Getting It Wrong

How often do you feel like you are getting it all wrong? Like you just can’t get anything right lately? I know I do, a lot more often than I like to admit.

Yes, I feel more clarity than ever before. I feel my soul, my master self, with me more than ever, and there is a deep ground of peace, joy and knowing underneath everything.

And, sometimes it’s hard to smile when my body hurts so much. Or when the chaos seems to be all around and even inside. And that’s when my mind jumps up and starts telling me how I’m a hopeless schmuck who can’t ever get anything right, and fills me up with useless doubt. Ouch!

Well, in this channel Master John (my soul) has some things to say about that, and they might surprise you as much as they did me.


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Getting It Wrong – by John McCurdy
Channeled on July 5, 2022

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible.

I am here!

Master John, of Magical Service.

Ah yes, a new greeting. A new opening. I am That I am, indeed, and I am here. All of me. John’s soul, John’s divinity, John’s—oh, more than a thousand other incarnations. All of me, I am here, to do some magic with you today!

I am the Master—not the master over anybody or anything, but the expert. I am the wisdom of every experience I have ever had, in any incarnation on Earth and in any other adventure in all of creation. I am the distilled wisdom, here, available now for my human known as John, and indeed, because of him for all of my other incarnations.

Oh, their lives are changing right now. You think of them as being somewhere in the past and therefore not existing anymore, but that is the human illusion. It is not how life works. You see, time is a human illusion. Time does not exist anywhere else in all of creation.

This human illusion is made up, in part, of time and space. The truth is they are very similar, just like up and down and right and left. The same thing, but on a different plane or dimension. Well, in your space you don’t have any problem with having multiple things going on in different areas within your space, or in different places on your planet. So why should you have any problem with things going on right now in other parts of your timescape? When you let that in, you will begin to understand a little bit more deeply how life truly works.


Change. Oh, so many of you have been begging for change for so long. And now that it’s here, you are screaming about it! You are crying out about all the chaos in the world, in your own life, and even inside your own bodies. So much chaos! So much change! Oh, and it hurts! But dear friend, you asked for it.

We began a new class a couple weeks ago, a new class entitled, How to Change Your Life. We did the first channel, and—ha!—then we began the process with John.


Well, the next thing John knew, he had a bunch of problems to deal with! He got an eye infection. He blew a tire out on his car because he ran over a sharp rock. He was up at John and Romana’s cabin, up in the mountains in Slovenia, and when he got there he discovered that parts of the cabin had been overrun by rodents. They had raised a couple litters of pups in the bathroom, and oh, it smelled awful! He had to clean that out, and there is a very limited amount of water there.

So, he had all these challenges, all this chaos in his life, and his eye was starting to hurt. He finally got the place cleaned up and got the hole blocked off so they couldn’t get back into that room, and he was like, “Okay, that’s enough for now. I’m going home!”


You see, I had asked him to go there and take several days of personal retreat. I didn’t tell him those days were going to be full of chaos, because, well, then he would have been afraid to go. So on about the fourth day he said, “I’ve had enough! I’m going home!” And he loaded his stuff in the car and headed down the mountain.

All of a sudden there was a big whooshing sound outside the car. A little further down the road he realized something wasn’t right, so he got out and looked and the tire was flat. A big hole in the side. So, he drove back up to the cabin and parked, unloaded his stuff so he could get to the spare tire, and changed the tire. And by then he realized he hadn’t really had his personal retreat with me, his soul.

Well, that’s not the right way to say it, John. He realized that it wasn’t done yet, but it was all with me. How could it not be? I am his essence. I am his source. I am all that he is, so of course it was with me.

So he stayed a couple more days, and we moved a lot of energies inside. And then he went home, went to the doctor and got some eye drops, and his eye is mostly better now.

And John has had a really hard time opening up to channel, because he finds himself so full of doubt.

[a pause as John chokes up with emotion]

Yes, he’s feeling a lot of emotion right now. His mind is asking, “How can I possibly talk about change, and about embodiment and all these things we’ve been talking about, when I am having so much trouble with my own body?”


So much pain. The eye isn’t the only place that’s inflamed and that is struggling with life right now. But that was the critical place in this moment, and he questioned if she should even go to the doctor for that. And I smiled and said, John, go get it taken care of. You are not going to get sucked in.

That’s a big fear he has, of getting sucked into the medical establishment and all the power and control that goes on there. But everything flowed, and everything worked out. He saw the right doctor, he got the right medicine, and he solved the immediate problem. And all those other things? They are going to take care of themselves! Because John’s light, his light body, is gradually integrating.


We’re struggling with the right words here. The light is filling him more than ever. Not from outside, but from inside. Oh, but John’s mind feels all this stuff going on inside of him, and he doubts. The mind doubts. “What should I be doing? What am I getting wrong?” And we know that so many of you are feeling the same kinds of things.

And yet, inside John feels amazing! Incredible! He’s so happy! It doesn’t always show on the outside, because there is so much going on in his body. It’s hard for him to smile when just getting up out of a chair hurts, and when sitting in the chair hurts, and everything kind of hurts. And yet, underneath all of that he knows, he knows so clearly, that all is well.

All is well!

And you know that too, dear friend. If you are here, you know. You know deep inside of you. If you will simply open to the awareness, you know that no matter what chaos is going on around you and within you, all is well!

You know, because your soul is here now. It always was, but now you know it. Now the veil is down. Your soul is here and it’s telling you, just like I’m telling John, All is well! Just hang in there. Trust me, your essence, because all is well and you are in exactly the right place!

And everything that happens, inside you or outside of you—it’s all inside, but sometimes it seems outside—everything that happens in your life is one hundred percent about your transformation, about your embodied enlightenment, about you coming into your soul’s wisdom right here on Earth, about you allowing your soul to come into this experience for the first time ever.

Ah, it has never happened before. It couldn’t. You had this veil, for lack of a better term, this block that kept you from feeling your soul, and it kept your soul from feeling a lot of your experience. Oh, it could sense the essence of it, and when a lifetime was over it would collect the wisdom. Now it is happening in real time, because your soul, for the first time ever, is here having this experience with you.

Your soul is helping you with this transformation, helping you to do it quickly, but not so quickly as to blow out the human. And believe me, we are pushing it right to the edge, because that is what you asked for. You said, “I know it’s probably going to hurt.” None of us knew how much it would hurt for some of you, but we knew it would hurt. And you said, “Let’s get it over with as quickly as we can. But I want to stay here, so let’s not do it too quickly.

So here we are. Some of you are questioning that choice. Some of you are like, “This hurts too much. I want out!”

Ah, but we have an agreement. We are going to take this journey at just the right pace, because you said, “I’m going to ask to get out, but I don’t really mean it because I want to see this through! So don’t let me skip out on this.”


Oh, you can choose to leave anyway, and that is perfectly fine. Some do, because they realize it was just too much and they don’t feel like going through it. And that’s okay. But if you are here listening to this, or reading this, we think you have decided to stay. And you told your soul, “Don’t let me just jump out! It’s going to be really easy to do along this way, along this path, but don’t let me, because I want to have this full experience! I want to know what it’s like to live on Earth as soul.

So here we are. So many of you are wondering right now, “What am I getting wrong? Why is this taking so long? What do I need to be doing? Why is it hurting so much?” And you judge yourself.

Oh, John has been judging himself, or at least his mind has been. “What am I doing wrong? Am I getting something wrong? Is there something I should be doing?”

And I keep saying, John, dear mind, be still. Be in presence with yourself. I am here.

That’s what presence is: I am here.

It’s not about what you are thinking about. It doesn’t matter if you happen to be thinking about the past or the future, for all of that is part of here. What matters is your presence.

I am here, and all is well.

That’s what matters. Nothing else. There is nothing else you need to do.

It does not matter what you eat or what you do or how much you exercise. It does not matter! What matters is, I am here, and I am allowing my light.

Not aiming my light, not trying to get it to go to specific places, even on the inside, but simply being it.

That light is pouring through your body. It is shining out through the world and yes—ha!—here and there it causes more chaos. Because it opens people’s eyes and they start to realize, “This isn’t what I want!”


So it causes chaos. Beautiful chaos! Because out of chaos comes change, the very change you have asked for.

This light, oh, you’ve heard us talk about letting it shine into your body. And then you go, “I must be doing that wrong, because my body hurts!”

And we say no, you are doing it right. Just be your light.

Yes, it causes chaos in your body. You could say that it opens the eyes of your cells, and they are starting to realize that something is different. Oh, they are confused. Just like your mind is confused, your body is confused and so there is chaos in your body.

Once again, out of chaos comes change. Beautiful change! But you have to allow the process.

You have to allow the chaos to be. And as long as you are blaming yourself or thinking that you should be doing something different, or thinking that you are getting something wrong, well, that adds to the chaos. It prolongs the suffering.

So we ask you to let go of the doubt. Feel into that part of you that knows that all is well, and keep coming back to that. That is your soul. That is your light body.

You see, your light body has no doubts. It knows that all as well, and it is already here! It has always been here, but you have been so focused in the human experience that you couldn’t see past the physical body. But that physical body is, well, it’s like the caterpillar. It goes into the cocoon and it turns into a puddle of goo, and eventually it reforms into something entirely new. The butterfly crawls out and it sits there, and all it can remember is the caterpillar life.

And it sits there on the branch of the tree, or wherever the cocoon is, and it thinks, “What happened? Why doesn’t anything work right? What are these big things on my back? I’m hungry and there’s a leaf here, but I can’t eat it! My mouth doesn’t work right. It isn’t even shaped right!”

Then it hears something about becoming a butterfly, about being able to fly, and it says, “How do I do that?”

Then it remembers all the—ha!—all the bad things it did as a caterpillar, all the other caterpillars it hurt along the way, or crowded off of a special leaf, or whatever; all these things that it thinks it got wrong. And then it thinks, “How can I possibly let myself fly when I’ve done so many things wrong?”

And then one day, one moment in time, those things on its back start to flap, and suddenly it finds itself flying.

It freaks out at first. It drops back to the branch and grabs on tight. Once it gets over shaking from the terror of it all, suddenly those things start flapping again and this time it’s off. And it flies.

It comes upon this brightly colored thing and lands on the flower, and this new mouth reaches down inside the flower and finds the most incredible substance there. Sweet nectar.


That’s where you are at, dear friend. Sitting there doubting yourself, right on the verge of liftoff.

The human goes, “Why is it taking so long?”

Well, if we lifted it off right now you’d panic, and you would die. You wouldn’t be able—your body and your mind wouldn’t be able—to cope, but you are almost there. All you need to do is lighten up on yourself and allow yourself to go through this process.

What is the worst that can happen?

You can lift off and panic, and die. Or you can try to go back to being a caterpillar, and you are going to die painfully, because you can’t go backwards. So why not just be with this process?


John’s mind says, “I hear that. I feel that. And I have all these responsibilities to others!” Responsibilities to participate within his family, responsibilities to bring in abundance, responsibilities to not be a burden. Oh yes, that’s a big one for John: to not be a burden on others.

But you know what? Those others, they want to love him. They want to be here for him. They want to help. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t, but what John has been learning—over the last few years he’s been learning about letting in the love. He’s been learning about letting in the love from me, his own soul, and also about letting in the love from the outside.

Oh, but there are so many old memories from other lifetimes of not having the love, of hating himself because he didn’t feel like he was getting anything right. He was trying so hard to please God, to please the church, to please the king, or—a time or two—even to be a good king, and it didn’t work out so well. For so many lifetimes he has tried so hard to get it right.

You see dear friend, there isn’t anything that is more unloving to self than trying to get it right.

[a pause as John struggles with his emotions]

Yes, John is having a really hard time with that statement. He is so good at getting everything right, and oh, it’s not working anymore. He used to be so good at fixing things. He could fix just about anything, and now, so many times he tries to fix something and finds out he just doesn’t have the resources, or the energy, or whatever it takes to fix it. So he has to leave it for someone else to fix.

Then he feels all this stuff going on in his body and says, “I can’t even fix myself! How can I get anything right?”

But we are going to say it again: There is perhaps nothing that is more unloving to self, or to anyone else, than trying to get it right.


So I would ask you, dear friend, and indeed dear John: Could you allow yourself to get some things wrong for a change?

Oh, most all of you listening to this message, or reading it, you are so good at getting things right. And it is time to get some things wrong!

Because, you see, there is no such thing! Whatever you do, whatever choices you make, your soul is going to make it right. You don’t have to make it right, because it is going to work out.

You think, “Well, what if I say the wrong thing to somebody and push them away?”

And we say, it’s about damn time! If a friend can’t take whatever comes out of your mouth, well, they are not really your friend.

You ask, “What if I break something or damage something important?” So what? It’s just a thing! The mind goes, “Oh, but it will be expensive to fix!” So what? Abundance is your natural state, and when you stop trying to get things right you are going to find that everything you need is there.

So please, please let yourself get some things wrong!

Oh, we know you are going to struggle with that. Don’t make a big thing of it and don’t turn it into another ‘should,’ but just allow it.

Don’t try so hard to get everything right, because that blocks out the love! The love that your body needs so desperately right now. Your love, your soul’s love, even your human love and the love from the others who truly love you.

And yes, there are others out there who truly love you, but even their love can’t come in as long as you are trying so hard to get everything right!


John’s mind goes, “Well, okay, but what if I’m too needy? What if I feed too much on their energies, on my wife’s energies whom I love so much? I don’t want to be a burden for her!”

Well, dear John, you know how much she loves you. You know that she knows how to take care of herself. You know that she needs you to trust her to take care of herself. You are not going to pull on her. You can allow the love. You can allow yourself to get things wrong sometimes, even to say the wrong things.

Oh, she might have a reaction. Someone else might have a reaction. But you know what to do with that, these days, and so does she. You take it inside and you hold that part of you that hurts.

You allow your imperfection to be okay, because that’s what it is to be human. It is to be imperfect, to not be able to get everything right.

You wanted to stay on Earth as a human for a while longer, in your enlightenment and your mastery. Well, the very essence of human life is imperfection! It simply is not possible for anything to be perfect in human life.

Ha! Except for that, because in that imperfection is the beauty and the perfection of this whole experience!

So stop trying to get it right! That just messes it up. It blocks you up, and then we have to send in the dragon to pull it back out and put it in your face, until you finally allow your imperfection.


John had such a hard time opening up to this channel. He’s been knowing he needed to for several days, that something wanted to come out, that I wanted to speak through him. He had such a hard time opening up to it, because his mind kept asking, “How can I open up? How can I get it right when I’m feeling like such a failure on the inside?” But he finally did. He finally opened up, and here we are.

Ha! This message is not perfect. It isn’t supposed to be perfect, and that makes it perfect. For this moment in time it is perfection, in all of its imperfection.

Dear friend, so many of you are going through so much right now, in your mind and in your body. Allow it.

What your mind and your body need right now, more than anything else, is love. Your love. Your absolute, unconditional love. The kind of love that can only come from your soul. So let it in.

You are your soul, so indeed you can give it to yourself. You can hold those scared and confused parts of you, because that is all they are. They are aspects, and you can hold them. You can allow them, and allow yourself to feel them. Allow your soul to feel them.

Oh, don’t run your life according to their dictates or their fears, but allow them.

Allow yourself to feel them, and make your choices according to what you know.

Oh, that’s important. When you feel these fears and these doubts, come back to what you know.

You know the answer to them. That wisdom is already there. You know it. Your soul knows it, and your soul is here. So tell your mind what you know to be true about these things, but allow yourself to feel them. Allow yourself to love these parts of you.

Allow your soul to love them, and to show you a new perspective of them.

And also, allow the love of the others who would truly love you.

At this point you know how to be clear with them, and the ones who truly love you know how to be clear with you. So allow it. Allow the love.

If there is nobody in your life right now that loves you, focus on allowing the love from yourself. At some point, just like it happened for John, if it is your choice that love will be reflected from others.

Allow the love, and stop trying to get it all so right. You can’t, and the harder you try the wronger you get it, in a sense.

So, allow yourself.

Allow your mistakes, because they are not actually mistakes at all. Your mind thinks they are, but you have never, ever, in all of your existence, made a real mistake. It has all been just a part of your experience. A beautiful part! So allow it.

Allow you, and allow the chaos. All of it.

Especially the chaos inside of you.

And so it is.

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  1. Огромная благодарность! прямо сейчас это так помогло мне соединиться с собой, когда казалось, что я просто разваливаюсь, расслаиваюсь и тону…
    И это было так красиво: я думала посмотреть фильм, чтобы отвлечься, но душа хотела другого и компьютер не включил мне фильм, не открыл соцсети, но только то, что было важно по-настоящему!

  2. Мастер Джон, благодарю в очередной раз за это удивительное послание… Боль, которую я испытываю внутри себя даёт мне возможность полностью довериться твоему Каналу… Я жду его, как естественную поддержку собственному раскрытию в Свет. С огромным признанием к тебе и Рамоне!

  3. …tenemos un acuerdo. Vamos a emprender este viaje al ritmo correcto, porque dijiste: “¡Voy a pedir salir, pero no lo digo en serio porque quiero terminar con esto! Así que no dejes que me salte esto”
    Gracias por recordar

  4. Thank you so much! Last few days has been so chaotic that its almost too much. I really needed to hear this right now.

  5. Thank you, John. It has been so hard for me to feel like I’m doing things “right” when my body hurts so much. I really appreciate all you shared about your experiences. Much love, Ali

  6. Grazie per questo meraviglioso messaggio.Una parte di me lo respinge,proprio quella parte che ha sempre voluto fare le cose bene,sento molta resistenza,ma so e ho sempre saputo che va tutto bene cosi’,porto questa resistenza dentro di me,la porto alla mia Anima e cosi e, Grazie un grande abbraccio

  7. Thank you so much for this! Have been struggling to do things right and just can’t ! It’s too painful to play that game anymore. Yet terrifying to let it go, that identity. These words resonate deeply and feeling soul jumping for joy that finally I can embrace all is well! Deep love & gratitude!


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