A Day of Inner Union

I forgot what day it was today, until I received a message from someone about one of the global meditations being held today. Oh yes, my mind said, it’s 2/22/2022. Or here in Europe, 22/02/2022.

And then I felt my soul: Oh yes, what a day! And we need to talk about it! Right now, so you can transcribe and publish it today, and before you listen to anyone else’s messages for today.

So, here is a very special message for this very special day (and any future day), from all that I am.


NOTE: During the channel the date was stated as February 2, when in fact it was February 22. Channeler’s error…

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A Day of Inner Union – by John McCurdy
Channeled on February 22, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.

I Am that I Am.

I am Master John, the human John plus the totality of all that I am. Soul, spirit, I Am, pure simple awareness, and so many human lifetimes. I am all of that.


John didn’t know he was going to be channeling this message until just a few moments ago. He is on a personal retreat in the mountains of Slovenia, in a beautiful place all to himself, and he is in the middle of channeling a class that will be available in the near future. He thought he was going to be doing a channel for that this morning, and indeed he may. Or perhaps this afternoon. But then an email popped in and reminded him of what day this is, and then he felt me saying, “Let’s talk!”

And so here we are, all that I am, united in the oneness of me. And the date is February 22, 2022.


So many twos! Oh, there is nothing intrinsically special about the number two, or about this day, and yet it is so symbolic.

For you see, 2 symbolizes duality, the great tension between light and dark, masculine and feminine, up and down, good and Evil. And duality is the basis of the reality that you have known, of this grand game you’ve been playing for so very long.


So, here you are on this day of so many twos. And indeed, you look around on your planet right now and there is so much duality.

Power—people with power and people with no power. Light and dark, good and evil, justice and injustice. Oh, we could go on and on and on, but we won’t, because you get the picture. You already know. So much duality, and it all seems to be acting out right now.

So here comes this special day. It’s only special because humans make it so. So many people, even if they’re not aware of what is happening, they know there’s something special about this day.

Oh, there are grand meditations taking place today. Global meditations, meditations for unity, for love. Oh, it’s a very beautiful thing. Very beautiful! And it is still a game of duality: love versus hate, unity versus disharmony.

We want to go a little bit deeper here. For you see, you are not dual. Not at your core. You are simple, pure awareness. That’s what consciousness is: awareness. Simple awareness. That is who you are.

Simple, pure awareness. There is no duality in that. There is no duality in you. At your core, you are not masculine or feminine, good or bad, or any other form of duality. You simply are.

Even “one”—it’s a good word, but even it is too much of a definition to describe you at your core. And even the word “core” still comes from duality. But that’s okay, we have to work with what we have. Words are all about duality, so we use them loosely and lightly. We try to paint a picture with words, because that is what we have to work with here in this human illusion.


The core of who you are is not dual. It simply IS. It is awareness.

Now, at some point this awareness became aware of a question: Who am I? And in the instant the question was asked, or even before, the answer was there. And with it, the mechanism to experience the answer. That mechanism was duality.

Suddenly you found yourself having feminine and masculine facets, and out of that grew all of the other forms of duality. And these parts of you, they bounced off of each other. They reacted to each other. They made love to each other. Oh, they created so much drama between each other!

But we prefer a different word: they created so much sensuality between each other.

And within that came all the experiences of all your times on Earth, of all your incarnations on Earth, and of many, many, many other experiences in other places and other realities.

Oh, we’re not going to try to go into detail about all of that right now, because you know. You feel it in your heart. We go into much more depth about it in the class that we are creating.

But today, this very special day, the people are calling for unity among and between each other, between all the people on the planet, and that is a beautiful thing. But it cannot happen until each individual finds the unity within him or herself. And that is what today is really all about.

You see, it was announced some years ago, by the ascended master Tobias, that because of what humans have done on Earth, duality has ended at the core of all things. The masculine and the feminine have reunited. They have become one.


Humans live in this illusion of time, and so it takes some time for that to work its way out through consciousness, through the timescape, and come into being. But dear friend, it has already happened.

At your core there is no longer feminine or masculine. There is simply you, the divine, whole you.

Oh, you can still express masculine or feminine anytime you want to, because they are facets of you now. Well, the words are incomplete. You are a whole, unified being at your core.

Your human still lives in a male or female body, most of you. For some of you, even your bodies are trying to blend the masculine and the feminine together.

As you are coming back to you, you are beginning to experience the wholeness, the oneness, of you. The union, the unity, of you.

Take a moment and feel into your core.

Feel into that pure, simple awareness.

It has no agenda. It has no judgment. It has no evaluation of anything. It is simply aware.

And that is you.

Feel into that.

[pause to feel]

It’s not so easy for the human, which is so accustomed to duality. But it is there, deep in your heart, deep in your core.

Feel it.

This, dear friend, is what today is about.

You see, that duality is the source of every conflict on your planet. It is the source of every pain and every trauma, and of every suffering that you have.

Today is the day to go beyond it.

Today, so many twos. It’s a big flag reminding you that you are no longer a two. You are one.

You are no longer torn apart inside, for that’s what happened in duality. In a way, you were torn apart inside. It’s a beautiful thing because it created the energy, the tension, of your reality, so that you could have all these experiences and finally come to this knowing of your oneness and your sovereignty. It is time to let that in

Today, dear friend, it is time to let that in.

Oh, it doesn’t matter if you are hearing this or reading this on any future day. It is still time to let this in.


That’s what all these twos are about today.

You see, duality feels its end coming. It knows that at the core of all things, it is over. It no longer exists. But out here in this game, in this illusion of reality, oh, it’s holding on for dear life.

Duality is holding on. It’s acting out. It’s fighting desperately to hold on.


So many people fighting for their power. So many people fighting to be free of the power of others, mostly by taking power for themselves. And that doesn’t solve anything.

So many people meditating for peace today, for unity, and for so many of them it is simply a battle against the disunity, and that too, goes nowhere. It simply feeds the disunity.

But not to worry, because at the core of all things it is all over! Duality is over.

At your core, duality is over.

You are coming back to ONE, one with yourself. And as you do, as you find yourself back in that pure, simple awareness that you are, oh, that awareness becomes a light. That non-judgmental awareness that has no agendas, that is simply aware, becomes a light.

It doesn’t change anything. Or rather, it doesn’t impose change on anything. It doesn’t impose peace on anyone, or unity, but it shines a light into the dark places. It shines a light that illuminates new choices for people, that reminds them of their own oneness.

Oneness with self. It is not oneness with any other being, it is oneness with self and with all these parts of you.

That is what today is about.

When you allow that reunion within you of the masculine and the feminine, of the light in the dark and of all the other forms of duality, then peace on Earth will begin to take shape. Automatically, spontaneously, naturally.

Because as you allow this oneness within you it reminds everyone else of their own oneness, and little by little they will allow it within themselves. And then there will be no more conflict. There will be no need for it.


The planet is waking up, dear friends. It started with a small group, a few thousand people, some 20 to 30 years ago. As they have come into their consciousness, their pure, simple awareness; as they have allowed duality to become one within them, the light from them is already shining out across the planet. And, about two years ago there began a planetary awakening. People all over the world, in great numbers, are waking up.

You hear people talking about “woke,” because so many people are waking up. They are becoming “woke!” Oh, people misuse that term. They don’t understand what’s happening and they turn it into more power games and lots of craziness, but nevertheless, it is happening. They are waking up.

And despite their best efforts—oh, because you are so used to duality that the human doesn’t want to let go of it! But despite their best efforts, they are losing their duality. They are coming into their oneness, their inner, personal oneness.

Oh, it’s going to take some time. There is going to be a lot of chaos in the next several years, at least. But it is happening.

So dear friend, on this beautiful, amazing day, don’t discount what is happening. It is truly an incredible day! It is a turning point. Not because the day has any particular intrinsic significance, but because it is a day that humans are focusing on.

Everybody on this planet is aware of all the twos in today’s date, and they know it means something. It actually doesn’t, but humanity’s focus on it means something, and it means that today is a huge, huge turning point on your planet.


But it all begins inside of you. It all begins with releasing duality and everything that represents duality within you. It begins with coming back to that pure, simple awareness. No agendas, no judgments or evaluations. Just simple awareness.

That is the essence of what you call allowing, which you’ve heard so much about lately. Now perhaps you can see why it is the key to everything.

At this time in your journey it is the key, and that is what today is about.

Oh, we could go on and on and on about this! But John needs time to transcribe this and get it published before the day is over.

And so it is.

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