New Beginnings

As Divine and Human blend together it changes everything, and that is where we are.

Like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, so many of us are discovering the beginning of a whole new life. Are you ready for yours?


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New Beginnings – by John McCurdy and Romana Ercegović
Channeled on April 7, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.


I am that I am!

Master John, of magical service.

And indeed, there is a whole group of us here. Dear Jeshua is here, the one known to most as Jesus, who lived two thousand years ago and is still so present with so many of you. And the one you know as Mother Mary, the dear woman who gave birth to Jeshua in that lifetime, and who has been so present with John throughout his lifetime and with so many of you.

Many other masters are here. You call them Ascended Masters, but they are just those who have gone before, who have completed their journey on Earth. But they didn’t do what so many of you are doing, dear friend. They left. They were complete, and they left.

So many of you are staying here, staying on Earth and becoming the true divine human, blending the consciousness of your soul with the consciousness of the human. Becoming the butterfly, and so much more.

Ahh, and let’s not forget dear Master Romana! Oh, she is here!

She is always a part of these messages, whether she is aware of it or not. But today she is sitting here next to John, a fully conscious part of this message. John’s beloved wife, and oh, what a precious, precious consciousness she brings!


So, here we are, and this is an exciting day! Ha! It is launch day for our new class: Living As Soul: Understanding the True Nature of Reality and Creating.

Oh, we were all part of creating this class and we are so excited that today it went live! It is available for you, if you wish to enroll in this class. There are currently eight lessons, and there will be two more, at least. And if you enroll right away, within the next thirty days, you will be able to submit a question for the Question and Answer channel.

Oh, exciting indeed! John has been working so hard on this. We’ve been pushing him for a long time, and here we are!

So, we are calling this message New Beginnings. We are going to ask John to post the recording right away, even before he has time to transcribe it into text, because so many of you are coming into a whole new beginning. So many of you, you are discovering—hm, let’s say this a little different.

So many of you are also blending your soul’s consciousness with your human consciousness. You are becoming the Divine Human and, well, that changes things. It changes everything!

A lot of you doubt your connection. You doubt that anything real is happening. Your life feels like it’s a mess, your body hurts, so many things seem to be falling apart in your lives, and that is because when your soul comes in, when you allow this blending to take place, it changes everything. And so often, that hurts! It doesn’t have to, but it usually does. Because, well, the human has a hard time letting go of its old perspectives, so it holds on, and in that holding on it hurts.

Because, well, you made the choice to do this. Your human was part of that choice, as was your soul, so it is happening. You have past the point of no return, and it is happening.

So, the whole point of this new class isn’t to teach you something new, for you already know. But it is to help your mind understand some of what is really taking place, so that it can let go. So that it doesn’t have to hurt so bad. So that you can let in this grand new beginning.

Some of you are already experiencing the beginnings of this new beginning—new things coming into your life, new opportunities, new consciousness, new clarity. You are stepping out in new ways and shining your light in new ways. But as the saying goes, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

You see, the whole world is changing. The whole world is beginning to notice your light. They are starting to look toward you and to ask, “What do they have that I need? I can feel it, but I don’t know what it is yet.” They are going to be coming to you. They are going to be asking. Some of them won’t even know the questions to ask, but they will still be asking. You’ll feel them.

For some of you, it won’t involve teaching classes or a lot of personal interaction. For some of you it will. For some of you it’s just shining your light and enjoying your life. Oh, but even for you, people will be coming. They’ll be asking, and you will know, in the moment, what to say to them.

Some of you will find yourselves leading workshops, teaching classes, putting things online, or channeling your soul. Whatever it is that calls you, get ready, because it is coming. Maybe there are some things you didn’t realize were calling you, and they are coming.

But here is the thing: you don’t have to figure it out. It is going to come to you. It is going to find you. It is going to call you, and it is all going to fall into place. You do not have to plan it all out.

You will know in the moment if it’s time to reserve a retreat center. You will know in the moment. And if it’s not clear, it is not time.

If it is time to schedule a flight or do any of the other things that go into doing these things, you will know in the moment. You don’t have to work it out, because it is going to come to you. But you do need to be clear in yourself.

Oh, that’s not something you have to do either. It is happening. Your soul is coming in. Your soul is blending its consciousness together with you, in a way that has never been done before. And your soul knows how to handle all of these things, because your soul has a whole different perspective than you the human has. A very different perspective!

As the human, your job right now is to allow that perspective in, to allow the clarity of your soul in the moment. Don’t go off in the future.

Your soul is right here. It doesn’t have a future. It doesn’t have a past. It is all in the now. The past and the future are human illusions.

So come to Now. Come into your own presence, as Mother Mary so eloquently spoke of in one of the lessons in our course. Come into your own presence, right here, right now, and trust what you find there. Trust the inspiration you find there. And if there isn’t any particular inspiration right now, trust that too. Because your new beginning is happening, but this isn’t a new beginning like anything you have experienced before.

In what you are doing next, there is time to rest. There is time to nurture yourself. And there is going to be lots of time for acting, for doing your work, and it is going to flow smoothly and beautifully and easily. Whatever it may be.

And oh, don’t worry if you don’t feel like you are a teacher. You don’t have to be. Sitting on the park bench, walking in the woods, being in presence with yourself. That is what shines the light! And that light is what changes the world.

So, allow this new beginning to come in, in whatever way it comes. It is here.

But understand that—oh, the caterpillar spends a lifetime chewing away on leaves, crawling along the branches of the tree from leaf to leaf, and then a point comes where everything seems to fall apart. It does this crazy thing of spinning a cocoon or chrysalis and wrapping it around itself, hiding away from the world. Oh, if only you could do that part! You have, in a sense, but mostly your own transition happens out in the open.

The caterpillar turns into goo. And then it reforms into a butterfly, and it emerges into its own new beginning. But it doesn’t look anything at all like the caterpillar!

The same thing is happening to you, dear friend. How do you think it feels for the caterpillar when its body begins to dissolve, and then to take a new shape? And then it comes out, and it doesn’t feel like anything it ever felt before. Nothing works the way it worked before. It can’t even eat, because it doesn’t have teeth anymore.

And then the magic happens.

The butterfly discovers it has wings. It doesn’t eat those hard old leaves anymore. It drinks this incredible nectar! This sweet nectar from flowers! Instead of crawling from place to place, it flits here and there! It flies!

Dear friend, it is a beautiful metaphor for you, but it is also very, very limited, because you are so much more than a butterfly.

But you are definitely not a human anymore! You are a divine being, and it is time to let that in. It is time to take ownership of that.

Oh, when you look around at your body it looks kind of the same, and it hurts worse than maybe it ever did before. But nevertheless, that is only a product of the change. You’ll get past it, if you let yourself, because you are becoming something so far beyond the human. And you are already here, dear friend. You are already here.

So often, we talk about how reality really works and the human says, “Oh yes, I hear that. But, you know, I still have this ‘reality’ to deal with. This human life.”

Well, you can hold onto that if you want to, but from here on, it is going to hurt. Worse and worse, until you are willing to let go and open up to an entirely different kind of existence. An entirely new way of creating. An entirely new perspective on life.

Your soul doesn’t have time. It doesn’t have past or future. Your soul doesn’t have limitations, and the limitations that you see in your life are illusions. They are illusions that you thought were real, and because of that, they felt real. But now a part of you knows they are not, and when you hold on to them, it’s going to hurt worse and worse and worse until you are ready to let go and to see life for what it really is through the eyes of your soul.

Oh, it is already happening, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. So let it in, dear friend.

Our class will help you understand this at a much greater level, a much deeper level, and we will continue to talk about it here. But it is time to let in the new reality. It is not some invisible reality that you can’t see. Your soul is here now, and it sees it. And its vision is available for you, right now.


But it changes everything, so prepare yourself for that.

New beginnings are so beautiful! And they are a bit scary, because, well, they change everything. But that is why you are here, dear friend. Are you ready to open up to it? To let it happen?

Indeed, it is already happening. Let it in.

And so it is.


Greetings to everybody, also from me. This is Romana.

I’d like to say that entering this new reality is about entering the expansion of your heart. And this changes everything.

Perceiving the world, the reality, from the perspective of your soul, which is pure awareness—which I call pure love—and allowing this pure love in your heart, opens the door, opens the entrance, to experiencing the reality in a so much more conscious and magical way.

Lots of us, lots of you, know exactly what I am talking about, and have been experiencing these openings for a long time. But now it feels like the door is opening widely, if we allow it. And Gaia, Mother Earth, her soul is totally supporting us in this opening, with all her magnificent love. With all her magnificent presence. She is supporting us with her light in our own embodiment.

We are about to discover so many layers and colors of sacredness in ourselves, and in everything that nature is offering to us. Not just when we are walking in the woods or walking on the beach, but in experiencing the manifested reality, the manifested world of Gaia, which is also your body.

So, I would like to invite all of us, with this message that I feel from Gaia, to receive her gifts. To feel her. To enjoy, with the open heart of playfulness and of joy.

We don’t need to be so serious when we enter this new reality. We can open to joy. We can allow ourselves joy. Soul is so many times smiling!

I can feel so much smiling and laughing to my serious seriousness! And probably to yours also.

Maybe we can finally and completely release this need to save the world, and bring this frequency of love, of joy, of freedom, into the world.

Maybe we can allow ourselves lightness, allow ourselves to open to the beauty that is all around us, that is within us, that we are. All this colorfulness.

Masters of the world, shamans of the world, all these people from the world of history who were conscious people, they were aware of this presence of joyfulness in the real reality. And this doesn’t mean they were careless. It’s just sometimes our fear—like if we are allowing ourselves to be joyful we don’t care—it is just the opposite. We do care. And with living fully our lives, we bring this potential to the consciousness of humanity. This potential of freedom, of abundance, of self-love, of self-joy.

Yes indeed, we are entering the new reality, and we are entering lightly, and with lightness in our chest. Finally, we can allow ourselves to do that. We can allow to release these beliefs of how we have to carry so much responsibility for others and for the world, in a way of believing in these limitations.

No, we don’t need that anymore.

It is time to become like children and to enter the Heavenly Kingdom of our own soul, and to live our lives in beauty.

Thank you.

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Canalizado el DAY de MONTH de 2021

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