Welcome Home

Welcome home! It is done!

That was the main message from Master Anna, my soul, in session 2 of our ongoing class entitled, I Am Divinity.

It is such a beautiful, profound and even surprising message that I felt it needed to be shared with more than just the people in the class, so I created this short excerpt from the class video.

Of course there was much more to the discussion than I can share in this excerpt, and this class is taking us very deep in ways even I did not expect. If you are interested, check it out here.

The text transcript of this excerpt is available to everyone. Just click the green bar below the video.

I Am Divinity

Session 2 (excerpt)

Channeled by John McCurdy during a live Zoom session on 25 October 2023

This transcript has been edited from the original recording to ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed as clearly as possible. Note that Hmm, Mmm, and lines with just a dot signify places to pause, and to feel into what is being said.

Thank you to Chris Vandermeer for managing Zoom during the session, and for helping to prepare this transcript.

I am that I am!

Master Anna, of Magical Service.


We’re messing with John a little bit, but let’s get right to it.

Welcome home!

Welcome home!


In our last session we talked about coming home, so let’s just go there again right now.


Deep in your memories you all remember the very beginning of experience.

You found yourself as pure consciousness.

You didn’t know anything, for there wasn’t anything to know. You had no experience.

But you sensed yourself and you asked, Who am I?


And in that instant you found yourself, to use a human metaphor, looking in your own eyes in this mirror image (for lack of a better expression) of you.

Oh, it was just you, and this was all happening inside of you. Inside of your own imagination.


And this reflection of you said, “Ah, my dear self, I am going to show you who you are, who we are!”

You could say it was like an explosion. You’ve heard it called the “Wall of Fire,” because it felt like you were suddenly shredded into all these fragments of you. They weren’t really fragments, though. They were just different perspectives of you. Different experiences of you.

So a part of you said, “I am going to dive into this incredible…” Ah, the word “picture” comes to mind, but it was far beyond a picture. It was this whole universe of universes within your imagination, all within you.

You said, “I am going to dive in, and I am going to explore this reflection of who I am.”

So, part of you dove in. Part of you stayed behind to hold the tether, so to speak, to hold your safety line, and to collect the essence and the wisdom from the experiences.

We could say “the knowledge” from the experiences, but that’s a little bit too much the province of the human mind. But it’s part of it.

All of this experience, all of these perspectives, you went to explore it.

You created space, or an illusion of space. Remember, this is all inside your imagination. And you created time to go with space, because it was necessary. You can’t have one without the other. Then you dove into this time-space reality, and eventually you created Earth and all these experiences here.

Along the way you felt these others. Oh, they have no access to your own imagination or to your own creation, which is all inside of you. They have no access to that, but you could feel them.

We’ve talked in other places about their song, and how your song could interact. Or another way is to say that you could talk to each other, and you said, “Wow, look at what I’m creating here!”

And then that communication went out and they could see through that, and they thought, “Oh, that’s cool!” and they started creating something similar. Then somebody else joined in, and all of your songs started mixing and blending together and feeding back, and you started creating like their creation. And you started blending it all together into this thing you call Mass Consciousness, this grand experience, all inside of you!

Oh, those other beings are not inside of you, but you create an avatar within your own imagination that acts as a reflection of them. And so you have this playground, much like your teenager’s video games, only much, much deeper.


Video games all run inside your computer. And yet, you can interact with people all around the world through this communication network [the internet], and you can see their avatars within your game. Well, this is kind of the same.

So you went through all of these experiences, and now you come to the time where you have explored pretty much everything there is to explore, at least in this particular scenario, and so you have woken up.


Now, in your own imagination, see this part of you that stayed in the background.

This part of you that is the creator.

It is the imaginer.

It is, in a sense, the feminine.

It is your soul, your divinity.

And now, you are looking in her eyes again.


Go ahead and let yourself, within your imagination.

You might feel like you are making it up, but the truth is that you can’t make anything up. It’s all real, because it is all you.

See you coming to her.


Her arms are open wide, welcoming you home.


But how…

Oh, you’ve had all these experiences, and so many of them you didn’t understand. In so many of them you felt hurt. In so many of them you felt like a failure. You felt like you got it wrong. So how can you possibly come home to such a beautiful, loving, welcoming being?


But here you are, dear friend, looking in the eyes of your own divinity.

Feel the love.

Feel the unconditional love.

From her perspective you were never a failure. It was just experiences. It was just showing you, and her, who you are.

You are that too: the deepest and the darkest experiences were part of who you are, and from her perspective they are so beautiful! Such a beautiful contrast!

How could you know love, without experiencing its opposite?

How can you know the light, without the dark?

How can you know pleasure, without the pain?

And so you brought it all into the light, you could say. Into the consciousness, the awareness, of you.

All of those things, every single experience you’ve had in any lifetime, or in any other experience outside of time and space, is all part of you.

So look in your own soul’s eyes, and feel the love.


Part of you is afraid that you will somehow damage her, or pollute her, but that is not possible.

How can you pollute consciousness? You can’t.

How can you pollute the truest love there ever was? You can’t.

So, look in her eyes.

Feel her love.

Allow yourself to accept her embrace.

Right here, right now, in your own imagination.

It is completely real.


Once you do, notice how you are blending together.

Notice how you are suddenly feeling the sensation of expanding, of being more than you were, as you feel her perspective and her wisdom becoming part of you.

Let it happen.

Allow this beautiful blending to take place.




And now, we say again, welcome home!


It is done.

It is finished.

You are home.


It is done.

The integration is done.

There is no need for more integration!

Oh, you’re going to feel like it for a while, because you are still getting used to each other again.

Like a couple who have to go apart for a time, when they come back they find out they’ve changed a lot during that time, and so they have to get used to each other again. That’s what is happening.

You and your divinity are getting used to each other.


But it is a done deal.

The real integration has already happened, and you have already come home.


Oh, you thought coming home was going somewhere. But it isn’t.

It is just you, and home has come to you.

Right here, while you are still in this body on Earth.

(Or you think you are, but it’s just a part of your imagined experience.)

Now your soul is all excited, because it can be here with you!

No more separation!

It can join into this experience with you, and it wants to. It wants to actually experience playing this game, first person for a little while, with you. As you.


So once again, welcome home!


Allow your own soul, your own divinity, to welcome you home.



Now, we know that this ‘getting to know each other again’ part has been a little bit rough lately, so let’s talk about that.

How has it been for you lately?


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