Allowing Your Light

The world is at war. Chaos is everywhere. Our own bodies often feel like they are at war with us. What is the solution? Your light!

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Allowing Your Light – by John McCurdy
Channeled on March 11, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.

I Am that I Am!

Ahh, Master John, of magical service.

What does that mean? It means that I am so much more than this human that you know as John. I am his soul. I am his I Am that I Am. I am all that John is!

Oh, the words fail us. Ha!

I am a master creator. As are you, dear friend, whether you think so or not. And I am here to remind you of the magic that you are.


Oh, your life doesn’t feel so magical right now, does it?

And yet it does, doesn’t it?

So many things in your life, you are discovering that they happen almost like magic. Oh, and yet, you look around at your world and it seems like it is all falling apart.


The things in your life might be falling apart, and there are definitely a lot of things in your life that don’t work the way they used to. Right?

Ahh, you look around at the world and oh, the craziness! The craziness of the past couple of years with this Coronavirus. It seems that maybe we’re getting past that, and we’ll see. We will see if humanity is ready to be past it or not.

Oh, you find the world at war in a very real way, in a way that strikes much closer to home than any war has since your World War II. A war that has the potential—though it is not likely, so don’t panic—that has the potential to end the game on Earth, or to set it back for a very long time, in your terms.

However, first of all, time is an illusion. It doesn’t really exist. And second of all, there is so much consciousness on Earth now. So many of you have come in with so much consciousness, and you have opened up so much, that the actual chances of the war blowing up into something that could end the game are very, very small. It is possible, but it is extremely unlikely.

Why is that? It is because you, dear friend, are learning to shine your light.

Some call it ‘benching,’ as in sitting on a park bench and enjoying life. It doesn’t have to be a literal park bench. It can be your couch at home. It can be sitting under a tree in the forest. It could be lying in your bed, just enjoying life. And that, as you know already, changes things. That takes the lid off of your light.

Oh, your light is already there. You don’t have to try to shine it. But, you see, when you get caught up in the causes and the battles, when you take sides in the conflicts, you put a lid on your light.

You see, this light—hm, John is questioning if he wants to say it this way. Some of you might not like it, but we are going to say it anyway. Another word for your light is compassion.


Oh, not the kind of compassion that is actually sympathy, and that gets all caught up in other people’s suffering. Not that at all. Real compassion is about being able to see the suffering of another and to accept it. To allow them to have their creation without trying to fix it for them.

You look at the world and you see the suffering. You see the suffering on both sides of the battlefield and the human part of you goes, “Oh, we have to stop this! And we have to make that person that started at all suffer!”

No, you don’t. What you need to do is allow these people, all of them on all of the sides, to have their creation.

You see, these people, every single one of them, is a sovereign creator being just like you. Every single one of them! Most of them don’t know that. They have forgotten. They came here to forget, for that is part of the design of this incredible game. They are all coming into the highest levels of the game. They are coming toward their completion. But before they can get there, they have to resolve these energies and they have to discover for themselves their own sovereignty. And there is only one way to do it, and it is the same way you did it.

Oh, you went through so many lifetimes of conflict, of battling, of testing yourself and discovering yourself in the conflict with others, until finally you came to this place—or are coming to this place—where you see that it was all a game inside of you. It was all a personal discovery of who you are, a personal discovery of your own omnipotent sovereignty.

Oh, big words there! Your own omnipotent sovereignty.


For some of you, that’s raising flags in your mind called ‘blasphemy.’ Well, that comes from your other lifetimes where it was indeed considered blasphemy. But for you, dear friend, it is time to claim this for yourself: you are an omnipotent, sovereign being.

You are God also, and there is no being in all of creation, in all of existence, that is grander than you! None, anywhere.

Say it with us, right now. Say it out loud: I am an omnipotent, sovereign being!

Say it again, and breathe it in: I am an omnipotent, sovereign being!


The mind goes, “Well, what about all those others out there?”

Well, they too are omnipotent, sovereign beings! But here’s the thing, dear friend, the thing you forgot: They are not omnipotent or sovereign over you, and you are not omnipotent or sovereign over them.

It seems like you are, in this human experience. It seems like you are, but that is how you set up this game. It is an illusion.

Oh, John has been working hard to prepare this class that we channeled a week or two ago, and it’s all about this game. We’ll have it ready one of these days before long, and it will go into much more detail about this game and how it works, the role of the mind within it, and of your knowing.

I am an omnipotent, sovereign being.

Omnipotent means all-powerful. We don’t like the word ‘power’ so much, but as with most words in your languages, they only approximate what we mean. Omnipotent means that you are the one and only creator of your life, and of everything in your life.

More than that your life, and everything in it, is inside of you. It is within your own imagination. It is within your own awareness, because that is who you are: pure, simple awareness.

Again, we’ll go into all of that in much greater detail in our upcoming class. For now, you look around at your world and you don’t feel very sovereign at the human level. But that is how you designed the game, and the truth is that you ARE sovereign. And it is time to let that in!

And you are omnipotent. There is no one, anywhere, in all of existence, that can impose their will upon you.

It is just a game. It is a game running within your own mind, within the computer system that is your mind. Oh, it is much bigger than your human brain!

It is a software program, and a template, that you created along with all these others, in order to create a shared experience. But it is still yours—entirely yours—and no one can impose themselves upon it.

You, however, impose them upon yourself all the time! Because you think, you believe, that’s how it works. You think you have to.

It is not them imposing themselves on you or on your life. It is you, pure and simple. It is you!

When you realize that, when you truly realize that at a deep level, when it becomes your knowing, oh, your life will be much, much different. Then you will begin to create at your own choice instead of at the whims and desires of all those other beings.

So, let’s come back to what is happening in the world right now, and within you. Well, you could say that your identity is breaking down. And oh, that’s rough.

You, who are hearing or reading this, you already know what we mean. It has been talked about by others and we have talked about it here, though maybe not in quite these terms. You are losing your identity, just as surely as the caterpillar loses its entire identity when it goes into that cocoon. And it turns into a puddle of goo, and then it reforms into this whole new creature that you call a butterfly.

That is you, dear friend.

You are losing your human identity. You are exchanging it for, you could say, your divine identity. Oh, even calling it an identity doesn’t really work, but we’ll go with it for now because we don’t have any other way to talk about it.

You are exchanging your human identity for something that is so far beyond. But here’s the thing: everything that you are as a human, everything in your life, from your body and its condition and its shape to the people in your life, to the clothes you wear, to the circumstances of your life, all of it is connected to your human identity. So, when that identity begins to fall apart, to turn into a puddle of goo just like that caterpillar, what do you think is going to happen?

Ha! It’s going to be an interesting puddle of goo.

Now, this isn’t just happening to you, or to your body or to your life. This is also happening to everybody else in the game! Oh, they’re not all at the same stage of the process that you are. If you are listening to this you are already back out of the cocoon, and you are sitting there looking at this strange creature you’ve become and wondering what the heck just happened.

There is a planetary awakening that is happening. It has been happening for a while, and it got started in earnest a couple of years ago. And oh, humanity is losing its identity.

Now, just as the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, humanity in general is also going through this process. It is not the end. It is not annihilation. Hm. John started to say, “It is not death.” But in a sense, it is. That caterpillar goes in the cocoon and it dies, as surely as you die when your body stops functioning and they bury you in the ground or burn you up, or whatever, and you go to your next adventure. As surely as that, you are dying.

The human you is dying. It is losing its identity. Oh, you are not dying. You can’t die! You never have died. You are an eternal being. Only your various bodies have died, and now this one is dying too, in a way.


You are going through a very, very interesting process, those of you who have chosen to go through this re-embodiment. Oh, that’s not the right word! We meant, those of you who have chosen to go through this transformation without dropping your body completely.

It just means you are turning into goo while you are still going through life—or trying to live your life—right in front of everybody, because you don’t have a cocoon like the caterpillar does.

Oh, that’s why some of you are so drawn to live out in the woods somewhere, like John and Romana have been doing for a while now. But even that, you can only do for a certain amount of time, and then somehow you get pushed back into life. Because this transformation, people need to see it happening.

Oh, they don’t know what they’re seeing, most of them, but they are still seeing it. Every time they look at you a part of them is aware of what you are doing, and they are watching. Because they know that it’s their turn next.

So, remember that. When it feels so stressful and you can barely stand to be around other people, remember that what you are doing is showing them new possibilities and shining a light that opens their hearts and their minds.

Oh, there are plenty of times when you wonder if it’s worth it, when you wonder why you are still here. But that is why, dear friend. The world truly does need you right now. Not to fix it, not to change it, but simply to show it what is possible.

All these people are beginning to wake up, and we know that you remember your own awakening, and how confusing it was as you started to discover that you are the creator, and that you are the one—the only one—responsible for your life and everything in it. Then you tried to figure out how that works, and it didn’t go so well, because it doesn’t work from your mind.

So come back to you, dear friend. At your core, at your eternal, omnipotent, sovereign core, you are pure, simple awareness. And that is all. Oh, you have this incredible imagination that you’ve connected through this thing you call mass consciousness, this template, this game. You have connected it with all these others, but it is still all you, all yours.

As you come back into that simple awareness, it has no judgments. It has no words. It just is. It is the ultimate compassion, the ultimate allowing. It has no agenda.

As you find yourself coming back into that, oh, it takes the shades off of your lamp, off of your light, and that light shines out. It shines light into the dark places.

Oh, that’s one thing you have done, dear friend. You have shown so much light that nothing can hide anymore. All these power games, all these agendas, are all out in the open now. Nothing can hide. And that, dear friend, is because of your light!

It is truly because of your light that nothing can hide. It is all coming into consciousness, into awareness, and when things come into awareness they find balance and resolution.

You look at this war, and you are terrified that it is going to blow up. But it probably is not, because of your light.

You see, the war is all about power. Every conflict in the world is about power. But you have discovered, we together have discovered, that power is an illusion and power cannot exist within your light.

Oh, if you see it and you try to focus your light on it and try to break it down, it just gets stronger. Don’t do that!

Instead come back to simple awareness, because then your light shines brightly. It’s not focused on any particular thing—please don’t try to do that! It just shines, and then the power has nothing to push against, so it dissolves away.

Power can only exist when it has something else to push around, to try to have power over, or if something else is trying to get power over it. That is the only way that power can exist. It is a total illusion. So, when you shine your light without agenda, there is nothing for power to push against and it simply cannot exist anymore.

Oh, it will take a little time for that to filter out into the human experience, because there are still a lot of people out there who don’t understand and who think they have to protect themselves.

That’s all anybody is ever really doing, trying to protect themselves from somebody else’s power. Usually they think they have to do that by trying to get power over the others, but it all comes down to trying to protect themselves or the ones they love. It’s the same thing. It is still power, and it simply reinforces the power on the other side.

So, let the agendas go. Stop trying to protect yourself or anyone else. They don’t need it.

It’s kind of built into the human psyche to want to protect the innocent. But dear friend, there are no innocents! None at all. Every single being on this planet is an omnipotent, sovereign creator!

They might have forgotten in the moment. They might be so caught up in their own game, in their own experience, that they have forgotten, but they are still an omnipotent, sovereign creator who is creating every single bit of their experience!

When you try to protect them, or to rescue them, all you do is shortcut their process so they have to do it all over again in some other way.

Leave them be. Let them have their creation. They created it. No one else did! Even if it looks like somebody else forced themselves upon them, that is the illusion. It is still their creation, so let them have it.

Just shine your light, without any agenda.

Enjoy your life, because that opens up your creation. It brings in magic and grace and joy, and a whole new life for you. And eventually it will for them too, especially when they can see your example.


Oh, so many of you who have come to this top level of the game are going through these body issues, and you keep wondering what you are doing wrong. Certainly John keeps wondering what he should be doing different. What is he eating that he shouldn’t, or what should he be eating that is different? Or should he be doing more of this or that, or exercising more? Maybe, sometimes, but mostly he needs to be coming back into this pure, simple awareness, with no agenda.

You see, the body is transforming. It is a part of the human identity, and so it has to fall apart and be reborn, reshaped, into the butterfly. Or actually, into something way beyond any butterfly you have ever seen!

So dear friend, let your light shine on you, too.

The light has no agenda. It has no focus. It simply shines. When you try to shine it in a particular direction, even into your body, all you do is put a shade around it. No, let go.

When you let the light be free, without agenda, without focus of any kind, it shines everywhere. It automatically shines into your body. It automatically shines into the dark places AND the light places of the world. So set it free.

When you try to focus your light, or to shine it on anything, it just dims it. That is a power game, and all it does is stir up and amplify all the other powers that you perceive in your life.

Step back. Simply be aware, and those powers will fade away and your body will find its way. It will find it’s—ah, we were going to say it will find its balance, but it will find something way beyond that. It will find something completely new, completely amazing and incredible and beautiful.

We have no words for it, but it will be there. It will be there, all by itself. It doesn’t need your help in any way. It simply needs your trust, and your allowing. It needs your awareness.

You will know in every moment what to do, when you are simply aware of it. And that goes for anything and everything in your life.

Let go of the agendas, let go of the figuring out, let go of all the words. Simply be aware, and then you will know. You will just know.

Because that, dear friend, is the nectar, the nectar that the butterfly drinks. That knowing, the wisdom of your soul, the wisdom distilled from every experience you have ever had, is right here waiting for you.

I am an omnipotent and sovereign being!

And so are you.

And so it is.

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