Your Light

Yesterday I had no idea what this message was going to be about. I just knew it was time, and that my soul had something to say, so I sat down with my recorder and opened up. Afterwards I could feel that something special had just happened, but it wasn’t until I began transcribing it this morning that I realized what a deep and profound experience this message is.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe this message, but all I can say is that this is a beautiful and unexpected journey through the light of your awareness. I suggest you get comfortable, and enjoy Your Light!

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Your Light – by John McCurdy
Channeled on May 28, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.

Note: This message was given as an experience, one that was very real and moving for me as the words came through. I recommend that you listen to the recording, but if you choose to read this instead, please take your time and use the extra lines to pause and feel into the experience.

I am that I am!

Master John of Magical Service, here to do some magic with you!


I am—oh, I am all that John is! The divine. The human. The wisdom.

The wisdom from every experience that I have ever had, on Earth or in any other dimension or creation, or anywhere else. I am the wisdom distilled from all of that.

You can call me John’s soul, or you can call me whatever you want. But ultimately, I am the essence of John, of the being that currently inhabits this body called John. And I am the wisdom distilled from all of my existence.

“Master John!” It is not a perfect handle, but it will do for now.


Dear friend, I invite you to call in your soul, right now.

Oh, it’s right here. It’s you!

It is you, so it is right here. And it might be in a million other places at the same time, but ask it to be here with you. Ask it to join into this message, to bring its energies in. Chances are it already is, but when the human asks Soul to be present, it is an act of opening to your own soul, to your own divinity, to your own master self.

The master self does not need permission to join into your life. It is already here! But when you ask it to, when you ask it to join into whatever experience you are having, it is an act of opening yourself to your own new reality. To your own magic.


Oh, just sit here for a moment.


Feel your soul.

Feel the expanded you.

So often, you feel around for your soul and you can’t find it, because you are actually feeling outside of you, or trying to, and it is not there.

It used to be there, or at least in the illusion it was there outside of you, but it is not there anymore. You have taken that illusion down.

Your soul is right here. Feel it.

If the mind goes, “Oh, I don’t feel anything!” just ask your mind to be still.

When the mind hears the word “feeling” it thinks of emotions, those dramatic experiences that it creates in response to feelings. But they are not feelings. They are drama, created and designed by your mind to keep you distracted from your soul and from your true feelings, and they keep you stuck and focused on Earth and on the human condition.

Oh, don’t judge your mind, for that is the job you gave it to do, long, long ago.

Now it is time to remind your mind that that job is over. You don’t need it anymore, and it is time to be still and to let the real feelings come in.

And then, just take a breath.

Let your soul be here.

Oh, you can imagine it.

It will feel like you are making it up at first, and that is okay. You actually cannot make it up, because it is real!

It is here, so allow it to feel like you are making it up.


So, as you sit here, or lie here or whatever you are doing, just be still.

Feel your soul.

If you don’t feel anything, go beyond that.

Let that go.

It is here.

You do feel it.

You are just not used to feeling in that way.

You are trying to feel through your mind, and that is not going to work.

So just be still

Allow your awareness to expand.


Allow your awareness to expand out to the room around you.

Out into the land outside your room. The city, the countryside, whatever it is.

Allow your awareness to flow out.


Allow yourself to see the light.

Oh, you might notice that as you expand your awareness, it’s like there is this wave of light reaching out from you and spreading out throughout the land.

That is your light, dear friend.

That is who you are!

That is the light of your consciousness, so let it expand out.


Just open.

You do feel it.

Your mind might say you are making it up. Let it, because it is real.


Now, be aware of the other lights out there.

As your awareness expands out through your city, through your country, and spreads out through the world, this brilliant light—hmm… John wanted to say “white light,” and that is kind of how he sees it. But no, it is not just white. It is everything.

It is everything!

It includes—ha! John says this is an oxymoron, but it includes dark light also.


Perhaps we can call it clear light, because it illuminates everything.

But it is not just white.

It includes the darkness and the light, the black and the white.


It brings illumination, but not judgment.


Your awareness expands out, around the world.


You find other lights out there, shining brilliantly.

You find some lights that are that are very dim, very covered over.

Part of you wants to help them, but all you need to do is shine your light.

Some of them will respond to your light, and open up a little bit more.

All of them will discover new potentials as your light illuminates them.

It is up to them what they choose, but your light shows them new potentials and new possibilities in their life.

So just shine.


As your awareness expands through the world you find places that are dark, places where there is very little light.

Don’t try to fill them, you don’t need to

Your light is not here to change the dark, or even to fill it.

Your light simply illuminates, even what is in the dark.

Oh, it will still look dark. But for those beings who are stuck in that darkness, they will begin to see some new potentials and some new possibilities.


And they just might begin to make some new choices.

Maybe, but leave that to them. Don’t try to fix their darkness.

Some of them are choosing it.

And they are holding onto it for dear life, because they are terrified of the light.

So don’t force it on them.

Just be the light! That is all.

Let yourself observe these places.


There is a place in Texas that a lot of people are aware of right now, where a few days ago a young man, practically a child himself, went into a school and killed a whole bunch of people. Children and teachers.

Oh, if you look at that place right now, what do you see?

Do you see darkness? Oh, there is some around there.

But oh, what John sees right now is light. Bright light!


How can that be? The mind asks.

Well, these children, these teachers, they went home. They crossed over to the other side. They reconnected with their souls and they said, “Wow, what an amazing experience! And look at all the attention that we brought to the issues of your time!”


This event, and the others like it, oh, they are changing your world! It might not look like it, but they are changing your world.

Oh, humans go, “Well, I don’t see any progress being made on laws to control the guns, or anything like that!”

Well, that is not the point, dear friend. Laws will not ever change your world. They will just create more division, more suffering, more strife, and in a way, more darkness.


No, what your world needs is consciousness. Awareness.

Oh, and every time this happens, it brings awareness. It increases the awareness of the people.

There are no accidents. Every person who died—every person who ever dies—chose that.

Oh, that is a hard one for the humans who don’t understand who they really are, but it is true. Every person whoever dies, does so by choice. Even if it appears to be an accident, it is still a choice. A choice to allow the accident. A choice to participate with someone who is hurting, who is trying desperately to bring some light to his life.

Oh, this being, this young man, he was desperate. He was trying so hard to make sense of his life, and it wasn’t making sense. All he could see was how hopeless the world seemed, especially for him. And finally something inside of him snapped, and he killed his grandmother. And then he went a little crazy in the shock from that, and he went to the school. And then he couldn’t stop himself. He was so terrified inside, so lost, that he could not stop himself. And every child who died, every teacher who died, they all chose to participate in this act of bringing light for that.

That, truly, is what it was. It was a cry for light, a choice to bring light, not just to that place, to that school and that town, but to the whole issue of injustice in society. To the whole issue of children being treated unfairly. Of parents and grandparents and teachers abusing their children, until the children just cannot cope anymore.

Oh, the children today are not what they were a generation or two ago. The Children coming in now, many, if not most of them, are very conscious and incredibly sensitive beings. And sometimes they just cannot cope with the stresses of human life, with the rigid laws and constructs of humanity, and so they break down. They lose their minds, and things like this happen.

It is not because of the guns. Without them, it would happen in other ways.

It is because the world is changing, and these people—you call them victims, but in fact they were willing participants. And they chose to bring light.

So dear friend, allow your light to shine.


Without judgment. Without judgment!

It doesn’t matter if it is dark or light, do not judge it.

Your light—Ah, the words. The words are so inadequate!

We call it “light” because we don’t have a better word, but it transcends the light and the dark.

It includes both. It honors both.

Oh, hear that!

Your light, the light of your consciousness, it honors the dark as well as the light!

Can you let that in?

Can you honor the darkness?

Can you honor those who are living and acting out the dark?

That, dear friend, is when not only do you begin to change the world, but it also changes you and it changes your life.

That is when you set yourself free, and when you truly become a light unto the world.

When you can honor the dark, and honor those who live in the dark, and honor those who act out the dark.


It is hard for the human to do, but that is how you change the world. By honoring it, just the way it is, and everything and everyone in it.

You see, it’s all you. It is all your own energies.

When you fight against it, when you say, “We have to blame those bad people! We have to punish them! We have to do something about them, or at least we have to heal them!” you are fighting a battle with yourself, and no one else.


The mind doesn’t understand that, and it is not going to fully understand that anytime soon. But dear friend, you know it. Your soul knows it. Let that knowing in.

Honor the darkness, and those who act out the darkness.

Honor them. No judgment!

No judgment.

Honor and acceptance is the nature of your light.


So, allow your light to shine out.


Allow your awareness to spread further through the world.

There is Ukraine, with war happening there, right on the edge of Europe. A war that could potentially turn into the end of the world, world war three, or even nuclear war. It is not likely to, but it could.

Bring your awareness there.

Feel the light there.

Oh, once again, you were expecting a big patch of dark! Ha!

But look at the light!

Oh, thousands upon thousands of people have died there in the past few months. But look at the light!

Feel what is happening there.

Oh, it is a huge conflict! And yet, it is not what you think.


It is also a brilliant point of light! A place where the world is focused on the whole issue of power, and the world is making a choice.

The consciousness of humanity is making a choice, and the epicenter of that choice is right there in Ukraine.


Once again, no judgment.

Pure awareness.

Be in your in your presence!

That is where your light is. It is in your presence.

Oh, again we are so limited with words! But feel your presence.

Simply be in your presence.

Your light is automatic. You don’t have to try to shine it.

Just be in your presence, without judgment, and feel both the light and the dark that is in this place.

No judgment. No agenda. No ideas about the outcome.

Just be present.

Bring your presence, your awareness, and sense what is happening.

You don’t need to manipulate it, and the moment you do, it dims your light.

You simply be in your presence.

It illuminates the situation.

It illuminates potentials for everyone involved.


Then, allow it to play itself out without agenda.


And oh, please do not feel sorry for all of the people who are suffering and dying.

Once again, they chose to participate. They are going through their experiences that are bringing them to their completion.

Oh, every one of you have been through those experiences. If not in this lifetime, then in others, and that is how you got to here. Those beings are angels just like you and they saw what you have done, and they said, “We want to do it too! We want the wisdom that comes from all of these experiences!” And so they chose to come in and to create the situations and the experiences that could bring them their wisdom. Ultimately that’s all that is happening, so do not feel sorry for them!

There is no death. None whatsoever! You lose your body, and it is like your avatar getting killed in your video game. You pop out, you get a new body, and you pop right back in. That’s all. There is no death!

Honor them for choosing to take on these experiences.

Honor them for choosing to gather the wisdom.

Oh, it may be a few more lifetimes before their humans are able to access that wisdom, but it is there. It is changing them and it is changing the world.

So, honor them. Even the ones that you consider to be in the wrong, the perpetrators, the ones that created the war. It is all just a game.

Truly! Hear that! It is just a game! It has no ultimate reality!

It is just a game.

Honor the beings who chose to play their part in this game so that the entire world could come to a higher level of consciousness. For that is truly what is happening, dear friend.


The world, the consciousness of humanity, is taking—right now—a giant leap in consciousness, and all of these things are a part of that. So don’t get involved in the misery and the suffering and the sorrow and the blame and the judgments. Just allow your light to shine.

Honor them. All of them! Even the darkest ones.

Find their light. It’s there!

Every being in all of existence has their light. It is there.

They might hide it. But you, dear friend, you are conscious. You are awareness itself, and you can see it.

Find it! And honor them.

Honor the roles they have taken on.

It does not mean you have to go participate in those roles. Please don’t!

Stay back. Observe. But don’t go participate.

You cannot help the world right now by participating in that way.

But you can shine your light.

You can open your awareness to the bright light that is present especially where there is chaos.


Oh, there is darkness there too. Allow it!

Just be in your presence, in your awareness, and notice that the light is also there.




Now, feel your light.

Feel your light spread all around the world.

Oh, it is not affected by things like the horizon, or anything like that.

It is everywhere, and through that you can feel anything, anywhere in the world.



Now, bring your awareness back to you.

Bring your awareness to your body.


Feel the same light shining through your body, shining into it and shining out from it.


Take a look at your body.

Your body is a little confused right now, and it is complaining a lot.

It is looking for clarity from you.


You don’t bring clarity by judging it.

You don’t bring clarity by worrying about it, or by trying to fix it.

It is the same as for the world: shine your light without judgment.

Yes, something hurts. Let it hurt!

It will pass, so let it hurt.

You look at it as this dark place in you that somehow needs to be cleared out.

No. Just allow it to hurt.

Whatever clearing needs to happen, your soul is doing. There are all these places in your body where indeed there are stuck energies, and you think, “Oh, I need to get rid of that stuck energy!”

No, that just pushes it back down. And then it has to come up again.

Just observe it.

Allow it.

Allow it to hurt.


Oh, certainly, take time to nurture yourself.


A warm bath, good food, good movie, nice music, a little lovemaking with yourself or another, a massage, whatever.

Nurture yourself.

But allow these issues that you see in your body.

Allow them to be!

Look for the light in them.

If you open yourself to it, you will find that for all the darkness that you imagined there, you will also find brilliant light.

Because these are the places where your body is working out its own clarity, where the body is working out its own power issues.

So let it happen.

It will pass, if you let it.

If you don’t get involved in it.

If you don’t judge it.

Simply be in your light, in your awareness, in your presence, with whatever is happening in your body.


Bring your light to your mind.

Oh, your mind is struggling right now. It knows its job is over, but it is such a habit!

And also, it wants to be sure.

Oh, if you want to understand your mind better, our new classes might be just the thing: From Mind to Wisdom, and Understanding the True Nature of Reality and of Creating. Ahh… Beautiful experiences!

But the most important thing right now is, be in your light.

Don’t get involved.

Those of you who are familiar with the Crimson Circle will remember Tobias’ metaphor of the short wall. The point of it is to imagine a wall around your home in your consciousness, around the center of you, you could say, and whenever you are tempted to get involved in something, in an issue, step back. Metaphorically step back in your consciousness, behind that short wall, where you can observe but not participate, and simply observe what happens.

Ha! It seems irresponsible to the human, but you will discover that it is the most responsible thing you can do! Because only, only, only from behind that short wall do you have any real influence on the world!

But from back here, your influence does not have an agenda. It simply illuminates the issues. It illuminates potentials and brings new choices to the people involved.

And oh, that is what they want more than anything else. That is what they need. That is what the world needs.

That is what your body needs.

It needs you to stand behind that short wall and to not get involved in trying to fix your body.

Instead, observe.

Observe from that place of compassion, of no judgment.

Allow it to resolve itself.

Because in simply allowing your light, you illuminate potentials. Not just on the scale of the whole being, but you illuminate potentials and new choices for every cell in your body.


Let that one sink in for a moment.

You illuminate new potentials and new choices for every cell in your body!


So, whatever is happening in your world, whatever is happening around you, whatever is happening within you, bring your presence—your pure awareness—without judgment. Without agenda.

Simply observe it.

And then, trust what you feel.

If you feel like taking a bath, do it.

If you feel like eating some particular kind of food right now, do it. Even if your mind tells you that food is unhealthy!

If you feel drawn to it, eat it.


Whatever it is, inside of you or outside of you, allow it.

You will discover that there is actually nothing outside of you, but don’t turn that into a mind game.

Just be with it.

Be in your presence.

Allow your light to shine.

Oh, it can shine anywhere in all of creation, but especially in this world.

Simply allow it to shine!

And feel through it.

It is your awareness.

That light is your awareness, and you can use it to feel anything, anywhere.


Don’t turn that into a mind game either, but allow it.

And remember, even in the deepest, deepest darkness, there is light.

There is always light.


So look for it.

Feel it.

And especially within your own life and your own being, feel it.


We say sometimes, “Let it shine!” But you don’t need to let it shine. You simply need to allow it.

It shines automatically!

So often you cover it up with your agendas and your fears, but it is always there. It is always shining.

Just take the covers off.

Let go of the agendas.

Let go of the fears.

And feel.

Feel the light wherever it is, including in the darkest of the dark.


And so it is.

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