Allowing the Light Into Your Body

For the first time ever, your soul is blending its consciousness into your human experience. And you wondered why you feel so strange lately?


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Allowing the Light into Your Body – by John McCurdy
Channeled on April 24, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.

I am that I am!

Master John of Magical Service, here to do some magic with you today.

Welcome dear friend, dear listener, dear reader!

Hmm, John is a little confused. He wasn’t actually expecting to do a channel today, and then he felt the energies coming in. And oh, here we are, and he doesn’t have any idea what we are going to talk about!

Hm. Well, as he’s noticed sometimes, that’s when the best messages come through! Or at least I, his soul, like to think so. Ha ha!

Ahh… Such an incredible time you are going through right now! Those of you who are attracted to these messages, oh, you are coming to the end of your game. Actually, you are going past the end a little bit.

Indeed, most of the masters who came to this point—they had their realization, which simply means they finally realized they were enlightened—oh, human life gets very difficult at this point, at least for a bit, and so they left. They didn’t see any reason to stay, and why should they? They had done everything they needed to do, so they just left. Some hung out for a few days or a few weeks, or even a few years in some cases, but for the most part they just left. And even the ones who stayed for a little while, they didn’t do what you are doing.

You see—this is a bit of a crude metaphor, but we’re going to go with it. Know that it is just a metaphor, and it only speaks to part of reality, but in this metaphor your soul is, well, it’s like the player of one of your computer games. It created this avatar within the game. The difference in this game is that your soul gave that avatar free will to play the game however it would, and then it sat back and watched. And that avatar—you call it the human—played, and did the best it could, until it would get damaged or get old and tired, and die.

You already know that death is no more real than the death of an avatar in a computer game. You just get a new life and come back again, and again, and again, and again. Those of you resonating with this message have been here a thousand or more times, because you were always the ones pushing the edges of consciousness and exploring the unknown.

You see, most beings, whether human or angel—an angel is nothing more than one of you without a body…


Oh, John’s mind, our dear translator, lost the thread of where we were going with that. It happens a lot these days, as you’ve probably noticed in yourself. It happens a lot because your mind just doesn’t understand what is happening. It’s trying, but it is quite overwhelmed.

So, you have been here a thousand or more—ha! Let’s say this is a little different. You have been through a thousand or more different avatars in this game. In your human terms, you see them as past lives, or sometimes even future lives. In reality, there is no time so they are kind of all happening at once, yet there is somewhat of a progression of experience, a gaining of wisdom.

You see you, the real you, which you call your soul, sat back. It has been watching all of these avatars go through their lifetimes and it has been gathering the wisdom from your experiences, these human experiences. It has been collecting that wisdom and distilling it into the most incredible nectar.

And now here you are, the avatar of ascension. The avatar at the end of the game. You could say that you have reached the highest level of the game.


There is nowhere left to go in the game, and so you are opening back up. You see, there was this veil between you and your soul, and now you are taking that veil down. You the human have realized that your soul is complete, that the whole you has come to the end of the game. Your soul has realized that it is—and in fact always was—realized, that it always was enlightened. Now it has realized that, and you, its current human expression, are realizing that also.

And so you are taking down the veil, little by little, because if you took it down too fast, well, you would be another dead ascended master. You would blow out your body and blow out your mind, and you would be back on the other side.

And that is a beautiful thing, but for those of you here, you have chosen to change the game! You and your soul, together, have chosen to blend your soul’s consciousness with that of the human while staying here in the game, for a time. You have chosen to bring your soul’s consciousness, and its perspective, and its perceptions, and more than anything its wisdom, right here into this human game.

You have chosen to open up to your soul’s perspective, to see life through your soul’s eyes. And oh, your soul is opening up, for the first time ever, to the full experience of human!

You see, always in the past your soul stayed in the background. It didn’t want to interfere. It didn’t want to distract you from your experience, and so it stayed in the background. It wanted you to have the full experience.

Because, you see, long ago your soul asked this question, Who am I? And everything that has happened since—even before Earth was imagined, and certainly everything that has happened on Earth—has been about answering that question: Who am I?

Oh, not just answering it with words and with mental knowledge, because that has no meaning whatsoever. But rather, answering the question in experience: Who am I?

And so, you have been through so many different experiences. Some of them were beautiful and amazing, from the avatar’s perspective. Some of them were—oh, they were they were horrible! They were painful. They were scary. They took you to the darkest of the dark and to the depths of misery. But you see, dear friend, that is part of the answer to Who am I?

I am all of that!

And oh, your soul wanted to know what that is like.

You, because you and your soul are not separate—you are one and the same, just different perspectives—you wanted to have that experience!

Yes, indeed you did.

The mind goes, “No, I never wanted to have those awful experiences!”

Yes, dear one. Actually, you did. Otherwise, you would not have had them.

And that is a simple fact of your life on Earth. If anything is happening to you, anything at all, whatever experience you are having, you wanted to have that experience. Otherwise, you would not have had it.

Oh, the mind argues. It doesn’t like that. It doesn’t remember choosing, and that is because it wasn’t chosen at the mind level. You chose it at your soul level. And no, your soul is not some being out there that you can blame it on. It is you! It is absolutely you, and you absolutely chose these experiences!

When you let that in, when you allow yourself to know that you chose those experiences, and that you had good reasons for it, life will get a lot easier for you.

You are the creator of everything in your experience. Absolutely everything!

Not your mind, not the you that the human is aware of in your everyday existence. But you, the grand, sovereign, omnipotent being that you are, you chose it. You created it, every bit.


So, here you are. You are creating something new. You are bringing the perspective of the creator into your human experience.

Oh, the human goes, “Well, that must mean that I can think the right thoughts or speak the right words and create whatever I want!”

Well, it doesn’t quite work that way. Oh, there will come a point in your journey when that is sort of true, but only after you no longer need to. After you have finally released the battles and the power games.

You see, most humans think of creation as a big power game. If you’re a creator then—well, stories are told of the grand creator that you call God, which doesn’t exist. But stories are told of how this grand creator spoke, and it all appeared. There is some truth to that, but the way humans think of it, it is all about power. It is all about manipulating your reality, and it does not work that way.

Hmm… We’ve done a whole class on this, on the true nature of creating, and you can find it on our website.

So, here you are. You have come to this place. You have chosen to be here, to stay here and to bring the consciousness of your soul into your body. Well, into your human perspective.

Oh, your soul is thrilled! This is the first time it has ever gotten to experience human life firsthand!

Your soul got to watch you go through all those experiences. It could kind of have the experience second-hand in a way, but it could never be fully present in the experience until now. And now it is here. It is blending in with you.

Ha! And you wonder why you feel so strange!

Oh, sometimes John is driving down the road, and suddenly there are these other dimensions that he’s driving through. And a part of him panics! He’s like, “Oh, I have to keep my focus on the road or I’m going to crash into something!” Well, we are taking care of that.

It makes his stomach churn sometimes, feeling all these other dimensions, because his soul is here. His soul’s senses are active and feeling all these other things.

The other day, he drove around a corner and there was a big view, and suddenly it wasn’t a view of Slovenia. It was a view of somewhere in America for an instant, and then he was back driving the car in Slovenia. We made sure there was no danger, but it was a little bit shocking to his senses!

So I, his soul, and he, we are working on this slowly. As quickly as we can, but we do have to keep him safe. And we have to ease the mind into this, because otherwise the mind would freak out and lose itself, and the body would freak out.

Oh, so many of you have so many pains and aches in your body. You have all these strange things happening inside, and you panic. You try to figure out what you are doing wrong, or what you are eating wrong, or what you should do more of or do different. It is not any of that.

It is simply that your body is not used to having your soul present. Your body is not used to the amount of light, your light, that is coming into it right now. Oh, it has longed for it for so long! Every cell in your body has a space in it that was prepared long, long ago for this light to come into, for your soul to occupy. But it has been so long that those cells kind of forgot what that space was for.

As that light comes in it illuminates all the memories, all the residue of all those things that happened in so many other lifetimes, and in this one. The pain that you pushed down and buried deep, it illuminates it. And when you shine a light on an old pain, suddenly you feel it again.

You don’t just feel it in your emotions, although there is plenty of that, but you feel it in your body as well. So you panic. You try to turn off the light, but that doesn’t work because this is where you are at, dear friend. Your light is here, and it is brighter than ever! You can’t get away from it anymore, and so all those old energies that are stuck in there, that you have buried, they are all getting illuminated.

There is not anything you need to do about them. You definitely do not need to process them. You do not need to figure out what they are. You just need to allow them.

Oh, they will move through. All this stuff going on in your body, it will move through. It will pass, in time. Probably not as quickly as the human would like, because, well, it hurts! But dear friend, hurting is part of life on Earth. It just is! So allow the hurt, and it will pass.

And please, please don’t process those feelings! Don’t try to figure them out!

The other day, John was reading a story. He likes to distract himself sometimes, to distract his mind a little bit with a good novel, a good story. And that is a good thing, for the most part. It gives us a chance to work on things on the inside, because his mind is busy with something that doesn’t matter, that keeps it entertained for a little bit. So he was reading this story of someone dealing with the loss of someone special in his life, in this character’s life. And this character, with great difficulty, was coming to the realization, or was being encouraged by someone else to the realization, that ever since his wife had died, he had been stuck there. He thought he had moved forward in his life, but in fact he kept living in that past, with the grief of that loss, and it was time for him to let it go and move forward.

Well, as John read that story he fell into tears. He sobbed and sobbed, and he felt this intense grief inside. Hm, it’s still choking him up right now, just telling the story.

And he thought to himself, what is this? Where is this grief coming from? He thought back over his life and how challenging his life has been, but there was never anything that he could think of that brought that level of grief. And he thought, maybe there is something in another lifetime that I haven’t remembered yet, that I need to feel and to process.

So he went looking. He went feeling into himself. What could it be? What could it be that I’ve missed? And we had to remind him, “Dear John, it doesn’t matter. It is not important what it was! What matters is that you feel it, and it is important to just have that feeling. You’ve already done that. You let yourself cry, and that is so important. Even when you didn’t have a story for it, you just allowed yourself to have the feeling and to cry. And that, all by itself, moved the energy. So let it go. Don’t go looking for it. And if there is anything that you need to know it will come, in its own time and in its own way. But you do not need to know the story of those old hurts.”

In fact, so often your mind makes something up to match the pain that you feel, and then you are just processing something that isn’t even real, and never was real. It is something that your mind made up and made it feel like a memory.

Oh, that doesn’t mean you don’t have real memories also. But the point is, it does not matter! When you feel something, your job is not to figure it out. It is not to find the story. It is simply to allow the feeling.

If it is grief, then cry. If it is anger, then find a pillow to rage at, or whatever it takes. If it is joy, be in the joy! Whatever it is, simply allow the feeling without digging for a story, without trying to understand what happened. You do not need to understand it.

What you do need to understand right now, is that your soul is bringing all those parts of you home. It is not your job as a human to bring them home.

You see, every one of those other lifetimes is having their realization right now, because of you. But it is not your job to help them through it! You are going to feel many things that they are feeling, but if you get yourself caught up in trying to understand what those feelings are, in trying to figure out what the stories are, in processing those stories, oh, you are going to be very confused! And it is just going to hurt a lot worse.

What you need to understand right now, is that your soul is taking care of it and your job is simply to allow the feelings.

And the same is true in your body. Oh, your body is going through so much right now, and your job is NOT to fix your body! Please understand that!


John felt himself getting sick the other day. He took a big dose of vitamin C, and it helped. He felt better. We inspired that. Then he thought, “Well, that was pretty good, so let’s keep taking it for a while. Maybe it will help with these other things in my body.”

The next thing he knew he was feeling a lot worse, and I said, “Dear John, I didn’t tell you to take vitamin C on an ongoing basis. I just said to take a big dose that one day, because it would help.” So he backed off and stopped taking it, and he feels better.

You see, sometimes you’ll get an inspiration for something that just feels good to do, like taking some vitamin C. It’s your body asking for something. But don’t keep doing it, because that just reinforces what you see as the illness. Take it for however much it feels good in the moment, then let it go.

Stop Trying to fix your body! Simply have the feelings. Have the pain.

You feel the pain and you get frustrated. You want to get rid of it, and in the process you just push it back down again. You short-circuit the process that we are going through. You push it back down again and you reinforce whatever diagnosis the doctors have given you about it. Let it go!

Feel it. Don’t try to get rid of it. Don’t try to get away from it.

Allow yourself to feel it. It won’t kill you, but it needs you to allow it to be what it is. And then it will pass, eventually.

Know that your soul is in charge of this process, not you. Not your mind.

Your soul is in charge.

The wisdom—the wisdom that your soul has accumulated from these thousands of lifetimes—is all here, and that wisdom is taking care of these things. So allow them. Allow the experience.


Yes, sometimes it really hurts. Sometimes John goes to bed at night and his legs hurt so bad he can hardly stand it. It’s hard to sleep. Sometimes the pain even moves into his hands and other places. And I tell him, “John, just be with it. I know it’s hard.”

Sometimes it helps to rub the muscles, but mostly it’s just about allowing. Allowing the pain to be there. You see the pain is—hmm, you think it is something going wrong, because that is what pain was for. It’s to let you know when there is a problem.

You see, right now most of the problems in your body are not real. They are simply the body reacting to all of this new light!

The cells are freaking out. They are afraid of it. They don’t know what to do with it. They don’t know what to do with themselves anymore, because the communications network in your body is going away and all of these cells are freaking out. They don’t know what to do, so they send signals to your mind that say, “Something is wrong here!” And your mind responds with a sensation of pain.

And that is all it is.


John wants us to add a disclaimer that this is not medical advice.

Trust yourself, dear friend!

Trust yourself. Don’t take don’t take our word for anything, but feel inside yourself and you will know what is true for you. And you will find that, ultimately, there is nothing wrong in your body. There is just new light, and lots and lots of it, and your body does not yet know what to do with that. But it will.

It is changing. It is going through a very intense, very challenging process. Not only just this body, but all those other bodies that you have been or will be. All those other bodies that you actually are right now, because time itself is an illusion, they are all going through this process. They are all transforming, and you are feeling that. Because they are all part of your soul, and your soul is here now, blended together with your human consciousness.


Oh, your soul is actually shielding you from a lot of it, because it doesn’t want to burn you out. But you are also feeling a lot of it, indeed, because you asked to feel it. You said, “I want to feel beyond this human body. I want to know that there is something more out there!”

Well, it’s not ‘out there,’ although it kind of seems like it from the human perspective. It is inside of you. Every single one of those lifetimes is simply an experience of you, so you are feeling some of it. You are going to feel much more, as you open up more and more. You are going to begin to see and feel life the way your soul does. You already are.

That is why John, sometimes when he’s driving down the road, suddenly finds himself in a different dimension for an instant. It’s a time when he is quiet, when his mind is quiet, and he is alone in the car. His body is distracted, his mind is distracted with the driving, and suddenly his awareness expands and he feels the other dimensions. Only for an instant, because his mind still freaks out a little bit. His body freaks out a little bit. And so it’s just a glimpse, but more and more that is becoming his reality. More and more he is opening himself up to where being in the other dimensions at the same time that he is in this human dimension is just how it will be.

At that point, everything changes. Nobody can say yet exactly what that means, but so many of you are coming to this point where you still have a body on Earth, even as you are fully conscious of all that you are.

Well, from your human perspective there will always be a little bit of a filter, because otherwise you wouldn’t even be able to be here. You have to have a bit of focus to be here, but oh, that filter is getting thinner and thinner and thinner. Until at some point, well, we will see how far we can go with it, how thin we can make it as we go forward. It is a grand experiment that so many of you have chosen to work with!


It is an amazing experiment! And it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter how it turns out. You could say it’s a bonus, a bonus round in your game. You have already won. You have already come to your completion. Now you are just having some fun!

Oh, sometimes it hurts like hell in your body, and your soul laughs. It says, “Wow, what an incredible experience!”

And the human cringes, because it hurts. But what you need to understand is that the more you can laugh with your soul, the less it will hurt.


So, if your body is hurting you, find ways to engage it in life. Go for walks. Visit friends. Cook nice meals. Make some paintings. Oh, such a beautiful thing! You can all do it, whether you think so or not. You can all put paint on canvas or paper and express yourself. And that will do more for your body than anything else.

Make some music. You can all do that, too, even if you’ve never done it in this lifetime. Open up to it! Find a way to make some music. It doesn’t have to be fancy music or music than anybody else likes. Just find a way to make some kind of music, just for yourself!

Make something. Be creative, somehow. Find a way to engage your body in life, in living, and that will do more than anything else to help your body through this process.

And please, stop trying to fix it!

That doesn’t mean not to get a massage when you need it, or to get tender loving care from someone if that is available. Oh, give it to yourself, or find somebody to pay for a massage.

Engage your body in living, and it will find its way through.


For a while, John was afraid that he was getting close to dying. And indeed, where he is at, where his body is at, it would be so easy to just let go and cross over, and leave the body. But then he realized that at this point in his existence, and at this point for most of you who are hearing this, it is absolutely a choice. You are not going to suddenly die by accident, unless you have made that choice. If you are conscious of choosing to be here, to be in this experiment, to go through this process of bringing soul fully into human—well, as fully as possible, anyway—of blending consciousness of soul with consciousness of human; if you have chosen to go through this, oh, you will go through it.

You are not going to suddenly accidentally leave your body, unless that is your choice. And for some of you, for some people, it is their choice. Because, well, they don’t care so much about this experiment, and they feel like it is just too hard. And that is okay too.

You can come home at any point. You are complete. Your Earth journey is complete. You can come home anytime, and your soul will receive you with open arms.

But if you can realize that your soul is already here, that it already has its arms around you, that you can let your soul manage this process, oh, it will get so much easier.

Stop trying to figure it out. Stop trying to ‘do’ it. You can’t! All you can do right now is allow the experience. Allow the pain. Allow whatever you feel—the joy, the wonder, the frustration. Oh, all of it! Just allow yourself to feel it.

It doesn’t mean you are failing. Not at all! It just means that all that stuff is clearing out. Allow it to happen.

It cannot happen without feeling it, so allow the feelings. Allow the feelings in your body, because that is just part of the process.

Most of the pain is resistance to the process, so allow the pain. Then you will find that it actually hurts less when you allow it.

It takes a little bit to get that, because the mind goes, “Okay, I’m allowing! I’m allowing!” And it holds on even tighter and resists even more.

That’s why in our class we called it the great anti-creator, for that is what the mind does. It tends to create the opposite of whatever it is it wants.

So let go. Allow yourself to hurt! There is nothing wrong with hurting, especially not now.

Pain—even science understands that pain does not actually exist. It is a thought in your mind, and that is all. It is a thought that thinks it is a sensation in your body! So don’t fight it. Don’t think that you can just think different thoughts and be over the pain because it doesn’t exist. It is a real experience, but it does not mean there is something actually wrong.

And even if you have a diagnosis of some disease and the doctor says there actually is something wrong, no, that is just part of the process you are going through. It is your body responding to all of this light that is coming in, all of this light that is illuminating all the dark places. And as it does, you feel those dark places as they light up, as the energies that are stuck there move out. You feel it, and that is a good thing.

But the human tends to clench up. The mind thinks, “Oh, it hurts, so there must be something wrong!” and it clenches up. And that is what creates most of the pain.

So breathe it in. Whatever it is, breathe it in.

Breathe it into your heart, and there your soul will take it and transmute it.

It is not for you to transmute it, not for the human. Your soul takes care of it. Your soul brings wisdom to it.

You don’t need to understand it in your mind. You just need to allow it, to breathe it in, and your soul brings the wisdom. And that transmutes it.


So dear friend, you are living in the most incredible time that there has ever been in all of existence!

Hm, John is questioning the use of the word “time” in that. But you are having a human experience and human experience includes time, so it is appropriate.

You are going through the most amazing experience that anyone anywhere has ever gone through, so hold on to that. A point will come where you can see that, where you can feel that, and you will look back at this time and wish you had been more present in it instead of trying so hard to get away from it.

It is truly amazing, so be present here.

Be in your presence with whatever is happening in your life.

Simply be present with it.

Simply allow it.


And so it is.

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