It’s Time to Tell the Truth of You

The news is in, for masters everywhere: Everything you perceive is YOU. Everything you perceive is your own energy, serving you by conforming perfectly to your perceptions of you. Including the illusions that you hold. Want to change something in your life? It starts with telling yourself the truth about you.


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It’s Time to Tell the Truth of You – by John McCurdy
Channeled on February 4, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.

I am that I am!

I am Master John. Oh, I am so much more than the human you know as John, and yet there is no difference.

I am all that John is. I am also all that John perceives.

Ahh… It makes the mind a little crazy.

I am every lifetime that John’s soul has ever lived, or ever will.

You see, they are all gathered together here, right now. Wherever they are in your timescape, in your landscape, they are all here, right now, in this moment.

They too are coming into their realization and integration, and together we speak as I, Master John.

Together, we speak from the collected wisdom of every experience that any of these facets of myself have ever lived, on Earth or anywhere else. All of that wisdom has been collected and distilled by me.


John still thinks of me as Soul, and sometimes as something outside of himself. Mostly that’s just because it’s the only way there is talk about it, and more and more he knows that he and I are one and the same.


Can you feel the change dear friends, dear masters? Can you feel the change that is happening right now in you, and in your perception of this place called Earth? And even more, in your perception of yourself?

Oh, indeed, we’ve used the metaphor of the caterpillar and the butterfly so many times. Such a beautiful metaphor!

And you are not a caterpillar anymore. You are the butterfly.

The only problem is that our metaphor is so limited, for you are so much more than even the butterfly!


And, you are still holding onto this illusion of the caterpillar. You keep thinking you are the caterpillar, and then you wonder why nothing works. You try to chew on that leaf, for it looks so tasty, so yummy. You try to bite into it and nothing happens, because you don’t have teeth anymore! You have this big long tongue-like thing that’s supposed to go inside a flower and drink nectar, but you don’t quite understand that yet. You are getting there, though.

So many of you are still holding on to being a caterpillar, and it’s not working. The change that is happening right now—recently it settled a whole bunch deeper for a lot of you, and for John—has to do with beginning to realize that you do not live in the same reality anymore.

You are starting to realize that everything you see, everything, every thing, every person, every being, everything in your reality that you perceive, is you. It is your own energy.

Oh, it is not part of some grand oneness that includes all the other creator beings out there, oh no. Each one of them has their own reality. It looks a lot like yours right now because they all created it according to the same template, so there would be this playground where you could interact, or at least pretend to interact.

Indeed there is a real interaction that happens, for you can perceive, in a sense, their song, and they can perceive yours, and you each create an avatar that reflects that song. But that avatar is you. It is your own energy, simply reflecting their song.

Oh, you think they can hurt you. You think they can point a gun at you and shoot you, or whatever else. You think they can take power over you and mess up your life, and that has made for a very interesting game. But it is not real. It is not true.

They can cause that avatar, made out of your own energies, to point a gun at you and pull the trigger, but it cannot touch you unless you buy into it. Unless you let it.


You see, here is something that will make your head spin a little bit: No bullet has ever killed a single human being, in all of reality and in all of history on Earth. No bullet, or arrow, or sword, or anything else like that, has ever killed a single human being!


And you’re going, “What? What do you mean by that?”

Well, hear us out.

You see, those were your own energies, and how can your energies hurt you? They can’t, but you can definitely pretend to be hurt.

That’s kind of the point of being human, we suppose. Well, at least, that is how you have thought it worked as a human.

You thought those energies could hurt you, and since your energies are always serving you, they always respond to what you expect.

It has been said that they are always responding to your perception of self. Well, everything there is is self, so they are always responding to how you perceive all of these things that you think are outside of you.

So, you see that other person. You see them pointing a gun at you. You see them pull the trigger and you know that bullet is coming toward you, and so the energies, your energies that are your human body, react according to your expectation and self-destruct. They literally self-destruct in response to that perceived bullet. Your own energies of your body self-destruct!

The human calls that death. We call it a change in perspective. That’s all.

Well, if you were able to change that perspective before that imaginary bullet hit you—and yes, they are all imaginary—it would pass right through you and never touch you, because it is all a matter of perspective.

And dear friend, dear master, it is time to let that in.

Oh, you look around at life and there are all these things that can hurt you.

No, they cannot.

It is your perception that hurts you. It is your expectation that hurts you. It is your belief that hurts you.

We don’t like that word “belief” quite as much, because it has been bandied around so much that it has become more of a cliché, so we are simply going to say that it is your expectation, your perception, that hurts you.

People are arguing right now about vaccines. Oh, so many people think you need to have a vaccine, and a bunch of people are scared of vaccines. Well, we’ll say the same thing: no vaccine has ever hurt anybody. And, no virus has ever hurt anybody.

But, you have a perception. Oh, it’s built into your mass consciousness, this template—for that’s what it really is—according to which you create your reality so that it sort of matches others. It is a grand template called “mass consciousness,” and there is something in there that says, “A vaccine is a good thing, but sometimes it hurts you.”

And there is another bit of code in that template that says, “Viruses are very often bad things, and they make you sick. Sometimes they kill you.” And that is your perception, so that is what happens.

But we will say it again: No vaccine, or virus, has ever killed anybody or hurt anybody. It was their perception, their resistance, that killed them.

Literally, it was their resistance. If you didn’t resist that bullet it would not be able to even touch you, and it is the same with a vaccine and the same with viruses. It does not matter unless you resist it.

And of course, resistance is a matter of perception.

You perceive something and it is unknown, so you fear it and then you resist it. And oh, that resistance rips you up inside! Literally.


You see, all of reality is inside of you. You look out into the starry sky at all those worlds, all those suns. Whole galaxies, billions and billions of them, out there so far away. It makes you feel small.

But, haven’t you ever noticed something inside of you stirring when you look out there, or when you look into some of the images from your telescopes that show so many galaxies so far away? Haven’t you ever felt that resonance, that stirring inside of you, that something that says, “Oh, I know something about that, something that I just can’t quite get a hold of!”

Well, that is because you are looking inside yourself. It is not out there.

Space is an illusion. It does not exist, just like time does not exist. It is a matter of perception, and that is all. It is all inside of you.

You can literally be anywhere in the universe in an instant, simply by perceiving it.


Oh, don’t try that in your mind, in your human brain. It’s not going to work, because the brain doesn’t quite understand. It’s getting closer, and it will, but it doesn’t work the way the brain thinks it does. But that is not important, because as a master, as an integrated being, soul and human together, you know how it works. And at the right time it will just work for you.

But if you think about it, it’s probably pretty scary right now, because you are so afraid of the unknown. And oh, when you start doing that, there is a lot of unknown! So don’t try. It will just happen when you are ready.

Come back into you, instead of projecting out there somewhere. Realize that it is all in you. It is all here.


You are afraid of the aches and pains in your bodies. You are afraid of what might happen within your body. You are afraid of what might happen in this perception that you call “the world.”

Come back to the truth, the truth that you do know, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now. The truth is, it is just a perception. All of it. It is resistance.

The pains in your body come from resistance, from fear held the deep within your body. Or, that is how it seems. And it is a good metaphor, though not quite complete. But it is the resistance that hurts, and nothing else. Nothing else!


Oh, the human hears all of this and says, “Yes, that sounds true. It feels true. But it doesn’t do me much good right now, because I have this human reality I have to deal with. And my body hurts and the people in my life are being jerks and I don’t have any money, and all these things. So I’m going to have to get a job. I’m going to have to go see the doctor. I’m going to … I am going to have to earn my self-perception.”

That is how you perceive yourself, and so, of course, that is how your energies serve you.

Well, you can play there as long as you want to, but it is going to hurt worse and worse. Or, you can begin to change your perception.

How do you do that? Well, it starts with acceptance.

More and more, you are starting to understand that Yes indeed, my reality is about my perceptions. It is all my energy. It is all serving me. It is all responding to my perceptions of myself and of reality.”

Then you look at all these fears, all this resistance, all these ways that you have such an ugly perception of yourself and of the people around you, or that you think are around you, and you go, I need to fix that. I need to drive those ugly perceptions away and replace them with some positive perceptions.

It doesn’t work. It makes things worse, because in trying to drive them away you only accentuate them. Your energies respond to them even more, because they are getting so much of your attention. And it is negative attention, so your energies serve you in negative ways. Meaning, in ways that hurt more.

No, it does not work that way. You change your perceptions by changing your focus.

Hm, we’re not sure we like saying it quite that way.

You change your perception by telling yourself the truth.


The truth of who you are.

Well, some of you are going to say, Yeah, the truth is, I’m a stupid schmuck and I’ve got all these things wrong with me!

Dear friend, that is NOT the truth.

The truth is, you are a grand creator! You are sovereign! You are magnificent! There is no being in all of creation that is grander than you! There is no creator who is grander than you, or even that created you! You are grand! You are so grand!

And that is the truth. All those other things are lies, every single one. Total lies.

They are stories that other people have told you, and you took them on and repeated them to yourself: I’m a stupid schmuck. I’m weak. I’ve got all these things wrong with me. I’ve failed so many times.

No, you have not.

No, your job was never to get anything right. Your job was simply to experience life!

You never failed. You never got anything wrong, because you had the experiences and your soul collected the wisdom that came from those experiences.

And oh, when other beings come around you in the other realms—yes indeed, you exist in the other realms just as much as they do, even though you have a human here on Earth—as those other beings come around you they see the colors, and the glory, and the majesty, and the light that comes from you because of the experience you have had here on Earth and in many other places. They look at you, and then they come running to the gateway to human reality and say, “I want some of that!”

Dear friend, take that in.

Begin to tell yourself the TRUTH about you. Tell yourself—well, let’s just say it, John: The truth about you is whatever YOU CHOOSE, because that is what is going to manifest in your reality.

The truth of you is NOT what happened in the past. The truth of you is NOT all those experiences you’ve had or all those things you’ve thought about yourself. That’s not the truth!

The TRUTH is what YOU CHOOSE about yourself.

So, think about what you tell yourself. Pay attention to all the things you tell yourself in the privacy of your own mind. And if it hurts, if it feels bad, it is NOT the truth.

Hm. You’re going, “Oh, but I have to be honest with myself!”

Well, bullshit! That is a stupid cop-out. It is not honest.

Honesty is telling yourself how you choose to feel. Honesty is telling yourself how grand you are. Honesty is telling yourself how abundant you are.

It doesn’t matter how much money is in your bank account, or even if it has a negative balance. Honesty is reminding yourself that you are a grand creator being and that it is not about the numbers, even though your mind—even though mass consciousness—makes out like it is about the numbers. It isn’t! It is about your choices of how you perceive yourself.

Oh, those choices go very deep. You can’t just speak the words “I have lots of money!” and expect to have lots of money. In most cases you’ll have less, because what you are really doing is emphasizing that you don’t, so you want more, and that doesn’t work.

What works is to start accepting the abundance that you already have in so many different ways. To start expecting that everything in your life works out. To start living like everything in your life is going to work out. And to start making your choices from that place.

If you knew that everything in your life, from now on, was going to work out, no matter what you choose, what would you choose right now? What would you do right now?

Well, it is, if you let it. If that is what your expectation is, your true, deep expectation. So start acting like it. Start doing those things that you would do if you knew it was going to work out.

Oh, don’t jump off in the future and start doing things that don’t feel right yet. But if you knew, right now today, that everything in your life is going to work out, would you sit around worrying about money? Or about your body? Or would you take a deep breath and find something fun or relaxing to do?

Find a way to nurture yourself in this moment, because this moment is all the matters now. Everything in the future is going to work out, so why worry about it? Why not nurture yourself in this moment?

That is when the energies will start shifting, for they will start serving that instead of the fear.


It is time, dear friends.

It is time to start telling yourself the real truth. Not the mass-consciousness truth, not the human truth, not the things that the mind thinks are honest or accountable or whatever. Those are just silly mind games.

It is time to tell yourself the REAL TRUTH: It all works out when I let it. When I stop worrying about it. When I surrender to my soul, to the wisdom of my soul and of all that I am. It all works out!

That is the truth!

I am a grand, magnificent being and I deserve a good life!

Well, when you start telling yourself that, and meaning it, your energies start paying attention and they start serving you in new ways.

Don’t try to manipulate them. Just allow them to serve you, and allow yourself to be surprised at what comes into your life.

Don’t try to create all these things you think you want. Your soul knows what you want and the energies know what thrills you. Let yourself be surprised!

Live that truth. Live like the grand being that you are!

That does not mean to go out and spend a bunch of money you don’t have. It means to LIVE, right now in this moment, as the grand being that you are. Then the energies can serve that.


Another area where it is time to start telling yourself the truth is around what you call life and death.

You see, you look at things from the human perspective, or from the mass-consciousness perspective, and this human reality seems so real that when somebody dies, or when you are afraid that you might die, oh, it is such a big deal! But the truth is, this human body is no more real than an avatar in a video game.

You are the one playing the game, and what happens to that avatar doesn’t really matter, because you are the player.

As the avatar, you forgot that. But now you know. If you are here, you have already woken up. You have probably already had your realization, and you know that this human avatar is not who you are. This is just the avatar in the game, and it is just a game.

So, begin to act like the player. Make your choices as the player.

You see, that’s what is really happening right now. You the player, in a way, had gone to sleep for a while. You were so engrossed in the life of these avatars, so focused in on the game and on these incredible experiences you’ve been having here, that you went to sleep for a while. Now you have woken up, and now you know that you are the player.

You are not the avatar. You are the player, and you have reached the very highest level of this game. There are no levels beyond this, so you know it is almost over, and you have chosen to keep your consciousness in that avatar a little bit longer so that you can truly enjoy the end of the game from the perspectives of the player and of the Avatar.

That is what you are doing right now, and that is what the “light body” means.

You are in the process of ending the game. And at the same time, you have allowed your consciousness to come fully into the game, so the avatar is changing. Your body is changing, and oh, it’s uncomfortable at times. It hurts sometimes. For some of you it hurts quite a lot.

Remember, it is the resistance that hurts. It is the places where you still think it’s real, or where you are afraid to let go because you are not quite sure what will happen. Those are the places that hurt.

Don’t worry about it. It’s natural. It is a natural process, and it will resolve itself. But open your awareness to the true nature of who you are.

You are not this human body.

A dear friend of John and Romana’s passed away a couple of weeks ago and went to the other side. Well, that’s how it looks from the human side.

He didn’t really go anywhere. He simply let go of his body, of his avatar. He is still a player and he is still watching all his friends in the game. He is moving on to other things and bringing his attention back to who he truly is, but he didn’t go anywhere. He simply let go of the avatar and stepped out of the game, in a sense.

A point will come where you will, too. You might even find a way to project an avatar while being—while realizing—the freedom of who you truly are, in a way that has never been done before. It remains to be seen how all of that plays out, but what is so important right now is to recognize that the time has come to stop seeing yourself as a caterpillar, or as a human.

The time has come to stop seeing the world around you as anything outside of you. It is ALL you.


Even John gets himself a little worked up right now, when he looks at the world and sees all the injustices happening, all the power games, and all these different things happening in the world. You can’t even go to some countries now unless you are vaccinated against Covid-19!

John happens to think vaccines are a good thing, but he doesn’t feel like anybody should be forced, and he gets worked up about that sometimes. Then I have to remind him: John, it’s your own energy. Why are you fighting with your own energy? You are battling with yourself, and that cannot ever do anything except hurt!

It is time to let go of the battle. You can only ever battle with yourself, and that can only ever hurt you.

Well, it doesn’t actually hurt you in any real or meaningful way, but it doesn’t feel good. So stop it.

None of it is outside of you. That is only a perception, and it is all inside of you. That is the real shift that is taking place right now for so many of you, as you are starting to realize that.

Well, let it in!

Let it in, and you will start to find life, right here on Earth, working out for you in whole new ways that will surprise and delight you!


You exist. You cannot not exist.

You are the grandest, most amazing, most beautiful, most illuminating being in all of creation! For in all of your creation, there is only one being.

All of those other beings out there have their own creations, and they cannot touch you. But they can trick you into thinking that they can. Or better yet, you can trick yourself into thinking that they can.

So, it is time to be aware of that. It is time to realize that they are all YOU. That what you perceive of them is all YOU. They are reflecting the song coming from those other beings, but what you see is YOU.

And when you change your perspective, your perception, you will be surprised at how quickly they change also.


It is an amazing time to be here, dear friend. Enjoy it! Let it in!

And so it is.

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