What Is Divinity?

So, what is divinity?

It is all that you are. And that means all that you perceive, whether dark or light, or good or evil, or right or wrong, or loving or hateful. It is ALL your divinity.

And when you own it, when you can say, and mean it, I am that also, then you will be free.

—Master John

And that is just one part of this profound message, where Master John (my soul) talks not just about what divinity is, but about why it matters to us and why the recent opening on March 22 is so very significant.

For myself, I am still reeling from this message! So simple and so profound, and I find so many things clicking into place in my mind and so much more opening up within me. Rather than try to describe it further, I leave it for you to discover in your own way. Enjoy!

Note: The Tobias channel mentioned in this message, The Darkness is Your Divinity, is Shoud 12 of the New Energy Series, available here for free.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Divinity?”

  1. Hi John! I love your channels. I sent you a paypal contribution but cannot access the text. Can you Help? there are some intensely profound words that I’d especially like to review. Big hug and thank you.

    • Hi Julia,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      In order to receive the text transcript you need to subscribe to the paid version of the newsletter. However, since you already made a contribution, please subscribe to the free version using the box above, and I will give you a complimentary upgrade for the amount of time you paid for.

      And a big hug back to you!


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