The Tree of Life: An Experience

I am blown away by this promised follow-up to our last message, The Roots of the Pain. I knew it was going to be a special experience, but my soul went places I never imagined and created such a deep, beautiful, and multi-dimensional experience of integration and healing. This is indeed a turning point in our experience, if we allow it.

This is a very deep experience, so please do not listen to this message while you are driving an automobile, operating machinery, or doing anything else where you need to be fully present and awake.

Please give yourself at least an hour, preferably an hour and a half, where you will not be disturbed. The channel ends at about 62 minutes and is followed by approximately 20 minutes of music and nature sounds for your integration. I recommend listening through headphones if you can.

This experience is designed for you to listen to as often as you like, and each time will take you deeper into your own source.

Now please get very comfortable, and enjoy this special experience!

The Tree of Life: An Experience
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The Tree of Life: An Experience – by John McCurdy
Channeled on September 6, 2022

NOTE: This is a deep, multi-layered and multidimension experience. If you prefer to read the text, or if you need to in order to translate it into your language, I strongly recommend that you take the time to listen to the audio as you read. And, of course, trust yourself and what works for you.

I am that I am!

Master John of Magical Service. Ah, here to do some magic with you today! Some real magic.


The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Oh, we talked about it in our last session. We talked about how this tree has been killing you.

Oh, throughout the history of humanity, and actually, long before humanity and the earth even existed, the knowledge of good and evil has been creating chaos in your lives and ultimately killing you. Tearing you apart from the inside out. Oh, and all too often, from the outside in. Because it is the source of every disease in your body and every act of violence that has ever been.


So, how do we get back to the Tree of Life?

Turns out, it’s right there. And when you eat from it, you don’t die. But you can’t get to it, as long as you are eating from the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil. You can’t get there.

So, let’s take a little journey together.


I invite you to get very comfortable.

If you are driving a vehicle, or doing anything else that might be dangerous if you are not fully present in your body, then I ask you to stop this recording and come back to it when you are not doing those things.


Get very comfortable.



In your mind’s eye, imagine this beautiful garden.

You can imagine it however you like.


This is your garden. Your own secret inner garden.

Oh it’s beautiful.

It’s calm and peaceful.

And it’s safe.

It’s a safe space.

Nobody else can come into this garden.

It’s all yours. Completely yours.

Completely safe.


[music and nature sounds begin]


Listen to the water flowing.

Listen to the birds singing, the flutes and the bells as they play.


They’re just part of this garden.


Look around.

Look around at this garden.

Oh, some call it the Garden of Eden. But indeed, this is your garden and you can call it whatever you like.

Notice the trees and the flowers.

And the animals. Oh, every kind of animal you can imagine.

They are all safe.

There’s a lion over there!

Perhaps there’s an elephant over here.

All the different kinds of animals.

Whatever you imagine, they are completely safe in this garden.

They are here in support of you, and in support of this journey that we are taking together.


Look at that big bear relaxing in front of you, not too far away.


It’s here to protect you, to help keep this space safe. To protect this garden for you.


Oh, and if you look over there, there’s a dragon…


Lounging in the sun and watching you with wise eyes.


It too, is safe for you. It’s here in service. It’s here to keep this garden safe for you.


It’s part of you!


Every animal, every bird, every creature in this garden…

Every tree, every plant, every flower, every insect…

They are all part of you.

They are all your own energy, here in service to you.


Let the rest of the world go.

It’s out there somewhere. It can’t come into this garden.


It can’t disturb you here.

Let it go.

Be here.

Ask your mind to be still. Ask it to rest.


Allow it to conjure up its images of this beautiful garden.



Who is this?

A bright, golden being is approaching you.



Feel it’s love for you.

This is your soul, your own divinity.


Oh, and it loves you so much!

Feel that love.


Feel, as your soul bows before you in honor, and in gratitude, for all of the experiences you have had on its behalf.

For all the experiences you continue to have.


Allow your soul to hug you.

This grand, golden being.

Its light is so bright it’s filling the garden.


All of the creatures in the garden are watching as you and your soul blend together.


You literally meld together.

Because, well, that’s how it really is. Your soul is you.


Feel yourself now, as this beautiful golden being.

Yes, this is you! This is who you truly are! This is your natural state!

Oh, despite everything your human believes, this is who you are!



There’s a pond over here.

Allow yourself to move to this pond and take a look

See your own reflection here.

Oh, you can see the human that you are. But look deeper.

Look at—oh—this golden being that you are, this incredible golden being!

Look at your light as it radiates out.


As it fills this garden.

As it goes out and fills the world around you.


This is you, dear friend.

This is you.


Now, look over there.

There are two trees. Very special trees.


One of those trees, you are terrified of. You are ashamed of.


It’s called The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And you were told, a long, long time ago, that if you ate from it you would be punished.

Well, that’s what your ancestors told you. It is not what they were told.

They were told that if they ate from that tree they would die, but it wasn’t a punishment.


It was never a punishment.

For one thing, there is no death.

There is no death! And it is time to let that in, dear friend.

There is no death.

This golden being that you are here in this garden, that is the real you. And it never dies. It cannot be hurt.

And now that you know that, how could there be such a thing as good and evil?

The whole concept of good and evil is a lie.

Oh, it was a brilliant lie. It set up this environment on Earth for so many experiences. Amazing, incredible experiences! Many very painful experiences, and many very beautiful experiences.


But there was never, ever, any punishment. Ever.


There was simply a game that you played.

When you ate from that tree—it’s a metaphorical tree.

It means, when you took on the concept of good and evil, of right and wrong, oh, it began the process—it created such a tension inside of you that it began the process of tearing your body apart.

You see, your body doesn’t know good or evil. And your body tries so hard to serve you.


It knows there is no good and evil. There is just experience.

When you look at something and say, “Oh, that’s evil,” your body gets very confused. Because in other lifetimes, in other versions of this body, you have done those very things. And your body doesn’t know what to do with that.

Is it good, or is it evil?

You say to yourself, “This is good and that is evil,” and your body feels into that. It sees you go ahead and do those things you think are evil, and it gets very confused. It can’t figure out what’s real, and in that confusion, oh, you get cancer. Or you get other diseases in your body.

You see people that you love being evil.


Your body goes, “Oh, I love those people. And sometimes I feel like that too, so am I evil?”


You look at all the mistakes you make in your life, all the things you think are mistakes, and you yell at yourself. You call yourself names. You call yourself a fool. You berate yourself constantly for all the things you think you’re getting wrong.


Some things, you don’t even talk about because you feel so ashamed. Even within the privacy of your own mind, you feel so ashamed that you don’t talk about them.

But your body knows about them. It feels the tension in that judgment, and then you wonder why your body hurts so much.


We could go on and on about all the ways that judging anything as good or evil, as right or wrong—and how it destroys your body from the inside out. How it fills you with shame.

Oh, your body carries so much shame that’s been buried inside of it, in it’s very tissues and muscles.

Oh, so much shame!

Some of you wonder why—oh, you feel so out of shape because you’ve lost a lot of your muscle over recent years.

Well, it’s because the muscles, those harder tissues, they tend to carry the shame. And they have been letting it go, little by little.


You see, when you feel so much shame, you can’t even see the Tree of Life.

You think it was taken away, but it wasn’t. It’s still here.

So, step back a little from this Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Take a deep breath.


Feel that big lion come up beside you.

Feel it’s love for you, as it nuzzles up against you.

Let yourself touch it, and pet it.


Other creatures come to you.

They’re here to remind you that’s you are not an evil person.

You never have been.

Even when you did those things that you judge as so evil, even when you made those—what you call mistakes—you weren’t evil.

You were doing the very best you knew how. And you still are.

And the real truth is, you have never, ever, made a mistake.


It seems like you have. Oh, it so seems like you have to the human! But you haven’t.

It has All been in divine, perfect order.

It has all been an incredible experience, and your soul has collected the wisdom from every single one of those experiences.

You see, you thought you made a mistake. It didn’t go the way you thought it should go, but in that, you learned something.


The mind goes, “What did I learn?”

Well, you know a lot of things you learned, but there is so much more that is so much deeper.


And your soul has taken all this wisdom and distilled it into this beautiful golden nectar, this golden light.


So, you never, ever, made a mistake.

Why do you think your soul looks to you now like this brilliant golden being that seems so much grander than you?

Well, that’s because of you, dear friend. It is because of all the experiences that you have gone through.


So let that in.

Take another look in the pond over here.

See yourself. See this grand, golden, brilliant being that you are!


You feel a touch from someone. You turn, and it’s the dragon.

You look in its eyes.


Oh yes, it breathes fire. But it’s harmless to you.

It says, “Let me take that shame.”

Then it breathes its fire on you, and it is the most beautiful, comforting, warm bath of energy.

As it bathes you in its brilliant, golden fire, it soothes you.

It takes all that shame, all that doubt, and gently burns it away.


The dragon says, ”I am you, dear human, and I am here to be your very best friend. I will help you take care of this shame, and take care of all these painful memories. Together with your soul, with your divinity, we will show you a new view of what happened. A broader view. And you will come to know that there never was any such thing as good and evil. There is just me, having an incredible experience, as you. And you and I are one.”


So look in the pond again.

See, feel, your own beauty.


Now turn and look past this tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Oh, you’ve explored it in great depth. You’re ready to let it go now, to look past it.

See this beautiful tree, this beautiful, brilliant white tree.

Oh, you can imagine it however you like, but it’s the most beautiful tree you have ever seen. It’s unlike any other tree anywhere on your planet.


It’s glowing.

It’s glowing with white light.

It has beautiful flowers, glowing white leaves, beautiful fruit.

This, dear friend, is the Tree of Life.


It’s right here.

It has been here all along.

But you see, it has another name also.


This is also your light body.


We even surprised John with that one!


The Tree of Life and your light body, they are one and the same!


Your light body has always been there. But you didn’t have access to it, because your light body does not know good and evil. It has no place within it for good and evil.

It knows there is no good and evil. It’s all an illusion, and oh, you got so focused on that illusion that your light body just had to fade into the background because you couldn’t see it.

This illusion was so compelling, so brilliant, like neon lights, that you couldn’t see past it.

The shame within you, oh, it’s so compelling. It’s so bright, like neon lights. It’s a harsh brightness.


It wasn’t that your light body wasn’t there. It’s that you simply couldn’t see it through all of that harsh brightness.


But now as the dragon takes your shame and burns it away, now you see it.


Now you see this brilliant tree.


Now walk toward it, slowly.

As you do, notice all of the animals in this garden.

They walk with you, beside you.


They make a circle.

Ah, through the garden, they circle.

They make a big circle with this tree at its center.


As you slowly approach this tree, the circle closes.

You come closer, and closer.


And this circle of these beautiful, loving animals comes closer.


They begin to transform, to change.

Hm. They’re parts of you, and now they change.

As the circle closes around this tree of life, see the faces of all of your other lifetimes.

For you see, as you allow yourself…


As you allow your shame to be burned away, to be melted away…

As you allow your game of good and evil to come to an end…


It comes to an end for all of those other lifetimes as well.


Oh, see the joy in their faces.

Hm, see the terror, too, because they are not sure what’s happening.


Send them love.

Tell them it’s okay. This is truly the tree of life.

Now the circle tightens.


All if these other beings, these lifetimes of you, they are beginning to blend together in the circle.

Oh, they’re all still there, distinct, every one with its own identity, but they’re also blending together.

You feel their energies blending with yours.


They move toward the tree.

Oh, the tree is shining so bright!

You smell the scent of its flowers, the sweetest fragrance you’ve ever known.

You reach out.

You take a leave.


And as you do, the light infuses you.


Each one of your other selves, they reach out and touch one of the leaves of this tree. And the light, oh, it infuses them.

You step closer.


And this tree, the light from this tree, it enfolds you.

The circle of you, all that you are…


Now it’s just a circle of light.

And it comes in closer, toward the trunk of the tree.

And the trunk begins to expand, and you step right into it.


Suddenly you are the tree.


Feel it.

Feel the light. This warm, brilliant light.

It’s your light!


It’s brilliant white, and it’s the most beautiful gold at the same time.

Oh, and there’s every color you can imagine and a whole lot more within this light!


You can see each one individually, even as they all blend to white.


This, dear friend, is your essence. This is who you are

You are life itself!

You only forgot, and now you know.


Ahh, back in that game of good and evil, oh, there were so many things you wanted to change. So much chaos in the world that still believes in good and evil.

You wanted to change those things, and to fix those things, and every time you tried it just destroyed you a little bit more.

Oh, sometimes there was a sense of satisfaction in it. But what you didn’t realize is that, every time you try to change something there is a backlash. It’s like pushing on water. You might be successful in pushing it in one place, but it just pushes back somewhere else in your life. You almost never even made the connection. You just wondered why your body hurt or why your life was a mess.

But now, here you are.

You ARE the light.

You are life itself!

You don’t need to change anything anymore.

That’s out there. That is somebody else’s game.

YOU are life.

And YOU are light.

And has this light shines out in such brilliance across the earth, oh, it begins to remind the others of their light.

Oh, a lot of them can’t even see it right away, but they will.

But this light of you, this LIFE of you, oh, it creates more change than you can even imagine.

It creates more change than anything you could ever do from that perspective of right and wrong.


Just being this brilliant light.

Oh, a lot of people get upset by it, because it shines into their secrets. It illuminates them. It illuminates the things around them they don’t want to see, the things inside of them that they don’t want to see. It illuminates them.


Oh, they can ignore it. They can continue their game for as long as they want to. But now they see, and that changes things.


So many of you ask the question, “What can I do? I know I have these gifts. I know I have this wisdom. But what can I do to help all those others?”

Dear friend, first of all, realize that they don’t need help. They are on their journey. They are having their experiences and collecting their wisdom.

But then know that now that you have your light, that does more to help them than anything else you could possibly do.

So, this is it, dear friend.

This is your job.

Ha! Quite a job, just to be here in this beautiful garden!

Oh, look around you.

All those animals, they’re all looking at you. They’re all smiling.

All those other lifetimes, they’re all standing around smiling at you, and at the same time they’re inside you. They are you!

In this light, in this tree of Life


It’s all you! Everything you see, it’s all you!


Your job now, oh, you don’t need to figure out how to help anybody. You don’t need to figure out how to help yourself.

Your job is to simply be in this light, to be in your light.

Let it shine, and everything else in your life will take care of itself in ways, beautiful ways, that you can’t even imagine!

Watch how the problems that you see in your life, watch how they solve themselves when you are just being the light.


Go out and sit on a bench in a park.

Be this light. Eat from this tree of life and light.

It’s you! It always has been you!

Eat from it.

That just means, enjoy life!

Feel it. Feel the light radiating from you as you sit on the bench, and watch what happens around you.

Don’t judge any of it. Just observe. Just watch.

You see the awareness of a conscious being—ha!—it’s the brightest light there is!

It’s the most potent—hm, we’re looking for the right words.

It’s the most potent force for change that there is, in all of creation. (It’s not a force at all, but we run out of words…)


So, this is your job: sit on a park bench and enjoy life.

Oh, you don’t actually have to go to a physical park or a physical bench, although that’s fun sometimes.

You can do this from anywhere. You can take yourself to a park in your mind’s eye. You can come to this garden, your own secret garden. Come back to it often.


Listen to this message often, for as long as you feel it.

Oh, allow this experience to happen over and over again. If you let it happen again, it doesn’t mean that the last time was invalid or didn’t work. It just takes it deeper.

This is an incredible integration that is happening, and your job in life is simply to let it happen.

Come back to the tree of life.

Let go of all thought of good and evil, because that, well, it simply blinds you to the tree of life. It blinds you to your light body.

But you already know your light body is here, so why does your body hurt so much?

Well, it’s because all this good and evil stuff holds it out, and it creates even more tension in your body, and confusion.

So, let it go.


Take a look in the pond now.


You the human are still there.

This incredible golden, wise being is there.

All of these other aspects and facets of you, from all of your lifetimes and all of your experiences, they’re all there.

And it’s all combined into this incredible, bright being that almost hurts your human eyes to look at it!

But it doesn’t, actually. It soothes you. It comforts you.


Oh, the garden is still there around you.

All these animals, yes, they’re part of you, and they are still here in the garden. Here to play with you. Here to hold you, to comfort you, to serve you.



We’re going to step back now.

The music and sounds will continue for a little while.


Enjoy your garden.



Allow yourself to fall asleep if you want to, if you haven’t already.

Come back often.

Feel the light.

Feel the joy and the love that it is here this field, to quote the great Rumi, in this field or garden “out beyond all ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing.”

Oh, there’s so much beauty here! So much love! So much love for you!

Let it in.

Rest in it.


Rest in it for as long as you feel like it.


And carry it with you, out into your life.


And so it is.


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3 thoughts on “The Tree of Life: An Experience”

  1. Thank you Master John! I felt the ‘ahhh of realization’ with “the tree of life is your light body” of course, the other tree was the game we set up for the experience to know ourselves. The human only had to stop and turn around, but did not know it was that simple. I imagine it won’t be long before you fully integrate your tree of life John and no longer know pain, I look forward to hearing about that. Thanks again John for being the Master messenger and wayshower for how to stay here. It can only come from those on this path that has never been forged. 😊

  2. Wow, John, thank you! This channel is transformative, profound and beautiful, and I could feel everything that I am coming together and integrating and becoming life… Big, joyous, sensuous life.

    It feels like a turning point as I walk the Earth as a realized being. Thank you for all you do!


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