either. It’s so colorful, so beautiful, and even that scares you! But somehow you land on it, and this funny long tongue you were wondering what you’re supposed to do with goes down inside of this flower and discovers the incredible nectar down inside.

You drink some of that, and suddenly those wings start flapping again and you find yourself back in the air, floating off to another flower or someplace else.

Part of you looks around and goes, “How did I do that? How did that happen?”

You try to get control back, and it doesn’t work. You sit down on a branch. You look at that leaf and ask, “Why can’t I eat that leaf like I used to?”

Well, you are a butterfly now. You don’t have teeth! You live in a whole different reality from the caterpillar.

And you, dear master, you live in a whole different reality from the human that you used to be.

Oh, some of you, you see the money dwindling. You’re frustrated with your circumstances, so you go and get a job or do something else to try to get money, and you find you can’t. You find that it hurts. Sometimes it blows up in your face, or you just can’t do it. Well, that is because it is not who you are anymore. You don’t have the tools, the skills, the teeth, to live like that anymore, because you are a divine human.

You are like the butterfly: you simply do not fit in that old reality!


But you keep trying, and then you wonder why your body hurts and why everything feels so hard.

Now, we need to acknowledge here that this is a transition. You are not getting anything wrong. It takes time to make the shift that you are making right now, so don’t go to that place of feeling like you’re just doing it wrong. Because you are not.

You are still trying to do some things that don’t work, but that is what happens when you find yourself suddenly living in a whole different reality. It takes a little time to understand how things work here. You still have your memory of the human, of the caterpillar, and it takes time to move beyond that and to open up to this new reality.


There are so many old energies within you. For right now we will call them habits, ways that you have learned to cope with life. And the job of the dragon—it’s just another part of your own soul—is to clear those out right now, to bring them to your attention so that you can feel them and allow them to integrate.

Oh, you don’t have to do anything about that, except to allow yourself to feel them. They come up with memories, sometimes with pains. Simply allow yourself to feel them, and everything else happens automatically and naturally.

That’s what is happening right now, and it is an intense and difficult journey, or process.

At the same time, the rest of the world is waking up. All those other caterpillars—well, a lot of them, not all of them yet—are beginning to wake up. They are beginning to feel something inside of them that says, “Hm, something is strange here! There’s something about me that is different than I knew before, and there is something about the others that is different than what I knew before too.”

They are starting to wake up. They are starting to spin their cocoons, to go into the chrysalis. They are starting their own process of transformation, and there are a lot of them now. And that is making the world even more intense and more crazy than it ever has been before. But it is time.

It’s not something to worry about, because of you. Because of you who have emerged, the world is going to be fine. But it makes it even more intense for you right now.

And, you are in this place where there is no going back. You are in this place where you are the butterfly now, and you have to deal with that.

Oh, there’s nothing you have to do about it, except to let it happen. To let it be.

Understand that life is never going to be the same again. It is never going to work the way it did before, and the only thing you can do is accept that.


Oh, this new “light body” as you call it, is already here. It is who you are, and it knows what to do. It knows how to take this human body and help it through this transition, if you let it.

You are going to feel things happening in your body that make you want to run to the doctor and find out what terrible thing is wrong with you. You can do that if you want to, or you can understand that this is a transition that you are going through and your light body is managing it. It’s going to hurt at times. It’s going to feel very strange at times. Let it!

Let it.

You are going to find yourself in places where it seems like you are stuck. Perhaps you don’t have enough money to leave, or it seems that way. Sometimes you will find yourself in circumstances that you don’t really like.

Well, now is the time to let go of control. To simply allow yourself to be there. Simply to allow life to happen around you, and even to you. Because what you are going to discover is that when you stop fighting it, when you let go of the control, when you let go of the human agendas for your life, suddenly you are going to find those big things on your back that you haven’t figured out yet what they’re for, one day they’re just going to start flapping and you are going to find yourself flying into a whole new reality.

But the minute you try to take control again, to impose your agendas on your life again, you are likely to go crashing down to the ground. Because it doesn’t work that way anymore. Or at the very least it will hurt, because it just doesn’t work.

Fortunately your soul is in charge now, so you are not going to crash and burn. But you can make it a lot more comfortable for yourself if you can step back a little and open up.

Let go of control. Let go of the human agendas, the human ideas of how your life should be. Those ideas come from the caterpillar world, and they just don’t work here anymore. When you let go, then the new potentials, the new joy, the new freedom, become your reality.

As long as you are on Earth there will be moments of confusion, moments of pain, and you will learn to just let them be. They pass. And they pass even more quickly when you simply allow them to be.


We are going to open up and ask Romana if she has any questions at this point.


A question I’d like to ask is about bringing everything into more practical realms.  Somebody asked a question recently about how to step out of this mass-consciousness fear for survival. Because it seems like this fear for survival, this inability to step into the new reality and still somehow being kind of soaked sometimes with this fear, how does this work in the new reality? How do I get money as a butterfly, as a new reality divine human?

Sometimes it is not so easy to let go, to just let go of the human agenda and let go of control, when you have to pay your bills or you want to get independent from your family, or when you want to let go of your unpleasant job but there is nothing there to replace it.

So I’d like to ask this question: Can you say more about how to trust in these moments that there is something more there? Because this old reality is so present still, and even as we have this flavor of how the new reality looks, and we even start to fly, then in the next moment it suddenly seems like I’m trapped yet again in this old system. And my child is still in these old schools, and I’m still dependent on money coming from the old ways.

So, how to make this transition easier? How to trust, in these moments, that there is something more, that there is an entirely new reality, a whole new world, opening in front of us? Can you speak about that more?


Indeed, and thank you for the question.

Yes, indeed, so many people—most people on Earth right now—live in this survival mode. Everything is about surviving. The human is terrified of not surviving, because the human forgot who it is. It forgot that you can drop the body, but you cannot not survive. But it’s a deep, deep fear that comes in many, many different ways.

The thing about fear is that—hmm—you can’t release fear. You cannot. It doesn’t work. But you can acknowledge the fear. You can notice it. Most people don’t even notice it! They just live by it, and it runs their life. But you have the awareness now to see your fear. You can’t get rid of it, but you can see it. And then you can choose what to do. You can choose to try something new, to live a different way, to trust yourself.

You can look at the fear and you can acknowledge, “Yes, I’m terrified!”

And you can also choose: “I’m terrified, but I am going to live according to what I know anyway!”

John has been there so many times. He’s likened it to jumping off a cliff. He came to a point in his life where the only thing he could see in front of him was this dark abyss with big sharp rocks way down at the bottom, and there was nowhere else to go. He looked behind him, and there was nothing back there except death and misery.

So he made the choice to step off, because he knew that’s the only way that he could go. To trust himself. To trust that something beyond what he could see with his human eyes would somehow take care of him. And it did. He discovered that he had wings, or that the abyss was an illusion, however you want to look at it.

When you step off that edge you’re really just stepping from the known—what you thought you knew—to the unknown. And you discover that, well, suddenly you know something new! And life goes on.

And then the fear begins to subside. It still pops up here and there, because that’s what happens when Human comes to a point of something it doesn’t know. It gets scared! But more and more you understand that you just step forward anyway, because your soul knows. Because you are life itself, and you are never, ever, going to let yourself down. Not truly.

You are life itself!

So, the way to move forward from this fear of not surviving is, first of all, to recognize that you are so much more than that human.

Oh, most people are not ready for that yet, but that’s what you start to recognize in awakening. Most of you have already gone through that years ago—through your awakening you came to know that you are so much more than this human. And now it is time to live that.

So you come to these fears, where it looks like an abyss, where it looks like you are going to crash and burn, and you take a deep breath. And you choose to step forward anyway, to step into the unknown and into the trust of yourself.

Oh, you have to let go of the human agendas. In a way, you have to let go of that very need to survive. But you can do that now, because you know that you are not the human, that human is just a little part of you, and that you will survive. You cannot not survive.

But even as the human you step forward. You trust that inspiration in the moment.

It’s in your heart. It’s not in words, usually. It’s just a little soft knowing in your heart that says, “Step forward. Take that step.”

The human freaks out. The human panics, because all it can see is the void. But you take that step and the void comes to life around your foot, and everything you need is just there.

The butterfly cannot go out and get the food that it needs. Oh, we’re going a little bit beyond the earth/butterfly metaphor here. But you, Divine Human, you cannot go out and earn your food anymore. It does not work! It violates the very nature of who you are, because that’s not how it works for you.

In this new reality the food comes to you. The money that you think you need comes to you, or sometimes the things you need come to you and bypass the money altogether.

You see, there are so many ways that your life, your energy, takes care of you. And you don’t have to do anything about it, except stop trying to control it.

The human wants to reach out and try to get what it thinks it needs, and that just pushes it further away. There is a children’s story of the monkey that came across a jar of cookies, and it wanted one. So it stuck its hand into the cookie jar and grabbed a cookie, and tried to pull it out. But that made its hand too big to come out of the jar, and it had to let go of the cookie to get its hand back.

Well, that’s what happens when the divine human grasps for the money, or for the cookies of life. It doesn’t work. It backfires.

But when you simply live life in the moment, enjoy your life in the moment—oh, we struggle to find the right words here, but—you live life in the knowing that everything comes to you, and then it does. Somebody comes along and tips the cookie jar over, and suddenly there are cookies everywhere!

There are so many ways that it happens, and you will never know beforehand how it is going to happen. It will surprise you!

Life has been surprising John in so many ways for years now, and it always comes in ways he didn’t expect and couldn’t possibly have imagined or planned. And that’s how it is.

Oh, he still tries to figure it out sometimes. He tries to figure out how to earn it, or how to go out and get it. It doesn’t work. But what he needs is always there, and so much more!

So, this human fear, this survival fear, is so deep! It is such a deep habit. It is so deep in what you call the human unconscious.

That’s a very real thing for most humans. It’s where the habits live, where the beliefs live. But you see, you are a master now, and masters do not have an unconscious. It is simply not there!

Now you see your habits. You see your fears. Oh, a part of you wants to be ashamed of them, and that just makes it worse. But you see even that now.

So you see those things, and you acknowledge them: Yes, I am afraid. Yes, I hurt. Yes, that’s a strong habit.

Whatever it is, you acknowledge it. And then you choose to step forward anyway, to live like the butterfly. You choose to let those wings flap.

Oh, it doesn’t work very well if the butterfly tries to think about it—I need to go to that flower over there, so I need to flap my wings a certain number of times—and tries to calculate it all out. Oh, then it’s going to have a rough ride!

Instead, the butterfly just sees that flower over there and those wings start flapping automatically, and suddenly it’s there.

That is how your life will be going forward. But you have to let go of all that calculation, of all that trying to figure out how to get there, of all that earning.

You see, humans were never intended to earn anything. It’s been a beautiful, amazing experience of discovering your sovereignty, of discovering your freedom. But you are a creator, and you don’t earn anything!

It’s your own energy. How can you earn your own energy? You can’t. It’s an illusion.

Now, when you let go of the earning, suddenly it’s just there. When you need it.

It won’t be there beforehand, usually, but it will be there when you need it. Everything you need will simply be there, because it is you. It is your energy. It is your soul. It is you!

It is your life, and it always supports you. It always supports your choices.

You cannot earn it, because it is you. It is yours.


So, does that answer your question?


Yes, probably everybody finds what we need in these different perspectives.

I feel like adding that maybe it is important to also let go of the pride of what we thought we need as humans. The independence, maybe. At least for me that’s a big deal, like always wanting to be independent and feeling like it’s such a shame to receive money from the sources that my human has felt dependent upon.

So, I feel that in allowing this flow, it is important to let go of the human agendas of how this abundance is coming to us. What do you think about that?


Indeed, indeed!

You see, the human forgets that it is all your own energy. No matter where it appears to come from, it is still yours. It is ONLY yours!

You think you are dependent on someone else, but the truth is, that is just how YOUR energy came to you. It is still yours.

Even those others that you think you are dependent upon, they are avatars in your own energy. You are not dependent on them. You are not dependent on anyone, and you never were. It is just a game that you played with yourself, and when you let that in, oh, then you will find your independence. Your real independence.

It is always there. It has always been there. And then you will feel it.

Yes, the pride. The human pride is such a game of making yourself dependent on others. You never have been, not truly, but it’s been a beautiful, amazing experience. And it is time to move beyond it.

It is time to realize that there is nothing in your reality besides you and your energy. And however it comes to you, whoever it appears to come through, is still you. So how could you possibly be dependent on anyone or anything? It is all you!


Yes, this releases lots of shame connected with this being dependent, doesn’t it?



Shame is all about the illusion that there is somebody or something else out there that is somehow dependent on you, or bigger than you, or whatever. When it is all you, what could there possibly be to be ashamed of?


Some of you feel trapped in your family, in your home, and you don’t know how to get out. Well, as you allow yourself to realize that it’s all you, you won’t need to get away so much. And then, you just might find yourself somewhere else, because your energy will be able to serve you in a new way.

What more?


Maybe a question, just expanding upon what we spoke of now: Most of us, maybe all of us, are getting really, really sensitive and unable to function in the old systems in many ways. That’s part of the fear, maybe. The question is, how do I then do things that I used to do for creating my abundance?

Everything is changing. So, is something really new coming that is as yet undefinable? Or what?


Well, first of all, how do you do things you used to do to create your abundance? The simple answer to that is, you don’t. It doesn’t work anymore.

But you don’t need to create your abundance, for it is already here. It is your energy. You just let it in.

And the sensitivity, oh…

Well, the sensitivity is because you’ve spent so much time on Earth disconnected from your soul.

No, that’s the wrong word. You spent so much time focused on Earth, focused in so tightly, that you couldn’t feel all of your soul’s senses. Now you are expanding your focus and you are starting to feel all of those senses again, and they don’t make any sense to the mind, so you just feel sensitive. You feel all these strange sensations. And yes, it makes it impossible to do the things you used to do.

But you don’t need to do those things anymore. All you need to do is let yourself feel.

Oh, for a while yet, the sensitivity is going to be a challenge because you are still getting used to it. It’s like being in a dark room and suddenly somebody turns on this incredibly bright light. There’s a little while where it hurts your eyes, but then they adjust and adapt, and then you can see so much that you couldn’t see before. It’s the same thing now, but don’t expect to be able to do the things that you did in the dark. It won’t work.

But what you are going to be doing, what you are going to discover yourself doing, is going to be so much more fun and so much more fulfilling.

The abundance will just be there. You don’t create it the way you used to, you simply own it. It’s already there and it will be there in whatever form you need it, whenever you need it. Sometimes it will be money and sometimes it will be in other forms, but you don’t earn it anymore. You don’t create it anymore. You simply recognize that it is you.

You don’t create you. Well, your abundance is you. You don’t create it, you simply allow it.


What else?


I’d like to say that this is actually really happening in many ways already, and in many unexpected ways in the last years. I asked the question because the human is still finding herself in the old fears that are popping up lately, and it’s nice to have even more explanation about that.

And so, with honoring this question of abundance: it is not about releasing the fear, but acknowledging the fear. And in the same time acknowledging the new reality and the knowingness that there is so much more waiting for us, so much more existing for us, in our own reality and our own soul’s expansiveness.

So, I’d just like maybe to open—to invite all of us listening now to open—to even more of, not just financial abundance, but abundance of beauty, abundance of feelings, abundance of colors, abundance of fragrance, abundance of all these beautiful gifts that our soul, and Gaia also, is offering to us now as we expand our perceptions and as we expand our heart in the beauty of life.


Oh, indeed! As John and Romana can tell you, they’ve lived so much of this in the past years.

And dear friend, you will too, when you just open up to and let it happen. When you let go of the caterpillar needs and ways.

Yes, there are fears that come up. Intense fears. And you look at them and you breathe them in. You say, “Yes, I am afraid. And I choose to enjoy this moment, to be in this moment and see what happens in this moment.”

And then, one moment by one moment, you find a whole new life unfolding that is beautiful beyond anything you have ever known before. For a time,it will still have its ups and downs. It will still have its human confusions. But oh, it will be amazing!

Let go of the agendas. Let go of how you think things should go.

Open up to NOW.

Let it unfold. It is all you!

Remember that. And LIVE that.

And so it is.

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  1. Thank you John and Romana, I have to go back into work because I have no money left after 20 years of spiritual work holding the light. It is the time of stepping forward. I have one step towards financial freedom and the other towards the unknown. I don’t feel I’m stepping backwards.


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