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Opening to Soul - Realizing Freedom

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Opening to Soul in Troubled Times

Opening to Soul in Troubled Times

Why, as we open up in ways we never imagined, do so many things feel so stuck? Read more…

Personal Channels

Have you ever wanted to have a chat with your own soul?

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My personal session with John in which he channeled my soul was a deeply moving experience. —Lisa from New York

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What Is Freedom?

What Is Freedom?

Freedom is in the discovery that everything around me, including my perception and experience of you, is my own energy in manifestation of my deepest beliefs. And those energies are always serving me. Read more…
Who Chooses?

Who Chooses?

Someone asked, is it the human or the soul who makes the big choices in our lives, like when to die? Here’s what my soul had to say about that. Read more…