An Experience of Feminine and Masculine Integration

As I go through this video again in preparation for posting it, I find that I am left with very few words and an incredible sense of fullness and wonder.

As we go beyond duality there has been a lot of talk about integrating the feminine and masculine within, but that means more than just turning ourselves into an androgenous mush. It means restoring them to their rightful and places, and roles, within our beingness.

But what does that look like?

In this beautiful experience Master Anna and Master John (my names for the feminine and masculine facets of my soul) help us to understand the separation, and then take us on a beautiful journey of bringing the feminine and masculine back to their rightful roles and balance within us.

This experience is best with headphones, and if you can give yourself at least an hour and a half of undisturbed time. Please do not listen past the past the first 30 minutes (where the music starts) if you are driving an automobile or doing anything else where you cannot be fully present and fully within yourself.


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